Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.468 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Template method to controllable synthesis 3D porous NiCo2O4 with enhanced capacitance and stability for supercapacitors
Bai Y, Wang RR, Lu XY, Sun J, Gao L
10 - 20 Spreading, encapsulation and transition to arrested shapes during drop impact onto hydrophobic powders
Supakar T, Moradiafrapoli M, Christopher GF, Marston JO
21 - 33 Wetting hysteresis induced by temperature changes: Supercooled water on hydrophobic surfaces
Heydari G, Moghaddam MS, Tuominen M, Fielden M, Haapanen J, Makela JM, Claesson PM
34 - 41 Nickel nanoparticles with hcp structure: Preparation, deposition as thin films and application as electrochemical sensor
Neiva EGC, Oliveira MM, Marcolino LH, Zarbin AJG
42 - 50 Exploring 3D structural influences of aliphatic and aromatic chemicals on alpha-cyclodextrin binding
Linden L, Goss KU, Endo S
51 - 56 Polyoxometalate-grafted graphene nanohybrid for electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide and glucose
Yang M, Kim DS, Lee TJ, Lee SJ, Lee KG, Choi BG
57 - 61 The role of polyaluminum chloride in kaolinite aggregation in the sequent coagulation and flocculation process
Liang L, Tan JK, Peng YL, Xia WC, Xie GY
62 - 69 A simple way to prepare reduced graphene oxide nanosheets/Fe2O3-Pd/N-doped carbon nanosheets and their application in catalysis
Yao TJ, Zhang JS, Zuo Q, Wang H, Wu J, Zhang X, Cui TY
70 - 77 Fabrication of ordered honeycomb amphiphobic films with extremely low fluorine content
Gao F, Wang W, Li XX, Li L, Lin JP, Lin SL
78 - 85 Manipulation the properties of supramolecular hydrogels of alpha-cyclodextrin/Tyloxapol/carbon-based nanomaterials
Shen JL, Xin X, Liu T, Tong L, Xu GY, Yuan SL
86 - 94 Control of crystallite and particle size in the synthesis of layered double hydroxides: Macromolecular insights and a complementary modeling tool
Galvao TLP, Neves CS, Caetano APF, Maia F, Mata D, Malheiro E, Ferreira MJ, Bastos AC, Salak AN, Gomes JRB, Tedim J, Ferreira MGS
95 - 102 Clouding in fatty acid dispersions for charge-dependent dye extraction
Garenne D, Navailles L, Nallet F, Grelard A, Dufourc EJ, Douliez JP
103 - 109 An alkali treating strategy for the colloidization of graphitic carbon nitride and its excellent photocatalytic performance
Cheng FX, Yan J, Zhou CJ, Chen BH, Li PR, Chen Z, Dong XP
110 - 119 Surface zwitterionicalization of poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes from the entrapped reactive core-shell silica nanoparticles
Zhu LJ, Zhu LP, Zhang PB, Zhu BK, Xu YY
120 - 127 Electrocatalytic oxidation of dopamine based on non-covalent functionalization of manganese tetraphenylporphyrin/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite
Sakthinathan S, Lee HF, Chen SM, Tamizhdurai P
128 - 135 Combination of Na-modified zeolite and anion exchange resin for advanced treatment of a high ammonia-nitrogen content municipal effluent
Zhang HY, Li AM, Zhang W, Shuang CD
136 - 144 Organic-inorganic hybrid ZnS(butylamine) nanosheets and their transformation to porous ZnS
Zhu GX, Yang J, Bao CL, Zhang XY, Ji ZY, Wu SK, Shen XP
145 - 155 Diffusional motion as a gauge of fluidity and interfacial adhesion. Supported alkylphosphonate monolayers
Baumler SM, Reidy TM, Blanchard GJ
156 - 162 An efficient one-pot synthesis of 1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles at room temperature by green synthesized Cu NPs using Otostegia persica leaf extract
Nasrollahzadeh M, Sajadi SM, Mirzaei Y
