Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.407 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Self-suspended permanent magnetic FePt ferrofluids
Dallas P, Kelarakis A, Sahore R, DiSalvo FJ, Livi S, Giannelis EP
8 - 16 Quantitative nucleation and growth kinetics of gold nanoparticles via model-assisted dynamic spectroscopic approach
Zhou Y, Wang HX, Lin WS, Lin LQ, Gao YX, Yang F, Du MM, Fang WP, Huang JL, Sun DH, Li QB
17 - 21 Enhanced photocatalytic performances of hierarchical ZnO/ZnAl2O4 microsphere derived from layered double hydroxide precursor spray-dried microsphere
Huo RJ, Kuang Y, Zhao ZP, Zhang FZ, Xu SL
22 - 28 Influence of metal oxide nanoparticles concentration on their zeta potential
Wang N, Hsu C, Zhu LH, Tseng SJ, Hsu JP
29 - 38 Evaporation of nanofluid droplets with applied DC potential
Orejon D, Sefiane K, Shanahan MER
39 - 46 Indigo molecules adsorbed on carbonaceous nanomaterials as chemical filter for the selective detection of NO2 in the environment
Dubois M, Brunet J, Pauly A, Simond W, Spinelle L, Ndiaye A, Guerin K, Varenne C
47 - 59 White-light photoluminescence and photoactivation in cadmium sulfide embedded in mesoporous silicon dioxide templates studied by confocal laser scanning microscopy
Pellicer E, Rossinyol E, Rosado M, Guerrero M, Domingo-Roca R, Surinach S, Castell O, Baro MD, Roldan M, Sort J
60 - 66 Stacking faults enriched silver nanowires: Facile synthesis, catalysis and SERS investigations
Xu MM, Yang FZ, Yuan YX, Guo QH, Ren B, Yao JL, Gu RN
67 - 75 Core-shell nano-architectures: The incorporation mechanism of hydrophobic nanoparticles into the aqueous core of a microemulsion
Scorciapino MA, Sanna R, Ardu A, Orru F, Casu M, Musinu A, Cannas C
76 - 88 Interaction of Fe(III) and Al(III) during hydroxylation by forced hydrolysis: The nature of Al-Fe oxyhydroxy co-precipitates
Hofmann A, Vantelon D, Montarges-Pelletier E, Villain F, Gardoll O, Razafitianamaharavo A, Ghanbaja J
89 - 94 Functionalized Au/Ag nanocages as a novel fluorescence and SERS dual probe for sensing
Zoppi A, Trigari S, Giorgetti E, Muniz-Miranda M, Alloisio M, Demartini A, Dellepiane G, Thea S, Dobrikov G, Timtcheva I
95 - 101 Investigation of phosphate adsorption onto ferrihydrite by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Mallet M, Barthelemy K, Ruby C, Renard A, Naille S
102 - 108 Effect of water on the physical properties and carbon dioxide capture capacities of liquid-like Nanoparticle Organic Hybrid Materials and their corresponding polymers
Petit C, Bhatnagar S, Park AHA
109 - 115 Comparison between the electrokinetic properties of kaolinite and montmorillonite suspensions at different volume fractions
Tsujimoto Y, Chassagne C, Adachi Y
116 - 121 Process of in situ forming well-aligned Zinc Oxide nanorod arrays on wood substrate using a two-step bottom-up method
Liu YZ, Fu YC, Yu HP, Liu YX
122 - 127 Precipitation of spherical and'fiber-like' silver particles
Lu L, Goia DV
128 - 132 An economic method for synthesis of highly ordered porous silica
Wang RL, Zhu YM, Zhang XM, Ji HW, Li L, Ge HY
133 - 139 Interfacial shear stress between single-walled carbon nanotubes and gold surfaces with and without an alkanethiol monolayer
Pan HY, Wu YC, Adams GG, Miller GP, McGruer NE
140 - 147 Hansen solubility parameter analysis on the dispersion of zirconia nanocrystals
Wang SH, Liu JH, Pai CT, Chen CW, Chung PT, Chiang AST, Chang SJ
148 - 154 Crystal violet dye in complexes with amphiphilic anionic calix[4]resorcinarenes: Binding by aggregates and individual molecules
Mironova DA, Muslinkina LA, Syakaev VV, Morozova JE, Yanilkin VV, Konovalov AI, Kazakova EK
155 - 163 Fabrication of monodisperse hollow silica spheres and effect on water vapor permeability of polyacrylate membrane
Bao Y, Yang YQ, Ma JZ
164 - 167 Molecular sensitized GdF3:Eu3+ for color tuning and highly enhanced luminescent properties
Su YG, Lang JY, Guan K, Han D, Du CF, Wang XJ
168 - 176 Surface charge and interfacial potential of titanium dioxide nanoparticles: Experimental and theoretical investigations
