Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.494 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Tuning stable and unstable aggregates of gallic acid capped gold nanoparticles using Mg2+ as coordinating agent
Kim DY, Shinde S, Ghodake G
8 - 14 On the migration of a droplet on an incline
Dai QW, Khonsari MM, Shen C, Huang W, Wang XL
15 - 21 Simple one-pot synthesis of solid-core@porous-shell alloyed PtAg nanocrystals for the superior catalytic activity toward hydrogen evolution and glycerol oxidation
Weng X, Liu Q, Wang AJ, Yuan J, Feng JJ
22 - 31 Experimental investigation into battery electrode surfaces: The distribution of liquid at the surface and the emptying of pores during drying
Jaiser S, Funk L, Baunach M, Scharfer P, Schabel W
32 - 37 In-situ ethylenediamine-assisted synthesis of a magnetic iron-based metal -organic framework MIL-53(Fe) for visible light photocatalysis
Feng XW, Cheri H, Jiang F
38 - 46 Non-metal photocatalyst nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes modified mpg-C3N4: facile synthesis and the enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Liu JY, Song YH, Xu H, Zhu XW, Lian JB, Xu YU, Zhao Y, Huang LY, Ji HY, Li HM
47 - 53 Study on the transformation from linear to branched wormlike micelles: An insight from molecular dynamics simulation
Wang P, Pei S, Wang MH, Yan YG, Sun XL, Zhang J
54 - 63 Multifunctional hollow superhydrophobic SiO2 microspheres with robust and self-cleaning and separation of oil/water emulsions properties
Guo F, Wen QY, Peng YB, Guo ZG
64 - 73 Functionalized white graphene - Copper oxide nanocomposite: Synthesis, characterization and application as catalyst for thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Paulose S, Raghavan R, George BK
74 - 81 Enzyme activity of alpha-chymotrypsin: Deactivation by gold nano-cluster and reactivation by glutathione
Ghosh C, Mondal T, Bhattacharyya K
82 - 91 Economically applicable Ti2O3 decorated m-aminophenol-formaldehyde resin microspheres for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
Sasikurnar R, Ranganathan P, Chen SM, Sireesha P, Chen TW, Veerakumar P, Rwei SP, Kavitha T
92 - 97 Chemical modification of the cocoa shell surface using diazonium salts
Fioresi F, Vieillard J, Bargougui R, Bouazizi N, Fotsing PN, Woumfo ED, Brun N, Mofaddel N, Le Derf F
98 - 106 Surfactant-assisted synthesis of conducting polymers. Application to the removal of nitrates from water
Garcia-Fernandez MJ, Sancho-Querol S, Pastor-Bias MM, Sepulveda-Escribano A
107 - 113 Enhanced photocatalytic properties of CdS nanoparticles decorated alpha-Fe2O3 nanopillar arrays under visible light
Shuang S, Xie Z, Zhang ZJ
114 - 123 Synthesis and characterization of functionalized mesoprous SBA-15 decorated with Fe3O4 nanoparticles for removal of Ce(III) ions from aqueous solution: ICP-OES detection and central composite design optimization
Dashtian K, Zare-Dorabei R
124 - 129 Polypyrrole blending modification for PVDF conductive membrane preparing and fouling mitigation
Liu JD, Tian C, Xiong JX, Wang L
130 - 138 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of phenol and photogenerated charges transfer property over BiOI-loaded ZnO composites
Jiang JJ, Wang HT, Chen XD, Li S, Xie TF, Wang DJ, Lin YH
139 - 152 In situ investigation of aggregate sizes formed using thermo-responsive polymers: Effect of temperature and shear
Ng WS, Connal LA, Forbes E, Mohanarangam K, Franks GV
153 - 158 Highly stable hydrazine chemical sensor based on vertically-aligned ZnO nanorods grown on electrode
Ahmad R, Tripathy N, Ahn MS, Hahn YB
159 - 169 Hollow mesoporous carbon as a near-infrared absorbing carrier compared with mesoporous carbon nanoparticles for chemophotothermal therapy
Li X, Yan Y, Lin YZ, Jiao J, Wang D, Di DH, Zhang Y, Jiang TY, Zhao QF, Wang SL
170 - 177 Regulation gel formation, hierarchical structures and surface wettability via isomeride effect in supramolecular organogel system
Cao XH, Ding QQ, Gao AP, Lv HT, Zhao N, Liu D
178 - 184 Tunable resistance switching in solution processed chromium-doped strontium titanate nanoparticles films
