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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.536 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 MoS2/SnNb2O6 2D/2D nanosheet heterojunctions with enhanced interfacial charge separation for boosting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Jiang DL, Wen BW, Zhang YQ, Jin Y, Li D, Chen M
9 - 16 Environmentally friendly Cu2ZnSnS4-based photocathode modified with a ZnS protection layer for efficient solar water splitting
Wang K, Huang DW, Yu L, Gu HM, Ikeda S, Jiang F
17 - 29 Nitrogen self-doped g-C3N4 nanosheets with tunable band structures for enhanced photocatalytic tetracycline degradation
Jiang LB, Yuan XZ, Zeng GM, Liang J, Wu ZB, Yu HB, Mo D, Wang H, Xiao ZH, Zhou CY
30 - 41 Modifying interfacial interparticle forces to alter microstructure and viscoelasticity of densely packed particle laden interfaces
Rahman SE, Laal-Dehghani N, Barman S, Christopher GF
42 - 52 Increased activity of nitrogen-doped graphene-like carbon sheets modified by iron doping for oxygen reduction
Zhou TS, Ma RG, Zhang T, Li ZC, Yang MH, Liu Q, Zhu YF, Wang JC
53 - 61 Preparation of giant lipid vesicles with controllable sizes by a modified hydrophilic polydimethylsiloxane microarray chip
Fan T, Wang Q, Hu N, Liao YJ, Chen X, Wang ZY, Yang Z, Yang J, Qian SZ
62 - 70 Blue TiO2 nanosheets as a high-performance electrode material for supercapacitors
Pazhamalai P, Krishnamoorthy K, Mariappan VK, Kim SJ
71 - 79 3D hollow nanoflowers assembled by ultrathin molybdenum-nickel phosphide nanosheets as robust electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Chen SY, Dai JT, Ren FF, Xu H, Du YK
80 - 87 Comparison of natural and synthetic surfactants at forming and stabilizing nanoemulsions: Tea saponin, Quillaja saponin, and Tween 80
Zhu ZB, Wen Y, Yi JH, Cao YG, Liu FG, McClements DJ
88 - 97 Co-assemblies of polyoxometalate {Mo72Fe30}/double-tailed magnetic-surfactant for magnetic-driven anchorage and enrichment of protein
Zhao WR, Cui JW, Hao JC, Van Horn JD
98 - 104 On the incorrect use and interpretation of the model for colloidal, spherical crystal growth
Myers TG, Fanelli C
105 - 111 Interface engineering: Surface hydrophilic regulation of LaFeO3 towards enhanced visible light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chen Z, Fan TT, Zhang QY, He JW, Fan HQ, Sun YF, Yi XD, Li JH
112 - 126 Dual-functional gelatin-capped silver nanoparticles for antibacterial and antiangiogenic treatment of bacterial keratitis
Luo LJ, Lin TY, Yao CH, Kuo PY, Matsusaki M, Harroun SG, Huang CC, Lai JY
127 - 134 The influence of cerium dioxide functionalized reduced graphene oxide on reducing fire hazards of thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites
Wang SG, Gao R, Zhou KQ
135 - 148 pH-activatable polymeric nanodrugs enhanced tumor chemo/antiangiogenic combination therapy through improving targeting drug release
Xiong H, Wu YY, Jiang ZJ, Zhou JP, Yang M, Yao J
149 - 159 Superhydrophobic nanocomposite coatings with photoinitiated three-dimensional networks based on reactive graphene nanosheet-induced self-wrinkling patterned surfaces
Feng YF, Peng C, Li YD, Hu JB, Deng QH, Wu Q, Xu ZC
160 - 170 Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) hybridized hydrogel as a near-infrared (NIR)/pH dual-responsive platform for combined chemo-photothermal therapy
Liu W, Zhang XY, Zhou L, Shang L, Su ZQ
171 - 179 One-step mild fabrication of porous core-shelled Si@TiO nanocomposite as high performance anode for Li-ion batteries
Ye JJ, Chen ZZ, Hao Q, Xu CX, Hou JG
180 - 188 Solvent-free hydrothermal synthesis of gamma-aluminum oxide nanoparticles with selective adsorption of Congo red
Zhang HM, Ruan Y, Feng Y, Su MH, Diao ZH, Chen DY, Hou LA, Lee PH, Shih K, Kong LJ
