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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.512 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Fabrication and photoelectric properties of bio-inspired honeycomb film based on semiconducting polymer
Fang XF, Men XJ, Chen HB, Zhang YM, Sun H, Yin SY, Qin WP
7 - 13 In-situ gelation of sodium alginate supported on melamine sponge for efficient removal of copper ions
Feng Y, Wang YY, Wang YQ, Zhang XF, Yao JF
14 - 20 Adhesion force sensing and activation of a membrane-bound sensor to activate nisin efflux pumps in Staphylococcus aureus under mechanical and chemical stresses
Carniello V, Harapanahalli AK, Busscher HJ, van der Mei HC
21 - 28 Nonenzymatic flexible field-effect transistor based glucose sensor fabricated using NiO quantum dots modified ZnO nanorods
Jung DUJ, Ahmad R, Hahn YB
29 - 38 Adsorption characteristics of charged and nonionic small molecules to colloidal alumina
Pansare VJ, Hwang V, Figueroa C, Prud'homme RK
39 - 46 Adsorption of a novel reagent scheme on scheelite and calcite causing an effective flotation separation
Gao YS, Gao ZY, Sun W, Yin ZG, Wang JJ, Hu YH
47 - 54 Synthesis of hierarchically meso-macroporous TiO2/CdS heterojunction photocatalysts with excellent visible-light photocatalytic activity
Zhao HX, Cui S, Yang L, Li GD, Li N, Li XT
55 - 63 Selective adsorption of tannic acid on calcite and implications for separation of fluorite minerals
Zhang CH, Wei S, Hu YH, Tang HH, Gao JD, Yin ZG, Guan QJ
64 - 76 Effect of different types of surfactants on the microstructure of methyltrimethoxysilane-derived silica aerogels: A combined experimental and computational approach
Vareda JP, Maximiano P, Cunha LP, Ferreira AF, Simoes PN, Duraes L
77 - 85 Construction of organic-inorganic cadmium sulfide/diethylenetriamine hybrids for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production
Lv JL, Liu J, Zhang JF, Dai K, Liang CH, Wang ZL, Zhu GP
86 - 95 The role of water in reducing WO3 film by hydrogen: Controlling the concentration of oxygen vacancies and improving the photoelectrochemical performance
Liu Y, Yang YH, Liu Q, Li YM, Lin J, Li WZ, Li J
96 - 104 One-pot fabrication of N-doped graphene supported dandelion-like PtRu nanocrystals as efficient and robust electrocatalysts towards formic acid oxidation
Xu H, Yan B, Li SM, Wang J, Wang CQ, Guo J, Du YK
105 - 114 Low temperature preparation of oxygen-deficient tin dioxide nanocrystals and a role of oxygen vacancy in photocatalytic activity improvement
Anuchai S, Phanichphant S, Tantraviwat D, Pluengphon P, Bovornratanaraks T, Inceesungvorn B
115 - 126 Synthesis of magnetite derivatives nanoparticles and their application for the removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions
Ben Tahar L, Oueslati MH, Abualreish MJA
127 - 133 Facile synthesis of metal-organic frameworks/ordered mesoporous carbon composites with enhanced electrocatalytic ability for hydrazine
Wang L, Teng QQ, Sun XT, Chen YT, Wang YM, Wang H, Zhang YF
134 - 140 Small size mesoporous organosilica nanorods with different aspect ratios: Synthesis and cellular uptake
Li YJ, Guo WW, Su XD, Ou-Yang L, Dang M, Tao J, Lu GM, Teng ZG
141 - 150 Dropwise addition of cation solution: An approach for growing high-quality upconversion nanoparticles
Zhang D, De GH, Zi L, Xu YS, Liu ST, Liu YY, Wang X
151 - 157 Enhanced pseudocapacitance performance of conductive polymer electroactive film in the presence of green compound of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride: Electrochemical and DFT study
Ehsani A, Kowsari E, Ajdari FB, Safari R, Shiri HM
