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1 - 8 NiO/Ni/TiO2 nanocables with Schottky/p-n heterojunctions and the improved photocatalytic performance in water splitting under visible light
Ren XC, Gao P, Kong XL, Jiang R, Yang PP, Chen YJ, Chi QQ, Li BX
9 - 15 Biodegradable nanocomposite of glycerol citrate polyester and ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires with improved mechanical properties and low acidity
Shen YQ, Zhu YJ, Yu HP, Lu BQ
16 - 28 Insight in to the degradation of bisphenol A by doped ZnO@ZnHCF nanocubes: High photocatalytic performance
Rani M, Shanker U
29 - 36 Fabrication of three-dimensional composite textile electrodes by metal-organic framework, zinc oxide, graphene and polyaniline for all-solid-state supercapacitors
Liu YN, Jin LN, Wang HT, Kang XH, Bian SW
37 - 45 Novel electrochemical synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene-beta-cyclodextrin composite for trace-level detection of antibiotic drug metronidazole
Velusamy V, Palanisamy S, Kokulnathan T, Chen SW, Yang TCK, Banks CE, Pramanik SK
46 - 51 Crumpled graphene balls as rapid and efficient adsorbents for removal of copper ions
Chen DQ, Liu X, Nie HL
52 - 57 Synthesis of Eu2+/Eu3+ Co-Doped Gallium oxide nanocrystals as a full colour converter for white light emitting diodes
Yu C, Cao M, Yan D, Lou S, Xia C, Xuan T, Xie RJ, Li H
58 - 66 Facile construction of ultrafine nickel-zinc oxyphosphide nanosheets as high-performance electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Xu H, Song PP, Liu CF, Zhang YP, Du YK
67 - 77 Vesicle formation by cholesterol based hydrazone tethered amphiphiles: Stimuli responsive dissipation of self-assembly
Sarkar D, Choudhury P, Dinda S, Das PK
78 - 87 Flame retardant and visible light-activated Fe-doped TiO2 thin films anchored to wood surfaces for the photocatalytic degradation of gaseous formaldehyde
Li JP, Ren DJ, Wu ZX, Xu J, Bao YJ, He S, Chen YH
88 - 97 Morphology control of shell-crosslinked polymer particles prepared by photo-induced shell-selective crosslinking approach via dispersed state control
Kitayama Y, Takeuchi T
98 - 112 Electrocatalytic enhancement of platinum and palladium metal on polydopamine reduced graphene oxide support for alcohol oxidation
Themsirimongkon S, Ounnunkad K, Saipanya S
113 - 119 Robust carbon nanotube foam for efficient electromagnetic interference shielding and microwave absorption
Li MZ, Jia LC, Zhang XP, Yan DX, Zhang QC, Li ZM
120 - 126 Glutathione-protected gold nanocluster decorated cadmium sulfide with enhanced photostability and photocatalytic activity
Ling S, Cui XF, Zhang XN, Liu B, He CD, Wang JW, Qin W, Zhang YG, Gao YC, Bai GL
127 - 136 Morphology-dependent electrochemical performance of Ni-1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylate metal-organic frameworks as an anode material for Li-ion batteries
Gan QM, He HN, Zhao KM, He Z, Liu SQ
137 - 145 In-situ wrapping of tin oxide nanoparticles by bacterial cellulose derived carbon nanofibers and its application as freestanding interlayer in lithium sulfide based lithium-sulfur batteries
Celik KB, Cengiz EC, Sar T, Dursun B, Ozturk O, Akbas MY, Demir-Cakan R
146 - 153 Phosphorus-doped cobalt-iron oxyhydroxide with untrafine nanosheet structure enable efficient oxygen evolution electrocatalysis
Xu H, Wei JJ, Liu CF, Zhang YP, Tian L, Wang CQ, Du YK
154 - 162 Investigation of the adsorption mechanisms of Pb(II) and 1-naphthol by beta-cyclodextrin modified graphene oxide nanosheets from aqueous solution
Zheng HL, Gao Y, Zhu KR, Wang Q, Wakeel M, Wahid A, Alharbi NS, Chen CL
163 - 170 Mechanical, thermal and fire performance of an inorganic-organic insulation material composed of hollow glass microspheres and phenolic resin
