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1 - 10 Enhanced antifouling and antimicrobial thin film nanocomposite membranes with incorporation of Palygorskite/titanium dioxide hybrid material
Zhang T, Li ZQ, Wang WB, Wang Y, Gao BY, Wang ZN
11 - 19 Optimized bimetallic nickel-iron phosphides with rich defects as enhanced electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Gao WK, Chi JQ, Wang ZB, Lin JH, Liu DP, Zeng JB, Yu JF, Wang L, Chai YM, Dong B
20 - 27 Detergent-modified catalytic and enzymomimetic activity of silver and palladium nanoparticles biotemplated by Pyrococcus furiosus ferritin
Peskova M, Ilkovics L, Hynek D, Dostalova S, Sanchez-Carnerero EM, Remes M, Heger Z, Pekarik V
28 - 33 Surfactant-free exfoliation of multilayer molybdenum disulfide nanosheets in water
Ma H, Shen ZG, Ben S
34 - 42 Study of the synergic effect between mica and biosurfactant to stabilize Pickering emulsions containing Vitamin E using a triangular design
Rincon-Fontan M, Rodriguez-Lopez L, Vecino X, Cruz JM, Moldes AB
43 - 49 Towards highly efficient and low-cost oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysts: An effective method of electronic waste management by utilizing waste Cu cable wires
Babar P, Lokhande A, Karade V, Pawar B, Gang MG, Pawar S, Kim JH
50 - 56 Nickel induced in situ growth of nickel hydroxide nanoflakes on reduced graphite oxide with high energy and power density
Xue T, Liao SJ, Yang Y, Yan XH, Zou ZL, Luo M
57 - 65 Synthesis of three dimensional N&S co-doped rGO foam with high capacity and long cycling stability for supercapacitors
Hao JN, Meng T, Shu D, Song XN, Cheng HH, Li B, Zhou XP, Zhang F, Li ZB, He C
66 - 78 Well-designed Ag/ZnO/3D graphene structure for dye removal: Adsorption, photocatalysis and physical separation capabilities
Kheirabadi M, Samadi M, Asadian E, Zhou Y, Dong CY, Zhang JL, Moshfegh AZ
79 - 90 One-step synthesis of palladium oxide-functionalized tin dioxide nanotubes: Characterization and high nitrogen dioxide gas sensing performance at room temperature
Teng L, Liu Y, Ikram M, Liu Z, Ullah M, Ma LF, Zhang XY, Wu HY, Li L, Shi KY
91 - 100 Fabrication of highly durable polysiloxane-zinc oxide (ZnO) coated polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fabric with improved ultraviolet resistance, hydrophobicity, and thermal resistance
Wang ML, Zhang MJ, Pang LJ, Yang CG, Zhang YM, Hu JT, Wu GZ
A1 - A10 Enhanced removal of uranium(VI) from aqueous solution by a novel Mg-MOF-74-derived porous MgO/carbon adsorbent
Lv ZM, Wang HY, Chen CL, Yang SM, Chen L, Alsaedi A, Hayat T
101 - 111 Enhanced long-wavelength light utilization with polyaniline/bismuth-rich bismuth oxyhalide composite towards photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics
Xu YG, Ma Y, Ji HY, Huang SQ, Xie M, Zhao Y, Xu H, Li HM
112 - 122 Uniform mesoporous carbon hollow microspheres imparted with surface-enriched gold nanoparticles enable fast flow adsorption and catalytic reduction of nitrophenols
Zhou MY, Wei XR, Zhang XC, Gao XM, Wang XN, Wu WD, Selomulya C, Wu ZX
123 - 131 Armoured nanobubbles; ultrasound contrast agents under pressure
Alheshibri M, Craig VSJ
132 - 141 Synthesis and characterization of bacteriochlorin loaded magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) for personalized MRI guided photosensitizers delivery to tumor
Ostroverkhov PV, Semkina AS, Naumenko VA, Plotnikova EA, Melnikov PA, Abakumova TO, Yakubovskaya RI, Mironov AF, Vodopyanov SS, Abakumov AM, Majouga AG, Grin MA, Chekhonin VP, Abakumov MA
