Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.507 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Spontaneous vesicle formation by gamma-aminobutyric acid derived steroidal surfactant: Curcumin loading, cytotoxicity and cellular uptake studies
Bajani D, Dey J, Rajesh Y, Bandyopadhyay S, Mandal M
11 - 17 An electrochemical strategy to determine thiosulfate, 4-chlorophenol and nitrite as three important pollutants in water samples via a nanostructure modified sensor
Keivani Z, Shabani-Nooshabadi M, Karimi-Maleh H
18 - 26 Preparation and formation process of alpha-MnS@MoS2 microcubes with hierarchical core/shell structure
Cao X, Li H, He J, Kang LP, Jiang RB, Shi F, Xu H, Lei ZB, Liu ZH
27 - 34 Controlled fabrication of multi-core alginate microcapsules
Eqbal MD, Gundabala V
35 - 41 Non-light-driven reduced graphene oxide anchored TiO2 nanocatalysts with enhanced catalytic oxidation performance
Li HN, Zhu MY, Chen W, Xu L, Wang K
42 - 50 Controllable synthesis of N-vinylimidazole-modified hyper-cross-linked resins and their efficient adsorption of p-nitrophenol and o-nitrophenol
Shao LS, Huang JH
51 - 58 Chemical instability of graphene oxide following exposure to highly reactive radicals in advanced oxidation processes
Wang ZH, Sun LY, Lou XY, Yang F, Feng M, Liu JS
59 - 73 Facile one-pot synthesis of cerium oxide/sulfur-doped graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as efficient nanophotocatalysts under visible light irradiation
Jourshabani M, Shariatinia Z, Badiei A
74 - 82 Phosphomolybdic acid-responsive Pickering emulsions stabilized by ionic liquid functionalized Janus nanosheets
Meng QB, Yang P, Feng TY, Ji XY, Zhang Q, Liu DL, Wu SY, Liang FX, Zheng ZL, Song XM
83 - 94 Facile functionalization of cotton with nanostructured silver/titania for visible-light plasmonic photocatalysis
Abid M, Bouattour S, Ferraria AM, Conceicao DS, Carapeto AP, Ferreira LFV, do Rego AMB, Chehimi MM, Vilar MR, Boufi S
95 - 106 The silanol content and in vitro cytolytic activity of flame-made silica
Spyrogianni A, Herrmann IK, Keevend K, Pratsinis SE, Wegner K
107 - 118 Removal of mercury ions from aqueous solution by thiourea-functionalized magnetic biosorbent: Preparation and mechanism study
Zhou JJ, Liu YC, Zhou XH, Ren JL, Zhong CB
119 - 130 Preparation of lipid nanoparticles with high loading capacity and exceptional gastrointestinal stability for potential oral delivery applications
Wang TR, Xue JY, Hu QB, Zhou MY, Luo YC
131 - 138 Adjustable 3-D structure with enhanced interfaces and junctions towards microwave response using FeCo/C core-shell nanocomposites
Li DR, Liang XH, Liu W, Ma JN, Zhang YN, Ji GB, Meng W
139 - 144 Chemisorption of lanthanide ions on succinate-functionalized mesoporous silica: An in situ characterization by fluorescence
Lombardo MV, Mirenda M, Bordoni AV, Wolosiuk A, Regazzoni AE
145 - 153 Synthesis of silica nanoparticles using biomimetic mineralization with polyallylamine hydrochloride
Kang KK, Oh HS, Kim DY, Shim G, Lee CS
154 - 161 Nitrogen doped carbon nanofiber derived from polypyrrole functionalized polyacrylonitrile for applications in lithium-ion batteries and oxygen reduction reaction
Guo JY, Liu JQ, Dai HH, Zhou R, Wang TY, Zhang CC, Ding S, Wang HG
162 - 171 Melem-based derivatives as metal-free photocatalysts for simultaneous reduction of Cr(VI) and degradation of 5-Sulfosalicylic acid
Lan HC, Li LL, Liu HJ, An XQ, Liu F, Chen CB, Qu JH
172 - 189 Fixed-bed column performances of azure-II and auramine-O adsorption by Pinus eldarica stalks activated carbon and its composite with zno nanoparticles: Optimization by response surface methodology based on central composite design
Jafari M, Rahimi MR, Ghaedi M, Javadian H, Asfaram A
190 - 199 Non-ideal behavior of binary aqueous mixtures of some urea derivatives and their capacity to induce lysozyme gelation
de Souza IFT, Areas EPG
200 - 208 Molybdenum-doped ZnS sheets with dominant {111} facets for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activities
Zhang RB, Du B, Yin LC, Miao YQ, Cai JX, Feng G, Wang XW
209 - 216 Fabrication of metal-free two dimensional/two dimensional homojunction photocatalyst using various carbon nitride nanosheets as building blocks
Ye BY, Han XX, Yan MD, Zhang HH, Xi FN, Dong XP, Liu JY
217 - 224 Enzyme-sensitive gemcitabine conjugated albumin nanoparticles as a versatile theranostic nanoplatform for pancreatic cancer treatment
Han HJ, Wang JH, Chen TT, Yin LC, Jin Q, Ji J
