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1 - 8 Palladium-mediated hybrid biocatalysts with enhanced enzymatic catalytic performance via allosteric effects
Xia H, Zhong X, Li ZX, Jiang YB
9 - 12 Stabilizing the titanium-based metal organic frameworks in water by metal cations with empty or partially-filled d orbitals
An Y, Liu YY, Wang ZY, Wang P, Zheng ZK, Dai Y, Qin XY, Zhang XY, Whangbo MH, Huang BB
13 - 23 Long-term antibacterial stable reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites loaded with cuprous oxide nanoparticles
Yang ZQ, Hao XP, Chen SG, Ma ZQ, Wang WH, Wang CY, Yue LF, Sun HY, Shao Q, Murugadoss V, Guo ZH
24 - 33 Wide spectral response photothermal catalysis-fenton coupling systems with 3D hierarchical Fe3O4/Ag/Bi2MoO6 ternary hetero-superstructural magnetic microspheres for efficient high-toxic organic pollutants removal
Xiu ZY, Cao Y, Xing ZP, Zhao TY, Li ZZ, Zhou W
34 - 41 Two types of electrokinetic behavior of solid particles in the presence of anionic surfactants
Kosmulski M, Maczka E, Ruchomski L
42 - 46 Reversible surface activity and self-assembly behavior and transformation of amphiphilic ionic liquids in water induced by a pillar[5]arene-based host-guest interaction
Sun SY, Lu D, Huang Q, Liu Q, Yao Y, Shi YJ
47 - 58 Facile one-step synthesis of onion-like carbon modified ultrathin g-C3N4 2D nanosheets with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Wang YM, Cai HY, Qian FF, Li YM, Yu JQ, Yang XL, Bao MT, Li XM
59 - 70 Microfluidic production of size-tunable hexadecane-in-water emulsions: Effect of droplet size on destabilization of two-dimensional emulsions due to partial coalescence
Abedi S, Suteria NS, Chen CC, Vanapalli SA
71 - 81 Assembly of nitroreductase and layered double hydroxides toward functional biohybrid materials
Bruna F, Mousty C, Besse-Hoggan P, Batisson I, Prevot V
82 - 94 Polymeric and metal oxide structured nanofibrous composites fabricated by electrospinning as highly efficient hydrogen evolution catalyst
Figen AK, Filiz BC
95 - 105 Ultrafine Ag@AgI nanoparticles on cube single-crystal Ag3PO4 (100): An all-day-active Z-Scheme photocatalyst for environmental purification
Cai T, Liu YT, Wang LL, Zhang SQ, Dong WY, Chen H, Ma JH, Liu CB, Luo SL
106 - 125 Designing hybrid materials with multifunctional interfaces for wound dressing, electrocatalysis, and chemical separation
Follmann HDM, Messias I, Queiroz MN, Araujo RA, Rubira AF, Silva R
126 - 135 The flow of thin liquid layers on circular cylinders
Schwartz LW, Cender TA
136 - 143 Micron-scale restructuring of gelling silica subjected to shear
de Campo L, Garvey CJ, Muzny CD, Rehm C, Hanley HJM
144 - 153 Facile surface modification of textiles with photocatalytic carbon nitride nanosheets and the excellent performance for self-cleaning and degradation of gaseous formaldehyde
Yao CK, Yuan AL, Zhang HH, Li BX, Liu JY, Xi FG, Dong XP
154 - 160 The role of competitive counterion adsorption on the electrolyte induced surface ordering in methyl ester sulfonate surfactants at the air-water interface
Xu H, Li PX, Ma K, Welbourn RJL, Penfold J, Thomas RK, Roberts DW, Petkov JT
161 - 170 Dendronized triazolyl-containing ferrocenyl polymers as stabilizers of gold nanoparticles for recyclable two-phase reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Liu FF, Liu X, Astruc D, Gu HB
171 - 181 Cleavable and thermo-responsive hybrid nanoparticles for on-demand drug delivery
de Solorzano IO, Alejo T, Abad M, Bueno-Alejo C, Mendoza G, Andreu V, Irusta S, Sebastian V, Arruebo M
182 - 189 Construction of hydrophobic alginate-based foams induced by zirconium ions for oil and organic solvent cleanup
Wang YQ, Feng Y, Yao JF
190 - 197 Particle assisted removal of microbes from surfaces
Nandakumar V, Huang CN, Pulgar A, Balasubramanian V, Wu GH, Chandar P, Moudgil BM
198 - 206 One-pot fabrication of superhydrophobic and flame-retardant coatings on cotton fabrics via sol-gel reaction