142 - 150 Ultrathin manganese oxide nanosheets uniformly coating on carbon nanocoils as high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor electrodes
Shi SH, Wan GP, Wu LH, He ZY, Wang K, Tang YL, Xu XF, Wang GZ
151 - 162 Solid-state speciation of interlayer anions in layered double hydroxides
Everaert M, Dox K, Steele JA, De Vos D, Smolders E
163 - 185 Membrane targeting cationic antimicrobial peptides
Ciumac D, Gong HN, Hu XZ, Lu JR
186 - 196 Fe3O4@MoS2/RGO as an effective nano-electrocatalyst toward electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction and methanol oxidation in two settings for fuel cell application
Askari MB, Beheshti-Marnani A, Seifi M, Rozati SM, Salarizadeh P
197 - 205 Synergetic enhancement of mechanical and fire-resistance performance of waterborne polyurethane by introducing two kinds of phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardant
Wang S, Du XS, Jiang YX, Xu JH, Zhou M, Wang HB, Cheng X, Du ZL
206 - 214 Novel Ag2O nanoparticles modified MoS2 nanoflowers for piezoelectric-assisted full solar spectrum photocatalysis
Li YJ, Wang QQ, Wang HX, Tian J, Cui HZ
215 - 227 Development of high flux nanofiltration membranes through single bilayer polyethyleneimine/alginate deposition
Tekinalp O, Altinkaya SA
228 - 237 The enhanced NO2 sensing properties of SnO2 nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide composite
Wang ZY, Jia ZG, Li QL, Zhang XY, Sun W, Sun JB, Liu BH, Ha BY
238 - 246 Bimetallic Mn and Co encased within bamboo-like N-doped carbon nanotubes as efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts
Zhang M, Gao JP, Hong W, Wang XX, Tian Q, An ZL, Wang LY, Yao HD, Liu Y, Zhao XX, Qiu HX
247 - 255 Capacitative deionization using commercial activated carbon fiber decorated with polyaniline
Tian SC, Zhang ZH, Zhang XH, Ostrikov K
256 - 261 Photocatalytic reduction of Cr (VI) on nano-sized red phosphorus under visible light irradiation
Li DH, Li JJ, Jin QW, Ren ZP, Sun YW, Zhang RQ, Zhai YP, Liu YG
262 - 268 Controlled synthesis of metal-organic frameworks coated with noble metal nanoparticles and conducting polymer for enhanced catalysis
Zhao YQ, Li YX, Pang H, Yang C, Ngai T
269 - 279 Colloidal systems chemistry. Replication, reproduction and selection at nanoscale
Grzelczak M
280 - 294 Designing transition metal alloy nanoparticles embedded hierarchically porous carbon nanosheets as high-efficiency electrocatalysts toward full water splitting
Liu TT, Li MA, Bo XJ, Zhou M
295 - 305 Investigating the redox behavior of activated carbon supercapacitors with hydroquinone and p-phenylenediamine dual redox additives in the electrolyte
Chen YC, Lin LY
306 - 315 Ultra-efficient electromagnetic wave absorption with ethanol-thermally treated two-dimensional Nb2CTx nanosheets
Jin ZY, Fang YF, Wang XX, Xu GF, Liu ML, Wei S, Zhou CL, Zhang YL, Xu YH
316 - 324 Nanodiamonds conjugated upconversion nanoparticles for bio-imaging and drug delivery
Zhang KK, Zhao Q, Qin SR, Fu Y, Liu RZ, Zhi JF, Shan CX
325 - 332 Self-assembly of intramolecularly hydrogen-bonded amphiphilic diboronic acid for saccharide recognition
Wu Q, Tu F, Long L, Qin B
333 - 344 Vascular endothelial growth factor immobilized on mussel-inspired three-dimensional bilayered scaffold for artificial vascular graft application: In vitro and in vivo evaluations
Lee SJ, Kim ME, Nah H, Seok JM, Jeong MH, Park K, Kwon IK, Lee JS, Park SA
345 - 357 Hexagonal SnS nanoplates assembled onto hierarchical Bi2WO6 with enhanced photocatalytic activity in detoxification and disinfection
Li ZZ, Meng XC, Zhang ZS
358 - 365 Ion transport in a pH-regulated conical nanopore filled with a power-law fluid
