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1 - 12 Nanoparticle gel electrophoresis: Bare charged spheres in polyelectrolyte hydrogels
Li F, Hill RJ
13 - 19 In situ application of polyelectrolytes in zinc oxide nanorod synthesis: Understanding the effects on the structural and optical characteristics
Suresh V, Jayaraman S, Jailani MIB, Srinivasan MP
20 - 25 Localization and reactivity of a hydrophobic solute in lecithin and caseinate stabilized solid lipid nanoparticles and nanoemulsions
Yucel U, Elias RJ, Coupland JN
26 - 35 Electrostatically driven adsorption of silica nanoparticles on functionalized surfaces
Li X, Niitsoo O, Couzis A
36 - 43 Using silane coupling agents to prepare raspberry-shaped polyaniline hollow microspheres with tunable nanoshell thickness
Dai CF, Weng CJ, Chien CM, Chen YL, Yang SY, Yeh JM
44 - 48 Quantum dot-assembled nanoparticles with polydiacetylene supramolecule toward label-free, multiplexed optical detection
Kyeong S, Kang H, Yim J, Jeon SJ, Jeong CH, Lee YS, Jun BH, Kim JH
49 - 54 Migration and alignment of spherical particles in sheared viscoelastic suspensions. A quantitative determination of the flow-induced self-assembly kinetics
Pasquino R, Panariello D, Grizzuti N
55 - 62 Transfer from trap emission to band-edge one in water-soluble CdS nanocrystals
Yang J, Deng DW, Yu JS
63 - 68 A unified mechanism to quantitatively understand silica particle formation from tetraethyl orthosilicate in batch and semi-batch processes
Nagao D, Nakabayashi H, Ishii H, Konno M
69 - 77 Microwave-assisted synthesis and photocatalytic properties of flower-like Bi2WO6 and Bi2O3-Bi2WO6 composite
Li ZQ, Chen XT, Xue ZL
78 - 84 Spontaneous transformation of polyelectrolyte-stabilized silver nanoprisms by interaction with thiocyanate
Knauer A, Visaveliya N, Koehler JM
85 - 93 Interactions of silica nanoparticles with poly(ethylene oxide) and poly(acrylic acid): Effect of the polymer molecular weight and of the surface charge
Joksimovic R, Prevost S, Schweins R, Appavou MS, Gradzielski M
94 - 99 Low temperature nanocasting synthesis of lanthanide ions (Ln = Tb, Eu, Dy) doped CaWO4 mesoporous structure with efficiently luminescent properties
Du CF, Lang FF, Su YG, Liu ZL
100 - 107 Controlled synthesis of ceria nanoparticles for the design of nanohybrids
Nguyen TD, Dinh CT, Mrabet D, Tran-Thi MN, Do TO
108 - 114 Facile fabrication of Pickering emulsion polymerized polystyrene/laponite composite nanoparticles and their electrorheology
Kim YJ, Liu YD, Choi HJ, Park SJ
115 - 123 Self-assembly of resins and asphaltenes facilitates asphaltene dissolution by an organic acid
Hashmi SM, Firoozabadi A
124 - 131 Block copolymer-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles in aqueous solutions: Segment effect on gold ion reduction, stabilization, and particle morphology
Sakai T, Horiuchi Y, Alexandridis P, Okada T, Mishima S
132 - 140 Poly(allyl methacrylate) functionalized hydroxyapatite nanocrystals via the combination of surface-initiated RAFT Polymerization and thiol-ene protocol: A potential anticancer drug nanocarrier
Bach LG, Islam MR, Vo TS, Kim SK, Lim KT
141 - 146 Fluorescent gold clusters synthesized in a poly(ethyleneimine) modified reverse microemulsion
Lemke K, Prietzel C, Koetz J
147 - 156 A new synthesis pathway for colloidal silica spheres coated with crystalline titanium oxide and its comparative cyto- and genotoxic study with titanium oxide nanoparticles in rat osteosarcoma (UMR106) cells
