Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.408 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Preparation of disk-like particles with micro/nano hierarchical structures
Meng Z, Yang WB, Chen PP, Wang W, Jia XD, Xi K
6 - 12 Synthesis and neuro-cytocompatibility of magnetic Zn-ferrite nanorods via peptide-assisted process
Zou YW, Huang ZB, Deng M, Yin GF, Chen XC, Liu J, Wang Y, Yan L, Gu JW
13 - 20 Formation and optical properties of silver perfluorodecanethiolate nanoparticles
Brenier R, Piednoir A, Bessueille F, Penuelas J, Terrier N
21 - 24 Chromium removal by zeolite-rich materials obtained from an exhausted FCC catalyst: Influence of chromium incorporation on the sorbent structure
Gonzalez MR, Pereyra AM, Sanchez RMT, Basaldella EI
25 - 32 Magnetic nanomaterial derived from graphene oxide/layered double hydroxide hybrid for efficient removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution
Yang Z, Ji SS, Gao W, Zhang C, Ren L, Tjiu WW, Zhang Z, Pan JS, Liu TX
33 - 42 Hydrothermal formation of N-doped (BiO)(2)CO3 honeycomb-like microspheres photocatalysts with bismuth citrate and dicyandiamide as precursors
Li QY, Liu HT, Dong F, Fu M
43 - 53 Influence of metakaolin purities on potassium geopolymer formulation: The existence of several networks
Autef A, Joussein E, Poulesquen A, Gasgnier G, Pronier S, Sobrados I, Sanz J, Rossignol S
54 - 58 Dielectric spectroscopy of concentrated colloidal suspensions
Beltramo PJ, Roa R, Carrique F, Furst EM
59 - 65 Photovoltaic performance of bithiazole-bridged dyes-sensitized solar cells employing semiconducting quantum dot CuInS2 as barrier layer material
Guo FL, He JX, Li J, Wu WJ, Hang YD, Hua JL
66 - 74 Tailor-made polyfluoroacrylate and its block copolymer by RAFT polymerization in miniemulsion; improved hydrophobicity in the core-shell block copolymer
Chakrabarty A, Singha NK
75 - 81 XRD, TEM, and thermal analysis of Arizona Ca-montmorillonites modified with didodecyldimethylammonium bromide
Sun ZM, Park Y, Zheng SL, Ayoko GA, Frost RL
82 - 86 Salt- and pH-induced desorption: Comparison between non-aggregated and aggregated mussel adhesive protein, Mefp-1, and a synthetic cationic polyelectrolyte
Krivosheeva O, Dedinaite A, Claesson PM
87 - 93 Supramolecular organization of protonated aminosilicones in water
Petitjean H, Guiglion P, In M, Aldrich-Wright JR, Castignolles P, Ganachaud F, Gaborieau M
94 - 100 Synthesis and properties of novel ester-containing gemini imidazolium surfactants
Zhuang LH, Yu KH, Wang GW, Yao C
101 - 106 Superoleophobic polymers with metal ion affinity toward materials with both oleophobic and hydrophilic properties
Darmanin T, Guittard F
107 - 112 Amphiphilic sulfamide as a low-molecular-mass hydrogelator: A novel mode of 3-D networks formed by hydrogen-bond-directed 2-D sheet assemblies
Kabashima S, Kageyama M, Okano T, Yoshikawa I, Araki K
113 - 116 Giant optical activity of sugar in thin soap films
Emile J, Emile O, Ghoufi A, Moreac A, Casanova F, Ding MX, Houizot P
117 - 124 Controlling nanostructure and lattice parameter of the inverse bicontinuous cubic phases in functionalised phytantriol dispersions
Fraser SJ, Mulet X, Hawley A, Separovic F, Polyzos A
125 - 131 Investigation of structure-surface properties relationship of semi-fluorinated polymerizable cationic surfactants
Benbayer C, Saidi-Besbes S, de Givenchy ET, Amigoni S, Guittard F, Derdour A
132 - 137 Interaction of a trehalose lipid biosurfactant produced by Rhodococcus erythropolis 51T7 with a secretory phospholipase A(2)
Zaragoza A, Teruel JA, Aranda FJ, Ortiz A
138 - 144 Oxidation-proof microemulsions: Microstructure and reactivity in the presence of dioxiranes
Annese C, D'Accolti L, Fusco C, Mele G, Giorgio G, Colafemmina G, Murgia S, Palazzo G
145 - 150 Visible light photocatalytic degradation of dyes by bismuth oxide-reduced graphene oxide composites prepared via microwave-assisted method
Liu XJ, Pan LK, Lv T, Sun Z, Sun CQ
151 - 156 Adsorption behavior of 6-Mercaptonicotinic acid on self-assembled gold nano-substrates explored by SERS combined with theoretical calculations
Yang WP, Hu YJ, Xie M
157 - 163 NO reduction by CO over Rh/Al2O3 and Rh/AlPO4 catalysts: Metal-support interaction and thermal aging
Li M, Wu XD, Cao YD, Liu SA, Weng D, Ran R
164 - 172 Adsorption of cationic and anionic surfactants on natural and synthetic carbonate materials
Ma K, Cui LY, Dong YZ, Wang TL, Da C, Hirasaki GJ, Biswal SL
173 - 180 Amine-functionalized monodispersed porous silica microspheres with enhanced CO2 adsorption performance and good cyclic stability
Le Y, Guo DP, Cheng B, Yu JG
181 - 190 Adsorption of alkaloids on ordered mesoporous carbon
Li Y, Yuan B, Fu J, Deng SG, Lu XY
191 - 199 Macroscopic and molecular approaches of enrofloxacin retention in soils in presence of Cu(II)
Graouer-Bacart M, Sayen S, Guillon E
200 - 205 EDTA functionalized silica for removal of Cu(II), Zn(II) and Ni(II) from aqueous solution
Kumar R, Barakat MA, Daza YA, Woodcock HL, Kuhn JN
206 - 211 Water evaporation in silica colloidal deposits
Peixinho J, Lefevre G, Coudert FX, Hurisse O
212 - 219 Thermally induced delay and reversal of liquid film dewetting on chemically patterned surfaces
Kalpathy SK, Francis LF, Kumar S
220 - 228 Gold nanoparticles deposited on linker-free silicon substrate and embedded in aluminum Schottky contact
Gorji MS, Razak KA, Cheong KY
229 - 234 Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D) studies of the viscoelastic response from a continuously growing grafted polyelectrolyte layer
Duner G, Thormann E, Dedinaite A
235 - 241 Thermodynamic analysis and fluorescence imaging of homochiral amino acid-amino acid interactions at the air/water interface
Palmer MR, Hagerman JM, Matano LM, DeWitt KM, Zhang YJ
242 - 251 Grafting of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts onto polypropylene surface using plasma activation for ATP immobilization - Nanomaterial for potential applications in biotechnology
Couturaud B, Bondia AM, Faye C, Garrelly L, Mas A, Robin JJ
252 - 255 A dielectric study on colloidal silica nanoparticle Layer-by-Layer assemblies on polycarbonate
Carosio F, Banet L, Freebody N, Reading M, Agnel S, Castellon J, Vaughan AS, Malucelli G
256 - 258 Sleeving nanocelluloses by admicellar polymerization
Trovatti E, Ferreira AD, Carvalho AJF, Ribeiro SJL, Gandini A