Yang HY, Jiang YP, Liu HY, Xie DB, Wan CJ, Pan HF, Jiang SH
171 - 178 Facile synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles decorated flower-like bismuth molybdate for enhanced photocatalytic activity toward organic pollutant degradation
Li SJ, Hu SW, Jiang W, Liu Y, Zhou YT, Liu JS, Wang ZH
179 - 188 Free-standing graphene/NiMoS paper as cathode for quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cells
Karthick R, Arulraj A, Ramesh M, Selvaraj M
189 - 195 Synthesis of defect-rich palladium-tin alloy nanochain networks for formic acid oxidation
Gong YY, Liu XH, Gong YY, Wu DB, Xu BH, Bi L, Zhang LY, Zhao XS
196 - 201 Dicyandiamide and iron-tannin framework derived nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets with encapsulated iron carbide nanoparticles as advanced pH-universal oxygen reduction catalysts
Wang HT, Wang W, Zaman S, Yu Y, Wu ZX, Liu HF, Xia BY
202 - 211 Electrochemical determination of purine and pyrimidine bases using copper doped cerium oxide nanoparticles
Lavanya N, Claude JN, Sekar C
212 - 222 Synthesis of graphene/thorns-like polyaniline/alpha-Fe2O3@SiO2 nanocomposites for lightweight and highly efficient electromagnetic wave absorber
Zhang N, Huang Y, Wang MY
223 - 232 Effect of electrowetting induced capillary oscillations on coalescence of compound droplets
Bansal S, Sen P
233 - 242 Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs)-derived NixCo3-xO4/CNTs nanocomposites with enhanced electrochemical performance for supercapacitor
Xue B, Li KZ, Gu SY, Lu JH
243 - 255 Physicochemical properties of cationic nanoemulsions and liposomes obtained by microfluidization complexed with a single plasmid or along with an oligonucleotide: Implications for CRISPR/Cas technology
Schuh RS, Poletto E, Fachel FNS, Matte U, Baldo G, Teixeira HF
256 - 263 Strong coupling effect at the interface of cobalt phosphate-carbon dots boost photocatalytic water splitting
Zhu MM, Han MM, Zhu C, Hu LL, Huang H, Liu Y, Kang ZH
264 - 273 In-situ developed carbon spheres function as promising support for enhanced activity of cobalt oxide in oxygen evolution reaction
Basu M
274 - 281 Bioinspired superhydrophilic-hydrophobic integrated surface with conical pattern-shape for self-driven fog collection
Chen DL, Li J, Zhao JY, Guo J, Zhang SB, Sherazi TA, Ambreen, Li SH
282 - 291 Combining active phase and support optimization in MnO2-Au nanoflowers: Enabling high activities towards green oxidations
da Silva AGM, Rodrigues TS, Candido EG, de Freitas IC, da Silva AHM, Fajardo HV, Balzer R, Gomes JF, Assaf JM, de Oliveira DC, Oger N, Paul S, Wojcieszak R, Camargo PHC
292 - 301 Preparation of alpha-CaSO4 center dot 1/2H(2)O with tunable morphology from flue gas desulphurization gypsum using malic acid as modifier: A theoretical and experimental study
Guan QJ, Hu YH, Tang HH, Sun W, Gao ZY
302 - 311 Bifunctional supported ionic liquid-based smart films for dyes adsorption and photodegradation
Dang M, Deng QL, Fang GZ, Zhang DD, Li HJ, Liu JM, Wang S
312 - 320 Ordered high aspect ratio nanopillar formation based on electrical and thermal reflowing of prepatterned thin films
Nazaripoor H, Koch CR, Sadrzadeh M
321 - 327 Carbon-nanotube-based rhodium nanoparticles as highly-active catalyst for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of dimethylamineborane at room temperature
Gunbatar S, Aygun A, Karatas Y, Gulcan M, Sen F
328 - 337 Quantitative assessment of paraoxon adsorption to amphiphilic beta-sheet peptides presenting the catalytic triad of esterases
Leshem AB, Isaacs S, Srivastava SK, Abdulhalim I, Kushmaro A, Rapaport H