225 - 233 Synthesis of a hierarchical SnS2 nanostructure for efficient adsorption of Rhodamine B dye
Wang SY, Yang B, Liu YP
234 - 241 Two-phase displacements in microchannels of triangular cross-section
Liu YF, Hansen A, Block E, Morrow NR, Squier J, Oakey J
242 - 249 Biphasic-to-monophasic successive Co-assembly approach to yolk-shell structured mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles
Dang M, Teng ZG, Su XD, Tao J, Hao Q, Ma XB, Zhang YL, Li YJ, Tian Y, Zhang JJ, Lu GM, Wang LH
250 - 259 Enhanced adsorption removal of antibiotics from aqueous solutions by modified alginate/graphene double network porous hydrogel
Zhuang Y, Yu F, Ma J, Chen JH
260 - 270 Preparation of bismuth stannate/silver@silver chloride film samples with enhanced photocatalytic performance and self-cleaning ability
Zhao XJ, Lv X, Cui HD, Wang TH
271 - 278 Direct laser writing of micro-supercapacitors on thick graphite oxide films and their electrochemical properties in different liquid inorganic electrolytes
Kumar R, Joanni E, Singh RK, da Silva ETSG, Savu R, Kubota LT, Moshkalev SA
279 - 289 Measurements and simulation of liquid films during drainage displacements and snap-off in constricted capillary tubes
Roman S, Abu-Al-Saud MO, Tokunaga T, Wan JM, Kovscek AR, Tchelepi HA
290 - 299 Template-free synthesis of hierarchical hollow NiSX microspheres for supercapacitor
Wang J, Ma KY, Zhang J, Liu F, Cheng JP
300 - 309 Enhanced electrochemical performance of nickel-cobalt-oxide@reduced graphene oxide//activated carbon asymmetric supercapacitors by the addition of a redox-active electrolyte
Lamiel C, Lee YR, Cho MH, Tuma D, Shim JJ
310 - 322 Novel mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride modified PbBiO2Br porous microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Wang B, Di J, Liu GP, Yin S, Xia JX, Zhang Q, Li HM
323 - 336 Novel microemulsion-based gels for topical delivery of indomethacin: Formulation, physicochemical properties and in vitro drug release studies
Froelich A, Osmalek T, Snela A, Kunstman P, Jadach B, Olejniczak M, Roszak G, Bialas W
337 - 343 Alizarin Yellow R (AYR) as compatible stabilizer for miniemulsion polymerization
Zhang ZQ, Sihler S, Ziener U
344 - 352 Novel Poly(L-lactide)/graphene oxide films with improved mechanical flexibility and antibacterial activity
Yang ZJ, Sun C, Wang L, Chen HX, He J, Chen Y
353 - 359 Magnetic separable chitosan microcapsules decorated with silver nanoparticles for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Xu P, Liang XG, Chen NN, Tang JG, Shao W, Gao QW, Teng ZG
360 - 369 Magnetic reduced graphene oxide loaded hydrogels: Highly versatile and efficient adsorbents for dyes and selective Cr(VI) ions removal
Halouane F, Oz Y, Meziane D, Barras A, Juraszek J, Singh SK, Kurungot S, Shaw PK, Sanyal R, Boukherroub R, Sanyal A, Szunerits S
370 - 377 Sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering of TiO2/Ag nanowires induced by photogenerated charge transfer
Zhao X, Zhang WW, Peng CC, Liang YJ, Wang WZ
378 - 385 Two-dimensional metal chalcogenides analogous NiSe2 nanosheets and its efficient electrocatalytic performance towards glucose sensing
Mani S, Ramaraj S, Chen SM, Dinesh B, Chen TW
386 - 396 Hierarchically structured TiO2/PAN nanofibrous membranes for high-efficiency air filtration and toluene degradation
Su JF, Yang GH, Cheng CL, Huang C, Xu H, Ke QF
397 - 409 Single step method to fabricate durable superliquiphobic coating on aluminum surface with self-cleaning and anti-fogging properties
Nanda D, Varshney P, Satapathy M, Mohapatra SS, Bhushan B, Kumar A
410 - 420 Fluorescent carbon dot gated hollow mesoporous carbon for chemo-photothermal synergistic therapy
Wang XD, Lin YZ, Li X, Wang D, Di DH, Zhao QF, Wang SL
421 - 428 Low cost and non-fluoride flowerlike superhydrophobic particles fabricated for both emulsions separation and dyes adsorption
Guo F, Wen QY, Guo ZG
429 - 436 Porous Co2P nanowires as high efficient bifunctional catalysts for 4-nitrophenol reduction and sodium borohydride hydrolysis
Huang XK, Wu DF, Cheng DJ
437 - 452 Photochemical formation of chitosan-stabilized near-infrared-absorbing silver Nanoworms: A "Green" synthetic strategy and activity on Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria
Marpu S, Kolailat SS, Korir D, Kamras BL, Chaturvedi R, Joseph A, Smith CM, Palma MC, Shah J, Omary MA
453 - 469 Functional patterned coatings by thin polymer film dewetting
Telford AM, Thickett SC, Neto C