158 - 164 Solution-Processable transparent conducting electrodes via the self assembly of silver nanowires for organic photovoltaic devices
Camic BT, Shin HJ, Aslan MH, Basarir F, Choi H
165 - 171 Synthesis of high volumetric capacity graphene oxide-supported tellurantimony Na- and Li-ion battery anodes by hydrogen peroxide sol gel processing
Grishanov DA, Mikhaylov AA, Medvedev AG, Gun J, Nagasubramanian A, Srinivasan M, Lev O, Prikhodchenko PV
172 - 189 Catalytic decomposition of 2-chlorophenol using an ultrasonic-assisted Fe3O4-TiO2@MWCNT system: Influence factors, pathway and mechanism study
Dobaradaran S, Nodehi RN, Yaghmaeian K, Jaafari J, Niari MH, Bharti AK, Agarwal S, Gupta VK, Azari A, Shariatifar N
190 - 197 Treatment of methylene blue containing wastewater by a cost-effective micro-scale biochar/polysulfone mixed matrix hollow fiber membrane: Performance and mechanism studies
He JS, Cui AA, Deng SH, Chen JP
198 - 207 Protective composite silica/polyelectrolyte shell with enhanced tolerance to harsh acid and alkali conditions
Gao H, Nazar T, Hu ZL, Wen DS, Sukhorukov GB
208 - 218 Preparation and cold welding of silver nanowire based transparent electrodes with optical transmittances > 90% and sheet resistances < 10 ohm/sq
Xu F, Xu W, Mao BX, Shen WF, Yu Y, Tan RQ, Song WJ
219 - 230 Efficacious separation of electron-hole pairs in CeO2-Al2O3 nanoparticles embedded GO heterojunction for robust visible-light driven dye degradation
Ponnaiah SK, Periakaruppan P, Vellaichamy B, Nagulan B
231 - 238 The impact of electrolyte on the adsorption of the anionic surfactant methyl ester sulfonate at the air-solution interface: Surface multilayer formation
Xu H, Thomas RK, Penfold J, Li PX, Ma K, Welbourne RJL, Roberts DW, Petkov JT
239 - 248 Mechanical stability, corrosion resistance of superhydrophobic steel and repairable durability of its slippery surface
Gao XY, Guo ZG
249 - 259 Targeted photodynamic therapy of breast cancer cells using lactose-phthalocyanine functionalized gold nanoparticles
Calavia PG, Chambrier I, Cook MJ, Haines AH, Field RA, Russell DA
260 - 271 Polymersomes at the solid-liquid interface: Dynamic morphological transformation and lubrication
Bartenstein JE, Liu XY, Lange K, Claesson PM, Briscoe WH
272 - 281 Enhanced Escherichia coli inactivation and oxytetracycline hydrochloride degradation by a Z-scheme silver iodide decorated bismuth vanadate nanocomposite under visible light irradiation
Guan DL, Niu CG, Wen XJ, Guo H, Deng CH, Zeng GM
282 - 290 Three-dimensional flower-like MoS2-CoSe2 heterostructure for high performance superccapacitors
Fang LX, Qiu Y, Li W, Wang F, Lan MD, Huang KJ, Jing QS
291 - 299 Impact of oil aging and composition on the morphology and structure of diesel soot
Ferraro G, Fratini E, Rausa R, Baglioni P
300 - 307 Novel layered polyaniline-poly(hydroquinone)/graphene film as supercapacitor electrode with enhanced rate performance and cycling stability
Ren LJ, Zhang GN, Lei J, Wang Y, Hu DW
308 - 317 Tungsten (VI) based "molecular puzzle" photoluminescent nanoparticles easily covered with biocompatible natural polysaccharides via direct chelation
Lobaz V, Hladik M, Steinhart M, Paruzel A, Cernoch P, Panek J, Vetrik M, Jirak D, Jiratova M, Pop-Georgievski O, Slouf M, Garcia-Argote S, Pieters G, Doris E, Hruby M
318 - 324 Modification of carbon nanotubes by amphiphilic glycosylated proteins
Fang W, Linder MB, Laaksonen P
325 - 334 Fabrication of CeO2 nanoparticles decorated three-dimensional flower-like BiOI composites to build p-n heterojunction with highly enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Song HB, Wu RY, Yang JF, Dong JC, Ji GJ
