Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.467 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of Palladium-loaded three dimensional flower-like anatase TiO2 with dominant {001} facets
Bai X, Lv LL, Zhang XY, Hua ZL
10 - 16 Bromate removal from water by polypyrrole tailored activated carbon
Hong SQ, Deng SB, Yao XL, Wang B, Wang YJ, Huang J, Yu G
17 - 27 Inhibition of bacterial surface colonization by immobilized silver nanoparticles depends critically on the planktonic bacterial concentration
Wirth SM, Bertuccio AJ, Cao F, Lowry GV, Tilton RD
28 - 34 A facile approach for synthesizing Fe-based layered double hydroxides with high purity and its exfoliation
Wang YL, Li FJ, Dong SY, Liu XW, Li MG
35 - 42 Highly efficient nuclear delivery of anti-cancer drugs using a bio-functionalized reduced graphene oxide
Zheng XT, Ma XQ, Li CM
43 - 50 Modulating self-assembly behavior of a salt-free peptide amphiphile (PA) and zwitterionic surfactant mixed system
Zhang H, Sun JC, Xin X, Xu WL, Shen JL, Song ZH, Yuan SL
51 - 59 Mechanism of the cathodic process coupled to the oxidation of iron monosulfide by dissolved oxygen
Duinea MI, Costas A, Baibarac M, Chirita P
60 - 69 Methane adsorption on porous nano-silica in the presence of water: An experimental and ab initio study
Wang L, Yu QC
70 - 80 Polymer grafted magnetic nanoparticles for delivery of anticancer drug at lower pH and elevated temperature
Dutta S, Parida S, Maiti C, Banerjee R, Mandal M, Dhara D
81 - 89 Probing microenvironment of micelle and albumin using diethyl 6-(dimethylamino)naphthalene-2,3-dicarboxylate: An electroneutral solvatochromic fluorescent probe
Mallick S, Pal K, Koner AL
90 - 96 Aggregation-induced emission from gold nanoclusters for use as a luminescence-enhanced nanosensor to detect trace amounts of silver ions
Li BZ, Wang X, Shen X, Zhu WY, Xu L, Zhou XM
97 - 104 Mesoporous Cd1-xZnxS microspheres with tunable bandgap and high specific surface areas for enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen generation
Zhou YN, Wang YG, Wen T, Zhang SY, Chang BB, Guo YZ, Yang BC
105 - 114 Effect of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexation on Marangoni transport at a liquid-liquid interface
Duner G, Kim M, Tilton RD, Garoff S, Przybycien TM
115 - 120 Single-crystal Au microflakes modulated by amino acids and their sensing and catalytic properties
Li MJ, Wu XC, Zhou JY, Kong QS, Li CX
121 - 128 Ready-to-use colloidal adjuvant systems for intranasal immunization
Lee JJ, Shim A, Lee SY, Kwon BE, Kim SR, Ko HJ, Cho HJ
129 - 139 Visible light activated photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline by a magnetically separable composite photocatalyst: Graphene oxide/magnetite/cerium-doped titania
Cao MH, Wang PF, Ao YH, Wang C, Hou J, Qian J
140 - 147 Crystalline NiCo2S4 nanotube array coated with amorphous NiCoxSy for supercapacitor electrodes
Ding R, Zhang MY, Yao YH, Gao H
148 - 157 Finding robust descriptive features for the characterization of the coarsening dynamics of three dimensional whey protein foams
Dittmann J, Eggert A, Lambertus M, Dombrowski J, Rack A, Zabler S
158 - 164 Effect of forced convection on the collision and interaction between nanoparticles and ultramicroelectrode
Jiang J, Huang XJ, Wang LS
165 - 169 Modeling the yield strength of polymer nanocomposites based upon nanoparticle agglomeration and polymer-filler interphase
Zare Y
170 - 179 BET adsorption reaction model based on the pseudo steady-state hypothesis for describing the kinetics of adsorption in liquid phase
Marban G
180 - 191 Exploitation of redox discrepancy in leukemia cells by a reactive oxygen species nanoscavenger for inducing cytotoxicity in imatinib resistant cells
Acharya S, Sahoo SK
192 - 202 Engineering NiO sensitive materials and its ultra-selective detection of benzaldehyde
Yang FC, Guo ZG
203 - 212 Silane grafted chitosan for the efficient remediation of aquatic environment contaminated with arsenic(V)
Lalhmunsiama, Lalchhingpuii, Nautiyal BP, Tiwari D, Choi SI, Kong SH, Lee SM
213 - 219 Selective co-deposition of anionic silica particles at hydrophobic surfaces from formulations of oppositely charged polymers and surfactants
Wang W, Johnson ES, Nylander T, Ellingson P, Schubert B, Piculell L
220 - 229 Electrospray synthesis and properties of hierarchically structured PLGA TIPS microspheres for use as controlled release technologies
Malik SA, Ng WH, Bowen J, Tang J, Gomez A, Kenyon AJ, Day RM
230 - 238 Adsorption of Rhodamine B on two novel polar-modified post-cross-linked resins: Equilibrium and kinetics
Jiang XF, Huang JH
239 - 244 pK(a) determination of graphene-like materials: Validating chemical functionalization
Orth ES, Ferreira JGL, Fonsaca JES, Blaskievicz SF, Domingues SH, Dasgupta A, Terrones M, Zarbin AJG
245 - 252 Development of a highly transparent superamphiphobic plastic sheet by nanoparticle and chemical coating
Wong TI, Wang H, Wang FK, Sin SL, Quan CG, Wang SJ, Zhou XD
253 - 260 Mesoporous silica nanoparticles with controllable morphology prepared from oil-in-water emulsions
Gustafsson H, Isaksson S, Altskar A, Holmberg K
261 - 270 Polyaniline coated membranes for effective separation of oil-in-water emulsions
Liu MM, Li J, Guo ZG
271 - 279 Enhanced chemiluminescence-based detection on gold substrate after electrografting of diazonium precursor-coated gold nanoparticles
Adabo AH, Zeggari R, Said NM, Bazzi R, Elie-Caille C, Marquette C, Martini M, Tillement O, Perriat P, Chaix C, Boireau W, Roux S
280 - 290 Adsorption of the intrinsically disordered saliva protein histatin 5 to silica surfaces. A Monte Carlo simulation and ellipsometry study
Hyltegren K, Nylander T, Lund M, Skepo M
291 - 299 Ag@polypyrrole: A highly efficient nanocatalyst for the N-alkylation of amines using alcohols
Mandi U, Kundu SK, Salam N, Bhaumik A, Islam SM
300 - 306 Pertinent parameters in photo-generation of electrons: Comparative study of anatase-based nano-TiO2 suspensions
Martel D, Guerra A, Turek P, Weiss J, Vileno B
307 - 320 Nanocellulose/nanobentonite composite anchored with multi-carboxyl functional groups as an adsorbent for the effective removal of Cobalt(II) from nuclear industry wastewater samples
Anirudhan TS, Deepa JR, Christa J
321 - 334 Sculpting the internal architecture of fluorescent silica particles via a template-free approach
Rosu C, Gorman AJ, Cueto R, Dooley KM, Russo PS