163 - 175 Phyto mediated biogenic synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Cerasus serrulata and its utility in detecting hydrazine, microbial activity and DFT studies
Karthik R, Chen SM, Elangovan A, Muthukrishnan P, Shanmugam R, Lou BS
176 - 182 Oxygen functional groups in graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalysis
Liu SZ, Li DG, Sun HQ, Ang HM, Tade MO, Wang SB
183 - 191 Development and application of novel clonazepam molecularly imprinted coatings for stir bar sorptive extraction
Li XX, Mei XL, Xu L, Shen X, Zhu WY, Hong JL, Zhou XM
192 - 199 Adsorption of T4 bacteriophages on planar indium tin oxide surface via controlled surface tailoring
Liana AE, Chia EW, Marquis CP, Gunawan C, Gooding JJ, Amal R
200 - 210 Highly active carbon supported ternary PdSnPtx (x=0.1-0.7) catalysts for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline and acid media
Wang XG, Zhu FC, He YW, Wang M, Zhang ZH, Ma ZZ, Li RX
211 - 219 Facile synthesis of 3D porous thermally exfoliated g-C3N4 nanosheet with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of organic dye
Yuan XY, Zhou C, Jin YR, Jing QY, Yang YL, Shen X, Tang Q, Mu YH, Du AK
220 - 226 Barcoded materials based on photoluminescent hybrid system of lanthanide ions-doped metal organic framework and silica via ion exchange
Shen X, Yan B
227 - 237 Structural perturbation of a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) bilayer by warfarin and its bolaamphiphilic analogue: A molecular dynamics study
Ayee MAA, Roth CW, Akpa BS
238 - 246 Free-standing alpha-Co(OH)(2)/graphene oxide thin films fabricated through delamination and reassembling of acetate anions intercalated alpha-Co(OH)(2) and graphene oxide in water
Ma KY, Zhao WJ, Cheng JP, Liu F, Zhang XB
247 - 252 Solution-processable exfoliation and suspension of atomically thin WSe2
Gerchman D, Alves AK
253 - 261 The adsorption of tetracycline and vancomycin onto nanodiamond with controlled release
Giammarco J, Mochalin VN, Haeckel J, Gogotsi Y
262 - 275 Influence of surface conductivity on the apparent zeta potential of calcite
Li S, Leroy P, Heberling F, Devau N, Jougnot D, Chiaberge C
276 - 283 Facile and green approach to prepare fluorescent carbon dots: Emergent nanomaterial for cell imaging and detection of vitamin B-2
Kundu A, Nandi S, Das P, Nandi AK
284 - 291 Synthesis, characterization, and visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance of W-SBA15
Chang F, Wang J, Luo JR, Sun JR, Hu XF
292 - 299 In situ green synthesis of fluorescent monodispersed mesoporous silica spheres/poly(p-phenylenevinylene) composites
Yamada Y, Nakamura T, Yano K
300 - 306 Large-scale synthesis of water-soluble luminescent hydroxyapatite nanorods for security printing
Chen XH, Jin XY, Tan JJ, Li W, Chen MF, Yao L, Yang HT
307 - 312 A universal magnetic ferrofluid: Nanomagnetite stable hydrosol with no added dispersants and at neutral pH
Drozdov AS, Ivanovski V, Avnir D, Vinogradov VV
313 - 323 FTIR, Raman, and XPS analysis during phosphate, nitrate and Cr(VI) removal by amine cross-linking biosorbent
Ren ZF, Xu X, Wang X, Gao BY, Yue QY, Song W, Zhang L, Wang HT
324 - 333 Synthesis of hydrophobic cross-linked polyzwitterionic acid for simultaneous sorption of Eriochrome black T and chromium ions from binary hazardous waters
Saleh TA, Muhammad AM, Ali SA
334 - 346 Magnetic magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticle synthesis and applications for lead (Pb2+) and chromium (Cr6+) removal from water
Rajput S, Pittman CU, Mohan D