Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.469 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Effects of synthetic conditions on the textural structure of pseudo-boehmite
Yang Y, Xu YY, Han BZ, Xu BJ, Liu XM, Yan ZF
8 - 16 Photosensitizer-loaded gold nanorods for near infrared photodynamic and photothermal cancer therapy
Bhana S, O'Connor R, Johnson J, Ziebarth JD, Henderson L, Huang XH
17 - 24 The study of electrical conductivity and diffusion behavior of water-based and ferro/ferricyanide-electrolyte-based alumina nanofluids
Liu C, Lee H, Chang YH, Feng SP
25 - 30 Synthesis of nitrogen doped faceted titanium dioxide in pure brookite phase with enhanced visible light photoactivity
Pan J, Jiang SP
31 - 37 Surface tailored PS/TiO2 composite nanofiber membrane for copper removal from water
Wanjale S, Birajdar M, Jog J, Neppalli R, Causin V, Karger-Kocsis J, Lee J, Panzade P
38 - 46 Probing interactions of neurotransmitters with twin tailed anionic surfactant: A detailed physicochemical study
Kaur R, Sanan R, Mahajan RK
47 - 56 Surfactant-free hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchically structured spherical CuBi2O4 as negative electrodes for Li-ion hybrid capacitors
Yuvaraj S, Karthikeyan K, Kalpana D, Lee YS, Selvan RK
57 - 62 ns or fs pulsed laser ablation of a bulk InSb target in liquids for nanoparticles synthesis
Semaltianos NG, Hendry E, Chang H, Wears ML, Monteil G, Assoul M, Malkhasyan V, Blondeau-Patissier V, Gauthier-Manuel B, Moutarlier V
63 - 68 Residual trapping of supercritical CO2 in oil-wet sandstone
Rahman T, Lebedev M, Barifcani A, Iglauer S
69 - 77 Magnetically separable and recyclable Fe3O4-polydopamine hybrid hollow microsphere for highly efficient peroxidase mimetic catalysts
Liu SJ, Fu JW, Wang MH, Yan Y, Xin QQ, Cai L, Xu Q
78 - 85 Catalytic reduction-adsorption for removal of p-nitrophenol and its conversion p-aminophenol from water by gold nanoparticles supported on oxidized mesoporous carbon
Guo PC, Tang L, Tang J, Zeng GM, Huang BB, Dong HR, Zhang Y, Zhou YY, Deng YC, Ma LL, Tan SR
86 - 92 Dual-targeting superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoprobes with high and low target density for brain glioma imaging
Zhang J, Chen N, Wang H, Gu W, Liu K, Ai PH, Yan CX, Ye L
93 - 98 Aqueous extract from seeds of Silybum marianum L. as a green material for preparation of the Cu/Fe3O4 nanoparticles: A magnetically recoverable and reusable catalyst for the reduction of nitroarenes
Sajadi SM, Nasrollahzadeh M, Maham M
99 - 108 Assembly of functional gold nanoparticle on silica microsphere
Wang HL, Lee FC, Tang TY, Zhou CG, Tsai DH
109 - 119 Nano-diamond particles functionalized with single/double-arm amide-thiourea ligands for adsorption of metal ions
Zhao XS, Zhang S, Bai CY, Li B, Li Y, Wang L, Wen R, Zhang MC, Ma LJ, Li SJ
120 - 128 Influence of internal composition on physicochemical properties of alginate aqueous-core capsules
Ben Messaoud G, Sanchez-Gonzalez L, Probst L, Desobry S
129 - 137 Titanium dental implants surface-immobilized with gold nanoparticles as osteoinductive agents for rapid osseointegration
Heo DN, Ko WK, Lee HR, Lee SJ, Lee D, Um SH, Lee JH, Woo YH, Zhang LG, Lee DW, Kwon IK
138 - 146 Au@Cu2O stellated polytope with core-shelled nanostructure for high-performance adsorption and visible-light-driven photodegradation of cationic and anionic dyes
Wu XQ, Cai JB, Li SX, Zheng FY, Lai ZH, Zhu LC, Chen TJ
147 - 156 Drop impact on natural porous stones
Lee JB, Derome D, Carmeliet J
157 - 163 Dynamical behaviors of structural, constrained and free water in calcium- and magnesium-silicate-hydrate gels
Le PS, Fratini E, Ito K, Wang Z, Mamontov E, Baglioni P, Chen SH
164 - 176 A synergetic analysis method for antifouling behavior investigation on PES ultrafiltration membrane with self-assembled TiO2 nanoparticles
