Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.497 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Green synthesis of Ag/Fe3O4 nanocomposite using Euphorbia peplus Linn leaf extract and evaluation of its catalytic activity
Sajjadi M, Nasrollahzadeh M, SajadI SM
14 - 22 Manipulate the magnetic anisotropy of nanoparticle assemblies in arrays
Wen TL, Li YP, Zhang DN, Zhan QF, Wen QY, Liao YL, Xie YL, Zhang HW, Liu C, Jin LC, Liu YL, Zhou TC, Zhong ZY
23 - 32 Synthesis and characterization of hollow ZrO2-TiO2/Au spheres as a highly thermal stability nanocatalyst
Huang MQ, Zhang YW, Zhou YM, Zhang C, Zhao SO, Fang JS, Gao Y, Sheng XL
33 - 42 Biosynthesis of Ag/reduced graphene oxide/Fe3O4 using Lotus garcinii leaf extract and its application as a recyclable nanocatalyst for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol and organic dyes
Maham M, Nasrollahzadeh M, Sajadi SM, Nekoei M
43 - 49 Enhanced removal of Ni(II) by nanoscale zero valent iron supported on Na-saturated bentonite
Li ZF, Dong HP, Zhang YL, Li JF, Li YM
50 - 56 Three-dimensional porous ZnCo2O4 sheet array coated with Ni(OH)(2) for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Pan Y, Gao H, Zhang MY, Li L, Wang GM, Shan XY
57 - 65 Recyclable magnetic superhydrophobic straw soot sponge for highly efficient oil/water separation
Beshkar F, Khojasteh H, Salavati-Niasari M
66 - 72 Comprehensive study on the electrocatalytic effect of copper - doped nano-clinoptilolite towards amoxicillin at the modified carbon paste electrode - solution interface
Nosuhi M, Nezamzadeh-Ejhieh A
73 - 82 Characterizing gelatin hydrogel viscoelasticity with diffusing colloidal probe microscopy
Shabaniverki S, Juarez JJ
83 - 92 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of magnetically recoverable palladium/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites and its catalytic applications in cross-coupling reactions
Fu WZ, Zhang ZQ, Zhuang PY, Shen JF, Ye MX
93 - 101 Facile synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles anchored on Bi2MoO6 microflowers with improved visible light photocatalytic activity
Li SJ, Hu SW, Zhang JL, Jiang W, Liu JS
102 - 107 Three-dimensional nitrogen-doped graphene foam as metal-free catalyst for the hydrogenation reduction of p-nitrophenol
Liu JY, Yan XD, Wang LX, Kong LM, Jian PM
108 - 116 Hollow-structured conjugated porous polymer derived Iron/Nitrogen-codoped hierarchical porous carbons as highly efficient electrocatalysts
Zhang WB, Cui TL, Yang LY, Zhang C, Cai M, Sun S, Yao YF, Zhuang XD, Zhang F
117 - 125 Inactivation of MS2 bacteriophage by titanium dioxide nanoparticles in the presence of quartz sand with and without ambient light
Syngouna VI, Chrysikopoulos CV
126 - 133 UiO-66(Zr) coupled with Bi2MoO6 as photocatalyst for visible-light promoted dye degradation
Ding J, Yang ZQ, He C, Tong XW, Li Y, Niu XJ, Zhang HG
134 - 143 Pd(0)-CMC@Ce(OH)(4) organic/inorganic hybrid as highly active catalyst for the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction
Lin BJ, Liu XP, Zhang Z, Chen Y, Liao XJ, Li YQ
144 - 154 Simple and facile ultrasound-assisted fabrication of Bi2O2CO3/g-C3N4 composites with excellent photoactivity
Ma YJ, Bian Y, Tan PF, Shang YY, Liu Y, Wu LD, Zhu AQ, Liu WW, Xiong X, Pan J
155 - 164 Removal of anionic dyes using magnetic Fe@graphite core-shell nanocomposite as an adsorbent from aqueous solutions
Konicki W, Hehniniak A, Arabczyk W, Mijowska E
165 - 171 Preparation and application of carbon-nanodot@NaCl composite phosphors with strong green emission
Zhai YC, Zhou D, Jing PT, Li D, Zeng HB, Qu SN
172 - 180 Dopamine and uric acid electrochemical sensor based on a glassy carbon electrode modified with cubic Pd and reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite
Wang J, Yang BB, Zhong JT, Yan B, Zhang K, Zhai CY, Shiraishi Y, Du YK, Yang P
181 - 192 Assessment of structural, morphological, magnetic and gas sensing properties of CoFe2O4 thin films
Bagade AA, Ganbavle VV, Mohite SV, Dongale TD, Sinha BB, Rajpure KY
193 - 200 Application of response surface methodology to optimize the adsorption performance of a magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposite adsorbent for removal of methadone from the environment
Gupta VK, Agarwal S, Asif M, Fakhri A, Sadeghi N
201 - 206 Lifting degeneracy in nematic liquid crystal viscosities with a single optical measurement
Bennett TP, Proctor MB, Kaczmarek M, D'Alessandro G
207 - 216 Green reduction of reduced graphene oxide with nickel tetraphenyl porphyrin nanocomposite modified electrode for enhanced, electrochemical determination of environmentally pollutant nitrobenzene
