Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.493 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 9 In-situ synthesis of novel Z-scheme SnS2/BiOBr photocatalysts with superior photocatalytic efficiency under visible light
Qiu FZ, Li WJ, Wang FZ, Li HD, Liu XT, Sun JY
10 - 16 Upconversion color tuning in Ce3+-doped LiYF4:Yb3+/Ho3+@LiYF4 nanoparticles towards ratiometric fluorescence detection of chromium (III)
Liu SJ, Li YJ, Zhang C, Yang L, Zhao TT, Zhang RL, Jiang CL
17 - 23 Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution using iron-zirconium modified activated carbon nanofiber: Performance and mechanism
Xiong WP, Tong J, Yang ZH, Zeng GM, Zhou YY, Wang DB, Song PP, Xu R, Zhang C, Cheng M
24 - 31 Histidine-functionalized carbon-based dot-Zinc(II) nanoparticles as a novel stabilizer for Pickering emulsion synthesis of polystyrene microspheres
Li RY, Li ZJ, Liu JK
32 - 41 Composite films of metal doped CoS/carbon allotropes; efficient electrocatalyst counter electrodes for high performance quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Khalili SS, Dehghani H, Afrooz M
42 - 50 3D architecture of a graphene/CoMoO4 composite for asymmetric supercapacitors usable at various temperatures
Jiang YR, Zheng X, Yan XQ, Li Y, Zhao X, Zhang Y
51 - 61 Synthesis of CTAB intercalated graphene and its application for the adsorption of AR265 and AO7 dyes from water
Yusuf M, Khan MA, Otero M, Abdullah EC, Hosomi M, Terada A, Riya S
62 - 76 A comparative study on the effects of ultrathin luminescent graphene oxide quantum dot (GOQD) and graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets on the interfacial interactions and mechanical properties of an epoxy composite
Karimi B, Ramezanzadeh B
77 - 84 Design of beta-cyclodextrin modified TiO2 nanotubes for the adsorption of Cu(II): Isotherms and kinetics study
Triki M, Tanazefti H, Kochkar H
85 - 93 Achillea millefolium L. extract mediated green synthesis of waste peach kernel shell supported silver nanoparticles: Application of the nanoparticles for catalytic reduction of a variety of dyes in water
Khodadadi B, Bordbar M, Nasrollahzadeh M
94 - 102 Theophylline-assisted, eco-friendly synthesis of PtAu nanospheres at reduced graphene oxide with enhanced catalytic activity towards Cr(VI) reduction
Hu LY, Chen LX, Liu MT, Wang AJ, Wu LJ, Feng JJ
103 - 110 The effect of high temperature sol-gel polymerization parameters on the microstructure and properties of hydrophobic phenol-formaldehyde/silica hybrid aerogels
Seraji MM, Sameri G, Davarpanah J, Bahramian AR
111 - 122 A novel fabrication of a high performance SiO2-graphene oxide (GO) nanohybrids: Characterization of thermal properties of epoxy nanocomposites filled with SiO2-GO nanohybrids
Haeri SZ, Ramezanzadeh B, Asghari M
123 - 129 Doping and vacancy effects of graphyne on SO2 adsorption
Kim S, Lee JY
130 - 137 Rapid microwave-assisted growth of silver nanoparticles on 3D graphene networks for supercapacitor application
Khamlich S, Khamliche T, Dhlamini MS, Khenfouch M, Mothudi BM, Maaza M
138 - 149 Removal of salicylic acid as an emerging contaminant by a polar nano-dendritic adsorbent from aqueous media
Arshadi M, Mousavinia F, Abdolmaleki MK, Amiri MJ, Khalafi-Nezhad A
150 - 161 Simple fabrication of zeolitic imidazolate framework ZIF-8/polymer composite beads by phase inversion method for efficient oil sorption
Abbasi Z, Shamsaei E, Fang XY, Ladewig B, Wang HT
162 - 170 Nanostructured tin oxide films: Physical synthesis, characterization, and gas sensing properties
Ingole SM, Navale ST, Navale YH, Bandgar DK, Stadler FJ, Mane RS, Ramgir NS, Gupta SK, Aswal DK, Patil VB
171 - 180 Facile fabrication of Fe3O4 octahedra/nanoporous copper network composite for high-performance anode in Li-Ion batteries
Ye JJ, Wang ZH, Hao Q, Liu BB, Xu CX
181 - 189 Encapsulation of cisplatin in a pegylated calcium phosphate nanoparticle (CPNP) for enhanced cytotoxicity to cancerous cells
Ding Y, Zhai K, Pei P, Lin Y, Ma YC, Zhu HX, Shao MF, Yang XZ, Tao W
190 - 197 lPorous bimetallic PdNi catalyst with high electrocatalytic activity for ethanol electrooxidation
Feng Y, Bin D, Yan B, Du YK, Majima T, Zhou WQ
198 - 205 Heterostructured ZnFe2O4/TiO2L nanotube arrays with remarkable visible-light photoelectrocatalytic performance and stability
