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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.447 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 7 Core-shell superparamagnetic Fe3O4@beta-CD composites for host-guest adsorption of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Wang ML, Liu P, Wang Y, Zhou DM, Ma C, Zhang DJ, Zhan JH
8 - 15 Polyion complex micelles composed of pegylated polyasparthydrazide derivatives for siRNA delivery to the brain
Huo H, Gao YK, Wang Y, Zhang JH, Wang ZY, Jiang TY, Wang SL
16 - 24 New insights into how RGO influences the photocatalytic performance of BiOIO3/RGO nanocomposites under visible and UV irradiation
Xiong T, Dong F, Zhou Y, Fu M, Ho WK
25 - 32 Hindered Brownian diffusion in a square-shaped geometry
Gentile FS, De Santo I, D'Avino G, Rossi L, Romeo G, Greco F, Netti PA, Maffettone PL
33 - 39 Effect of synthesis solvent on the breathing behavior of MIL-53(Al)
Mounfield WP, Walton KS
40 - 49 A one-step short-time synthesis of Ag@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles
Lismont M, Paez CA, Dreesen L
50 - 57 A nanoporous palladium-nickel alloy with high sensing performance towards hydrogen peroxide and glucose
Zhao DY, Xu CX
58 - 67 Measuring and modeling the magnetic settling of superparamagnetic nanoparticle dispersions
Prigiobbe V, Ko S, Huh C, Bryant SL
68 - 76 Preparation of highly active and hydrothermally stable nickel catalysts
Li SZ, Chen H, Shen JY
77 - 84 The role of ether-functionalized ionic liquids in the sol-gel process: Effects on the initial alkoxide hydrolysis steps
Donato RK, Lavorgna M, Musto P, Donato KZ, Jager A, Stepanek P, Schrekker HS, Matejka L
85 - 91 Calcium alginate encapsulated Ni/Fe nanoparticles beads for simultaneous removal of Cu (II) and monochlorobenzene
Kuang Y, Du JH, Zhou RB, Chen ZL, Megharaj M, Naidu R
92 - 96 Interfacial shear stress between a single-walled carbon nanotube and a gold surface after different physical treatments
Pan HY, Wu YC, Adams GG, McGruer NE
97 - 106 Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for cell labeling: Flux synthesis of manganite particles and novel functionalization of silica shell
Kacenka M, Kaman O, Kikerlova S, Pavlu B, Jirak Z, Jirak D, Herynek V, Cerny J, Chaput F, Laurent S, Lukes I
107 - 112 Suspended crystalline films of protein hydrophobin I (HFBI)
Vrielink ASO, Bomans PHH, Vredenbregt EJD, Wirix MJM, Sommerdijk NAJM, Luiten OJ, Voets IK
113 - 119 Effect of cationic polyacrylamide on the processing and properties of nanocellulose films
Raj P, Varanasi S, Batchelor W, Gamier G
120 - 127 Adsorption of ciprofloxacin, bisphenol and 2-chlorophenol on electrospun carbon nanofibers: In comparison with powder activated carbon
Li XN, Chen S, Fan XF, Quan X, Tan F, Zhang YB, Gao JS
128 - 128 Surface Design and Engineering 2014 Preface
Quintela MAL, Eastoe J, Hubbard A
129 - 138 Self-assembly of nanoparticles employing polymerization-induced phase separation (Reprinted from Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol 431, pg 223-232, 2014)
Williams RJJ, Hoppe CE, Zucchi IA, Romeo HE, Dell'Erba IE, Gomez ML, Puig J, Leonardi AB
139 - 151 Engineering the surface of a new class of adsorbents: Metal-organic framework/graphite oxide composites
Petit C, Bandosz TJ
152 - 158 Nanoparticles selectively immobilized onto large arrays of gold micro and nanostructures through surface chemical functionalizations
Palazon F, Rojo-Romeo P, Chevalier C, Gehin T, Belarouci A, Cornillon A, Zuttion F, Phaner-Goutorbe M, Souteyrand E, Chevolot Y, Cloarec JP
159 - 166 Adsorption of carboxymethyl cellulose on alumina particles
Zhivkov AM, Hristov RP
167 - 172 Low bioaccumulative materials for parahygrophobic nanosheets with sticking behaviour
El-Maiss J, Darmanin T, Guittard F
173 - 181 CO2-induced smart viscoelastic fluids based on mixtures of sodium erucate and triethylamine
Zhang YM, Feng YJ
182 - 190 Control of thermal fabrication and size of beta-lactoglobulin-based microgels and their potential applications
Murphy R, Cho YH, Farkas B, Jones OG
191 - 201 Photostability of wool fabrics coated with pure and modified TiO2 colloids (Reprinted from Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol 440, pg 299-309, 2015)
Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Sun L, Wang XG
202 - 210 Self-assembly and nanosphere lithography for large-area plasmonic patterns on graphene
Lotito V, Zambelli T
211 - 216 Release of small hydrophilic molecules from polyelectrolyte capsules: Effect of the wall thickness
Cuomo F, Lopez F, Piludu M, Miguel MG, Lindman B, Ceglie A
217 - 228 Colloidosomes: Synthesis, properties and applications
Thompson KL, Williams M, Armes SP
229 - 239 Detailed statistical contact angle analyses; "slow moving" drops on inclining silicon-oxide surfaces
Schmitt M, Gross K, Grub J, Heib F
240 - 247 Nano-micro structured superhydrophobic zinc coating on steel for prevention of corrosion and ice adhesion
Brassard JD, Sarkar DK, Perron J, Audibert-Hayet A, Melot D
248 - 253 Statistical contact angle analyses; "slow moving" drops on a horizontal silicon-oxide surface
Schmitt M, Grub J, Heib F
254 - 257 Synthesis of gold nanoparticles using various amino acids
Maruyama T, Fujimoto Y, Maekawa T
258 - 262 3-D patterning of silicon by laser-initiated, liquid-assisted colloidal (LILAC) lithography
Ulmeanu M, Grubb MP, Jipa F, Quignon B, Ashfold MNR
263 - 268 Laser assisted synthesis of carbon nanoparticles with controlled viscosities for printing applications
Bagga K, McCann R, Wang M, Stalcup A, Vazquez M, Brabazon D
269 - 272 The first CD73-instructed supramolecular hydrogel
Wu DD, Du XW, Shi JF, Zhou J, Zhou N, Xu B
273 - 277 Ectoenzyme switches the surface of magnetic nanoparticles for selective binding of cancer cells
Du XW, Zhou J, Xu B
278 - 281 Effective nitrogen doping into TiO2 (N-TiO2) for visible light response photocatalysis
Yoshida T, Niimi S, Yamamoto M, Nomoto T, Yagi S
282 - 301 Surface design and engineering of hierarchical hybrid nanostructures for asymmetric supercapacitors with improved electrochemical performance
Achilleos DS, Hatton TA