Holmberg JP, Ahlberg E, Bergenholtz J, Hassellov M, Abbas Z
177 - 186 Thermal properties and nanodispersion behavior of synthesized beta-sitosteryl acyl esters: A structure-activity relationship study
Panpipat W, Dong MD, Xu XB, Guo Z
187 - 195 Facile synthesis of gold core-polymer shell responsive particles
D'Souza-Mathew M, Cayre OJ, Hunter TN, Biggs SR
196 - 204 Monolayers of cationic polyelectrolytes on mica - Electrokinetic studies
Morga M, Adamczyk Z
205 - 209 Fabrication of pDMAEMA-coated silica nanoparticles and their enhanced antibacterial activity
Song J, Jung Y, Lee I, Jang J
210 - 214 Functionalization of magnetic nanocrystals by oligo (ethylene oxide) chains carrying diazonium and iniferter end groups
Ahmad R, Griffete N, Lamouri A, Mangeney C
215 - 224 Comparative studies on influence of morphology and La doping on structural, optical, and photocatalytic properties of zinc oxide nanostructures
Selvam NCS, Vijaya JJ, Kennedy LJ
225 - 235 Fabrication of composite thin films with microstructures of honeycomb, foam, and nanosphere arrays through adsorption and self-assembly of block copolymers at the liquid/liquid interface
Liu YA, Chen LF, Geng YY, Lee YI, Li Y, Hao JC, Liu HG
236 - 242 Sub-150 nm mesoporous silica nanoparticles with tunable pore sizes and well-ordered mesostructure for protein encapsulation
Gu JL, Huang K, Zhu XY, Li YS, Wei J, Zhao WR, Liu CS, Shi JL
243 - 249 Two-dimensional self-assembly of hydrophobic nanoparticles at oil/water interfaces via nanoscale phase separation of mixed ligands
Liu SJ, Li YJ, Wang YM, Liu X, Yeung ES
250 - 254 Ferrofluid based dispersive-solid phase extraction for spectrophotometric determination of dyes
Farahani MD, Shemirani F
255 - 264 Contact angles and surface properties of nanoporous materials
Zandavi SH, Ward CA
265 - 272 Effects of surfactant concentration on formation of high-aspect-ratio gold nanorods
Takenaka Y, Kawabata Y, Kitahata H, Yoshida M, Matsuzawa Y, Ohzono T
273 - 281 Sulfonated macro-RAFT agents for the surfactant-free synthesis of cerium oxide-based hybrid latexes
Garnier J, Warnant J, Lacroix-Desmazes P, Dufils PE, Vinas J, van Herk A
282 - 286 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of strontium titanate nanocube-dispersed mesoporous silica
Katagiri K, Miyoshi Y, Inumaru K
287 - 295 Tuning of peptide assembly through force balance adjustment
Cao MW, Cao CH, Zhang LJ, Xia DH, Xu H
296 - 301 A general microwave-assisted two-phase strategy for nanocrystals synthesis
Li YZ, Yang C, Ge JH, Sun C, Wang JD, Su XT
302 - 309 Reverse micelle synthesis of oxide nanopowders: Mechanisms of precipitate formation and agglomeration effects
Graeve OA, Fathi H, Kelly JP, Saterlie MS, Sinha K, Rojas-George G, Kanakala R, Brown DR, Lopez EA
310 - 317 Effect of molecular structure and packing density of an azo self-assembled monolayer on liquid crystal alignment
Vengatesan MR, Lee SH, Son JH, Lim JK, Song JK
318 - 326 Polyhedral vesicles with crystalline bilayers formed from catanionic surfactant mixtures of fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon amphiphiles
Zhang J, Xu GY, Zhou YX, Zhou T, Zhai XR
327 - 338 Interactions of Pluronic block copolymers with lipid monolayers studied by epi-fluorescence microscopy and by adsorption experiments
Hadicke A, Blume A
339 - 347 Synthesis and evaluation of novel anionic polymeric surfactants based on polybenzoxazines
Mahfud R, Agag T, Ishida H, Shaikh S, Qutubuddin S
348 - 353 Adsorption of sodium hexanoate on alpha-alumina
Lee SY, Welbourn R, Clarke SM, Skoda MWA, Clifton L, Zarbakhsh A
354 - 360 Dilute nanoemulsions via separation of satellite droplets
Deen S, Sajjadi S
361 - 369 Complexation of chitosan with surfactant like ionic liquids: Molecular interactions and preparation of chitosan nanoparticles
Bharmoria P, Singh T, Kumar A
370 - 374 Unusual viscoelasticity behaviour in aqueous solutions containing a photoresponsive amphiphile
