Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.531 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Bioinspired synthesis of multiple-functional nanocomposite platform showing optically and thermally responsive affinity: Application to environmentally responsive separation membrane
Wu YL, Chen L, Hao TF, Lu J, Gao J, Lin XY, Cui JY, Li CX, Yan YS
11 - 17 Cyclodextrin-functionalized Ag/AgCl foam with enhanced photocatalytic performance for water purification
Zhu HG, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
18 - 27 Membrane-lytic actions of sulphonated methyl ester surfactants and implications to bactericidal effect and cytotoxicity
Pan F, Li ZY, Gong HN, Petkov JT, Lu JR
28 - 36 Synthesis of a g-C3N4-Cu2O heterojunction with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity by PEG
Li DY, Zuo SY, Xu HM, Zan J, Sun L, Han DH, Liao W, Zhang BY, Xia DS
37 - 46 A novel 3D yttrium based-graphene oxide-sodium alginate hydrogel for remarkable adsorption of fluoride from water
He JS, Cui AA, Ni F, Deng SH, Shen F, Yang G
47 - 55 Amorphous carbon layer: An effective assistant for realizing near-infrared-activated photocatalysis
Zhang YY, Wang LL, Ma XM, Yang ML, Jiang HY, Li L, Yuan CC, Shi JS
56 - 63 Thermodynamic modeling of the essential physicochemical interactions between the pore solution and the cement hydrates in chloride-contaminated cement-based materials
Guo BB, Hong Y, Qiao GF, Ou JP, Li ZH
64 - 73 Core-shell structured ZnCo2O4@ZnWO4 nanowire arrays on nickel foam for advanced asymmetric supercapacitors
Xie L, Liu Y, Bai HY, Li CX, Mao BD, Sun L, Shi WD
74 - 82 Gas sensor based on samarium oxide loaded mulberry-shaped tin oxide for highly selective and sub ppm-level acetone detection
Zhang YQ, Zhou LS, Liu YY, Liu DY, Liu FM, Liu FM, Yan X, Liang XS, Gao Y, Lu GY
83 - 90 Dandelion-like nickel/cobalt metal-organic framework based electrode materials for high performance supercapacitors
Gao SW, Sui YW, Wei FX, Qi JQ, Meng QK, Ren YJ, He YZ
91 - 97 Improvement of catalytic activity over Mn-modified CeZrO, catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Sun WB, Li XY, Mu JC, Fan SY, Yin ZF, Wang XY, Qin MC, Tade M, Liu SM
98 - 108 Structure of surfactant and phospholipid monolayers at the air/water interface modeled from neutron reflectivity data
Campbell RA, Saaka Y, Shao YN, Gerelli Y, Cubitt R, Nazaruk E, Matyszewska D, Lawrence MJ
109 - 118 Environmentally friendly synthesis and formation mechanism of copper nanowires with controlled aspect ratios from aqueous solution with ascorbic acid
Yokoyama S, Motomiya K, Jeyadevan B, Tohji K
119 - 125 Uniform Pt quantum dots-decorated porous g-C3N4 nanosheets for efficient separation of electron-hole and enhanced solar-driven photocatalytic performance
Sun FF, Tan SY, Zhang H, Xing ZP, Yang RO, Mei BB, Jiang Z
126 - 137 Polymeric electrospun scaffolds for bone morphogenetic protein 2 delivery in bone tissue engineering
Aragon J, Salerno S, De Bartolo L, Irusta S, Mendoza G
138 - 147 Towards enhanced tribological performance as water-based lubricant additive: Selective fluorination of graphene oxide at mild temperature
Fan K, Liu J, Wang X, Liu Y, Lai WC, Gao SS, Qin JQ, Liu XY
148 - 159 Co/Fe-bimetallic organic framework-derived carbon-incorporated cobalt-ferric mixed metal phosphide as a highly efficient photocatalyst under visible light
Hu B, Yuan JY, Tian JY, Wang MH, Wang X, He LH, Zhang ZH, Wang ZW, Liu CS
160 - 167 Photocontrolled self-assembly of silica nanoparticles at two scales