Xie S, Ouyang K, Lao YM, He PH, Wang Q
206 - 217 Silver nanoparticles supported over mesoporous alumina as an efficient nanocatalyst for N-alkylation of hetero (aromatic) amines and aromatic amines using alcohols as alkylating agent
Paul P, Bhanja P, Salam N, Mandi U, Bhaumik A, Alam SM, Islam SM
218 - 227 Adsorption of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene and collidine over MoO3/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts with different pore structures
Zhang D, Xue LJ, Xu YQ, Song LJ, Liu XM
228 - 240 Chemically activated carbon from lignocellulosic wastes for heavy metal wastewater remediation: Effect of activation conditions
Nayak A, Bhushan B, Gupta V, Sharma P
241 - 248 A three-dimensional core-shell nanostructured composite of polypyrrole wrapped MnOL2/reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotube for high performance lithium ion batteries
Li Y, Ye DX, Liu W, Shi B, Guo R, Pei HJ, Xie JY
249 - 256 Tuning DNA adsorption affinity and density on metal oxide and phosphate for improved arsenate detection
Lopez A, Zhang YF, Liu JW
257 - 264 Sustainable microalgae for the simultaneous synthesis of carbon quantum dots for cellular imaging and porous carbon for CO2 capture
Guo LP, Zhang Y, Li WC
265 - 274 Droplet-based characterization of surfactant efficacy in colloidal stabilization of carbon black in nonpolar solvents
Bleier BJ, Yezer BA, Freireich BJ, Anna SL, Walker LM
275 - 280 Metal-free hybrids of graphitic carbon nitride and nanodiamonds for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic applications
Zhou L, Zhang HY, Guo XC, Sun HQ, Liu SM, Tade MO, Wang SB
281 - 287 One-step synthesis of AgiAgCl/GO composite: A photocatalyst of extraordinary photoactivity and stability
Liu L, Deng JT, Niu TJ, Zheng G, Zhang P, Jin Y, Jiao ZF, Sun XS
288 - 294 Micelle confined mechanistic pathway for 4-nitrophenol reduction
Roy A, Debnath B, Sahoo R, Aditya T, Pal T
295 - 306 Statistical optimization and artificial neural network modeling for acridine orange dye degradation using in-situ synthesized polymer capped ZnO nanoparticles
Dhiman N, Markandeya, Singh A, Verma NK, Ajaria N, Patnaik S
307 - 316 Highly efficient and recyclable basic mesoporous zeolite catalyzed condensation, hydroxylation, and cycloaddition reactions
Sarmah B, Satpati B, Srivastava R
317 - 326 Dynamics of rigid microparticles at the interface of co-flowing immiscible liquids in a microchannel
Jayaprakash KS, Banerjee U, Sen AK
327 - 333 Polydopamine decoration on 3D graphene foam and its electromagnetic interference shielding properties
Zhang LY, Liu M, Bi SG, Yang LP, Roy S, Tang XZ, Mu CZ, Hu X
334 - 341 Bovine serum albumin adsorption on SiO2 and TiO2 nanoparticle surfaces at circumneutral and acidic pH: A tale of two nano-bio surface interactions
Givens BE, Xu ZZ, Fiegel J, Grassian VH
342 - 348 Self-healing polyelectrolyte multilayered coating for anticorrosion on carbon paper
Zhu YX, You XM, Ren JY, Zhao ZG, Ge LQ
349 - 355 Synthesis and characterizations of biscuit-like copper oxide for the non-enzymatic glucose sensor applications
Velmurugan M, Karikalan N, Chen SM
356 - 364 Oil-in-microgel strategy for enzymatic-triggered release of hydrophobic drugs
Busatto CA, Labie H, Lapeyre V, Auzely-Velty R, Perro A, Casis N, Luna J, Estenoz DA, Ravaine V
365 - 370 Altering and investigating the surfactant properties of graphene oxide
Kumar HV, Huang KYS, Ward SP, Adamson DH
371 - 377 Vortex-assisted layer-by-layer assembly of silver nanowire thin films for flexible and transparent conductive electrodes
Kim C, An H, Jung A, Yeom B
378 - 384 High temperature stable W/O emulsions prepared with in-situ hydrophobically modified rodlike sepiolite
Zhang L, Li ZB, Wang L, Sun DJ
385 - 392 Aspect ratio tuned red-shift of photoluminescence emission of PbSe nanorods investigated by electron holography
Li Y, Du HF, Zhang JE, Liu ZW, Tian ML, Che RC
393 - 397 Scaling exponent and dispersity of polymers in solution by diffusion NMR
Williamson NH, Roding M, Miklavcic SJ, Nyden M
398 - 404 Mechanical agitation induces counterintuitive aggregation of pre-dispersed carbon nanotubes
Fernandes RMF, Buzaglo M, Regev O, Furo I, Marques EF