189 - 195 Self-supported Pt nanoflakes-doped amorphous Ni(OH)(2) on Ni foam composite electrode for efficient and stable methanol oxidation
Yuan G, Wang L, Zhang XW, Wang QF
196 - 207 Nitrosalicyl-imine-chitosan hydrogels based drug delivery systems for long term sustained release in local therapy
Craciun AM, Tartau LM, Pinteala M, Marin L
208 - 214 Amphiphilic redox-sensitive NIR BODIPY nanoparticles for dual-mode imaging and photothermal therapy
Wang X, Lin WH, Zhang W, Li C, Sun TT, Chen G, Xie ZG
215 - 223 Preparation of silver-loaded titanium dioxide hedgehog-like architecture composed of hundreds of nanorods and its fast response to xylene
Zhang YQ, Bai JH, Zhou LS, Liu DY, Liu FM, Liang XS, Gao Y, Liu FM, Yan X, Lu GY
224 - 234 pH-responsive injectable hydrogels with mucosal adhesiveness based on chitosan-grafted-dihydrocaffeic acid and oxidized pullulan for localized drug delivery
Liang YP, Zhao X, Ma PX, Guo BL, Du YP, Han XZ
235 - 244 Fe3O4 nanospheres in situ decorated graphene as high-performance anode for asymmetric supercapacitor with impressive energy density
Sheng S, Liu W, Zhu K, Cheng K, Ye K, Wang GL, Cao DX, Yan J
245 - 251 Super light 3D hierarchical nanocellulose aerogel foam with superior oil adsorption
Zhang HY, Lyu SY, Zhou XM, Gu HB, Ma C, Wang CH, Ding T, Shao Q, Liu H, Guo ZH
252 - 260 Fabrication of porous graphene electrodes via CO2 activation for the enhancement of capacitive deionization
Zhang Y, Chen L, Mao SD, Sun Z, Song YA, Zhao R
261 - 270 Preparation of a stable and robust nanobiocatalyst by efficiently immobilizing of pectinase onto cyanuric chloride-functionalized chitosan grafted magnetic nanoparticles
Soozanipour A, Taheri-Kafrani A, Barkhori M, Nasrollahzadeh M
271 - 280 Tuning manganese (III) species in manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve by interaction with carbon nanofibers for enhanced pollutant degradation in the presence of peroxymonosulfate
Wang MY, Wei Y, Zou QC, Zhang WY, Xu AH, Li XX
281 - 290 Ultrasound-based formation of nano-Pickering emulsions investigated via in-situ SAXS
Lee YT, Li DS, Ilaysky J, Kuzmenko I, Jeng GS, O'Donnell M, Pozzo LD
291 - 299 Freestanding 3D Polypyrrole@reduced graphene oxide hydrogels as binder-free electrode materials for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Zhang X, Zhang JY, Chen Y, Cheng K, Yan J, Zhu K, Ye K, Wang GL, Zhou LM, Cao DX
300 - 309 Conformational state and charge determine the interfacial stabilization process of beta-lactoglobulin at preoccupied interfaces
Schestkowa H, Wollborn T, Westphal A, Wagemans AM, Fritsching U, Drusch S
310 - 327 Cilostazol-loaded electrospun three-dimensional systems for potential cardiovascular application: Effect of fibers hydrophilization on drug release, and cytocompatibility
Rychter M, Milanowski B, Grzeskowiak BF, Jarek M, Kempinski M, Coy EL, Borysiak S, Baranowska-Korczyc A, Lulek J
328 - 338 Polyoxometalate based thin film nanocomposite forward osmosis membrane: Superhydrophilic, anti-fouling, and high water permeable
Shakeri A, Salehi H, Ghorbani F, Amini M, Naslhajian H
339 - 348 Poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) hydrogels for the cleaning of art
Bonelli N, Poggi G, Chelazzi D, Giorgi R, Baglioni P
349 - 362 A facile method for fabricating robust cellulose nanocrystal/SiO2 superhydrophobic coatings
Huang JD, Lyu SY, Chen ZL, Wang SQ, Fu F
363 - 371 Imaging the air-water interface: Characterising biomimetic and natural hydrophobic surfaces using in situ atomic force microscopy
Elbourne A, Dupont MF, Collett S, Truong VK, Xu XM, Vrancken N, Baulin V, Ivanova EP, Crawford RJ
372 - 380 Smart release of antimicrobial ZnO nanoplates from a pH-responsive keratin hydrogel
Villanueva ME, Cuestas ML, Perez CJ, Dall'Orto VC, Copello GJ
381 - 388 CO2-responsive aqueous foams stabilized by pseudogemini surfactants
