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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.539 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Sodium alginate-templated synthesis of g-C3N4/carbon spheres/Cu ternary nanohybrids for fire safety application
Shi YG, Wang LC, Fu LB, Liu C, Yu B, Yang FQ, Hu Y
11 - 18 NOM fouling resistance in response to electric field during electro-ultrafiltration: Significance of molecular polarity and weight
Hu CZ, Li MQ, Sun JQ, Liu RP, Liu HJ, Qu JH
19 - 29 Biodegradable phosphorylcholine-based zwitterionic polymer nanogels with smart charge-conversion ability for efficient inhibition of tumor cells
Peng SJ, Men YZ, Xie RH, Tian YF, Yang WL
30 - 37 Dilational interfacial rheology of tridecyl dimethyl phosphine oxide adsorption layers at the water/hexane interface
Kovalchuk VI, Aksenenko EV, Makievski AV, Fainerman VB, Miller R
38 - 44 Cycling profile of layered MgAl2O4/reduced graphene oxide composite for asymmetrical supercapacitor
Gao YP, Zhai ZB, Wang QQ, Hou ZQ, Huang KJ
45 - 53 Evaporation and instability of an unbounded-axisymmetric liquid bridge between chemically similar and different substrates
Soori T, Ward T
54 - 64 Crystallization and properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/layered double hydroxide nanocomposites
Dong SY, Jia YQ, Xu XZ, Luo JE, Han JB, Sun XL
65 - 75 Boosting total oxidation of acetone over spinel MCo2O4 (M = Co, Ni, Cu) hollow mesoporous spheres by cation-substituting effect
Zhang C, Wang JG, Yang SF, Liang H, Men Y
76 - 86 Selective adsorption and separation of dyes from aqueous solution by core-shell structured NH2-functionalized UiO-66 magnetic composites
Yang ZB, Zhu L, Chen L
87 - 94 Microfluidic synthesis and on-chip enrichment application of two-dimensional hollow sandwich-like mesoporous silica nanosheet with water ripple-like surface
Hao NJ, Nie Y, Closson AB, Zhang JXJ
95 - 106 Fabrication of conductive and printable nano carbon ink for wearable electronic and heating fabrics
Arbab AA, Memon AA, Sun KC, Choi JY, Mengal N, Sahito IA, Jeong SH
107 - 117 Achieving high yield of graphene nanoplatelets in poloxamer-assisted ultrasonication of graphite in water
Giglio CS, Osazuwa O, Kontopoulou M, Docoslis A
118 - 125 Oxygen vacancies enhance lithium storage performance in ultralong vanadium pentoxide nanobelt cathodes
Yu YL, Li JP, Wang XL, Chang BD, Wang J, Ahmad M, Sun HY
126 - 134 Surfactant modulated interaction of hydrophobically modified ethoxylated urethane (HEUR) polymers with impenetrable surfaces
Ibrahim MS, Rogers S, Mahmoudi N, Murray M, Szczygiel A, Green B, Alexander BD, Griffiths PC
135 - 145 Degradation of Congo Red dye by a Fe2O3@CeO2-ZrO2/Palygorskite composite catalyst: Synergetic effects of Fe2O3
Ouyang J, Zhao Z, Suib SL, Yang HM
146 - 151 Selective adsorption of fluoride from drinking water using NiAl-layered metal oxide film electrode
Bai ZY, Hu CZ, Liu HJ, Qu JH
152 - 160 Enhanced hydrophobic UiO-66 (University of Oslo 66) metal-organic framework with high capacity and selectivity for toluene capture from high humid air
Zhang XD, Lv XT, Shi XY, Yang Y, Yang YQ
161 - 167 One-pot green synthesis of bimetallic hollow palladium-platinum nanotubes for enhanced catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol
Wang YA, Li QC, Zhang P, O'Connor D, Varma RS, Yu M, Hou DY
168 - 174 Porous Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C nanoplates for high-performance sodium storage
Li XM, Wang SJ, Tang X, Zang R, Li P, Li PX, Man ZM, Li C, Liu SS, Wu YH, Wang GX
175 - 183 A simple and rapid fluorescent approach for flavonoids sensor based on gold nanoclusters
Peng JJ, Su YQ, Huang FQ, Zuo QP, Yang LQ, Li JY, Zhao LZ, Qi LW
184 - 193 Efficient and fast removal of Pb2+ and Cd2+ from an aqueous solution using a chitosan/Mg-Al-layered double hydroxide nanocomposite
Lyu FY, Yu HQ, Hou TL, Yan LG, Zhang XH, Du B
194 - 202 Preparation of TiO2 microspheres with tunable pore and chamber size for fast gaseous diffusion in photoreduction of CO2 under simulated sunlight
Wang HJ, Wu DP, Wu WP, Wang DQ, Gao ZY, Xu F, Cao K, Jiang K
203 - 213 Magnetic networks of carbon quantum dots and Ag particles
Wang L, Wang YT, Hu YY, Wang GZ, Dong SL, Hao JC
214 - 222 The nature of salt effect in enhancing the extraction of rare earths by non-functional ionic liquids: Synergism of salt anion complexation and Hofmeister bias
Sun P, Huang K, Liu HZ
223 - 234 Exceptional adsorption of arsenic by zirconium metal-organic frameworks: Engineering exploration and mechanism insight
He XY, Deng F, Shen TT, Yang LM, Chen DZ, Luo JF, Luo XB, Min XY, Wang F
235 - 244 Two different states conversion mechanism of the imprinting sites
Liu PX, Ren YM, Ma J, Zhang ZX, Song HR, Yang T, Luo LS, Wang XW
245 - 256 Magnesium oxide modified nitrogen-doped porous carbon composite as an efficient candidate for high pressure carbon dioxide capture and methane storage
Ghosh S, Sarathi R, Ramaprabhu S
257 - 262 Ternary Os-Ag-Si electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution are more efficient than Os-Au-Si
Yin K, Zhang SS, Sun YY, Huang H, Cheng YF, Liao F, Shao MW
263 - 276 A direct route to activated two-dimensional cobalt oxide nanosheets for electrochemical energy storage, catalytic and environmental applications
Munuera JM, Paredes JI, Villar-Rodil S, Garcia-Dali S, Castro-Muniz A, Martinez-Alonso A, Tascon JMD
277 - 286 Facile preparation of near-infrared fluorescence and magnetic resonance dual-modality imaging probes based on mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles
Li YJ, Guo WW, Su XD, Lu N, Wu GY, Lin OY, Meng D, Jun T, Teng ZG
287 - 296 Irreversible hardening of a colloidal gel under shear: The smart response of natural rubber latex gels
Reis GD, Gibaud T, Saint-Michel B, Manneville S, Leocmach M, Vaysse L, Bonfils F, Sanchez C, Menut P
297 - 305 Effect of bicarbonate on physiochemical properties of silver nanoparticles and toxicity to Escherichia coli
Yuan BJ, Sui MH, Qin J, Wang JY, Lu HT
306 - 314 Ultra-slow diffusion of hexacyanoferrate anions in poly(diallyldimethyl ammonium chloride)-poly(acrylic acid sodium salt) multilayer films
Ball V, Duval JFL
315 - 325 Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene for chemoresistive gas sensing: The particle size effects
Tung TT, Chien NV, Duy NV, Hieu NV, Nine MJ, Coghlan CJ, Tran DNH, Losic D
326 - 331 Rechargeable K-Se batteries based on metal-organic-frameworks-derived porous carbon matrix confined selenium as cathode materials
Huang XL, Xu QJ, Gao W, Yang TT, Zhan RM, Deng JH, Guo BS, Tao ML, Liu HD, Xu MW
