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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.532 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 11 Integrated adsorption and catalytic degradation of safranine T by a porous covalent triazine-based framework
Zheng XF, Ruan QQ, Jiang Q, Wang KK, Wang QH, Tang YZ, Huang HL, Zhong CL
12 - 23 Durable superhydrophobic and superoleophilic electrospun nanofibrous membrane for oil-water emulsion separation
Ma WJ, Zhao JT, Oderinde O, Han JQ, Liu ZC, Gao BH, Xiong RH, Zhang QL, Jiang SH, Huang CB
24 - 31 Direct electrochemical growth of amorphous molybdenum sulfide nanosheets on Ni foam for high-performance supercapacitors
Shang MX, Du CC, Huang H, Mao JX, Liu P, Song WB
32 - 36 Propulsion of liquid marbles: A tool to measure their effective surface tension and viscosity
Celestini F, Bormashenko E
37 - 46 Efficiently electrocatalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol for energy-saved zinc-air battery using a multifunctional nickel-cobalt alloy electrocatalyst
Liu GQ, Zhao CJ, Wang GZ, Zhang YX, Zhang HM
47 - 57 Composition dependent activity of PdAgNi alloy catalysts for formic acid electrooxidation
Ulas B, Caglar A, Sahin O, Kivrak H
58 - 67 Facile preparation of 3D regenerated cellulose/graphene oxide composite aerogel with high-efficiency adsorption towards methylene blue
Ren F, Li Z, Tan WZ, Liu XH, Sun ZF, Ren PG, Yan DX
68 - 76 Physisorption and chemisorption of T4 bacteriophages on amino functionalized silica particles
Bone S, Alum A, Markovski J, Hristovski K, Bar-Zeev E, Kaufman Y, Abbaszadegan M, Perreault F
77 - 82 Mesoscale self-assembly of reactive monomicelles: General strategy toward phloroglucinol-formaldehyde aerogels with ordered mesoporous structures and enhanced mechanical properties
Sun YB, Xia LY, Wu JL, Zhang SH, Liu XK
83 - 91 On the shear stability of water-in-water Pickering emulsions stabilized with silica nanoparticles
Griffith C, Daigle H
92 - 102 Sucrose facilitated synthesis of mesoporous silicoaluminophosphate SAPO-11 with different crystalline phases of MoO3 for highly-efficient oxidative desulfurization
Yang GX, Zhang XY, Yang HL, Long Y, Ma JT
103 - 111 Growth dynamics of microbubbles on microcavity arrays by solvent exchange: Experiments and numerical simulations
Peng SH, Spandan V, Verzicco R, Lohse D, Zhang XH
112 - 117 Antimicrobial peptide encapsulation and sustained release from polymer network particles prepared in supercritical carbon dioxide
Parilti R, Caprasse J, Riva R, Alexandre M, Vandegaart H, Bebrone C, Dupont-Gillain C, Howdle SM, Jerome C
118 - 127 Inferring pore connectivity from sorption hysteresis in multiscale porous media
Pinson MB, Zhou TT, Jennings HM, Bazant MZ
128 - 135 Interactions between micro-scale oil droplets in aqueous surfactant solution determined using optical tweezers
Chen A, Li SW, Sang FN, Zeng HB, Xu JH
136 - 142 Impact of nanoparticles on the CO2-brine interfacial tension at high pressure and temperature
Al-Anssari S, Barifcani A, Keshavarz A, Iglauer S
143 - 152 Au@CdSe heteroepitaxial nanorods: An example of metal nanorods fully covered by a semiconductor shell with strong photo-induced interfacial charge transfer effects
Lim SC, Lo WF, Yang PY, Lu SC, Joplin A, Link S, Chang WS, Tuan HY
153 - 160 Two-phase displacement dynamics in capillaries-nanofluid reduces the frictional coefficient
Wu PK, Nikolov AD, Wasan DT
161 - 170 Nanoparticles of magnetite anchored onto few-layer graphene: A highly efficient Fenton-like nanocomposite catalyst
Xu HY, Li B, Shi TN, Wang Y, Komarneni S
171 - 181 Nanopatterned protein-polysaccharide thin films by humidity regulated ID phase separation
Banta RA, Collins TW, Curley RA, Young PW, Holmes JD, Flynn EJ
182 - 189 Additive-assisted one-step formed perovskite/hole conducting materials graded heterojunction for efficient perovskite solar cells
Chen P, Wang EQ, Yin XT, Xie HX, Que MD, Gao BW, Que WX
190 - 200 Construction of silver iodide/silver/bismuth tantalate Z-scheme photocatalyst for effective visible light degradation of organic pollutants