Wang ZZ, Ren GH, Yang JW, Xu ZH, Sun DJ
389 - 398 Fabrication of a three-dimensional porous Z-scheme silver/silver bromide/graphitic carbon nitride@nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic and antibacterial activities
Chen YX, Wang PL, Liang Y, Zhao MJ, Jiang YY, Wang GT, Zou P, Zeng J, Zhang YS, Wang Y
399 - 407 Caffeoyl maleic fatty alcohol monoesters: Synthesis, characterization and antioxidant assessment
Anankanbil S, Perez B, Cheng WW, Ambrosio GG, Guo Z
408 - 413 Hierarchical architectures of wrinkle-like ZnFe2O4 nanosheet-enwrapped ZnO nanotube arrays for remarkably photoelectrochemical water splitting to produce hydrogen
Long JY, Wang WZ, Fu SY, Liu LM
414 - 423 Millimeter-sized capsules prepared using liquid marbles: Encapsulation of ingredients with high efficiency and preparation of spherical core-shell capsules with highly uniform shell thickness using centrifugal force
Takei T, Yamasaki Y, Yuji Y, Sakoguchi S, Ohzuno Y, Hayase G, Yoshida M
424 - 430 Facile synthesis of platinum-embedded zirconia/porous carbons tri-component nanohybrids from metal-organic framework and their application for ultra-sensitively detection of methyl parathion
Meng TJ, Wang L, Jia HX, Gong T, Feng Y, Li RX, Wang H, Zhang YF
431 - 439 Morphology-controlled synthesis and sulfur modification of 3D hierarchical layered double hydroxides for gaseous elemental mercury removal
Yuan Y, Xu HM, Liu W, Chen LH, Quan ZW, Liu P, Qu Z, Yan NG
440 - 455 Adsorption behavior and mechanism of Mg/Fe layered double hydroxide with Fe3O4-carbon spheres on the removal of Pb(II) and Cu(II)
Xie YY, Yuan XZ, Wu ZB, Zeng GM, Jiang LB, Peng X, Li H
456 - 462 Designing and constructing core-shell NiCo2S4@Ni3S2 on Ni foam by facile one-step strategy as advanced battery-type electrodes for supercapattery
Lin JH, Yan YT, Zheng XH, Zhong ZX, Wang YH, Qi JL, Cao J, Fei WD, Huang YD, Feng JC
463 - 473 GO-graphene ink-derived hierarchical 3D-graphene architecture supported Fe3O4 nanodots as high-performance electrodes for lithium/sodium storage and supercapacitors
Zhao XJ, Jia YH, Liu ZH
474 - 482 The fabrication of ultrathin films and their gas separation performance from polymers of intrinsic microporosity with two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) chain conformations
Benito J, Vidal J, Sanchez-Lainez J, Zornoza B, Tellez C, Martin S, Msayib KJ, Comesana-Gandara B, McKeown NB, Coronas J, Gascon I
483 - 492 Superior adsorption performance of metal-organic-frameworks derived magnetic cobalt-embedded carbon microrods for triphenylmethane dyes
Ye J, Jin LN, Zhao XS, Qian XY, Dong MD
493 - 498 Dendritic surface patterns from Benard-Marangoni instabilities upon evaporation of a reactive ZnO nanofluid droplet: A fractal dimension analysis
Wasik P, Seddon AM, Wu H, Briscoe WH
499 - 506 Capillary rise of polydimethylsiloxane around a poly(ethylene terephthalate) fiber versus viscosity: Existence of a sharp transition in the dynamic wetting behavior
Zhang YC, Moins S, Coulembier O, Seveno D, De Coninck J
507 - 515 Lubricant-infused slippery surfaces: Facile fabrication, unique liquid repellence and antireflective properties
Li Q, Guo ZG
516 - 525 pH controlled green luminescent carbon dots derived from benzoxazine monomers for the fluorescence turn-on and turn-off detection
Fang B, Lu XC, Hu JY, Zhang G, Zheng XS, He LM, Cao JB, Gu JJ, Cao FF
526 - 535 Nitroxide supported on nanometric metal oxides as new hybrid catalysts for selective sugar oxidation
Omri M, Becuwe M, Davoisne C, Pourceau G, Wadouachi A
536 - 547 Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylamide) mesoglobule core-silica shell nanoparticles
Cao-Luu NH, Pham QT, Yao ZH, Wang FM, Chern CS
548 - 555 Investigation and optimization of Fe/ZnFe2O4 as a Wide-band electromagnetic absorber
Wu GL, Zhang HX, Luo XX, Yang LJ, Lv HL
