Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.395 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Re-considering how particle size and other properties of antigen-adjuvant complexes impact on the immune responses
Yan SY, Gu WY, Xu ZP
11 - 17 Morphologies developed by the drying of droplets containing dispersed and aggregated layered double hydroxide platelets
Zhang Y, Evans JRG
18 - 23 Rare earth element sorption onto hydrous manganese oxide: A modeling study
Pourret O, Davranche M
24 - 30 Poly(acrylic acid)-coated iron oxide nanoparticles: Quantitative evaluation of the coating properties and applications for the removal of a pollutant dye
Fresnais J, Yan M, Courtois J, Bostelmann T, Bee A, Berret JF
31 - 39 Folate-conjugated hybrid SBA-15 particles for targeted anticancer drug delivery
Pang JM, Zhao LX, Zhang LL, Li ZH, Luan YX
40 - 44 Microstructures, surface states and field emission mechanism of graphene-tin/tin oxide hybrids
Ding JJ, Wang MQ, Yan XB, Zhang XY, Ran CX, Chen HX, Yao X
45 - 49 Silica encapsulation of toluene soluble quantum dots with high photostability
Isnaeni, Jin LH, Cho YH
50 - 57 Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) covalently coated by PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymer for drug delivery
Wang N, Guan YP, Yang LR, Jia LW, Wei XT, Liu HZ, Guo C
58 - 63 Nanoporous materials modified with biodegradable polymers as models for drug delivery applications
Gruber MF, Schulte L, Ndoni S
64 - 67 Preparation and characterization of epitaxial growth of ZnO nanotip arrays by hydrothermal method
Venkatachalam S, Hayashi H, Ebina T, Nakamura T, Wakui Y, Nanjo H
68 - 74 Influence of acrylic superplasticizer and cellulose-ether on the kinetics of tricalcium silicate hydration reaction
Ridi F, Fratini E, Alfani R, Baglioni P
75 - 80 High performance visible light driven photocatalysts silver halides and graphitic carbon nitride (X = Cl, Br, I) nanocomposites
Lan YH, Qian XZ, Zhao CJ, Zhang ZM, Chen X, Li Z
81 - 84 Sonochemical deposition of platinum nanoparticles on polymer beads and their transfer on the pore surface of a silica matrix
Chave T, Grunenwald A, Ayral A, Lacroix-Desmazes P, Nikitenko SI
85 - 90 Tunable synthesis of ordered Zinc Oxide nanoflower-like arrays
Xie F, Centeno A, Zou B, Ryan MP, Riley DJ, Alford NM
91 - 98 Polymer shell as a protective layer for the sandwiched gold nanoparticles and their recyclable catalytic property
Liu B, Wang XM, Zhao YW, Wang JC, Yang XL
99 - 103 One-dimensional self-assembly of phenylacetylene macrocycles: Effect of peripheral substituents
Li J, Zhou W, Yang JP, Lang XF, Huang PC
104 - 110 Colloidal properties of single component naphthenic acids and complex naphthenic acid mixtures
Mohamed MH, Wilson LD, Peru KM, Headley JV
111 - 118 Graphene oxide in cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) reverse micelle: A befitting soft nanocomposite for improving efficiency of surface-active enzymes
Das K, Maiti S, Ghosh M, Mandal D, Das PK
119 - 126 Synthesis and physicochemical properties of unsaturated trifluoromethylated sodium carboxylates in aqueous media
Damas C, Carcenac Y, Abarbri M, Coudert R
127 - 134 Influence of surfactant polydispersity on the structure of polyoxyethylene (5) nonylphenyl ether/cyclohexane/water reverse microemulsions
Ivanchikhina AV, Tovstun SA, Razumov VF
135 - 144 Amphiphilic behavior of two phosphonium based ionic liquids
Mukherjee I, Mukherjee S, Naskar B, Ghosh S, Moulik SP
145 - 153 Eu3+, Tb3+/beta-diketonate functionalized mesoporous SBA-15/GaN composites: Multi-component chemical bonding assembly, characterization, and luminescence
Zhao Y, Yan B
154 - 160 A hydro/organo/hybrid gelator: A peptide lipid with turning aspartame head groups
Mukai M, Minamikawa H, Aoyagi M, Asakawa M, Shimizu T, Kogiso M
161 - 165 Spontaneous emulsification between incompatible aqueous solutions in the water/ethanol/benzene system