Takahashi Y, Yamamoto Y, Hata S, Kondo Y
375 - 381 A family of alkyl sulfate gemini surfactants. 2. Water-oil interfacial tension reduction
Gao B, Sharma MM
382 - 389 Formulation and stability of a soap microemulsion and the apparent pK(A) herein
Marcus J, Touraud D, Kunz W
390 - 396 Aggregation and transport of Brij surfactants in hydroxyethyl methacrylate hydrogels
Kapoor Y, Bengani LC, Tan G, John V, Chauhan A
397 - 409 Modelling CEC variations versus structural iron reduction levels in dioctahedral smectites. Existing approaches, new data and model refinements
Hadi J, Tournassat C, Ignatiadis I, Greneche JM, Charlet L
410 - 415 Removal of fluoride ions from drinking water and fluoride solutions by aluminum modified iron oxides in a column system
Garcia-Sanchez JJ, Solache-Rios M, Martinez-Miranda V, Morelos CS
416 - 424 Self-assembly of three-dimensional interconnected graphene-based aerogels and its application in supercapacitors
Ji CC, Xu MW, Bao SJ, Cai CJ, Lu ZJ, Chai H, Yang F, Wei H
425 - 431 Design of a viscose based solid amine fiber: Effect of its chemical structure on adsorption properties for carbon dioxide
Lin RJ, Zhuang LZ, Xu XZ, Chen SX
432 - 441 On the simultaneous adsorption of a reactive dye and hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions onto grafted chitosan
Kyzas GZ, Lazaridis NK, Kostoglou M
442 - 449 ZrO2-functionalized magnetic mesoporous SiO2 as effective phosphate adsorbent
Wang WJ, Zhou J, Wei D, Wan HQ, Zheng SR, Xu ZY, Zhu DQ
450 - 456 Biosorption of phenol onto bionanoparticles from Spirulina sp LEB 18
Dotto GL, Goncalves JO, Cadaval TRS, Pinto LAA
457 - 466 Capacitive mixing for the extraction of energy from salinity differences: Survey of experimental results and electrochemical models
Brogioli D, Ziano R, Rica RA, Salerno D, Mantegazza F
467 - 473 A comparative study of spinel structured Mn3O4, Co3O4 and Fe3O4 nanoparticles in catalytic oxidation of phenolic contaminants in aqueous solutions
Saputra E, Muhammad S, Sun HQ, Ang HM, Tade MO, Wang SB
474 - 481 Electrophoretic nanotechnology of graphene-carbon nanotube and graphene-polypyrrole nanofiber composites for electrochemical supercapacitors
Shi KY, Zhitomirsky I
482 - 487 A superhydrophobic surface with high performance derived from STA-APTES organic-inorganic molecular hybrid
Si FF, Zhao N, Chen L, Xu JS, Tao QS, Li JY, Ran CB
488 - 492 Experimental measurement of forces and energies associated with capillary rise in a vertical tube
Extrand CW, Moon SI
493 - 499 Controlling wettability and hydrophobicity of organoclays modified with quaternary ammonium surfactants
Shah KJ, Mishra MK, Shukla AD, Imae T, Shah DO
500 - 504 Influence of graphene exfoliation on the properties of water-containing adlayers visualized by graphenes and scanning force microscopy
Rezania B, Dorn M, Severin N, Rabe JP
505 - 515 Deformation and dewetting of thin liquid films induced by moving gas jets
Berendsen CWJ, Zeegers JCH, Darhuber AA
516 - 523 Interaction between oxidized polyaniline and oppositely charged amphiphilic assemblies in an aqueous/organic biphasic system
Dutta K, Kundu PP
524 - 528 Layer-by-layer assembled gold nanoparticles with a tunable payload of a nitric oxide photocage
Taladriz-Blanco P, Perez-Juste J, Kandoth N, Herves P, Sortino S
529 - 535 Towards the synthesis of hydroxyapatite/protein scaffolds with controlled porosities: Bulk and interfacial shear rheology of a hydroxyapatite suspension with protein additives
Maas M, Bodnar PM, Hess U, Treccani L, Rezwan K
536 - 545 Growth dynamics of granular films produced by electrospray
Bodnar E, Rosell-Llompart J
546 - 555 Numerical study of active control of mixing in electro-osmotic flows by temperature difference using lattice Boltzmann methods
Alizadeh A, Wang JK, Pooyan S, Mirbozorgi SA, Wang M
556 - 560 Small angle X-ray scattering study of carbon nanotube forests densified into long range patterns by controlled solvent evaporation
Dumee LF, Sears K, Schutz JA, Finn N, Duke M, Mudie S, Kirby N, Gray S