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1 - 8 Covalent immobilization of molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles on a gold surface using carbodiimide coupling for chemical sensing
Kamra T, Chaudhary S, Xu CG, Montelius L, Schnadt J, Ye L
9 - 14 DRIFT studies on promotion mechanism of H3PW12O40 in selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Weng XL, Dai XX, Zeng QS, Liu Y, Wu ZB
15 - 19 Au and Ag/Au double-shells hollow nanoparticles with improved near infrared surface plasmon and photoluminescence properties
Chaudhuri RG, Paria S
20 - 24 A general and facile method for improving carbon coat on magnetic nanoparticles with a thickness control
Zhao H, Cui HJ, Fu ML
25 - 31 Synthesis of cuprous oxide with morphological evolution from truncated octahedral to spherical structures and their size and shape-dependent photocatalytic activities
Jiang DL, Xing CS, Liang XM, Shao LQ, Chen M
32 - 38 Electrophoretic mobility of spherical particles in bounded domain
Liu YW, Pennathur S, Meinhart CD
39 - 44 Phase transfer of citrate stabilized gold nanoparticles using nonspecifically adsorbed polymers
Alkilany AM, Caravana AC, Hamaly MA, Lerner KT, Thompson LB
45 - 49 Melamine-DNA encoded periodicity of quantum dot arrays
Singh S, Kumari R, Chakraborty A, Hussain S, Singh MK, Das P
50 - 55 Tailored stimuli-responsive interaction between particles adjusted by straightforward adsorption of mixed layers of Poly(lysine)-g-PEG and Poly(lysine)-g-PNIPAM on anionic beads
Malinge J, Mousseau F, Zanchi D, Brun G, Tribet C, Marie E
56 - 63 Au/PtO nanoparticle-modified g-C3N4 for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible light
Jiang J, Yu JG, Cao SW
64 - 68 Possible mechanism of structural incorporation of Al into diatomite during the deposition process I. Via a condensation reaction of hydroxyl groups
Liu D, Yu WB, Deng LL, Yuan WW, Ma LY, Yuan P, Du PX, He HP
69 - 78 Cross-linked chitosan/liposome hybrid system for the intestinal delivery of quercetin
Caddeo C, Diez-Sales O, Pons R, Carbone C, Ennas G, Puglisi G, Fadda AM, Manconi M
79 - 87 Adsorption of fluoride to UiO-66-NH2 in water: Stability, kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies
Lin KYA, Liu YT, Chen SY
88 - 95 Solubilization of octane in cationic surfactant-anionic polymer complexes: Effect of ionic strength
Zhang H, Deng LL, Sun P, Que F, Weiss J
96 - 103 Nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon with high surface area derived from graphene oxide/pitch oxide composite for supercapacitors
Ma Y, Ma C, Sheng J, Zhang HX, Wang RR, Xie ZY, Shi JL
104 - 113 Impact of solution chemistry on the properties and bactericidal activity of silver nanoparticles decorated on superabsorbent cryogels
Loo SL, Krantz WB, Hu X, Fane AG, Lim TT
114 - 121 Drop impact on inclined superhydrophobic surfaces
LeClear S, LeClear J, Abhijeet, Park KC, Choi W
122 - 127 Electron beam-induced formation of crystalline nanoparticle chains from amorphous cadmium hydroxide nanofibers
Stoychev GV, Okhrimenko DV, Appelhans D, Voit B
128 - 135 Low-temperature polymerization of methyl methacrylate emulsion gels through surfactant catalysis
Zhang T, Xu G, Regev O, Blum FD
136 - 143 A transparent silica colloidal crystal/PDMS composite and its application for crack suppression of metallic coatings
Sun SF, Pan ZH, Yang FK, Huang YD, Zhao BX
144 - 153 Ultrasonic-assisted preparation of novel ternary ZnO/AgI/Fe3O4 nanocomposites as magnetically separable visible-light-driven photocatalysts with excellent activity