Hsu JP, Chu YY, Lin CY, Tseng S
366 - 374 Twisted palladium-copper nanochains toward efficient electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid
Zhang LY, Gong YY, Wu DB, Wu GL, Xu BH, Bi L, Yuan WY, Cui ZM
375 - 383 Development of a composite membrane with underwater-oleophobic fibrous surface for robust anti-oil-fouling membrane distillation
Wang KP, Hou DY, Qi P, Li KL, Yuan ZY, Wang J
384 - 388 Controllable and facile synthesis of CsPbBr3-Cs4PbBr6 perovskite composites in pure polar solvent
Lou SQ, Xuan TT, Liang QY, Huang JJ, Cao LY, Yu CY, Cao MM, Xia C, Wang J, Zhang DF, Li HL
389 - 395 Probing ligand removal and ordering at quantum dot surfaces using vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy
Watson BR, Ma YZ, Cahill JF, Doughty B, Calhoun TR
396 - 406 Mesoporous matrices for the delivery of the broad spectrum bacteriocin, nisin A
Flynn J, Mallen S, Durack E, O'Connor PM, Hudson SP
407 - 413 Spontaneous water adsorption-desorption oscillations in mesoporous thin films
Urteaga R, Mercuri M, Gimenez R, Bellino MG, Berli CLA
414 - 421 Investigation of antisolvent effect on gold nanoparticles during postsynthesis purification
He M, Liu XF, Liu B, Yang JH
422 - 430 Chiral beta-HgS quantum dots: Aqueous synthesis, optical properties and cytocompatibility
Yang FF, Gao GB, Wang JC, Chen R, Zhu WB, Wang L, Ma ZJ, Luo ZY, Sun TL
431 - 440 On the growth of argon clusters on a weak adsorbent decorated with patches
Tan SL, Prasetyo L, Do DD, Nicholson D
441 - 449 Assembly of surface-defect single-crystalline strontium titanate nanocubes acting as molecular bricks onto surface-defect single-crystalline titanium dioxide (B) nanorods for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Kuang JY, Xing ZP, Yin JW, Li ZZ, Zhu Q, Zhou W
450 - 457 Palygorskite-template amorphous carbon nanotubes as a superior adsorbent for removal of dyes from aqueous solutions
Zhong LF, Tang AD, Yan P, Wang JJ, Wang QJ, Wen X, Cui Y
458 - 464 Rheological properties of fresh and reconstituted milk protein concentrates under standard and processing conditions
Kieferle I, Hiller K, Kulozik U, Germann N
465 - 474 Preferential adsorption of selenium oxyanions onto {110} and {012} nano-hematite facets
Lounsbury AW, Wang RR, Plata DL, Billmyer N, Muhich C, Kanie K, Sugimoto T, Peak D, Zimmerman JB
475 - 485 Biomass waste-derived nitrogen-rich hierarchical porous carbon offering superior capacitive behavior in an environmentally friendly aqueous MgSO4 electrolyte
Zou KX, Tan HQ, Wang LM, Qian YX, Deng YF, Chen GH
486 - 495 Manganese oxide doping carbon aerogels prepared with MnO2 coordinated by N, N - dimethylmethanamide for supercapacitors
Xu YL, Wang SS, Ren B, Zhao JP, Zhang LH, Dong XX, Liu ZF
496 - 504 Voltage-controlled ion transport and selectivity in a conical nanopore functionalized with pH-tunable polyelectrolyte brushes
Hsu JP, Yang ST, Lin CY, Tseng S
505 - 519 Intermolecular and surface forces at solid/oil/water/gas interfaces in petroleum production
Zhang L, Xie L, Cui XW, Chen JS, Zeng HB
520 - 527 Cabbage-shaped zinc-cobalt oxide (ZnCo2O4) sensing materials: Effects of zinc ion substitution and enhanced formaldehyde sensing properties
Zhou TT, Sui N, Zhang R, Zhang T
528 - 535 Improved photoelectrochemical properties of tungsten oxide by modification with plasmonic gold nanoparticles for the non-enzymatic sensing of ethanol
Li BC, Chen YF, Peng AH, Chen XM, Chen X
536 - 546 A high-resolution study of in situ surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanotag behavior in biological systems
Wang J, Anderson W, Li JR, Lin LL, Wang YL, Trau M
