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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.514 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 9 An efficient and cost-effective tri-functional electrocatalyst based on cobalt ferrite embedded nitrogen doped carbon
Alshehri SM, Alhabarah AN, Ahmed J, Naushad M, Ahamad T
10 - 20 Prussian blue analogues derived magnetic FeCo alloy/carbon composites with tunable chemical composition and enhanced microwave absorption
Liu DW, Qiang R, Du YC, Wang Y, Tian CH, Han XJ
21 - 29 Evaporation effect on two-dimensional wicking in porous media
Benner EM, Petsev DN
30 - 39 High-performance bimetallic alloy catalyst using Ni and N co-doped composite carbon for the oxygen electro-reduction
Jung WS
40 - 48 Bioinspired self-standing macroporous Au/ZnO sponges for enhanced photocatalysis
She P, Xu KL, Yin SY, Shang YX, He QR, Zeng S, Sun H, Liu ZN
49 - 58 Heteropolytungstate-decorated core-shell magnetic nanoparticles: A covalent strategy for polyoxometalate-based hybrid nanomaterials
Makrygenni O, Secret E, Michel A, Brouri D, Dupuis V, Proust A, Siaugue JM, Villanneau R
59 - 69 Synthesis and application of bismuth ferrite nanosheets supported functionalized carbon nanofiber for enhanced electrochemical detection of toxic organic compound in water samples
Ramaraj S, Mani S, Chen SM, Kokulnathan T, Lou BS, Ali MA, Hatamleh AA, Al-Hemaid FMA
70 - 82 Fabrication, characterization and photoelectrochemical activity of tungsten-copper co-sensitized TiO2 nanotube composite photoanodes
Momeni MM, Ghayeb Y, Ezati F
83 - 92 Evidence of coexisting microemulsion droplets in oil-in-water emulsions revealed by 2D DOSY H-1 NMR
Awad TS, Asker D, Romsted LS
93 - 101 Dentritic platinum-palladium/palladium core-shell nanocrystals/reduced graphene oxide: One-pot synthesis and excellent electrocatalytic performances
Li DN, Wang AJ, Wei J, Zhang QL, Feng JJ
102 - 107 Lipase-inorganic hybrid nanoflower constructed through biomimetic mineralization: A new support for biodiesel synthesis
Jiang W, Wang XH, Yang JB, Han HB, Li QS, Tang J
108 - 116 N/S/B-doped graphitized carbon encased Fe species as a highly active and durable catalyst towards oxygen reduction reaction
Li GL, Cheng GC, Chen WW, Liu CD, Yuan LF, Yang BB, Hao C
117 - 121 In-situ deposition of sodium titanate thin film as anode for sodium-ion micro-batteries developed by pulsed laser deposition
Rambabu A, Senthilkumar B, Sada K, Krupanidhi SB, Barpanda P
122 - 131 Fabrication of supramolecular star-shaped amphiphilic copolymers for ROS-triggered drug release
Zuo C, Peng JL, Cong Y, Dai XY, Zhang XL, Zhao SJ, Zhang XS, Ma LW, Wang BY, Wei H
132 - 145 Electrokinetic investigation of deposition of cationic fabric softener vesicles on anionic porous cotton fabrics
Kumar A, Kleinen J, Gambaryan-Roisman T, Venzmer J
146 - 155 A novel multi-reaction model for kinetics of Zn release from soils: Roles of soil binding sites
Peng LF, Shi ZQ, Wang P, Li W, Lin Z, Dang Z, Sparks DL
156 - 164 Structure and properties of hybrid biopolymer particles fabricated by co-precipitation cross-linking dissolution procedure
Xiong Y, Georgieva R, Steffen A, Smuda K, Baumler H
165 - 171 Highly dispersed Au nanoparticles decorated WO3 nanoplatelets: Laser-assisted synthesis and superior performance for detecting ethanol vapor
Dai EM, Wu SL, Ye YX, Cai YY, Liu J, Liang CH
172 - 181 Ultrafast synthesis of bifunctional Er3+/Yb3+-codoped NaBiF4 upconverting nanoparticles for nanothermometer and optical heater
Du P, Luo LH, Huang XY, Yu JS
182 - 189 Preparation of photo-responsive poly(ethylene glycol) microparticles and their influence on cell viability
Li HY, Zheng HH, Zhang YX, Zhang WB, Tong WJ, Gao CY
190 - 198 Alginate-based attapulgite foams as efficient and recyclable adsorbents for the removal of heavy metals
Wang YQ, Feng Y, Zhang XF, Zhang XG, Jiang JL, Yao JF
199 - 207 Fabrication of Pt nanoparticles on nitrogen-doped carbon/Ni nanofibers for improved hydrogen evolution activity
Li MX, Zhu Y, Song N, Wang C, Lu XF