Shekofteh-Gohari M, Habibi-Yangjeh A
154 - 161 Microwave-assisted synthesis of simonkolleite nanoplatelets on nickel foam-graphene with enhanced surface area for high-performance supercapacitors
Khamlich S, Mokrani T, Dhlamini MS, Mothudi BM, Maaza M
162 - 167 Synthesis of tunable-band-gap "Open-Box" halide perovskites by use of anion exchange and internal dissolution procedures
Wu ZC, Wang BH, He J, Chen T
168 - 172 Microfluidic production of porous carbon spheres with tunable size and pores
Ge H, Xu HB, Lu TY, Li J, Chen HS, Wan JD
173 - 178 A facile synthesis of superparamagnetic Fe3O4 supraparticles@MIL-100 (Fe) core-shell nanostructures: Preparation, characterization and biocompatibility
Yu SS, Wan JQ, Chen KZ
179 - 184 Multi-length scale porous polymer films from hypercrosslinked breath figure arrays
Ding L, Zhang AJ, Li WQ, Bai H, Li L
185 - 194 Enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity in yellow and black orthorhombic NaTaO3 nanocubes by surface modification and simultaneous N/Ta4+ co-doping
Zhou YN, Wang YG, Wen T, Chang BB, Guo YZ, Lin ZS, Yang BC
195 - 202 Rise of the main meniscus in rectangular capillaries: Experiments and modeling
Wu PK, Zhang H, Nikolov A, Wasan D
203 - 210 Fine CuO anisotropic nanoparticles supported on mesoporous SBA-15 for selective hydrogenation of nitroaromatics
Sareen S, Mutreja V, Singh S, Pal B
211 - 214 Wet formation and structural characterization of quasi-hexagonal monolayers
Batys P, Weronski P, Nosek M
215 - 224 Macroscopic and spectroscopic investigations on Eu(III) and Cm(III) sorption onto bayerite (beta-AlH)(3)) and corundum (alpha-Al2O3)
Kupcik T, Rabung T, Lutzenkirchen J, Finck N, Geckeis H, Fanghanel T
225 - 231 Understanding the interactions between porphyrin-containing photosensitizers and polymer-coated nanoparticles in model biological environments
Jenkins SV, Srivatsan A, Reynolds KY, Gao F, Zhang YB, Heyes CD, Pandey RK, Chen JY
232 - 238 Preparation of highly permeable BPPO microfiltration membrane with binary porous structures on a colloidal crystal substrate by the breath figure method
Yuan H, Yu B, Cong HL, Peng QH, Yang Z, Luo YL, Chi M
239 - 248 The potential use of a layer-by-layer strategy to develop LDPE antimicrobial films coated with silver nanoparticles for packaging applications
Azlin-Hasim S, Cruz-Romero MC, Cummins E, Kerry JP, Morris MA
249 - 260 Tungstate sorption mechanisms on boehmite: Systematic uptake studies and X-ray absorption spectroscopy analysis
Hur H, Reeder RJ
261 - 272 Water decontamination via the removal of Pb (II) using a new generation of highly energetic surface nano-material: Co+2Mo+6 LDH
Mostafa MS, Bakr ASA, El Naggar AMA, Sultan ESA
273 - 284 Mechanically durable superoleophobic aluminum surfaces with microstep and nanoreticula hierarchical structure for self-cleaning and anti-smudge properties
Peng S, Bhushan B
285 - 291 Effects of bleaching on osteoclast activity and their modulation by osteostatin and fibroblast growth factor 2
Torres-Rodriguez C, Portoles MT, Matesanz MC, Linares J, Feito MJ, Izquierdo-Barba I, Esbrit P, Vallet-Regi M
292 - 304 Selective adsorption and separation of organic dyes from aqueous solution on polydopamine microspheres
Fu JW, Xin QQ, Wu XC, Chen ZH, Yan Y, Liu SJ, Wang MH, Xu Q
305 - 316 Growth and motility of human skin fibroblasts on multilayer strong polyelectrolyte films