338 - 344 Hierarchical porous carbon prepared from biomass through a facile method for supercapacitor applications
Zhang WL, Xu JH, Hou DX, Yin J, Liu DB, He YP, Lin HB
345 - 352 Immobilization of ultrafine Ag nanoparticles on well-designed hierarchically porous silica for high-performance catalysis
Li XW, Zhao L, Shao CL, Li XH, Sun W, Liu YC
353 - 360 Microstructured prealloyed Titanium-Nickel powder as a novel nonenzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor
Kazici HC, Caglar A, Aydogmus T, Aktas N, Kivrak H
361 - 371 Flower-like Bi2S3 nanostructures grown on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical determination of hydrogen peroxide
Kumar DR, Kesavan S, Baynosa ML, Nguyen VQ, Shim JJ
372 - 382 Facile synthesis of flexible mesoporous aerogel with superhydrophobicity for efficient removal of layered and emulsified oil from water
Wang JT, Wang HF
383 - 393 Deposition of sticky spheres in channel flow: Modeling of surface coverage evolution requires accurate sphere-sphere collision hydrodynamics
Lee YK, Porter C, Diamond SL, Crocker JC, Sinno T
394 - 402 Facile solvothermal fabrication of polypyrrole sheets supported dendritic platinum-cobalt nanoclusters for highly efficient oxygen reduction and ethylene glycol oxidation
Chen XL, Zhang L, Feng JJ, Wang WP, Yuan PX, Han DM, Wang AJ
403 - 411 Controlled charge-dynamics in cobalt-doped TiO2 nanowire photoanodes for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Liu CH, Wang F, Zhu SS, Xu Y, Liang Q, Chen ZD
412 - 423 Facile co-precursor sol-gel synthesis of a novel amine-modified silica aerogel for high efficiency carbon dioxide capture
Shao ZD, Cheng X, Zheng YM
424 - 432 Silver iodide nanowires grown within tubular J-aggregates
Steeg E, Kirmse H, Rabe JP, Kirstein S
433 - 443 Three-dimensional cellulose based silver-functionalized ZnO nanocomposite with controlled geometry: Synthesis, characterization and properties
Fu FY, Gu JY, Zhang RH, Xu XY, Yu XD, Liu L, Liu XD, Zhou JP, Yao JM
444 - 458 Colloidal characteristics and functionality of rationally designed esculin-loaded hydrogel microcapsules
Tsirigotis-Maniecka M, Szyk-Warszynska L, Michna A, Warszynski P, Wilk KA
459 - 464 Rhodium(0) nanoparticles supported on ceria as catalysts in hydrogenation of neat benzene at room temperature
Akbayrak S
465 - 472 Three-dimensional poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/silica colloidal crystal microparticles for sustained drug release and visualized monitoring
Guo R, Sun XT, Zhang Y, Wang DN, Yang CG, Xu ZR
473 - 480 Calcium molybdate nanoparticles formation in egg phosphatidyl choline based liposome caused by liposome fusion
Yamasaki S, Kurita S, Ochiai A, Hashimoto M, Sueki K, Utsunomiya S
481 - 492 Modified stannous sulfide nanoparticles with metal-organic framework: Toward efficient and enhanced photocatalytic reduction of chromium (VI) under visible light
Xia Q, Huang BB, Yuan XZ, Wang H, Wu ZB, Jiang LB, Xiong T, Zhang J, Zeng GM, Wang H
493 - 504 Insight on the plasmonic Z-scheme mechanism underlying the highly efficient photocatalytic activity of silver molybdate/silver vanadate composite in rhodamine B degradation
Xie YC, Dai YZ, Yuan XZ, Jiang LB, Zhou LL, Wu ZB, Zhang J, Wang H, Xiong T
505 - 510 Enhancement of the particle stabilization of water-in-water emulsions by modulating the phase preference of the particles
Gonzalez-Jordan A, Nicolai T, Benyahia L
511 - 520 A graphene oxide-based switch-on fluorescent probe for glutathione detection and cancer diagnosis
Guo YX, Zhang XD, Wu FG
521 - 531 Interfacial self-assembly of functional bilayer templates comprising porphyrin arrays and graphene oxide
Ermakova EV, Ezhov AA, Baranchikov AE, Gorbunova YG, Kalinina MA, Arslanov VV