Bozeya A, Al-Bawab A, Friberg SE, Ge LL, Rong G
166 - 175 The effect of acid treatment on the structure and surface acidity of tetraalkylammonium-montmorillonites
Palkova H, Hronsky V, Jankovic L, Madejova J
176 - 184 Self-organization of non-amphiphilic molecules. Studies of thin films of long-chain homologous dialkylthioethers at the water/air interface
Broniatowski M, Flasinski M, Wydro P, Broniatowska E
185 - 189 New catanionic surfactants with ionic liquid properties
Brown P, Butts CP, Eastoe J, Grillo I, James C, Khan A
190 - 197 Micellization of pH-stimulable poly(2-vinylpyridine)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) copolymers and their complexation with anionic surfactants
Atanase LI, Riess G
198 - 204 Effective adsorption of Cr (VI) from aqueous solution using natural Akadama clay
Zhao YX, Yang SJ, Ding DH, Chen J, Yang YN, Lei ZF, Feng CP, Zhang ZY
205 - 211 Preparation and sorption studies of glutaraldehyde cross-linked chitosan copolymers
Pratt DY, Wilson LD, Kozinski JA
212 - 216 Influence of humic acids on the adsorption of Basic Yellow 28 dye onto an iron organo-inorgano pillared clay and two Hydrous Ferric Oxides
Zermane F, Cheknane B, Basly JP, Bouras O, Baudu M
217 - 223 Preparation and electrochemical performance of heteroatom-enriched electrospun carbon nanofibers from melamine formaldehyde resin
Ma C, Song Y, Shi JL, Zhang DQ, Guo QG, Liu L
224 - 229 Isotherm, thermodynamic, kinetics, and adsorption mechanism studies of Ethidium bromide by single-walled carbon nanotube and carboxylate group functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube
Moradi O, Fakhri A, Adami S, Adami S
230 - 240 A comparative study on selective adsorption of metal ions using aminated adsorbents
Koong LF, Lam KF, Barford J, McKay G
241 - 248 Activation of structural carbon fibres for potential applications in multifunctional structural supercapacitors
Qian H, Diao H, Shirshova N, Greenhalgh ES, Steinke JGH, Shaffer MSP, Bismarck A
249 - 255 Video microscopic high-temperature measurement of surface tension
Duan YF, Deshiikan SR, Papadopoulos KD
256 - 262 Fabrication of superhydrophobic films with robust adhesion and dual pinning state via in situ polymerization
Raza A, Si Y, Ding B, Yu JY, Sun G
263 - 268 Direct observation of concentration profiles induced by drying of a 2D colloidal dispersion drop
Giorgiutti-Dauphine F, Pauchard L
269 - 276 Driving force for the hydration of the swelling clays: Case of montmorillonites saturated with alkaline-earth cations
Salles F, Douillard JM, Bildstein O, Gaudin C, Prelot B, Zajac J, Van Damme H
277 - 286 Analytical solution of two-fluid electro-osmotic flows of viscoelastic fluids
Afonso AM, Alves MA, Pinho FT
287 - 293 Imaging internal flows in a drying sessile polymer dispersion drop using Spectral Radar Optical Coherence Tomography (SR-OCT)
Manukyan S, Sauer HM, Roisman IV, Baldwin KA, Fairhurst DJ, Liang HD, Venzmer J, Tropea C
294 - 299 Fibrinogen adsorption on zinc oxide nanoparticles: A Micro-Differential Scanning Calorimetry analysis
Lousinian S, Missopolinou D, Panayiotou C
300 - 305 Quantifying nisin adsorption behavior at pendant PEO layers
Dill JK, Auxier JA, Schilke KF, McGuire J
306 - 314 Hybrid nanoparticles for drug delivery and bioimaging: Mesoporous silica nanoparticles functionalized with carboxyl groups and a near-infrared fluorescent dye
Xie M, Shi H, Ma K, Shen HJ, Li B, Shen S, Wang XS, Jin Y
315 - 321 Novel method to characterize superhydrophobic coatings
Samaha MA, Tafreshi HV, Gad-el-Hak M
322 - 325 Aligned carbon nanotube/polymer composite film with anisotropic tribological behavior
Zhang H, Qiu LB, Li HP, Zhang ZT, Yang ZB, Peng HS
326 - 328 Fabrication of microcavity-array superhydrophobic surfaces using. an improved template method
Peng PP, Ke QP, Zhou G, Tang TD