335 - 345 Lyophilisation and concentration of chitosan/siRNA polyplexes: Influence of buffer composition, oligonucleotide sequence, and hyaluronic acid coating
Veilleux D, Panicker RKG, Chevrier A, Biniecki K, Lavertu M, Buschmann MD
346 - 352 Enhancement of pseudocapacitance performance of p-type conductive polymer in the presence of newly synthesized graphene oxide-hexamethylene tributylammonium iodide nanosheets
Kowsari E, Ehsani A, Najafi MD, Bigdeloo M
353 - 360 Facile preparation and characterization of ZnCdS nanocrystals for interfacial applications in photovoltaic devices
Duan CH, Luo WN, Jiu TG, Li JS, Wang Y, Lu FS
361 - 368 The application of pulse field gradient (PFG) NMR methods to characterize the efficiency of separation of water-in-crude oil emulsions
Marques DS, Sorland G, Less S, Vilagines R
369 - 378 Novel agrochemical conjugates with self-assembling behaviour
Liu QT, Graham B, Hawley A, Dong YD, Boyd B
379 - 388 Pt nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped porous graphene for sensitive detection of Tadalafil
Salah A, Hassan M, Liu J, Li MH, Bo XJ, Ndamanisha JC, Guo LP
389 - 397 Manipulation and separation of oil droplets by using asymmetric nano-orifice induced DC dielectrophoretic method
Zhao K, Li DQ
398 - 403 Preparation and characterization of flexible lithium iron phosphate/graphene/cellulose electrode for lithium ion batteries
Wang Y, He ZY, Wang YX, Fan C, Liu CRL, Peng QL, Chen JJ, Peng ZS
404 - 410 Layered double hydroxide nanoparticles: Impact on vascular cells, blood cells and the complement system
Gu Z, Yan SY, Cheong S, Cao ZB, Zuo HL, Thomas AC, Rolfe BE, Xu ZP
411 - 418 Morphology of block copolymer micelles formed via electrospray enabled interfacial instability
Souva MS, Nabar GM, Winter JO, Wyslouzil BE
419 - 427 Construction of hierarchical FeCo2O4@MnO2 core-shell nanostructures on carbon fibers for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Zhu FF, Liu Y, Yan M, Shi WD
428 - 438 Tuning the position of head groups by surfactant design in mixed micelles of cationic and carbohydrate surfactants
Das S, Oldham ED, Lehmler HJ, Knutson BL, Rankin SE
439 - 445 Ag-HPBs by a coating-etching strategy and their derived injectable implants for enhanced tumor photothermal treatment
Su YY, Yao H, Zhao S, Tian W, Liu WF, Wang SJ, Liu Y, Tian Y, Zhang XD, Teng ZG, Lu GM, Zhang LJ
446 - 454 A seed-mediated method to design N-doped graphene supported gold-silver nanothorns sensor for rutin detection
Yang BB, Bin D, Zhang K, Du YK, Majima T
455 - 465 Effect of surfactant concentration on the responsiveness of a thermoresponsive copolymer/surfactant mixture with potential application on "Smart" foams formulations
Lencina MMS, Miconi EF, Leyes MDF, Dominguez C, Cuenca E, Ritacco HA
466 - 473 Nanoheterostructures of potassium tantalate and nickel oxide for photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol in isopropanol
Shao X, Yin XH, Wang JZ
474 - 479 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of mesoporous carbon/C3N4 composite photocatalysts
Ding N, Zhang LS, Hashimoto M, Iwasaki K, Chikamori N, Nakata K, Xu YZ, Shi JD, Wu HJ, Luo YH, Li DM, Fujishima A, Meng QB
480 - 488 Fully nozzle-jet printed non-enzymatic electrode for biosensing application
Bhat KS, Ahmad R, Yoo JY, Hahn YB
489 - 496 Eco-friendly preparation of large-sized graphene via short-circuit discharge of lithium primary battery
Kang SH, Yu T, Liu TT, Guan SY
497 - 510 Sessile nanofluid droplet can act like a crane
Shaikeea AJD, Basu S, Bansal L
511 - 521 Modulation of wettability, gradient and adhesion on self-assembled monolayer by counterion exchange and pH