Wan T, Qu B, Du HW, Lin X, Guan PY, Lin QR, Chen N, Tan TT, Hang T, Chu DW
185 - 193 Synthesis of OMS-2/graphite nanocomposites with enhanced activity for pollutants degradation in the presence of peroxymonosulfate
Fang J, Li J, Gao L, Jiang XW, Zhang JW, Xu AH, Li XX
194 - 203 Thermodynamic assessment of adsorptive fouling with the membranes modified via layer-by-layer self-assembly technique
Shen LG, Cui X, Yu GY, Li FQ, Li L, Feng SS, Lin HJ, Chen JR
204 - 214 Temperature-dependent surface nanomechanical properties of a thermoplastic nanocomposite
Huang H, Dobryden I, Ihrner N, Johansson M, Ma HY, Pan JS, Claesson PM
215 - 222 Water-n-BuOH solvothermal synthesis of ZnAl-LDHs with different morphologies and its calcined product in efficient dyes removal
Huang GL, Sun YY, Zhao CC, Zhao YF, Song ZY, Chen JL, Ma SL, Du JP, Yin ZG
223 - 241 Optimization of cellulose and sugarcane bagasse oxidation: Application for adsorptive removal of crystal violet and auramine-O from aqueous solution
Martins LR, Rodrigues JAV, Adarme OFH, Melo TMS, Gurgel LVA, Gil LF
242 - 254 Analysis of chitosan/tripolyphosphate micro- and nanogel yields is key to understanding their protein uptake performance
Cai YH, Lapitsky Y
255 - 265 Normal viscous force of pendular liquid bridge between two relatively moving particles
Washino K, Chan EL, Matsumoto T, Hashino S, Tsuji T, Tanaka T
266 - 273 Adsorption of polyelectrolyte-like proteins to silica surfaces and the impact of pH on the response to ionic strength. A Monte Carlo simulation and ellipsometry study
Hyltegren K, Skepo M
274 - 281 Facile synthesis of CO3O4-CeO2 composite oxide nanotubes and their multifunctional applications for lithium ion batteries and CO oxidation
Yuan CP, Wang HG, Liu JQ, Wu Q, Duan Q, Li YH
282 - 289 Cu-3(BTC)(2) as a viable heterogeneous solid catalyst for Friedel-Crafts alkylation of indoles with nitroalkenes
Anbu N, Dhakshinamoorthy A
290 - 299 Gold nanocages decorated biocompatible amine functionalized graphene as an efficient dopamine sensor platform
Daemi S, Ashkarran AA, Bahari A, Ghasemi S
300 - 306 Development of highly-stable binder-free chemical sensor electrodes for p-nitroaniline detection
Ahmad R, Tripathy N, Ahn MS, Hahn YB
307 - 316 Removal of cadmium and lead ions from water by sulfonated magnetic nanoparticle adsorbents
Chen K, He JY, Li YL, Cai XG, Zhang KS, Liu T, Hu Y, Lin DY, Kong LT, Liu JH
317 - 324 An aluminum selective electrode via modification of PVC membrane by modified clinoptilolite nanoparticles with hexadecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (HDTMA-Br) surfactant containing Arsenazo III
Mandavi M, Nezamzadeh-Ejhieh A
325 - 337 Hydrothermal synthesis of manganese phosphate/graphene foam composite for electrochemical supercapacitor applications
Mirghni AA, Madito MJ, Masikhwa TM, Oyedotun KO, Bello A, Manyala N
338 - 344 Synthesis and characterization of reduced graphene oxide decorated with CeO2-doped MnO2 nanorods for supercapacitor applications
Ojha GP, Pant B, Park SJ, Park M, Kim HY
345 - 354 Albumin-mediated deposition of bone-like apatite onto nano-sized surfaces: Effect of surface reactivity and interfacial hydration
D'Elia NL, Gravina N, Ruso JM, Marco-Brown JL, Sieben JM, Messina PV
355 - 362 Carbon nanotubes/holey graphene hybrid film as binder-free electrode for flexible supercapacitors
Deng LJ, Gu YZ, Gao YH, Ma ZY, Fan G
363 - 372 Construction of near infrared light triggered nanodumbbell for cancer photodynamic therapy
Hou BB, Zheng B, Yang WT, Dong CH, Wang HJ, Chang J
373 - 379 Effect of cation alkyl chain length on surface forces and physical properties in deep eutectic solvents
Chen ZF, Ludwig M, Warr GG, Atkin R
380 - 388 Removal of Pb(II) and methylene blue from aqueous solution by magnetic hydroxyapatite-immobilized oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Wang YG, Hu LH, Zhang GY, Yan T, Yan LG, Wei Q, Du B
389 - 396 Fabrication of cell-benign inverse opal hydrogels for three-dimensional cell culture
Im P, Ji DH, Kim MK, Kim J
397 - 409 Functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals for advanced applications
Tang JT, Sisler J, Grishkewich N, Tam KC