Lin DM, Zeng XR, Li HQ, Lai XJ, Wu TY
207 - 215 An entrapped metal-organic framework system for controlled release of ethylene
Guan YG, Teng Z, Mei L, Zhang JL, Wang Q, Luo YG
216 - 226 Fast self-healing and rebuildable polyphosphate-based metallo-gels with mixed ionic-electronic conductivity
Skovroinski E, de Oliveira RJ, Galembeck A
227 - 237 Fabrication of novel carbon quantum dots modified bismuth oxide (alpha-Bi2O3/C-dots): Material properties and catalytic applications
Sharma S, Mehta SK, Ibhadon AO, Kansal SK
238 - 250 Synthesis of novel ternary heterogeneous BiOCl/TiO2/sepiolite composite with enhanced visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity towards tetracycline
Hu XL, Sun ZM, Song JY, Zhang GX, Li CQ, Zheng SL
251 - 258 Construction of 2D/2D BiVO4/g-C3N4 nanosheet heterostructures with improved photocatalytic activity
Sun ZC, Yu ZQ, Liu YY, Shi C, Zhu MS, Wang AJ
259 - 267 Biowaste soybean curd residue-derived Pd/nitrogen-doped porous carbon with excellent catalytic performance for phenol hydrogenation
Zhu YY, Yu GQ, Yang J, Yuan M, Xu D, Dong ZP
268 - 277 Insights into the wettability transition of nanosecond laser ablated surface under ambient air exposure
Yang Z, Liu XP, Tian YL
278 - 286 Development of composite membranes with irregular rod-like structure via atom transfer radical polymerization for efficient oil-water emulsion separation
Cui JY, Xie AT, Zhou S, Liu SW, Wang QQ, Wu YL, Meng MJ, Lang JH, Zhou ZP, Yan YS
287 - 296 Transition metal-doped amorphous molybdenum sulfide/graphene ternary cocatalysts for excellent photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: Synergistic effect of transition metal and graphene
Zhou HL, Liu YC, Zhang L, Li HD, Liu H, Li WJ
297 - 303 Cobalt nanoparticles embedded nitrogen-doped porous graphitized carbon composites with enhanced microwave absorption performance
Quan B, Xu GY, Gu WH, Sheng JQ, Ji GB
304 - 310 Gold nanospirals on colloidal gold nanoparticles
Yu BB, Yang Q, Li HY, Liu ZZ, Huang X, Wang YW, Chen HY
311 - 318 Hybrid of Fe3C@N, S co-doped carbon nanotubes coated porous carbon derived from metal organic frameworks as an efficient catalyst towards oxygen reduction
Zhou SC, Zhou QX, Su HX, Wang Y, Dong Z, Dai XP, Zhang X
319 - 332 Composite photocatalyst, tetragonal lead bismuth oxyiodide/bismuth oxyiodide/graphitic carbon nitride: Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic activity
Lee AH, Wang YC, Chen CC
333 - 343 Coordinative integration of copper (II) and iron (II) phthalocyanine into amidoximated PAN fiber for enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Han X, Han ZB, Li JF, Zhao J, Zhao XM
344 - 357 Preparation of novel flower-like BiVO4/Bi2Ti2O7/Fe3O4 for simultaneous removal of tetracycline and Cu2+: Adsorption and photocatalytic mechanisms
Wang DD, Li J, Xu ZF, Zhu YR, Chen GX
358 - 368 Enhancement in the photocatalytic antifouling efficiency over cherimoya-like InVO4/BiVO4 with a new vanadium source
Zhang X, Zhang J, Yu JQ, Zhang Y, Yu FK, Jia L, Tan YL, Zhu YM, Hou BR
369 - 374 Surface modification by vanadium pentoxide turns oxide nanocrystals into powerful adsorbents of methylene blue
Di Mauro A, Landstrom A, Concina I, Impellizzeri G, Privitera V, Epifani M
375 - 384 From small deferiprone to macromolecular micelles: Self-assembly enhances iron chelation
Huang XL, Lu D, Ma YM, Zhang LM, Wang LN, Deng J, Wang Z, Zhao YJ
385 - 400 Investigation of mixed ionic/nonionic building blocks for the dual templating of macro-mesoporous silica
Roucher A, Emo M, Vibert F, Stebe MJ, Schmitt V, Jonas F, Backov R, Blin JL
401 - 408 The meniscus on the outside of a circular cylinder: From microscopic to macroscopic scales
Tang YF, Cheng SF
409 - 415 Effect of surfactants on the removal of nitrobenzene by Fe-bearing montmorillonite/Fe(II)
Huang J, Cao J, Tu N, Dong HP, Li JF, Shou JX, Li YM
416 - 427 Mussel-inspired preparation of layered double hydroxides based polymer composites for removal of copper ions