208 - 216 Optimization of cinnamon oil nanoemulsions using phase inversion temperature method: Impact of oil phase composition and surfactant concentration
Chuesiang P, Siripatrawan U, Sanguandeekul R, McLandsborough L, McClements DJ
217 - 226 Sensitive and uniform detection using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering: Influence of colloidal-droplets evaporation based on Au-Ag alloy nanourchins
Zhang DJ, Fang JX, Li T
227 - 233 Antimicrobial activity of T4 bacteriophage conjugated indium tin oxide surfaces
Liana AE, Marquis CP, Gunawan C, Gooding JJ, Amal R
234 - 239 Functionalized metal-organic frameworks for effective removal of rocephin in aqueous solutions
Zhao XD, Wei YN, Zhao HF, Gao ZQ, Zhang YZ, Zhi LF, Wang YY, Huang HL
240 - 249 Rod-like Bi4O7 decorated Bi2O2CO3 plates: Facile synthesis, promoted charge separation, and highly efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminants
Sun M, Yan T, Zhang YR, He YH, Shao Y, Wei Q, Du B
250 - 261 Surfactant mediated synthesis of bismuth selenide thin films for photoelectrochemical solar cell applications
Desai ND, Khot KV, Ghanwat VB, Kharade SD, Bhosale PN
262 - 271 ZIF-67 supported on marcoscale resin as an efficient and convenient heterogeneous catalyst for Oxone activation
Wu CH, Yun WC, Wi-Afedzi T, Lin KYA
272 - 280 One-step prepared cobalt-based nanosheet as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for activating peroxymonosulfate to degrade caffeine in water
Lin KYA, Lai HK, Tong SP
281 - 288 Nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon-armored cobalt nanoparticles as efficient hydrogen evolving electrocatalysts
Tang DH, Li K, Zhang WT, Qiao ZA, Zhu JJ, Zhao Z
289 - 298 Light-sensitive dextran-covered PNBA nanoparticles as triggered drug delivery systems: Formulation, characteristics and cytotoxicity
El Founi M, Soliman SMA, Vanderesse R, Acherar S, Guedon E, Chevalot I, Babin J, Six JL
299 - 305 Atoms diffusion-induced phase engineering of platinum-gold alloy nanocrystals with high electrocatalytic performance for the formic acid oxidation reaction
Li FM, Kang YQ, Liu HM, Zhai YN, Hu MC, Chen Y
306 - 315 SnS2/SnO2 heterostructured nanosheet arrays grown on carbon cloth for efficient photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI)
Zhang GP, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
316 - 327 Porous micropillar structures for retaining low surface tension liquids
Agonafer DD, Lee H, Vasquez PA, Won Y, Jung KW, Lingamneni S, Ma BJ, Shan L, Shuai S, Du ZC, Maitra T, Palko JW, Goodson KE
328 - 337 A solution-processed binary cathode interfacial layer facilitates electron extraction for inverted polymer solar cells
Zhang XY, Li ZQ, Liu CY, Guo JX, Shen L, Guo WB
338 - 348 Fabrication of silver nanoparticle sponge leather with durable antibacterial property
Liu GY, Gao HQ, Li KJ, Xiang J, Lan TX, Zhang ZC
349 - 356 Liquid marble formation and solvent vapor treatment of the biodegradable polymers polylactic acid and polycaprolactone
Schmucker C, Stevens GW, Mumford KA
357 - 363 Novel Schiff base (DBDDP) selective detection of Fe (III): Dispersed in aqueous solution and encapsulated in silica cross-linked micellar nanoparticles in living cell
Gai FY, Yin L, Fan MM, Li L, Grahn J, Ao YH, Yang XD, Wu XM, Liu YL, Huo QS
364 - 375 Increasing water solubility with decreasing droplet size limits the use of water NMR diffusometry in submicron W/O-emulsion droplet size analysis
Balcaen M, De Neve L, Vermeir L, Courtin T, Dewettinck K, Sinnaeve D, Van der Meeren P
376 - 385 A novel photocatalytically active mesoporous metal-free PPy grafted MWCNT nanocomposite
Vellaichamy B, Periakaruppan P, Arumugam R, Sellamuthu K, Nagulan B
386 - 395 Sandwich-structured composite fibrous membranes with tunable porous structure for waterproof, breathable, and oil-water separation applications
Gu JT, Gu HH, Zhang Q, Zhao YH, Li N, Xiong J
396 - 406 A facile strategy to fabricate hollow cadmium sulfide nanospheres with nanoparticles-textured surface for hexavalent chromium reduction and bacterial inactivation