532 - 537 Investigation of sedimentation process of soluble spherical particles in a non-Newtonian medium
Dogonchi AS, Seyyedi SM, Hashemi-Tilehnoee M, Ganji DD
538 - 546 Polyethyleneimine-functionalized Luffa cylindrica for efficient uranium extraction
Su SZ, Liu Q, Liu JY, Zhang HS, Li RM, Jing XY, Wang J
547 - 555 Facile assembling of novel polypyrrole nanocomposites theranostic agent for magnetic resonance and computed tomography imaging guided efficient photothermal ablation of tumors
Yan DW, Liu XJ, Deng GY, Yuan HK, Wang QG, Zhang LJ, Lu J
556 - 566 Hierarchically porous cobalt-carbon nanosphere-in-microsphere composites with tunable properties for catalytic pollutant degradation and electrochemical energy storage
Liu Y, Wang C, Veder JP, Saunders M, Tade M, Wang SB, Shao ZP
567 - 578 Facile synthesis of bimetallic (In,Ga)(2)(O,S)(3) oxy-sulfide nanoflower and its enhanced photocatalytic activity for reduction of Cr(VI)
Zeleke MA, Kuo DH, Ahmed KE, Gultom NS
579 - 585 Coralloidal carbon-encapsulated CoP nanoparticles generated on biomass carbon as a high-rate and stable electrode material for lithium-ion batteries
Jiang JT, Zhu K, Fang YZ, Wang HZ, Ye K, Yan J, Wang GL, Cheng K, Zhou LM, Cao DX
586 - 594 Numerical investigation of oblique impact of multiple drops on thin liquid film
Guo YS, Lian YS
595 - 602 Confining nano-sized platinum in nitrogen doped ordered mesoporous carbon: An effective approach toward efficient and robust hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Yin YQ, Liu TT, Liu D, Wang Z, Deng QB, Qu DY, Xie ZZ, Tang HL, Li JS
603 - 609 Anomalous variations in the viscous activation energy of suspensions induced by fractal structuring
Timmons J, Falzone G, Balonis M, Bauchy M, Sant G
610 - 623 Doped ZnO nanoparticles impregnated on Kaolinite (Clay): A reusable nanocomposite for photocatalytic disinfection of multidrug resistant Enterobacter sp under visible light
Misra AJ, Das S, Rahman APH, Das B, Jayabalan R, Behera SK, Suar M, Tamhankar AJ, Mishra A, Lundborg CS, Tripathy SK
624 - 630 Anthracene-decorated TiO2 thin films with the enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Zhang LL, Chen P, Wang JL, Li HF, Sun WB, Yan PF
631 - 641 Protein adsorption mechanisms at rough surfaces: Serum albumin at a gold substrate
Adamczyk Z, Pomorska A, Nattich-Rak M, Wytrwal-Sarna M, Bernasik A
642 - 657 Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets anchored with BiOBr and carbon dots: Exceptional visible-light-driven photocatalytic performances for oxidation and reduction reactions
Asadzadeh-Khaneghah S, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Nakata K
658 - 666 An innovative yttrium nanoparticles/PVA modified PSF membrane aiming at decontamination of arsenate
Yu Y, Yu L, Wang CH, Chen JP
667 - 674 A method for quantifying in plane permeability of porous thin films
Rong GG, Palko JW, Oyarzun DI, Zhang C, Hammerle J, Asheghi M, Goodson KE, Santiago JG
675 - 685 Periodic energy conversion in an electric-double-layer capacitor
Atlas I, Ramon GZ
686 - 694 Surface and bulk properties of surfactants used in fire-fighting
Hill C, Czajka A, Hazell G, Grillo I, Rogers SE, Skoda MWA, Joslin N, Payne J, Eastoe J
695 - 703 Electret nanofibrous membrane with enhanced filtration performance and wearing comfortability for face mask
Wang N, Cai M, Yang X, Yang YY
704 - 713 Superior adsorption of phosphate by ferrihydrite-coated and lanthanum decorated magnetite
Fu HY, Yang YX, Zhu RL, Liu J, Usman M, Chen QZ, He HP
714 - 724 Low-temperature construction of MoS2 quantum dots/ZnO spheres and their photocatalytic activity under natural sunlight
Mei W, Chen CS, Chen XA, Liu XY, Yang Z, Ding F, Chao ZS, Liu TG