Dou JB, Huang Q, Huang HY, Gan DF, Chen JY, Deng FJ, Wen YQ, Zhu XL, Zhang XY, Wei Y
428 - 436 Enhanced reduction and adsorption of hexavalent chromium by palladium and silicon rich biochar supported nanoscale zero-valent iron
Qian LB, Liu SN, Zhang WY, Chen Y, Ouyang D, Han L, Yan JC, Chen MF
437 - 444 Controllable synthesis of carbon nanosheets derived from oxidative polymerisation of m-phenylenediamine
Zhang LY, Chai LY, Wang MR, Lai YK, Lai YQ, Li XY
445 - 451 Construction of three-dimensional ordered porous carbon bulk networks for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Gu HY, Zhang R, Wang P, Xie SM, Niu CM, Wang HK
452 - 462 Manganese oxide at cadmium sulfide (MnOx@CdS) shells encapsulated with graphene: A spatially separated photocatalytic system towards superior hydrogen evolution
Tan PF, Zhu AQ, Qiao LL, Zeng WX, Cui H, Pan J
463 - 470 Surface pH buffering to promote degradation of mesoporous silica nanoparticles under a physiological condition
Choi E, Kim S
471 - 480 Cost-effective electrogeneration of H2O2 utilizing HNO3 modified graphite/polytetrafluoroethylene cathode with exterior hydrophobic film
He HH, Jiang B, Yuan JJ, Liu YJ, Bi XJ, Xin SS
481 - 491 Facile synthesis of hierarchical chrysanthemum-like copper cobaltate-copper oxide composites for enhanced microwave absorption performance
Lan D, Qin M, Yang RS, Chen S, Wu HJ, Fan YC, Fu QH, Zhang FL
492 - 502 Dependence on size and shape of non-nature amino acids in the enhancement of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) neutralizing activities of antimicrobial peptides
Chih YH, Wang SY, Yip BS, Cheng KT, Hsu SY, Wu CL, Yu HY, Cheng JW
503 - 512 Tuning carbon nanotube-grafted core-shell-structured cobalt selenide@carbon hybrids for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Yuan ML, Wang M, Lu PL, Sun Y, Dipazir S, Zhang JX, Li SW, Zhang GJ
513 - 525 The effects of bismuth (III) doping and ultrathin nanosheets construction on the photocatalytic performance of graphitic carbon nitride for antibiotic degradation
Wang M, Jin CY, Li ZL, You MY, Zhang Y, Zhu T
526 - 538 Functionalized polyethersulfone nanofibrous membranes with ultra-high adsorption capacity for organic dyes by one-step electrospinning
Xu YT, Bao JX, Zhang X, Li WS, Xie Y, Sun SD, Zhao WF, Zhao CS
539 - 547 Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of two dimensional BiOCl/MoS2 with tunable band gap and fast charge separation for enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible light
Wu DP, Wang XL, Wang HJ, Wang FJ, Wan DQ, Gao ZY, Wang XJ, Xu F, Jiang K
548 - 560 Improved thermomechanical and electrical properties of reduced graphene oxide reinforced polyaniline - dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid/divinylbenzene nanocomposites
Pathak AK, Kumar V, Sharma S, Yokozeki T, Dhakate SR
561 - 568 MoS2 decorated CdS hybrid heterojunction for enhanced photoelectrocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Zheng ZX, Qiao Y, Cai YH, He YN, Tang YM, Li LS
569 - 577 Interface self-assembly preparation of multi-element doped carbon nanobowls with high electrocatalysis activity for oxygen reduction reaction
Shi XY, Song JX, Zhao FQ, Gao HX, Chen XB, Chen P, An ZW, Chen Y
578 - 587 Prussian blue analogues derived iron-cobalt alloy embedded in nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanofibers for efficient oxygen reduction reaction in both alkaline and acidic solutions
Yin DD, Han C, Bo XJ, Liu J, Guo LP
588 - 597 Synthesis of ultra-large ZrO2 nanosheets as novel adsorbents for fast and efficient removal of As(III) from aqueous solutions
Shehzad K, Ahmad M, He JY, Liu T, Xu WH, Liu JH
598 - 603 Aggregation of Ag(0) nanoparticles to unexpected stable chain-like assemblies mediated by 2,2 '-bipyridine decorated peptoids
Tigger-Zaborov H, Maayan G
604 - 611 Tailored synthesis of polymer-brush-grafted mesoporous silicas with N-halamine and quaternary ammonium groups for antimicrobial applications