332 - 341 Biomass-derived nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots: highly selective fluorescent probe for detecting Fe3+ ions and tetracyclines
Qi HJ, Teng M, Liu M, Liu SX, Li J, Yu HP, Teng CB, Huang ZH, Liu H, Shao Q, Umar A, Ding T, Gao Q, Guo ZH
342 - 350 A novel comb-typed poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methylether acrylate) as an excellent aqueous lubricant
Jia WP, Tian JM, Bai PP, Li SW, Zeng HB, Zhang WL, Tian Y
351 - 360 Facile preparation of a controlled-release tubular scaffold for blood vessel implantation
Guo XR, Zhu JJ, Zhang HM, You ZW, Morsi Y, Mo XM, Zhu TH
361 - 369 Polyamidoamine dendrimer decorated nanoparticles as an adsorbent for magnetic solid-phase extraction of tetrabromobisphenol A and 4-nonylphenol from environmental water samples
Wu YL, Chen CM, Zhou QX, Li QX, Yuan YY, Tong YY, Wang HY, Zhou XQ, Sun Y, Sheng XY
370 - 378 Non-metallic element modified metal-organic frameworks as high-performance electrodes for all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Yue LG, Guo H, Wang X, Sun TT, Liu H, Li Q, Xu MN, Yang YY, Yang W
379 - 387 Tailoring porous media for controllable capillary flow
Liu MC, Suo S, Wu J, Gan YX, Hanaor DAH, Chen CQ
388 - 399 Toward a nonequilibrium Stokes-Einstein relation via active microrheology of hydrodynamically interacting colloidal dispersions
Chu HCW, Zia RN
400 - 413 Efficient removal of heavy metal ions and organic dyes with cucurbit [8] uril-functionalized chitosan
Li Z, Li L, Hu DL, Gao C, Xiong JY, Jiang HY, Li W
414 - 424 Morphological transformation of self-assemblies by tuning hydrophobic segment of small amphiphiles
Chakraborty D, Dinda S, Chowdhury M, Das PK
425 - 432 The light enhanced removal of Bisphenol A from wastewater using cotton waste derived carbon microtubes
Shirvanimoghaddam K, Czech B, Wojcik G, Naebe M
433 - 441 Dual-responsive molybdenum disulfide/copper sulfide-based delivery systems for enhanced chemo-photothermal therapy
Zhang XY, Wu JR, Williams GR, Yang YB, Niu SW, Qian QQ, Zhu LM
442 - 447 Electrospun nanostructured Co3O4/BiVO4 composite films for photoelectrochemical applications
Li J, Wang Y, Zhao S, Jan AK, Zhang XF, Zhao X
448 - 456 Wetting transitions on rough surfaces revealed with captive bubble experiments. The role of surface energy
Moraila CL, Ruiz-Cabello FJM, Cabrerizo-Vilchez M, Rodriguez-Valverde MA
457 - 467 Effect of vitamin-E integration on delivery of prostaglandin analogs from therapeutic lenses
Sekar P, Chauhan A
468 - 480 Development of a three-dimensionally printed scaffold grafted with bone forming peptide-1 for enhanced bone regeneration with in vitro and in vivo evaluations
Lee SJ, Won JE, Han C, Yin XY, Kim HK, Nah H, Kwon IK, Min BH, Kim CH, Shin YS, Park SA
481 - 489 Synthesis of low surface-energy polyepichlorohydrin triazoles thin film
Liu YY, Cheng CC, Lee DJ
490 - 496 A yolk-double-shelled heterostructure-based sensor for acetone detecting application
Zhang R, Shi JW, Zhou TT, Tu JC, Zhang T
497 - 503 Microfluidic formation of core-shell alginate microparticles for protein encapsulation and controlled release
Yu L, Sun Q, Hui Y, Seth A, Petrovsky N, Zhao CX
504 - 515 Hybrid nano-composites for the consolidation of earthen masonry
Camerini R, Chelazzi D, Giorgi R, Baglioni P