Li X, Li JS, Fang XF, Bakzhan K, Wang LJ, Van der Bruggen B
177 - 183 Electrophoretic deposition of tannic acid-polypyrrolidone films and composites
Luo D, Zhang TS, Zhitomirsky I
184 - 190 Polyelectrolytes to produce nanosized polydopamine
Mateescu M, Metz-Boutigue MH, Bertani P, Ball V
191 - 195 Green synthesis of Pd nanoparticles mediated by Euphorbia thymifolia L. leaf extract: Catalytic activity for cyanation of aryl iodides under ligand-free conditions
Nasrollahzadeh M, Sajadi SM
196 - 204 Foam stabilisation using surfactant exfoliated graphene
Sham AYW, Notley SM
205 - 212 Influence of pore size distribution on the adsorption of phenol on PET-based activated carbons
Lorenc-Grabowska E, Diez MA, Gryglewicz G
213 - 223 Controlling particle size in the Stober process and incorporation of calcium
Greasley SL, Page SJ, Sirovica S, Chen S, Martin RA, Riveiro A, Hanna JV, Porter AE, Jones JR
224 - 230 Uptake and degradation of Orange II by zinc aluminum layered double oxides
Zhang LH, Xiong ZG, Li L, Burt R, Zhao XS
231 - 236 A bismuth based layer structured organic-inorganic hybrid material with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Liu YY, Wang GZ, Dong JC, An Y, Huang BB, Qin XY, Zhang XY, Dai Y
237 - 241 A theory of interactions between polarizable dielectric spheres
Qin J, Li JY, Lee V, Jaeger H, de Pablo JJ, Freed KF
242 - 256 Porous titania/carbon hybrid microspheres templated by in situ formed polystyrene colloids
Cheng T, Zhang GQ, Xia YG, Sun ZC, Yang ZH, Liu R, Xiao Y, Wang XY, Wang MM, Ban JZ, Yang LT, Ji Q, Qiu B, Chen GX, Chen HF, Lin YC, Pei XY, Wu Q, Meng JQ, Liu ZP, Chen L, Xiao TH, Sun LD, Yan CH, Butt HJ, Cheng YJ
257 - 262 Electrochemical behavior of chemically synthesized selenium thin film
Patil AM, Kumbhar VS, Chodankar NR, Lokhande AC, Lokhande CD
263 - 268 In-situ study of substrate - catalyst interactions in a Julia-Colonna epoxidation using quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation
Wakeham D, Crivoi DG, Medina F, Segarra AM, Rutland MW
269 - 276 Finely tunable fabrication and catalytic activity of gold multipod nanoparticles
Choi S, Moon Y, Yoo H
277 - 286 Oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenol by non-radical mechanism using persulfate activated by Fe/S modified carbon nanotubes
Cheng X, Guo HG, Zhang YL, Liu Y, Liu HW, Yang Y
287 - 295 Nanoelectrical investigation and electrochemical performance of nickel-oxide/carbon sphere hybrids through interface manipulation
Yang XG, Zhang YG, Wu GD, Zhu CX, Zou W, Gao YH, Tian J, Zheng Z
296 - 309 Metalloporphyrins immobilized in Fe3O4@SiO2 mesoporous submicrospheres: Reusable biomimetic catalysts for hydrocarbon oxidation
Barbosa IA, de Sousa PC, da Silva DL, Zanardi FB, Zanatta LD, de Oliveira AJA, Serra OA, Iamamoto Y
310 - 317 Pd-grafted open metal site copper-benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate metal organic frameworks (Cu-BDC MOF's) as promising interfacial catalysts for sustainable Suzuki coupling
Rostamnia S, Alamgholiloo H, Liu X
318 - 324 Chemically prepared La2Se3 nanocubes thin film for supercapacitor application
Patil SJ, Lokhande VC, Chodankar NR, Lokhande CD
325 - 337 Determination of charge carrier concentration in doped nonpolar liquids by impedance spectroscopy in the presence of charge adsorption
Yezer BA, Khair AS, Sides PJ, Prieve DC
338 - 343 Removal of chemical oxygen demand from landfill leachate using cow-dung ash as a low-cost adsorbent
Kaur K, Mor S, Ravindra K
344 - 354 Ion-imprinted modified chitosan resin for selective removal of Pd(II) ions
Monier M, Abdel-Latif DA, Abou El-Reash YG
355 - 364 Oxidative dissolution of silver nanoparticles: A new theoretical approach
Adamczyk Z, Ocwieja M, Mrowiec H, Walas S, Lupa D