Zhang L, Niu CG, Wen XJ, Guo H, Zhao XF, Huang DW, Zeng GM
407 - 414 Cell receptor screening for human papillomavirus invasion by using a polyoxometalate-peptide assembly as a probe
Gao PF, Liu YX, Zhang LN, Zhang SM, Li HW, Wu YQ, Wu LX
415 - 424 Study of graphene dispersions in sodium dodecylsulfate by steady-state fluorescence of pyrene
Vera-Lopez S, Martinez P, San Andres MP, Diez-Pascual AM, Valiente M
425 - 432 Silsesquioxane stabilized platinum-palladium alloy nanoparticles with morphology evolution and enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid
Zhao Q, Ge CW, Cai Y, Qiao QC, Jia XP
433 - 442 Chitosan-fatty acid interaction mediated growth of Langmuir monolayer and Langmuir-Blodgett films
Ahmed I, Dildar L, Haque A, Patra P, Mukhopadhyay M, Hazra S, Kulkarni M, Thomas S, Plaisier JR, Dutta SB, Bal JK
443 - 451 Pore-scale study of thermal effects on ion diffusion in clay with inhomogeneous surface charge
Yang YK, Wang MR
452 - 458 Photon induced non-linear quantized double layer charging in quaternary semiconducting quantum dots
Nair V, Ananthoju B, Mohapatra J, Aslam M
459 - 467 Structural, microrheological and kinetic properties of a ternary silica-Pluronic F127-starch thermosensitive system
Petkova-Olsson Y, Oelschlaeger C, Ullsten H, Jarnstrom L
468 - 478 Stabilization of poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) star block copolymer micelles via aromatic groups for improved drug delivery properties
Buwalda S, Al Samad A, El Jundi A, Bethry A, Bakkour Y, Coudane J, Nottelet B
479 - 490 Nucleobases functionalized quantum dots and gold nanoparticles bioconjugates as a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) system - Synthesis, characterization and potential applications
Rodzik-Czalka L, Lewandowska-Lancucka J, Gatta V, Venditti I, Fratoddi I, Szuwarzynski M, Romek M, Nowakowska M
491 - 495 Fabrication of two-dimensional (2D) ordered microsphere aligned by supramolecular self-assembly of Formyl-azobenzene and dipeptide
Ma HC, Li S, Wei YH, Jiang L, Li JB
496 - 506 Hydrothermal synthesis of CdS nanorods anchored on alpha-Fe2O3 nanotube arrays with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties
Lei R, Ni HW, Chen RS, Gu HZ, Zhang BW, Zhan WT
507 - 516 Simple and efficient polyoxomolybdate-mediated synthesis of novel graphene and metal nanohybrids for versatile applications
Zhang SS, Liu RJ, Li SW, Dolbecq A, Mialane P, Suo L, Bi LH, Zhang BF, Liu TB, Wu CX, Yan LK, Su ZM, Zhang GJ, Keita B
517 - 527 Conductive nanofibrous composite scaffolds based on in-situ formed polyaniline nanoparticle and polylactide for bone regeneration
Chen J, Yu M, Guo BL, Ma PX, Yin ZH
528 - 533 Surface oxidation of single wall carbon nanohorns for the production of surfactant free water-based colloids
Agresti F, Barison S, Famengo A, Pagura C, Fedele L, Rossi S, Bobbo S, Rancan M, Fabrizio M
534 - 543 Systematic magnetic fluid hyperthermia studies of carboxyl functionalized hydrophilic superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles based ferrofluids
Kandasamy G, Sudame A, Bhati P, Chakrabarty A, Kale SN, Maity D
544 - 553 A novel ion-imprinted polymer based on graphene oxide-mesoporous silica nanosheet for fast and efficient removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution
Huang RF, Ma XG, Li X, Guo LH, Xie XW, Zhang MY, Li J
554 - 564 Switching worm-based viscoelastic fluid by pH and redox
Zhang YM, Qin F, Liu XF, Fang Y
565 - 575 Improved photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance of monoclinic bismuth vanadate by surface defect states (Bi1-xVO4)
Tayyebi A, Soltani T, Hong H, Lee BK
576 - 583 Crystal transformation of 2D tungstic acid H2WO4 to WO3 for enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation
Ke J, Zhou HR, Liu J, Duan XG, Zhang HY, Liu SM, Wang SB
584 - 591 Near-infrared BODIPY-paclitaxel conjugates assembling organic nanoparticles for chemotherapy and bioimaging
Zhang T, Zhang W, Zheng M, Xie ZG
592 - 598 Layer-by-layer assembly of brushes of vertically-standing enzymatic nanotubes