516 - 524 Degradation of endocrine disruptor, bisphenol-A, on an mixed oxidation state manganese oxide/modified graphite oxide composite: A role of carbonaceous phase
Saroyan HS, Bele S, Giannakoudakis DA, Samanidou VF, Bandosz TJ, Deliyanni EA
525 - 532 One-pot solvothermal synthesis of three-dimensional hollow PtCu alloyed dodecahedron nanoframes with excellent electrocatalytic performances for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction
Niu HJ, Chen HY, Wen GL, Feng JJ, Zhang QL, Wang AJ
533 - 544 Adsorption of natural composite sandwich-like nanofibrous mats for heavy metals in aquatic environment
Wu Y, Qiu XD, Cao SY, Chen JJ, Shi XW, Du YM, Deng HB
545 - 552 NiCo-layered double-hydroxide and carbon nanosheets microarray derived from MOFs for high performance hybrid supercapacitors
Niu HT, Zhang Y, Liu Y, Xin N, Shi WD
553 - 562 Adsorption behavior and mechanism of Fe-Mn binary oxide nanoparticles: Adsorption of methylene blue
Lu K, Wang TT, Zhai L, Wu W, Dong SP, Gao SX, Mao L
563 - 574 Preparation of interstitial carbon doped BiOI for enhanced performance in photocatalytic nitrogen fixation and methyl orange degradation
Zeng L, Zhe F, Wang Y, Zhang QL, Zhao XY, Hu X, Wu Y, He YM
575 - 584 MoO3-x nanodots with dual enzyme mimic activities as multifunctional modulators for amyloid assembly and neurotoxicity
Han QS, Wang XH, Liu XL, Zhang YF, Cai SF, Qi C, Wang C, Yang R
585 - 597 Cascade electronic band structured zinc oxide/bismuth vanadate/three-dimensional ordered macroporous titanium dioxide ternary nanocomposites for enhanced visible light photocatalysis
Zhao H, Zalfani M, Li CF, Liu J, Hu ZY, Mandouani M, Bourguiga R, Li Y, Su BL
598 - 608 Colloidal Cu2ZnSn(S1-x,Sex)(4)-Au nano-heterostructures for inorganic perovskite photovoltaic applications as photocathode alternative
Ma S, Dong LF, Dong HZ, Wang J, Chen YJ, Pang BL, Feng JG, Yu LY, Zhao M
609 - 618 A novel and efficient strategy to exfoliation of covalent organic frameworks and a significant advantage of covalent organic frameworks nanosheets as polymer nano-enhancer: High interface compatibility
Mu XW, Zhan J, Wang JL, Cai W, Yuan BH, Song L, Hu Y
619 - 633 Large exciton binding energy, high photoluminescence quantum yield and improved photostability of organo-metal halide hybrid perovskite quantum dots grown on a mesoporous titanium dioxide template
Parveen S, Paul KK, Das R, Giri PK
634 - 645 Facile green synthesis of organosilica nanoparticles by a generic "salt route"
Hu TM, Chou HC, Lin CY
646 - 653 Morphology engineering of CoSe2 as efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting
Lan K, Li J, Zhu Y, Gong L, Li F, Jiang PB, Niu F, Li R
654 - 664 Ultrathin Bi2WO6 nanosheets loaded g-C3N4 quantum dots: A direct Z-scheme photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity towards degradation of organic pollutants under wide spectrum light irradiation
Zhang MJ, Zhang Y, Tang L, Zeng GM, Wang JJ, Zhu Y, Feng CY, Deng YC, He WZ
665 - 671 Easy preparation of nanoporous Ge/Cu3Ge composite and its high performances towards lithium storage
Hao Q, Liu Q, Zhang YY, Xu CX, Hou JG
672 - 672 Insights into the wettability transition of nanosecond laser ablated surface under ambient air exposure (vol 533, pg 268, 2019)
Yang Z, Liu XP, Tian YL