Mosnacek J, Popelka A, Osicka J, Filip J, Ilcikova M, Kollar J, Yousaf AB, Bertok T, Tkac J, Kasak P
522 - 528 Reversible thermodynamic cycle analysis for capacitive deionization with modified Donnan model
Wang L, Biesheuvel PM, Lin SH
529 - 535 Surface engineering on continuous VO2 thin films to improve thermochromic properties: Top-down acid etching and bottom-up self-patterning
Wang N, Peh YK, Magdassi S, Long Y
536 - 547 Phenolic residues in spruce galactoglucomannans improve stabilization of oil-in-water emulsions
Lehtonen M, Merinen M, Kilpelainen PO, Xu C, Willfor SM, Mikkonen KS
548 - 554 Niobium doped zinc oxide nanorods as an electron transport layer for high-performance inverted polymer solar cells
Naz H, Ali RN, Liu Q, Yang SF, Xiang B
555 - 566 Visible-light-driven Ag/AgBr/ZnFe2O4 composites with excellent photocatalytic activity for E. coli disinfection and organic pollutant degradation
Xu YG, Liu QQ, Liu CC, Zhai YP, Xie M, Huang LY, Xu H, Li HM, Jing JJ
567 - 574 Hot water-repellent and mechanically durable superhydrophobic mesh for oil water separation
Cao M, Luo XM, Ren HJ, Feng JY
575 - 590 Synthesis and application of a new carboxylated cellulose derivative. Part III: Removal of auramine-O and safranin-T from mono- and bi-component spiked aqueous solutions
Teodoro FS, Elias MMC, Ferreira GMD, Adarme OFH, Savedra RML, Siqueira MF, da Silva LHM, Gil LF, Gurgel LVA
591 - 599 Fixed-diameter upconversion nanorods with controllable length and their interaction with cells
Chen DX, Xu MY, Liu YY, Wang RY, Zhang ZF, Sun K, Tao K
600 - 608 Fabrication of shape-tunable macroparticles by seeded polymerization of styrene using non-cross-linked starch-based seed
Pei XP, Zhai KK, Liang XC, Deng YK, Xu K, Tan Y, Yao XP, Wang PX
609 - 617 Unveiling the hybrid interface in polymer nanocomposites enclosing silsesquioxanes with tunable molecular structure: Spectroscopic, thermal and mechanical properties
D'Arienzo M, Dire S, Redaelli M, Borovin E, Callone E, Di Credico B, Morazzoni F, Pegoretti A, Scotti R
618 - 628 Improvement in the corrosion resistance of carbon steel in acidic condition using naphthalen-2-ylnaphthalene-2-carboxammide inhibitor
Kannan P, Rao TS, Rajendran N
629 - 637 A novel and efficient method on the recovery of nanosized CeO2 in Ce3+ wastewater remediation using modified sawdust as adsorbent
Gao S, Luo TT, Zhou Q, Luo WJ
638 - 646 Mechanical behavior of biopolymer composite coatings on plastic films by depth-sensing indentation - A nanoscale study
Rovera C, Cozzolino CA, Ghaani M, Morrone D, Olsson RT, Farris S
647 - 656 Three-dimensional titanium dioxide/graphene hybrids with improved performance for photocatalysis and energy storage
Chen L, Yang SD, Mu L, Ma PC
657 - 664 Preparation of a novel carboxylate-rich palygorskite as an adsorbent for Ce3+ from aqueous solution
Chen JD, Luo WJ, Guo AF, Luo TT, Lin C, Li HF, Jing LR
665 - 673 Differential effects of graphene oxide nanosheets on Candida albicans phagocytosis by murine peritoneal macrophages
Diez-Orejas R, Feito MJ, Cicuendez M, Rojo JM, Portoles MT
674 - 685 Nanostructured superhydrophobic polysiloxane coating for high barrier and anticorrosion applications in marine environment
Arukalam IO, Oguzie EE, Li Y
686 - 692 Synthesis and characterization of alginate beads encapsulated zinc oxide nanoparticles for bacteria disinfection in water
Motshekga SC, Ray SS, Maity A
693 - 700 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of graphitic carbon nitride/carbon nanotube/Bi2WO6 ternary Z-scheme heterojunction with carbon nanotube as efficient electron mediator
Jiang DL, Ma WX, Xiao P, Shao LQ, Li D, Chen M