Peng C, Zeng TQ, Yu Y, Li L, Wu RX
168 - 180 Preparation of positively charged composite nanofiltration membranes by quaternization crosslinking for precise molecular and ionic separations
Fang CJ, Sun J, Zhang B, Sun YC, Zhu LP, Matsuyama H
181 - 188 Visible and near-infrared luminescent properties of Pr3+ doped strontium molybdate thin films by a facile polymer-assisted deposition process
Chun FJ, Li W, Zhang BB, Deng W, Chu X, Su H, Osman HN, Zhang HT, Zhao XY, Yang WQ
189 - 193 A reverse degradation vs. temperature relationship for a carbonate-containing gemini surfactant
Chauhan V, Holmberg K, Bordes R
194 - 203 Synthesis of various gold hierarchical architectures assisted by functionalized ionic liquids in aqueous solutions and their efficient SERS responses
Sun NN, Yao KS, Wang C, Zhao CC, Lu WW, Zhao S, Wang HY, Wang JJ
204 - 215 Support structure and reduction treatment effects on CO oxidation of SiO2 nanospheres and CeO2 nanorods supported ruthenium catalysts
Li JH, Liu ZQ, Wang RG
216 - 224 Hierarchical WO3@MnWO4 core-shell structure for asymmetric supercapacitor with ultrahigh cycling performance at low temperature
Yao SY, Xing L, Dong YD, Wu X
225 - 232 Microrheology of novel cellulose stabilized oil-in-water emulsions
Medronho B, Filipe A, Costa C, Romano A, Lindman B, Edlund H, Norgren M
233 - 244 Barium titanate perovskite nanoparticles as a photoreactive medium for chemical warfare agent detoxification
Giannakoudakis DA, Pearsall F, Florent M, Lombardi J, O'Brien S, Bandosz TJ
245 - 252 Cell shape affects nanoparticle uptake and toxicity: An overlooked factor at the nanobio interfaces
Farvadi F, Ghahremani MH, Hashemi F, Hormozi-Nezhad MR, Raoufi M, Zanganeh S, Atyabi F, Dinarvand R, Mahmoudi M
253 - 260 Trypsin decorated self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS): Key to enhanced mucus permeation
Shahzadi I, Dizdarevic A, Efiana NA, Matuszczak B, Bernkop-Schnurch A
261 - 268 S-protected thiolated cyclodextrins as mucoadhesive oligomers for drug delivery
Asim MH, Moghadam A, Ijaz M, Mahmood A, Gotz RX, Matuszczak B, Bernkop-Schnurch A
269 - 281 Imidazole-molecule-capped chitosan-gold nanocomposites with enhanced antimicrobial activity for treating biofilm-related infections
Lu BT, Lu F, Ran LX, Yu K, Xiao Y, Li ZQ, Dai FY, Wu DY, Lan GQ
282 - 290 Impacts of morphology on fouling propensity in a membrane bioreactor based on thermodynamic analyses
Cai X, Yu GY, Hong HC, He YM, Shen LG, Lin HJ
291 - 299 Surfactant-free synthesis of hollow mesoporous carbon spheres and their encapsulated Au derivatives using biopolymeric chitosan
Yang Y, Yang F, Zeng DH, Huang ZL, Zhang JP, Hao SJ, Kong XG, Zhang ZB, Liu BJ
300 - 310 Bioinspired one-step construction of hierarchical superhydrophobic surfaces for oil/water separation
Wang N, Wang YB, Shang B, Wen PH, Peng B, Deng ZW
311 - 319 Time-dependent synthesis of BiO2-x/Bi composites with efficient visible-light induced photocatalytic activity
Ma HM, Zhao Y, Souvanhthong B, Zhao JZ
320 - 330 Cobalt oxide nanorods with special pore structure for enhanced ethanol sensing performance
Han DM, Ji Y, Gu FB, Wang ZH
331 - 342 Mesoporous ferriferrous oxide nanoreactors modified on graphitic carbon nitride towards improvement of physical, photoelectrochemical properties and photocatalytic performance
Li CM, Yu SY, Dong HJ, Wang Y, Wu HJ, Zhang XX, Chen G, Liu CB
343 - 351 Fabrication of polyethyleneimine modified cobalt ferrite as a new magnetic sorbent for the micro-solid phase extraction of tartrazine from food and water samples