547 - 553 Determining the surface dilational rheology of surfactant and protein films with a droplet waveform generator
Yang JL, Yu K, Tsuji T, Jha R, Zuo YY
554 - 561 Colorimetric determination of Hg2+ in environmental water based on the Hg2+-stimulated peroxidase mimetic activity of MOS2-Au composites
Ma CM, Ma Y, Sun YF, Lu Y, Tian EL, Lan JF, Li JL, Ye WC, Zhang HX
562 - 568 Advanced nanonetwork-structured carbon materials for high-performance formaldehyde capture
Zhang WC, Chen LD, Xu LH, Dong HW, Hu H, Xiao Y, Zheng MT, Liu YL, Liang YR
569 - 578 KOH activation of wax gourd-derived carbon materials with high porosity and heteroatom content for aqueous or all-solid-state supercapacitors
Yu D, Ma YS, Chen MF, Dong XP
579 - 587 Effect of triblock copolymer surfactant composition on flow-induced phase inversion emulsification in a tapered channel
Duan G, Kumar A, Li SG, Cheng CM, Lee D
588 - 596 Double conductivity-improved porous Sn/Sn4P3@carbon nanocomposite as high performance anode in Lithium-ion batteries
Liu Q, Ye JJ, Chen ZZ, Hao Q, Xu CX, Hou JG
597 - 603 Apparent contact angles for reactive wetting of smooth, rough, and heterogeneous surfaces calculated from the variational principles
Bormashenko E
604 - 614 Fabrication of silver seeds and nanoparticle on core-shell Ag@SiO2 nanohybrids for combined photothermal therapy and bioimaging
Manivannan K, Cheng CC, Anbazhagan R, Tsai HC, Chen JK
615 - 628 Enzyme activation by alternating magnetic field: Importance of the bioconjugation methodology
Armenia I, Bonavia MVG, De Matteis L, Ivanchenko P, Martra G, Gornati R, de la Fuente JM, Bernardini G
629 - 639 Effect of electron-hole separation in MoO3@Ni2P hybrid nanocomposite as highly efficient metal-free photocatalyst for H-2 production
Li YB, Jin ZL, Wang HY, Zhang YP, Liu H
640 - 651 Dynamic viscosity of colloidal silica suspensions at low and high volume fractions
Samavat S, Carrique F, Ruiz-Reina E, Zhang W, Williams PM
652 - 660 Facile synthesis of carbon nanotubes covalently modified with ZnO nanorods for enhanced photodecomposition of dyes Cheek
Tie WW, Zheng Z, Xu C, Zheng Z, Bhattacharyya SS, He WW, Lee SH
661 - 670 Engineering hydrogenated manganese dioxide nanostructures for high-performance supercapacitors
Liu XY, Gong TC, Zhang J, Ji JY, Huo WC, Cao T, Zhang YX, Zhang XM, Liu YQ
671 - 681 Ag modified ZnS for photocatalytic water pollutants degradation: Influence of metal loading and preparation method
Sacco O, Vaiano V, Sannino D, Picca RA, Cioffi N
682 - 693 Molecular factors governing the viscosity peak of giant micelles in the presence of salt and fragrances
Pleines M, Kunz W, Zemb T, Benczedi D, Fieber W
694 - 703 Folding of cytosine-based nucleolipid monolayer by guanine recognition at the air-water interface
Argudo PG, Munoz E, Giner-Casares JJ, Martin-Romero MT, Camacho L
704 - 715 Interaction of dequalinium chloride with phosphatidylcholine bilayers: A biophysical study with consequences on the development of updates lipid-based mitochondrial nanomedicines
Sauvage F, Legrand FX, Roux M, Rajkovic I, Weiss TM, Varga Z, Augis L, Nugue G, Debouzy JC, Vergnaud-Gauduchon J, Barratt G
716 - 724 Heteroatom-doped carbon dots based catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions
Zhang P, Wei JS, Chen XB, Xiong HM
725 - 735 Evaporation-induced self-assembly synthesis of nanostructured alumina-based mixed metal oxides with tailored porosity
Goncalves AAS, Jaroniec M
736 - 745 Hierarchical C/NiO-ZnO nanocomposite fibers with enhanced adsorption capacity for Congo red
Chen H, Wageh S, Al-Ghamdi AA, Wang HY, Yu JG, Jiang CJ