Wang YF, Yin ML, Lin XH, Li L, Li ZG, Ren XH, Sun YY
612 - 620 Oxygen vacancies modulated Bi-rich bismuth oxyiodide microspheres with tunable valence band position to boost the photocatalytic activity
Ji MX, Chen R, Di J, Liu YL, Li K, Chen ZG, Xia JX, Li HM
621 - 626 A surface enhanced Raman scattering based colloid nanosensor for developing therapeutic drug monitoring
Litti L, Ramundo A, Biscaglia F, Toffoli G, Gobbo M, Meneghetti M
627 - 635 Facile synthesis of hierarchical lychee-like Zn3V3O8@C/rGO nanospheres as high-performance anodes for lithium ion batteries
Xue H, Fang YX, Zeng LX, He XT, Luo FQ, Liu RP, Liu JB, Chen QH, Wei MD, Qian QR
636 - 648 Fabrication of visible-light-driven silver iodide modified iodine-deficient bismuth oxyiodides Z-scheme heterojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic activity for Escherichia coli inactivation and tetracycline degradation
Yang YY, Niu CG, Wen XJ, Zhang L, Liang C, Guo H, Guan DL, Liu HY, Zeng GM
649 - 657 Multilayer ultrathin Ag-delta-Bi2O3 with ultrafast charge transformation for enhanced photocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Gao XM, Shang YY, Liu LB, Fu F
658 - 670 Enhanced selectivity and performance of heterogeneous cation exchange membranes through addition of sulfonated and protonated Montmorillonite
Radmanesh F, Rijnaarts T, Moheb A, Sadeghi M, de Vos WM
671 - 677 Investigating structure-dependent diffusion in hydrogels using spatially resolved NMR spectroscopy
Wisniewska MA, Seland JG
678 - 691 Synthesis and application of sugarcane bagasse cellulose mixed esters. Part I: Removal of Co2+ and Ni2+ from single spiked aqueous solutions in batch mode using sugarcane bagasse cellulose succinate phthalate
Elias MMC, Ferreira GMD, de Almeida FTR, Rosa NCM, Silva IA, Filgueiras JG, de Azevedo ER, da Silva LHM, Melo TMS, Gil LF, Gurgel LVA
692 - 699 Selective removal of phosphate by dual Zr and La hydroxide/cellulose-based bio-composites
Du WY, Li YR, Xu X, Shang YN, Gao BY, Yue QY
700 - 708 Adsorption of 17 beta-estradiol from aqueous solutions by a novel hierarchically nitrogen-doped porous carbon
Duan QY, Li XD, Wu Z, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Chen CL, Li J
709 - 722 Designing iron carbide embedded isolated boron (B) and nitrogen (N) atoms co-doped porous carbon fibers networks with tiny amount of B-N bonds as high-efficiency oxygen reduction reaction catalysts
Liu TT, Li M, Bo XJ, Zhou M
723 - 732 Evaluating the potential of superhydrophobic nanoporous alumina membranes for direct contact membrane distillation
Subramanian N, Qamar A, Alsaadi A, Gallo A, Ridwan MG, Lee JG, Pillai S, Arunachalam S, Anjum D, Sharipov F, Ghaffour N, Mishra H
733 - 741 In situ synthesis of tin dioxide submicrorods anchored on nickel foam as an additive-free anode for high performance sodium-ion batteries
Wang JM, Zhu G, Liu XJ, Wang G, Wang H, Bai JT
742 - 749 Functional food packaging for reducing residual liquid food: Thermo resistant edible super-hydrophobic coating from coffee and beeswax
Zhang YW, Bi JR, Wang SQ, Cao QP, Li Y, Zhou JH, Zhu BW
750 - 761 Ti/PbO2-Sm2O3 composite based electrode for highly efficient electrocatalytic degradation of alizarin yellow R
Zhang Y, He P, Jia LP, Li CX, Liu HH, Wang S, Zhou SP, Dong FQ
762 - 770 The role of the central metal ion of ethane-bridged bis-porphyrins in histidine sensing
Bettini S, Pagano R, Borovkov V, Giancane G, Valli L
771 - 778 Uniform trend in layer-by-layer deposition of heteropolytungstates
Ball V, Mougharbel AS, Kortz U
779 - 780 Comments on "Novel molecularly imprinted polymer based on beta-cyclodextrin@graphene oxide: Synthesis and application for selective diphenylamine determination"
Huang YD
781 - 781 Novel molecularly imprinted polymer based on beta-cyclodextrin@graphene oxide: Synthesis and its application for selective diphenylamine determination (vol 503, pg 47, 2017)
Sedghi R, Heidari B, Yassari M