Noormohamadi HR, Fat'hi MR, Ghaedi M
352 - 359 Transport and trapping of nanosheets via hydrodynamic forces and curvature-induced capillary quadrupolar interactions
Lee TJ, Lewallen CF, Bumbarger DJ, Yunker PJ, Reid RC, Forest CR
360 - 368 Scalable synthesis of two-dimensional porous sheets of Ni-glycine coordination complexes: A novel high-performance energy storage material
Li J, Pu T, Huang BA, Hou XH, Zhao CL, Xie L, Chen LY
369 - 381 High-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on hierarchical nanocomposites of polyaniline nanoarrays on graphene oxide and its derived N-doped carbon nanoarrays grown on graphene sheets
Tabrizi AG, Arsalani N, Mohammadi A, Ghadimi LS, Ahadzadeh I
382 - 393 3D hierarchical porous V3O7 center dot H2O nanobelts/CNT/reduced graphene oxide integrated composite with synergistic effect for supercapacitors with high capacitance and long cycling life
Hu T, Liu YY, Zhang YF, Chen M, Zheng JQ, Tang J, Meng CG
394 - 403 4-Vinylpyridine-modified post-cross-linked resins and their adsorption of phenol and Rhodamine B
Wang XM, Zhang T, Wang XY, Huang JH
404 - 409 Solvent free nanoscale ionic materials based on Fe3O4 nanoparticles modified with mussel inspired ligands
Li DD, Wu JJ, Xu X, Wang XW, Yang SJ, Tang ZQ, Shen H, Liu XF, Zhao N, Xu J
410 - 420 Cobalt and Titanium nanoparticles influence on human osteoblast mitochondrial activity and biophysical properties of their cytoskeleton
Perni S, Yang LR, Preedy EC, Prokopovich P
421 - 432 Pd immobilized on dendrimer decorated halloysite clay: Computational and experimental study on the effect of dendrimer generation, Pd valance and incorporation of terminal functionality on the catalytic activity
Bahri-Laleh N, Sadjadi S, Poater A
433 - 443 Stable, metal-free, visible-light-driven photocatalyst for efficient removal of pollutants: Mechanism of action
Shi YH, Huang JH, Zeng GM, Cheng WJ, Yu HB, Gu YL, Shi LX, Yi KX
444 - 450 Monodisperse, colloidal and luminescent calcium fluoride nanoparticles via a citrate-assisted hydrothermal route
Tan JJ, Jin XY
451 - 462 Aggregation behaviour of triphenylphosphonium bolaamphiphiles
Ceccacci F, Sennato S, Rossi E, Proroga R, Sarti S, Diociaiuti M, Casciardi S, Mussi V, Ciogli A, Bordi F, Mancini G, Bombelli C
463 - 472 A nanocrystalline oxygen-deficient bismuth oxide as an efficient adsorbent for effective visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance toward organic pollutant degradation
Lv Y, Xu ZL, Nakane K, Kobayashi H
473 - 482 Nitrogen-doped carbon dots modified dibismuth tetraoxide microrods: A direct Z-scheme photocatalyst with excellent visible-light photocatalytic performance
Yue XY, Miao XL, Ji ZY, Shen XP, Zhou H, Kong LR, Zhu GX, Li XY, Shah SA
483 - 492 Influence of salt valence on the rectification behavior of nanochannels
Hsu JP, Chen YM, Yang ST, Lin CY, Tseng S
493 - 501 A novel strategy to develop antifouling and antibacterial conductive Cu/polydopamine/polyvinylidene fluoride membranes for water treatment
Li RJ, Wu YT, Shen LG, Chen JR, Lin HJ
502 - 512 Novel magnetically retrievable Bi2WO6/magnetic carbon nano-onions composite with enhanced photoactivity under visible light
Zhang WK, Wang JW, Yang YQ, Liang Y, Gao ZY
513 - 522 Free-standing carbon nanofiber fabrics for high performance flexible supercapacitor
Ma C, Ruan SJ, Wang JT, Long DH, Qiao WM, Ling LC
523 - 532 Adsorption of surfactant from non-polar liquid into porous material characterized using conductivity measurement
Dukhin A, Parlia S