Wytrwal M, Koczurkiewicz P, Zrubek K, Niemiec W, Michalik M, Kozik B, Szneler E, Bernasik A, Madeja Z, Nowakowska M, Kepczynski M
317 - 325 Photocatalysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in water: Towards a deeper understanding of the role of cyclodextrins in the photodegradation of toluene over titanium dioxide
Lannoy A, Kania N, Bleta R, Fourmentin S, Machut-Binkowski C, Monflier E, Ponchel A
326 - 334 Metal and proton adsorption capacities of natural and cloned Sphagnum mosses
Gonzalez AG, Pokrovsky OS, Beike AK, Reski R, Di Palma A, Adamo P, Giordano S, Fernandez JA
335 - 345 Designing potent antimicrobial peptides by disulphide linked dimerization and N-terminal lipidation to increase antimicrobial activity and membrane perturbation: Structural insights into lipopolysaccharide binding
Datta A, Kundu P, Bhunia A
346 - 351 Steric stabilization of modified nanoclays triggered by temperature
Cavallaro G, Lazzara G, Milioto S, Parisi F
352 - 358 Enhanced perfume surface delivery to interfaces using surfactant surface multilayer structures
Brabury R, Penfold J, Thomas RK, Tucker IM, Petkov JT, Jones C
359 - 368 Mechanically reinforced cell-laden scaffolds formed using alginate-based bioink printed onto the surface of a PCL/alginate mesh structure for regeneration of hard tissue
Kim YB, Lee H, Yang GH, Choi CH, Lee D, Hwang H, Jung WK, Yoon H, Kim GH
369 - 375 Controllable in situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles on multilayered film-coated silk fibers for antibacterial application
Meng M, He HW, Xiao J, Zhao P, Xie JL, Lu ZS
376 - 382 Controlling optical properties of metallic multi-shell nanoparticles through suppressed surface plasmon resonance
Acapulco JAI, Hong S, Kim SK, Park S
383 - 395 Viscosity and stability of ultra-high internal phase CO2-in-water foams stabilized with surfactants and nanoparticles with or without polyelectrolytes
Xue Z, Worthen A, Qajar A, Robert I, Bryant SL, Huh C, Prodanovic M, Johnston KP
396 - 408 Maghemite nanosorbcats for methylene blue adsorption and subsequent catalytic thermo-oxidative decomposition: Computational modeling and thermodynamics studies
El-Qanni A, Nassar NN, Vitale G, Hassan A
409 - 418 A confocal microscopy study of micron-sized poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) microgel particles at the oil-water interface and anisotopic flattening of highly swollen microgel
Kwok MH, Ngai T
419 - 424 Trypsin and trypsin inhibitor bind PAMAM nanoparticles: Effect of hydrophobicity on protein-polymer conjugation
Chanphai P, Tajmir-Riahi HA
425 - 434 Application of least squares support vector regression and linear multiple regression for modeling removal of methyl orange onto tin oxide nanoparticles loaded on activated carbon and activated carbon prepared from Pistacia atlantica wood
Ghaedi M, Rahimi MR, Ghaedi AM, Tyagi I, Agarwal S, Gupta VK
435 - 442 Wettability alteration of oil-wet carbonate by silica nanofluid
Al-Anssari S, Barifcani A, Wang SB, Maxim L, Iglauer S
443 - 443 Influence of ionic strength and polyelectrolyte concentration on the electrical conductivity of suspensions of soft colloidal polysaccharides (vol 459, pg 212, 2015)
Sagou JPS, Ahualli S, Thomas F, Duval JFL
444 - 445 Covalent immobilization of molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles on a gold surface using carbodiimide coupling for chemical sensing (vol 461, pg 1, 2016)
Kamra T, Chaudhary S, Xu CG, Montelius L, Schnadt J, Ye L