556 - 562 Facile solvothermal synthesis of Pt71Co29 lamellar nanoflowers as an efficient catalyst for oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactions
Zhang L, Zhang XF, Chen XL, Wang AJ, Han DM, Wang ZG, Feng JJ
563 - 574 Heavy metal redistribution mechanism assisted magnetic separation for highly-efficient removal of lead and cadmium from human blood
Guo XY, Wang WJ, Yuan XH, Yang Y, Tian QH, Xiang Y, Sun Y, Rai ZM
575 - 585 Non-additional carbon source one-step synthesis of Bi2O2CO3-based ternary composite for efficient Z-scheme photocatalysis
Zhang YY, Wang LL, Dong FY, Chen Q, Jiang HY, Xu M, Shi JS
586 - 597 Dual-photosensitizer coupled nanoscintillator capable of producing type I and type II ROS for next generation photodynamic therapy
Sengar P, Garcia-Tapia K, Chauhan K, Jain A, Juarez-Moreno K, Borbon-Nunez HA, Tiznado H, Contreras OE, Hirata GA
598 - 608 Interactions of NIPAM nanogels with model lipid multi-bilayers: A neutron reflectivity study
Sun HH, Zielinska K, Resmini M, Zarbakhsh A
609 - 617 A novel synthesis of Fe7S8@Fe5Ni4S8 flower center/petal hierarchical nanostructure: Application as advance cathode material for high-performance supercapacitors
Zhang MM, Liu H, Wang Y, Ma TJ
618 - 627 Generation of ultra-stable Pickering microbubbles via poly alkylcyanoacrylates
Valadbaigi P, Ettelaie R, Kulak AN, Murray BS
628 - 637 Small nitrogen-doped carbon dots as efficient nanoenhancer for boosting the electrochemical performance of three-dimensional graphene
Yuan G, Zhao X, Liang YR, Peng L, Dong HW, Xiao Y, Hu CF, Hu H, Liu YL, Zheng MT
638 - 645 Various strategies to tune the electrocatalytic performance of molybdenum phosphide supported on reduced graphene oxide for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wu ZX, Song M, Zhang ZJ, Wang J, Liu XE
646 - 654 In situ decoration of Au nanoparticles on carbon nitride using a single-source precursor and its application for the detection of tetracycline
Guo H, Su Y, Shen YL, Long YM, Li WF
655 - 663 Carbon-enhanced centrifugally-spun SnSb/carbon microfiber composite as advanced anode material for sodium-ion battery
Jia H, Dirican M, Aksu C, Sun N, Chen C, Zhu JD, Zhu P, Yan CY, Li Y, Ge YQ, Guo JS, Zhang XW
664 - 672 Facile molten salt synthesis of atomically thin boron nitride nanosheets and their co-catalytic effect on the performance of carbon nitride photocatalyst
Tian L, Li JY, Liang F, Chang S, Zhang HJ, Zhang MY, Zhang SW
673 - 680 Porous hollow composites assembled by NixCo1-xSe2 nanosheets rooted on carbon polyhedra for superior lithium storage capability
Xu HB, Wu RB
681 - 693 Chemically activated high grade nanoporous carbons from low density renewable biomass (Agave sisalana) for the removal of pharmaceuticals
Mestre AS, Hesse F, Freire C, Ania CO, Carvalho AP
694 - 700 Room temperature synthesis of CdS/SrTiO3 nanodots-on-nanocubes for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution from water
Yin XL, Li LL, Li DC, Wei DH, Hu CC, Dou JM
701 - 709 Directed assembly of nanoparticles into continuous microstructures by standing surface acoustic waves
Sazan H, Piperno S, Layani M, Magdassi S, Shpaisman H
710 - 721 In situ-generated yttrium-based nanoparticle/polyethersulfone composite adsorptive membranes: Development, characterization, and membrane formation mechanism
He JS, Cui AA, Ni F, Deng SH, Shen F, Song C, Lou L, Tian D, Huang CR, Long LL
722 - 727 Reversible flocculation of nanoparticles by a carbamate surfactant
Hellstrom AK, Bordes R
728 - 736 Plasmonic microgels of Au nanorods: Self-assembly and applications in chemophotothermo-synergistic cancer therapy
Wang YT, Wang L, Yan MM, Cai AR, Dong SL, Hao JC
737 - 748 The hydrophobic surface state of talc as influenced by aluminum substitution in the tetrahedral layer
Atluri V, Jin JQ, Shrimali K, Dang LE, Wang XM, Miller JD