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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.416 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Mechanism of arsenic removal using chitosan and nanochitosan
Kwok KCM, Koong LF, Chen GH, McKay G
11 - 18 Hydroxyapatite nanosheet-assembled microspheres: Hemoglobin-templated synthesis and adsorption for heavy metal ions
Zhao XY, Zhu YJ, Zhao J, Lu BQ, Chen F, Qi C, Wu J
19 - 24 Facile surface modification of anion-exchange membranes for improvement of diffusion dialysis performance
Kim DH, Park HS, Seo SJ, Park JS, Moon SH, Choi YW, Jiong YS, Kim DH, Kang MS
25 - 29 Effect of CdSe nanoparticle addition on nanostructuring of PS-b-P4VP copolymer via solvent vapor exposure
Etxeberria H, Fernandez R, Zalakain I, Mondragon I, Eceiza A, Kortaberria G
30 - 37 Towards the self-assembly of anisotropic colloids: Monodisperse oblate ellipsoids
Florea D, Wyss HM
38 - 43 Alumina-coated graphene nanosheet and its composite of acrylic rubber
Dao TD, Lee HI, Jeong HM
44 - 53 Photo-redox reactions of dicarboxylates and alpha-hydroxydicarboxylates at the surface of Fe(III)(hydr)oxides followed with in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Borer P, Hug SJ
54 - 58 Transition from star-like to crew-cut micelles induced by UV radiation
Fayad SJ, Minatti E, Soldi V, Borsali R
59 - 66 Early in vitro response of macrophages and T lymphocytes to nanocrystalline hydroxyapatites
Matesanz MC, Feito MJ, Onaderra M, Ramirez-Santillan C, da Casa C, Arcos D, Vallet-Regi M, Rojo JM, Portoles MT
67 - 72 Stoichiometrically controlled production of bimetallic Gold-Silver alloy colloids using micro-alga cultures
Dahoumane SA, Wijesekera K, Filipe CDM, Brennan JD
73 - 80 Protein immobilization on nanoporous silicon functionalized by RF activated plasma polymerization of Acrylic Acid
Rivolo P, Severino SM, Ricciardi S, Frascella F, Geobaldo F
81 - 85 Enhanced performance of cadmium selenide quantum dot-sensitized solar cells by incorporating long afterglow europium, dysprosium co-doped strontium aluminate phosphors
Sun HC, Pan LK, Piao XQ, Sun Z
86 - 94 Role of the anions in the hydrothermally formed silver nanowires and their antibacterial property
Tang CL, Sun W, Lu JM, Yan W
95 - 100 Adsorption of cadmium ions on thiol or sulfonic-functionalized poly(dimethylsiloxane) networks
Silva FAB, Pissetti FL
101 - 104 An induced current method for measuring zeta potential of electrolyte solution-air interface
Song YX, Zhao K, Wang JS, Wu XD, Pan XX, Sun YQ, Li DQ
105 - 111 The effect of surface charge regulation on conductivity in fluidic nanochannels
Fleharty ME, van Swol F, Petsev DN
112 - 118 Solution processable titanium dioxide precursor and nanoparticulated ink: Application in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Bosch-Jimenez P, Yu YH, Lira-Cantu M, Domingo C, Ayllon JA
119 - 123 Synthesis of selenium particles with various morphologies
Kumar A, Sevonkaev I, Goia DV
124 - 132 The fabrication of porous N-doped carbon from widely available urea formaldehyde resin for carbon dioxide adsorption
Liu Z, Du ZY, Song H, Wang CY, Subhan F, Xing W, Yan ZF
133 - 138 Probing the surface speciation of uranium (VI) on iron (hydr)oxides by in situ ATR FT-IR spectroscopy
Foerstendorf H, Jordan N, Heim K
139 - 146 Phase behavior of reverse microemulsions based on Peceol (R)
Mouri A, Diat O, El Ghzaoui A, Bauer C, Maurel JC, Devoisselle JM, Dorandeu C, Legrand P