Di Virgilio AL, Maisuls I, Kleitz F, Arnal PM
157 - 165 Polyoxotungstate stabilized palladium, gold, and silver nanoclusters: A study of cluster stability, catalysis, and effects of the stabilizing anions
D'Souza L, Noeske M, Richards RM, Kortz U
166 - 176 Synthesis of Au/Pt bimetallic nanoparticles with a Pt-rich shell and their high catalytic activities for aerobic glucose oxidation
Zhang HJ, Toshima N
177 - 182 Improvement of the hydrophilicity of electrospun porous carbon nanofibers by grafting phenylsulfonic acid groups
Bai Y, Huang ZH, Zhang ZX, Kang FY
183 - 191 Adsorption of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions by graphene modified with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Wu Y, Luo HJ, Wang H, Wang C, Zhang J, Zhang ZL
192 - 198 Preparation of graphene oxide coated polystyrene microspheres by Pickering emulsion polymerization
Yin GN, Zheng Z, Wang HT, Du QG, Zhang HD
199 - 207 Synthesis of Fe3O4@poly(methacrylic acid) core-shell submicrospheres via RAFT precipitation polymerization
Li YY, Dong MJ, Kong J, Chai ZH, Fu GQ
208 - 215 Reusable electrospun mesoporous ZnO nanofiber mats for photocatalytic degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon dyes in wastewater
Singh P, Mondal K, Sharma A
216 - 222 Facile surfactant-free synthesis and luminescent properties of hierarchical europium-doped lutetium oxide phosphors
Zhao Q, Guo N, Jia YC, Lv WZ, Shao BQ, Jiao MM, You HP
223 - 230 Free-standing poly(2-vinylpyridine) foam films doped with silver nanoparticles formed at the planar liquid/liquid interface
Ma HH, Geng YY, Lee YI, Hao JC, Liu HG
231 - 236 Hierarchical titania mesoporous sphere/graphene composite, synthesis and application as photoanode in dye sensitized solar cells
Chang JL, Yang JL, Ma PF, Wu DP, Tian L, Gao ZY, Jiang K, Yang L
237 - 242 Template-assisted deposition of CTAB-functionalized gold nanoparticles with nanoscale resolution
Tinguely JC, Charron G, Lau-Truong S, Hohenau A, Grand J, Felidj N, Aubard J, Krenn JR
243 - 251 Size and charge characterisation of a submicrometre oil-in-water emulsion using resistive pulse sensing with tunable pores
Somerville JA, Willmott GR, Eldridge J, Griffiths M, McGrath KM
252 - 262 Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) with hierarchically 3D dendrimeric architectures: Formation mechanism and highly enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li XY, Chen LH, Rooke JC, Deng Z, Hu ZY, Wang SZ, Wang L, Li Y, Krief A, Su BL
263 - 268 Quasi-spherical silver nanoparticles: Aqueous synthesis and size control by the seed-mediated Lee-Meisel method
Wan Y, Guo ZR, Jiang XL, Fang K, Lu X, Zhang Y, Gu N
269 - 276 Growth behavior of giant vesicles using the electroformation method: Effect of proteins on swelling and deformation
Shimanouchi T, Umakoshi H, Kuboi R
277 - 283 Aggregation of tetrameric acids in aqueous media studied by small-angle neutron scattering
Simon S, Knudsen KD, Nordgard E, Reisen C, Sjoblom J
284 - 292 Stable emulsions with thermally responsive microstructure and rheology using poly(ethylene oxide) star polymers as emulsifiers
Saigal T, Yoshikawa A, Kloss D, Kato M, Golas PL, Matyjaszewski K, Tilton RD
293 - 300 A study of the partitioning of haloacetates into cetylpyridinium chloride micelles using semiequilibrium dialysis and ultrafiltration