533 - 543 Fabrication of Si and Ge nanoarrays through graphoepitaxial directed hardmask block copolymer self-assembly
Gangnaik AS, Ghoshal T, Georgiev YM, Morris MA, Holmes JD
544 - 554 Preparation and characterization of melamine-formaldehyde/Ag composite microspheres with surface-enhanced Raman scattering and antibacterial activities
Wen PH, Wang YD, Wang N, Zhang SW, Peng B, Deng ZW
555 - 563 Silica nanowires with tunable hydrophobicity for lipase immobilization and biocatalytic membrane assembly
Jin QR, Li XH, Deng C, Zhang Q, Yi DL, Wang XD, Tang Y, Wang YJ
564 - 569 Mesoporous tin oxide for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction
Ge HT, Gu ZX, Han P, Shen HC, Al-Enizi AM, Zhang LJ, Zheng GF
570 - 577 Titania, zirconia and hafnia supported ruthenium(0) nanoparticles: Highly active hydrogen evolution catalysts
Demir E, Akbayrak S, Onal AM, Ozkar S
578 - 584 Melamine-assisted solvothermal synthesis of PtNi nanodentrites as highly efficient and durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Huang XY, Wang AJ, Zhang L, Fang KM, Wu LJ, Feng JJ
585 - 592 Dual stimuli-responsive polysulfone membranes with interconnected networks by a vapor-liquid induced phase separation strategy
Zhu LJ, Song HM, Wang G, Zeng ZX, Xue QJ
593 - 601 Facile synthesis of a graphene/nickel-cobalt hydroxide ternary hydrogel for high-performance supercapacitors
Shang YY, Zhang J, Xu L, Liu HZ, Zhou B, Tang YW, Zhu LH, Jiang XN, Jiang XQ
602 - 608 An efficient solvent additive for the preparation of anion-cation-mixed hybrid and the high performance perovskite solar cells
Yang YQ, Wu JH, Wu TY, Xu Z, Liu XP, Guo QY, He X
609 - 617 Preparation of large-scale and angle-independent structural colors by additive of black polypyrrole
Cui Y, Wang F, Zhu JF, Wu WL, Qin Y, Zhang X
618 - 627 Phosphorus-doped cerium vanadate nanorods with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Liu ZD, Sun K, Wei MZ, Ma Z
628 - 641 Alkyd resin based hydrophilic self-cleaning surface with self-refreshing behaviour as single step durable coating
Hikku GS, Jeyasubramanian K, Jacobjose J, Thiruramanathan P, Veluswamy P, Ikeda H
642 - 653 Ni modified Pd nanoparticles immobilized on hollow nitrogen doped carbon spheres for the simehydrogenation of phenylacetylene
Wu W, Zhang W, Long Y, Qin JH, Wen H, Ma JT
654 - 663 Chiral separation of (+/-)-methamphetamine racemate using molecularly imprinted sulfonic acid functionalized resin
Alatawi RAS, Monier M, Elsayed NH
664 - 671 Surface defect-mediated efficient electron-hole separation in hierarchical flower-like bismuth molybdate hollow spheres for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Li HZ, Sun BJ, Xu YC, Qiao PZ, Wu JX, Pan K, Tian GH, Wang L, Zhou W
672 - 680 Controlled formation of vesicles with added styrene and their fixation by polymerization
Yalcinkaya H, Bressel K, Lindner P, Gradzielski M
681 - 692 Effect of pH and Mg2+ on Amorphous Magnesium-Calcium Phosphate (AMCP) stability
Gelli R, Scudero M, Gigli L, Severi M, Bonini M, Ridi F, Baglioni P
693 - 704 Impact of polyacrylamide adsorption on flow through porous siliceous materials: State of the art, discussion and industrial concern
Bessaies-Bey H, Fusier J, Harrisson S, Destarac M, Jouenne S, Passade-Boupat N, Lequeux F, de Lacaillerie JBD, Sanson N
705 - 715 Cellulose nanowhiskers decorated with silver nanoparticles as an additive to antibacterial polymers membranes fabricated by electrospinning
Spagnol C, Fragal EH, Pereira AGB, Nakamura CV, Muniz EC, Follmann HDM, Silva R, Rubira AF