Ren ML, Chen J, Wang PF, Hou J, Qian J, Wang C, Ao YH
201 - 209 Ultrafast one step construction of non-fluorinated superhydrophobic aluminum surfaces with remarkable improvement of corrosion resistance and anti-contamination
Zhang BB, Xu WC, Zhu QJ, Li YT, Hou BR
210 - 217 Synthesis and activity characteristics of visible light responsive polymer photocatalyst system with a styrene block copolymer containing TiO2 gel
Nakatani H, Hamachi R, Fukui K, Motokucho S
218 - 230 Role of inter-nanowire distance in metal nanowires on pool boiling heat transfer characteristics
Kumar GU, Suresh S, Thansekhar MR, Halpati D
231 - 235 Zeta potential determination with a microchannel fabricated in solidified solvents
Inagawa A, Fukuyama M, Hibara A, Harada M, Okada T
236 - 260 Hybrid membrane filtration-advanced oxidation processes for removal of pharmaceutical residue
Rosman N, Salleh WNW, Mohamed MA, Jaafar J, Ismail AF, Harun Z
261 - 271 Ionic liquid directed construction of foam-like mesoporous boron-doped graphitic carbon nitride electrode for high-performance supercapacitor
Kong LR, Chen QR, Shen XP, Zhu GX, Zhu J
272 - 279 In-situ synthesis of amorphous H2TiO3-modified TiO2 and its improved photocatalytic H-2-evolution performance
Wang P, Yi XQ, Lu YG, Yu HG, Yu JG
280 - 286 Facile urea-assisted precursor pre-treatment to fabricate porous g-C3N4 nanosheets for remarkably enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Bai JR, Yin CC, Xu HY, Chen G, Ni ZJ, Wang ZL, Li YG, Kang SF, Zheng Z, Li X
287 - 299 Orderly-designed Ni2P nanoparticles on g-C3N4 and UiO-66 for efficient solar water splitting
Wang ZJ, Jin ZL, Yuan H, Wang GR, Ma BZ
300 - 308 Gravity induced fluid fragmentation in an asymmetric microfluidic Y junction
Charpentier JB, Bizet L, Saouab A
309 - 320 Effects of magnetic field on the spreading dynamics of an impinging ferrofluid droplet
Ahmed A, Qureshi AJ, Fleck BA, Waghmare PR
321 - 330 Temperature dependent photocatalysis of g-C3N4, TiO2 and ZnO: Differences in photoactive mechanism
Meng FP, Liu YZ, Wang J, Tan XY, Sun HQ, Liu SM, Wang SB
331 - 342 Facile fabrication of a biomass-based film with interwoven fibrous network structure as heterogeneous catalysis platform
Lan TX, An R, Liu Z, Li KJ, Xiang J, Liu GY
343 - 351 Fabrication of electrospun trace NiO-doped hierarchical porous carbon nanofiber electrode for capacitive deionization
Hussain T, Wang YB, Xiong ZB, Yang JM, Xie ZZ, Liu JY
352 - 362 1D ultrafine SnO2 nanorods anchored on 3D graphene aerogels with hierarchical porous structures for high-performance lithium/sodium storage
Wang Y, Jin YH, Zhao CC, Pan EZ, Jia MQ
363 - 374 Coalescence of charged droplets in outer fluids
Sadeghi HM, Sadri B, Kazemi MA, Jafari M
375 - 386 Bismuth oxyfluoride/bismuth oxyiodide nanocomposites enhance visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Chen CC, Fu JY, Chang JL, Huang ST, Yeh TW, Hung JT, Huang PH, Liu FY, Chen LW
387 - 394 Low-temperature electrospray-processed SnO2 nanosheets as an electron transporting layer for stable and high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
Mahmood K, Khalid A, Nawaz F, Mehran MT
395 - 406 Three dimensional vanadium pentoxide/graphene foam composite as positive electrode for high performance asymmetric electrochemical supercapacitor
Ndiaye NM, Ngom BD, Sylla NF, Masikhwa TM, Madito MJ, Momodu D, Ntsoane T, Manyala N
407 - 415 Metal organic frameworks derived cobalt sulfide/reduced graphene oxide composites with fast reaction kinetic and excellent structural stability for sodium storage
Huang J, Tang XK, Li ZS, Liu K
416 - 425 Elimination of bromate from water using aluminum beverage cans via catalytic reduction and adsorption
Chiu YT, Lee PY, Wi-Afedzi T, Lee J, Lin KYA
426 - 432 Cost-effective synthesis and superior electrochemical performance of sodium vanadium fluorophosphate nanoparticles encapsulated in conductive graphene network as high-voltage cathode for sodium-ion batteries
Liu KL, Lei P, Wan X, Zheng WT, Xiang XD