Kubendhiran S, Sakthinathan S, Chen SM, Tamizhdurai P, Shanthi K, Karuppiah C
217 - 225 Adsorption and release of ampicillin antibiotic from ordered mesoporous silica
Nairi V, Medda L, Monduzzi M, Salis A
226 - 232 Melanin-originated carbonaceous dots for triple negative breast cancer diagnosis by fluorescence and photoacoustic dual-mode imaging
Xiao W, Li Y, Hu C, Huang Y, He Q, Gao HL
233 - 241 Cyclodextrin-functionalized mesostructured silica nanoparticles for removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Topuz F, Uyar T
242 - 248 An alternative anionic bio-sustainable anti-fungal agent: Investigation of its mode of action on the fungal cell membrane
Stenbaek J, Lof D, Falkman P, Jensen B, Cardenas M
249 - 257 CO2-responsive polyacrylamide microspheres with interpenetrating networks
Mu M, Yin HY, Feng YJ
258 - 265 Sulfonated graphene oxide and its nanocomposites with electroactive conjugated polymer as effective pseudocapacitor electrode materials
Ehsani A, Kowsari E, Ajdari FB, Safari R, Shiri HM
266 - 275 Preparation and enhanced mechanical properties of hybrid hydrogels comprising ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires and sodium alginate
Jiang YY, Zhu YJ, Li H, Zhang YG, Shen YQ, Sun TW, Chen F
276 - 283 Facile and one-pot synthesis of uniform PtRu nanoparticles on polydopamine-modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes for direct methanol fuel cell application
Chen FX, Ren JK, He Q, Liu J, Song R
284 - 289 Green fabrication of coloured superhydrophobic paper from native cotton cellulose
Wen QY, Guo F, Yang FC, Guo ZG
290 - 297 Polyvinyl alcohol-based hydrophilic monoliths from water-in-oil high internal phase emulsion template
Meng X, Zeng N, Zhang J, Jiang L, Dan Y
298 - 308 Facile fabrication of Dy2Sn2O7-SnO2 nanocomposites as an effective photocatalyst for degradation and removal of organic contaminants
Zinatloo-Ajabshir S, Morassaei MS, Salavati-Niasari M
309 - 316 Properties of modified surface for biosensing interface
Tanaka M, Sawaguchi T, Hirata Y, Niwa O, Tawa K, Sasakawa C, Kuraoka K
317 - 324 Preparation of a stable aqueous suspension of reduced graphene oxide by a green method for applications in biomaterials
Ji X, Song YH, Han J, Ge L, Zhao XX, Xu C, Wang YQ, Wu D, Qiu HX
325 - 332 Lanthanum cobaltite perovskite supported on zirconia as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for activating Oxone in water
Lin KYA, Chen YC, Lin TY, Yang HT
333 - 342 Ionic crosslinking of imidazolium functionalized poly(aryl ether ketone) by sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) for anion exchange membranes
Xu YX, Ye NY, Zhang DJ, Yang JS, He RH
343 - 349 Stoppering/unstoppering of a rotaxane formed between an N-hetorycle ligand containing surfactant: beta-cyclodextrin pseudorotaxane and pentacyanoferrate(II) ions
Martin VI, Angulo M, Lopez-Cornejo P, Lopez-Lopez M, Marchena MJ, Moya ML
350 - 358 Porous CuO/reduced graphene oxide composites synthesized from metal-organic frameworks as anodes for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
Li DS, Yan D, Zhang XJ, Li JB, Lu T, Pan LK
359 - 367 High-concentration graphene dispersion stabilized by block copolymers in ethanol
Perumal S, Lee HM, Cheong IW
368 - 377 AgI nanoparticles-decorated CeO2 microsheets photocatalyst for the degradation of organic dye and tetracycline under visible-light irradiation
Wen XJ, Niu CG, Ruan M, Zhang L, Zeng GM
378 - 384 A hybrid molecular dynamics study on the non-Newtonian rheological behaviors of shear thickening fluid
Chen KH, Wang Y, Xuan SH, Gong XL
385 - 392 Recovery of uranium(VI) from aqueous solution by 2-picolylamine functionalized polystyrene-co-maleic anhydride) resin
Liu SD, Yang Y, Liu TH, Wu WS
393 - 401 Hydrophobicity and polymer compatibility of POSS-modified Wyoming Na-montmorillonite for developing polymer-clay nanocomposites
Hojiyev R, Ulcay Y, Hojamberdiev M, Celik MS, Carty WM
402 - 412 Preparation of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane based cross-linked inorganic-organic nanohybrid as adsorbent for selective removal of acidic dyes from aqueous solution
Liu JW, Yu H, Liang QM, Liu YN, Shen JW, Bai Q
413 - 421 Novel deep eutectic solvent-functionalized carbon nanotubes adsorbent for mercury removal from water
AlOmar MK, Alsaadi MA, Jassam TM, Akib S, Hashim MA
422 - 428 Boron-doped diamond electrode: Preparation, characterization and application for electrocatalytic degradation of m-dinitrobenzene
Bai HM, He P, Pan J, Chen JC, Chen Y, Dong FQ, Li H
429 - 438 Glycine buffered synthesis of layered iron(II)-iron(III) hydroxides (green rusts)
Yin WZ, Huang LZ, Pedersen EB, Frandsen C, Hansen HCB