701 - 712 Cu(I)/Cu(II) mixed-valence surface complexes of S-[(2-hydroxyamino)-2-oxoethyl]-N,N-dibutyldithiocarbamate: Hydrophobic mechanism to malachite flotation
Liu S, Zhong H, Liu GY, Xu ZH
713 - 721 Electrospun mulberry-like hierarchical carbon fiber web for high-performance supercapacitors
Liu C, Liu JZ, Wang J, Li JS, Luo R, Shen JY, Sun XY, Han WQ, Wang LJ
722 - 729 Multilayered films made from tannic acid and alkaline phosphatase with enzymatic activity and electrochemical behavior
Allais M, Meyer F, Ball V
730 - 739 Selective adsorption activities toward organic dyes and antibacterial performance of silver-based coordination polymers
Liu A, Wang CC, Wang CZ, Fu HF, Peng W, Cao YL, Chu HY, Du AF
740 - 749 Enhanced nitrogen oxide sensing performance based on tin-doped tungsten oxide nanoplates by a hydrothermal method
Wang C, Guo LL, Xie N, Kou XY, Sun YF, Chuai XH, Zhang SM, Song HW, Wang Y, Lu GY
750 - 757 Effective dispersion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in aqueous solution using an ionic-gemini dispersant
Hou JT, Du WB, Meng FJ, Zhao CC, Du X
758 - 766 Fabrication of Mn3O4-carbon nanotube composites with high areal capacitance using cationic and anionic dispersants
Ata MS, Milne J, Zhitomirsky I
767 - 774 Digital to analog resistive switching transition induced by graphene buffer layer in strontium titanate based devices
Wan T, Qu B, Du HW, Lin X, Lin QR, Wang DW, Cazorla C, Li SA, Liu SD, Chu DW
775 - 783 A new insight into the theoretical design of highly dispersed and stable ceria supported metal nanoparticles
Zhu KJ, Wang F, Teng BT, Wen XD, Fan MH, Liu XN
784 - 791 In-situ ion-exchange synthesis Ag2S modified SnS2 nanosheets toward highly photocurrent response and photocatalytic activity
Liu YP, Geng P, Wang JX, Yang ZS, Lu HD, Hai JF, Lu ZH, Fan DY, Li M
792 - 800 How the interaction of PVP-stabilized Ag nanoparticles with models of cellular membranes at the air-water interface is modulated by the monolayer composition
da Silva RLCG, da Silva HFO, Gasparotto LHD, Caseli L
801 - 811 Preparation of fluorescently labeled silica nanoparticles using an amino acid-catalyzed seeds regrowth technique: Application to latent fingerprints detection and hemocompatibility studies
Abdelwahab WM, Phillips E, Patonay G
812 - 818 Synthesis of tetrahexahedral Au-Pd core-shell nanocrystals and reduction of graphene oxide for the electrochemical detection of epinephrine
Dong WH, Ren YP, Bai ZX, Jiao J, Chen Y, Han BK, Chen Q
819 - 825 Ionic liquid-based slab optical waveguide sensor for the detection of ammonia in human breath
Gao LF, Yang X, Shu Y, Chen XW, Wang JH
826 - 833 Hydrogen bond-assisted synthesis of MoS2/reduced graphene oxide composite with excellent electrochemical performances for lithium and sodium storage
Qin WW, Li Y, Teng YQ, Qin T
834 - 843 Colloidal design of plasmonic sensors based on surface enhanced Raman scattering
Hamon C, Liz-Marzan LM
844 - 852 Facile synthesis of ultrafine cobalt oxides embedded into N-doped carbon with superior activity in hydrogenation of 4-nitrophenol
Zhang XL, Wang N, Geng LL, Fu JN, Hu H, Zhang DS, Zhu BY, Carozza J, Han HX
853 - 861 Amphiphilic PA-induced three-dimensional graphene macrostructure with enhanced removal of heavy metal ions
Tan B, Zhao HM, Zhang YB, Quan X, He ZH, Zheng WT, Shi BY
862 - 870 Effects of subphase pH, temperature and ionic strength on the aggregation behavior of PnBA-b-PAA at the air/water interface
Wang YH, Wen GY, Pispas S, Yang SC, You K
871 - 881 Surfactant structural effects on mediated electrocatalytic dechlorination: Links between the micellar enhancement of dechlorination reactions and micellar properties
Pillai KC, Muthuraman G, Moon IS