433 - 440 Fabrication and adsorption performance for CO2 capture of advanced nanoporous microspheres enriched with amino acids
Ouyang H, Guo L, Li C, Chen XQ, Jiang BB
441 - 448 Reutilization of iron sludge as heterogeneous Fenton catalyst for the degradation of rhodamine B: Role of sulfur and mesoporous structure
Guo S, Yang ZX, Wen ZP, Fida H, Zhang GK, Chen JY
449 - 455 Plasmonic assemblies of gold nanorods on nanoscale patterns of poly (ethylene glycol): Application in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Ocal SK, Patarroyo J, Kiremitler NB, Pekdemir S, Puntes VF, Onses MS
456 - 463 Two-step hydrothermal synthesis of peanut-shaped molybdenum diselenide/bismuth vanadate (MoSe2/BiVO4) with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for the degradation of glyphosate
Luo XL, Chen ZY, Yang SY, Xu YH
464 - 473 Multifunctional Ag nanoparticle decorated Si nanowires for sensing, photocatalysis and light emission applications
Ghosh R, Ghosh J, Das R, Mawlong LPL, Paul KK, Giri PK
474 - 484 Removal of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ from aqueous solutions by magnetic alginate microsphere based on Fe3O4/MgAl-layered double hydroxide
Sun JH, Chen Y, Yu HQ, Yan LG, Du B, Pei ZG
485 - 490 Investigation on the electrocatalytic activity and stability of three-dimensional and two-dimensional palladium nanostructures for ethanol and formic acid oxidation
Yazdan-Abad MZ, Noroozifar M, Alfi N
491 - 499 Cobalt sulfide thin films for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction and supercapacitor applications
Kale SB, Lokhande AC, Pujari RB, Lokhande CD
500 - 516 Hydrous CeO2-Fe3O4 decorated polyaniline fibers nanocomposite for effective defluoridation of drinking water
Chigondo M, Paumo HK, Bhaumik M, Pillay K, Maity A
517 - 526 Novel fabrication of polymer/carbon nanotube composite coated Janus paper for humidity stress sensor
Tian P, Gao XY, Wen G, Zhong LS, Wang ZLL, Guo ZG
527 - 535 Flexible hybrid yarn-shaped supercapacitors based on porous nickel cobalt sulfide nanosheet array layers on gold metalized cotton yarns
Wang HT, Liu YN, Kang XH, Wang YF, Yang SY, Bian SW, Zhu Q
536 - 545 Alternating current (AC) susceptibility as a particle-focused probe of coating and clustering behaviour in magnetic nanoparticle suspensions
Narayanasamy KK, Cruz-Acuna M, Rinaldi C, Everett J, Dobson J, Telling ND
546 - 556 An investigation into electrochemical properties of poly(ether sulfone)/poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) heterogeneous cation-exchange membranes by using design of experiment method
Mofrad AE, Moheb A, Masigol M, Sadeghi M, Radmanesh F
557 - 570 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of CdS/SnS2 nanocomposite with highly-efficient charge transfer and visible light utilization for selective reduction of 4-nitroaniline
Zhang L, Niu CG, Wen XJ, Guo H, Zhao XF, Liang C, Zeng GM
571 - 578 Hollow Ag44Pt56 nanotube bundles with high electrocatalytic performances for hydrogen evolution and ethylene glycol oxidation reactions
Zhu XY, Zhang L, Yuan PX, Feng JJ, Yuan J, Zhang QL, Wang AJ
579 - 587 Roles of cobalt and cerium species in three-dimensionally ordered macroporous CoxSe1-xO delta catalysts for the catalytic oxidation of diesel soot
Jin BF, Wu XD, Weng D, Liu S, Yu TT, Zhao Z, Wei YC
588 - 597 2D-NLDFT adsorption models for porous oxides with corrugated cylindrical pores
Jagiello J, Jaroniec M
598 - 604 The selectively fluorescent sensing detection and adsorptive removal of Pb2+ with a stable [delta-Mo8O26]-based hybrid
Song XX, Fu H, Wang P, Li HY, Zhang YQ, Wang CC
605 - 613 Adhesive forces between two cleaved calcite surfaces in NaCl solutions: The importance of ionic strength and normal loading
Javadi S, Royne A
614 - 621 Micro-tomographic analyses of specific interfacial area inside unconsolidated porous media with differing particle characteristics from microscopic to macroscopic scale
Patmonoaji A, Tsuji K, Muharrik M, Suekane T
622 - 629 In situ growth of self-supported and defect-engineered carbon nanotube networks on 316L stainless steel as binder-free supercapacitors