147 - 150 A facile template synthesis of asymmetric gold silica heteronanoparticles
Miyanohata R, Matsushita T, Tsuruoka T, Nawafune H, Akamatsu K
151 - 160 PEG-coumarin based biocompatible self-assembled fluorescent nanoaggregates synthesized via click reactions and studies of aggregation behavior
Behl G, Sikka M, Chhikara A, Chopra M
161 - 166 Study of hydration process on silica hydride surfaces by microcalorimetry and water adsorption
Bocian S, Rychlicki G, Matyska M, Pesek J, Buszewski B
167 - 171 Selective emulsion inversion in an equilibrium Janus drop. 1. Unlimited space
Friberg SE
172 - 176 Water-soluble inorganic salt with ultrahigh specific capacitance: Ce(NO3)(3) can be designed as excellent pseudocapacitor electrode
Chen KF, Xue DF
177 - 183 Single-solvent facile synthesis of monodisperse sub-20 nm polymeric nanoparticles via self-assembly process
Zhang Y, Wang Q
184 - 189 Spectroscopic studies of conformational changes of beta-lactoglobulin adsorbed on gold nanoparticle surfaces
Winuprasith T, Suphantharika M, McClements DJ, He LL
190 - 197 Probing titanate nanowire surface acidity through methylene blue adsorption in colloidal suspension and on thin films
Horvath E, Szilagyi I, Forro L, Magrez A
198 - 204 Hollow metal-organic framework polyhedra synthesized by a CO2-ionic liquid interfacial templating route
Peng L, Zhang JL, Li JS, Han BX, Xue ZM, Zhang BB, Shi JH, Yang GY
205 - 211 Gellan hydrogel as a powerful tool in paper cleaning process: A detailed study
Mazzuca C, Michell L, Carbone M, Basoli F, Cervelli E, Iannuccelli S, Sotgiu S, Palleschi A
212 - 219 Facile preparation of g-C3N4 modified BiOCl hybrid photocatalyst and vital role of frontier orbital energy levels of model compounds in photoactivity enhancement
Shi S, Gondal MA, Al-Saadi AA, Fajgar R, Kupcik J, Chang XF, Shen K, Xu QY, Seddigi ZS
220 - 226 Fabrication of Pt-loaded NiCo nanochains with superior catalytic dehydrogenation activity
Wen M, Wu QN, Peng J, Wu QS, Wang CX
227 - 234 A zirconium-based nanoparticle: Essential factors for sustainable application in treatment of fluoride containing water
He JS, Chen JP
235 - 242 Interpreting the adsorption of serum albumin and lactoglobulin onto ZnS nanopaticles: Effect of conformational rigidity of the proteins
Saikia J, Saha B, Das G
243 - 251 Microporous spongy chitosan monoliths doped with graphene oxide as highly effective adsorbent for methyl orange and copper nitrate (Cu(NO3)(2)) ions
Wang Y, Liu X, Wang HF, Xia GM, Huang W, Song R
252 - 257 Fabrication of triple-labeled polyelectrolyte microcapsules for localized ratiometric pH sensing
Song XX, Li HB, Tong WJ, Gao CY
258 - 273 Disclike vs. cylindrical micelles: Generalized model of micelle growth and data interpretation
Anachkov SE, Kralchevsky PA, Danov KD, Georgieva GS, Ananthapadmanabhan KP
274 - 279 Near infrared Ag/Au alloy nanoclusters: Tunable photoluminescence and cellular imaging
Wang CX, Xu L, Xu XW, Cheng H, Sun HC, Lin Q, Zhang C
280 - 288 Micro-and nanostructured silicon-based superomniphobic surfaces
Nguyen TPN, Boukherroub R, Thomy V, Coffinier Y
289 - 293 Photoluminescence investigation about zinc oxide with graphene oxide & reduced graphene oxide buffer layers
Ding JJ, Wang MQ, Zhang XY, Yang Z, Song XH, Ran CX
294 - 305 Electrophoretic mobility of weakly-charged (dipolar) hydrogels in water: Contribution of hydrogen-bonding in the solvent dipole layer
Kirk W, Wessels W