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1 - 10 Molybdenum diselenide nanosheet/carbon nanofiber heterojunctions: Controllable fabrication and enhanced photocatalytic properties with a broad-spectrum response from visible to infrared light
Yang S, Shao CL, Li XH, Zhou XJ, Li XW, Zhang J, Tao R, Liu YC
11 - 20 Enhanced photoluminescence properties of a carbon dot system through surface interaction with polymeric nanoparticles
Momper R, Steinbrecher J, Dorn M, Rorich I, Bretschneider S, Tonigold M, Ramanan C, Ritz S, Mailander V, Landfester K, Bannwarth MB
21 - 26 Hole transport layer based on conjugated polyelectrolytes for polymer solar cells
Moon S, Khadtare S, Wong M, Han SH, Bazan GC, Choi H
27 - 33 Synthesis of spherical and cubic magnetic iron oxide nanocrystals at low temperature in air
Park B, Kim BH, Yu T
34 - 40 Fabrication of nano copper oxide evenly patched on cubic sodium tantalate for oriented photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide
Xiang TY, Xin F, Zhao C, Lou S, Qu WX, Wang Y, Song YX, Zhang SF, Yin XH
41 - 47 Controlling pore size of activated carbon through self-activation process for removing contaminants of different molecular sizes
Wu YJ, Xia CL, Cai LP, Shi SQ
48 - 56 Evaluation of nonionic surfactant modified montmorillonite as mycotoxins adsorbent for aflatoxin B-1 and zearalenone
Wang GF, Lian C, Xi YF, Sun ZM, Zheng SL
57 - 68 Fabrication of hierarchical porous nickel based metal-organic framework (Ni-MOF) constructed with nanosheets as novel pseudo-capacitive material for asymmetric supercapacitor
Du PC, Dong YN, Liu C, Wei WL, Liu D, Liu P
69 - 75 A Comparison of graphene hydrogels modified with single-walled/multi-walled carbon nanotubes as electrode materials for capacitive deionization
Cao JL, Wang Y, Chen CY, Yu F, Ma J
76 - 83 Enhanced demulsification from aqueous media by using magnetic chitosan-based flocculant
Lu T, Zhang S, Qi DM, Zhang D, Zhao HT
84 - 91 Sulfuric acid etching for fabrication of porous MnO2 for high-performance supercapacitor
Zhang GN, Ren LJ, Hu DW, Gu HX, Zhang S
92 - 101 Reversible modulation of the redox activity in conducting polymer nanofilms induced by hydrophobic collapse of a surface-grafted polyelectrolyte
Fenoy GE, Giussi JM, von Bilderling C, Maza EM, Pietrasanta LI, Knoll W, Marmisolle WA, Azzaroni O
102 - 110 Insights into the interface effect in Pt@BiOI/ZnO ternary hybrid composite for efficient photodegradation of phenol and photogenerated charge transfer properties
Jiang JJ, Zhao P, Shi LQ, Yue XZ, Qiu QQ, Xie TF, Wang DJ, Lin YH, Mu Z
111 - 121 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals decorated with gemini surfactants and interaction of proteins with gemini surfactants at fluid interfaces
Tian TT, Kang Q, Wang T, Xiao JH, Yu L
122 - 129 Preparation of PLGA/Rose Bengal colloidal particles by double emulsion and layer-by-layer for breast cancer treatment
Loya-Castro MF, Sanchez-Mejia M, Sanchez-Ramirez DR, Dominguez-Rios R, Escareno N, Oceguera-Basurto PE, Figueroa-Ochoa EB, Quintero A, del Toro-Arreola A, Topete A, Daneri-Navarro A
130 - 139 Free-standing red phosphorous/silver sponge monolith as an efficient and easily recyclable macroscale photocatalyst for organic pollutant degradation under visible light irradiation
Wang WJ, An TC, Li GY, Li YC, Yu JC, Wong PK
140 - 148 Controlling shape anisotropy of hexagonal CdS for highly stable and efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution and photoelectrochemical water splitting
Ma YJ, Liu Y, Bian Y, Zhu AQ, Yang Y, Pan J
149 - 155 Highly efficient and selective removal of N-heterocyclic aromatic contaminants from liquid fuels in a Ag(I) functionalized metal-organic framework: Contribution of multiple interaction sites
She HY, Ma XC, Chang GG
156 - 164 Regionalized and vectorial charges transferring of Cd1-xZnxS twin nanocrystal homojunctions for visible-light driven photocatalytic applications
Dong WY, Liu YT, Zeng GM, Zhang SQ, Cai T, Yuan JL, Chen H, Gao J, Liu CB
165 - 173 Investigating the time-dependent zeta potential of wood surfaces
Muff LF, Luxbacher T, Burgert I, Michen B
174 - 183 Modified two-step emulsion solvent evaporation technique for fabricating biodegradable rod-shaped particles in the submicron size range
Safari H, Adili R, Holinstat M, Eniola-Adefeso O
184 - 191 Nickel sulfide/graphitic carbon nitride/strontium titanate (NiSig-C3N4/SrTiO3) composites with significantly enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production activity
Luo XL, He GL, Fang YP, Xu YH
192 - 199 Facile method to immobilize ZnO particles on glass spheres for the photocatalytic treatment of tannery wastewater
Vaiano V, Iervolino G
200 - 215 SiO2@LaOF:Eu3+ core-shell functional nanomaterials for sensitive visualization of latent fingerprints and WLED applications
Suresh C, Nagabhushana H, Basavaraj RB, Darshan GP, Kavyashree D, Prasad BD, Sharma SC, Vanithamani R
216 - 224 Effect of small molecules on the phase behavior and coacervation of aqueous solutions of poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) and poly (sodium 4-styrene sulfonate)
Huang SY, Zhao MM, Dawadi MB, Cai YH, Lapitsky Y, Modarelli DA, Zacharia NS
225 - 233 Unveiling the pH dependent interaction between bolaamphiphiles (dicarboxylic acids) and C(10)TAB (decyltrimethylammonium bromide) in aqueous medium
Pan A, Bhattacharya SC, Rakshit AK, Moulik SP
234 - 241 Layer - Structured partially reduced graphene oxide sheathed mesoporous MoS2 particles for energy storage applications
Awasthi GP, Kumar D, Shrestha BK, Kim J, Kim KS, Park CH, Kim CS
242 - 251 Facile synthesis of Bi2MoO6/reduced graphene oxide composites as anode materials towards enhanced lithium storage performance
Zhai XG, Gao JP, Xue RN, Xu XY, Wang LY, Tian Q, Liu Y
252 - 262 Conductive micropatterned polyurethane films as tissue engineering scaffolds for Schwann cells and PC12 cells
Wu YB, Wang L, Hu TL, Ma PX, Guo BL
263 - 276 Significance of an in-situ generated boundary film on tribocorrosion behavior of polymer-metal sliding pair
Xu YK, Qi HM, Li GT, Guo XP, Wan Y, Zhang G
277 - 283 Fabrication of a solution-gated transistor based on valinomycin modified iron oxide nanoparticles decorated zinc oxide nanorods for potassium detection
Ahn MS, Ahmad R, Bhat KS, Yoo JY, Mahmoudi T, Hahn YB
284 - 297 Fabrication of bioinspired, self-cleaning superliquiphilic/phobic stainless steel using different pathways
Cremaldi J, Bhushan B
298 - 306 Highly efficient heterostructured stannic disulfide/stannic anhydride hybrids: Synthesis, morphology, and photocatalytic reduction of chromium (VI) under visible light
Sun M, Mu KL, Wei QQ, Yin Z, Yan WY, Sun L, Shao Y