Ramirez-Wong DG, Bonhomme C, Demoustier-Champagne S, Jonas AM
599 - 608 Anchoring ultrafine Pd nanoparticles and SnO2 nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide for high-performance room temperature NO2 sensing
Wang ZY, Zhang T, Zhao C, Han TY, Fei T, Liu S, Lu GY
609 - 614 Investigations on the micellization of amphiphilic dendritic copolymers: From unimers to micelles
Zhang CY, Zhou HP, Li YX, Zhang YY, Yu C, Li HF, Chen Y, Hamley IW, Jiang SC
615 - 624 Comparative study of tribochemistry of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide and polyetherimide in tribo-composites
Qi HM, Zhang LG, Zhang G, Wang TM, Wang QH
625 - 633 Lifshitz analysis of dispersion forces based on quantitative reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy
Wiesing M, Grundmeier G
634 - 641 Two-dimensional nickel hydroxide/sulfides nanosheet as an efficient cocatalyst for photocatalytic H-2 evolution over CdS nanospheres
Xie YP, Zheng YH, Yang YQ, Jiang RZ, Wang GS, Zhang YJ, Zhang EL, Zhao L, Duan CY
642 - 647 A reliable and highly efficient exfoliation method for water-dispersible MoS2 nanosheet
Yu H, Zhu HL, Dargusch M, Huang YL
648 - 655 Silver/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite film prepared using water in oil microemulsion for antibacterial applications
Fatema UK, Rahman MM, Islam MR, Mollah MYA, Susan M
656 - 663 An effective bifunctional electrocatalysts: Controlled growth of CoFe alloy nanoparticles supported on N-doped carbon nanotubes
Ma XJ, Chai H, Cao YL, Xu JY, Wang YC, Dong H, Jia DZ, Zhou WY
664 - 674 Fabrication of Z-scheme magnetic MoS2/CoFe2O4 nanocomposites with highly efficient photocatalytic activity
Zeng Y, Guo N, Song YJ, Zhao Y, Li HY, Xu XJ, Qiu JD, Yu HW
675 - 685 Facile hydrothermal synthesis of branched polyethylenimine grafted electrospun polyacrylonitrile fiber membrane as a highly efficient and reusable bilirubin adsorbent in hemoperfusion
Zhao R, Li YM, Li X, Li YZ, Sun BL, Chao S, Wang C
686 - 693 Pyrolytic synthesis of MoO3 nanoplates within foam-like carbon nanoflakes for enhanced lithium ion storage
Cao DX, Dai YZ, Xie SM, Wang HK, Niu CM
694 - 703 Computer simulations of heteroaggregation with large size asymmetric colloids
Laganapan A, Cerbelaud M, Ferrando R, Tran CT, Crespin B, Videcoq A
704 - 714 Au@p4VP core@shell pH-sensitive nanocomposites suitable for drug entrapment
Clara-Rahola J, Moscoso A, Ruiz-Muelle AB, Laurenti M, Formanek P, Lopez-Romero JM, Fernandez I, Diaz JF, Rubio-Retama J, Fery A, Contreras-Caceres R
715 - 722 Three-dimensional molybdenum disulfide/graphene hydrogel with tunable heterointerfaces for high selective Hg(II) scavenging
Zhuang YT, Zhang X, Wang DH, Yu YL, Wang JH
723 - 732 Simple sol-gel synthesis and characterization of new CoTiO3/CoFe2O4 nanocomposite by using liquid glucose, maltose and starch as fuel, capping and reducing agents
Ansari F, Sobhani A, Salavati-Niasari M
733 - 739 Vancomycin-assisted green synthesis of reduced graphene oxide for antimicrobial applications
Xu LQ, Liao YB, Li NN, Li YJ, Zhang JY, Wang YB, Hu XF, Li CM
740 - 749 Facile chemical route for multiwalled carbon nanotube/mercury sulfide nanocomposite: High performance supercapacitive electrode
Pande SA, Pandit B, Sankapal BR
750 - 759 Graphene oxide-doping improves the biocompatibility and separation performance of polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranes for bioartificial kidney application
Modi A, Verma SK, Bellare J
760 - 768 Developing new adsorptive membrane by modification of support layer with iron oxide microspheres for arsenic removal
Zhang X, Fang XF, Li JS, Pan SL, Sun XY, Shen JY, Han WQ, Wang LJ, Zhao SF
769 - 790 Albumin adsorption at solid substrates: A quest for a unified approach
Adamczyk Z, Nattich-Rak M, Dabkowska M, Kujda-Kruk M
791 - 800 Noble metal sandwich-like TiO2@Pt@C3N4 hollow spheres enhance photocatalytic performance
Cai JB, Wu XQ, Li YH, Lin Y, Yang H, Li SX
801 - 813 Gas adsorption properties of hybrid graphene-MOF materials
Szczesniak B, Choma J, Jaroniec M