Lei R, Ni HW, Chen RS, Gu HZ, Zhang H, Dong S
630 - 640 Two-dimensional porous (Co, Ni)-based monometallic hydroxides and bimetallic layered double hydroxides thin sheets with honeycomb-like nanostructure as positive electrode for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Huang B, Wang WS, Pu T, Li J, Zhu JK, Zhao CL, Xie L, Chen LY
641 - 649 Surface PEGylation and biological imaging of fluorescent Tb3+-doped layered double hydroxides through the photoinduced RAFT polymerization
Deng FJ, Zhou HJ, Chen JY, Huang HY, Tian JW, Wen YQ, Huang Q, Liu MY, Zhang XY, Wei Y
650 - 656 Facile synthesis of ZnCo-ZIFs-derived ZnxCo3-xO4 hollow polyhedron for efficient oxygen evolution reduction
Wang L, Meng TJ, Chen CX, Fan YW, Zhang Q, Wang H, Zhang YF
657 - 665 Self-propulsion of aluminum particle-coated Janus droplet in alkaline solution
Li MQ, Li DQ
666 - 679 Inorganic surface chemistry and nanostructure controls lipolytic product speciation and partitioning during the digestion of inorganic-lipid hybrid particles
Dening TJ, Joyce P, Webber JL, Beattie DA, Prestidge CA
680 - 688 Root-soil structure inspired hydrogel microspheres with high dimensional stability and anion-exchange capacity
Ji HF, Song X, He C, Tang CQ, Xiong L, Zhao WF, Zhao CS
689 - 699 Measuring interactions between yeast cells and a micro-sized air bubble via atomic force microscopy
Ditscherlein L, Gulden SJ, Muller S, Baumann RP, Peuker UA, Nirschl H
700 - 710 Cu(II)-Schiff base covalently anchored to MIL-125(Ti)-NH2 as heterogeneous catalyst for oxidation reactions
Daliran S, Santiago-Portillo A, Navalon S, Oveisi AR, Alvaro M, Ghorbani-Vaghei R, Azarifar D, Garcia H
711 - 717 Impact of hydrophobic micron ellipsoids on liquid surfaces
Ji BQ, Song Q, Yao Q
718 - 726 Formation of aluminum diphosphonate mesostructures: The effect of aluminum source
Lin XZ, Xu J, Deng F, Yuan ZY
727 - 737 Enhanced reactive oxygen species activation for building carbon quantum dots modified Bi5O7I nanorod composites and optimized visible-light-response photocatalytic performance
Chen R, Chen ZG, Ji MX, Chen HX, Liu YL, Xia JX, Li HM
738 - 745 Tuning density of Si nanoparticles on graphene sheets in graphene-Si aerogels for stable lithium ion batteries
Hu XZ, Jin Y, Zhu B, Liu Z, Xu DF, Guan YD, Sun MY, Liu FL
746 - 757 Effective osmotic cohesion due to the solvent molecules in a delocalized adsorbed monolayer
Slavchov RI, Ivanov IB
758 - 766 A novel visible-light responsive photocatalytic fuel cell with a heterostructured BiVO4/WO3 photoanode and a Pt/C air-breathing cathode
Xie S, Ouyang K, Ye XY
767 - 773 A one-step ultrasonic irradiation assisted strategy for the preparation of polymer-functionalized carbon quantum dots and their biological imaging
Huang HY, Cui Y, Liu MY, Chen JY, Wan Q, Wen YQ, Deng FJ, Zhou NG, Zhang XY, Wei Y
774 - 781 Synthesis of polyoxometalates derived bifunctional catalyst towards efficient overall water splitting in neutral and alkaline medium
Wang M, Dipazir S, Lu PL, Wang Y, Yuan ML, Li SW, Zhang GJ
782 - 789 Role of oligo(malic acid) on the formation of unilamellar vesicles
Bota A, Wacha A, Varga Z, Szigyarto IC, Kristyan S, Lorincz A, Szabo P, Kalman M, Naszalyi-Nagy L, Mihaly J
790 - 797 A carbon nanotube-embedded conjugated polymer mesh with controlled oil absorption and surface regeneration via in situ wettability switch
Xu J, Fu SC, Xu W, Yang EH
798 - 807 Preparation of TiO2/C3N4 heterojunctions on carbon-fiber cloth as efficient filter-membrane-shaped photocatalyst for removing various pollutants from the flowing wastewater
Shen XF, Song LL, Luo L, Zhang Y, Zhu B, Liu JS, Chen ZG, Zhang LS
808 - 818 Role of interparticle interactions on microstructural and rheological properties of cellulose nanocrystal stabilized emulsions
Pandey A, Derakhshandeh M, Kedzior SA, Pilapil B, Shomrat N, Segal-Peretz T, Bryant SL, Trifkovic M
819 - 829 Adhesion properties of regenerated lignocellulosic fibres towards poly (lactic acid) microspheres assessed by colloidal probe technique
Colson J, Pettersson T, Asaadi S, Sixta H, Nypelo T, Mautner A, Konnerth J