Roach JD, Premjee MM, Buddhavarapu S, Hassib A
301 - 311 Formation of chiral nanotubes by the novel anthraquinone containing-achiral molecule
Unsal H, Aydogan N
312 - 318 The movement of actin-myosin biomolecular linear motor under AC electric fields: An experimental study
Lee YK, Famouri P
319 - 328 Thermally induced structural transitions from fluids to hydrogels with pH-switchable anionic wormlike micelles
Zhang YM, Han YX, Chu ZL, He S, Zhang JC, Feng YJ
329 - 336 Tensiometric determination of Gibbs surface excess and micelle point: A critical revisit
Mukherjee I, Moulik SP, Rakshit AK
337 - 345 New insights on the mechanisms of drug release from highly concentrated emulsions
Llinas M, Caldero G, Garcia-Celma MJ, Patti A, Solans C
346 - 352 Micellar and analytical implications of a new potentiometric PVC sensor based on neutral ion-pair complexes of dodecylmethylimidazolium bromide-sodium dodecylsulfate
Sanan R, Mahajan RK
353 - 359 Dominant role of wormlike micelles in temperature-responsive viscoelastic properties of their mixtures with polymeric chains
Molchanov VS, Philippova OE
360 - 367 Embedding DNA in surfactant mesophases: The phase diagram of the ternary system dodecyltrimethylammonium-DNA/monoolein/water in comparison to the DNA-free analogue
Bilalov A, Elsing J, Haas E, Schmidt C, Olsson U
368 - 379 The production and physicochemical properties of a biosurfactant mixture obtained from Sphingobacterium detergens
Burgos-Diaz C, Pons R, Teruel JA, Aranda FJ, Ortiz A, Manresa A, Marques AM
380 - 385 Encapsulation stability and temperature-dependent release kinetics from hydrogel-immobilised liposomes
Ullrich M, Hanus J, Dohnal J, Stepanek F
386 - 393 Nano/microstructured polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes-based hybrid copolymers: Morphology evolution and surface characterization
Liu JZ, Fan JZ, Zhang Z, Hu Q, Zeng TY, Li BB
394 - 400 Supported cobalt catalysts by one-pot aqueous combustion synthesis for catalytic phenol degradation
Sun HQ, Liang HW, Zhou GL, Wang SB
401 - 408 Hydroxyapatite supported cobalt catalysts for hydrogen generation
Jaworski JW, Cho S, Kim Y, Jung JH, Jeon HS, Min BK, Kwon KY
409 - 418 N-hydroxymethyl acrylamide polymer brush and its application in catalyzing coupling reaction
Fu ZH, Zhang N, Liu J, Li TS, Xu WJ, Wang F, Wang T, Zhai Z, Liu LL, Mao LY, Wu YJ
419 - 427 Adsorption of fluoride onto crystalline titanium dioxide: Effect of pH, ionic strength, and co-existing ions
Babaeivelni K, Khodadoust AP
428 - 433 Use of functionalized PEG with 4-aminobenzoic acid stabilized platinum nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for the hydrosilylation of alkenes
Bai Y, Zhang SF, Deng Y, Peng JJ, Li JY, Hu YQ, Li XN, Lai GQ
434 - 440 Self-assembly of polyoxometalate-thionine multilayer films on magnetic microspheres as photocatalyst for methyl orange degradation under visible light irradiation
Li HF, Gao SY, Cao MN, Cao R
441 - 444 Investigation of photocatalytic activities over ZnO-TiO2-reduced graphene oxide composites synthesized via microwave-assisted reaction
Liu XJ, Pan LK, Lv T, Sun Z
445 - 450 Adsorptive separation studies of ethane-methane and methane-nitrogen systems using mesoporous carbon
Yuan B, Wu XF, Chen YX, Huang JH, Luo HM, Deng SG
451 - 457 Surface electrochemical properties of red mud (bauxite residue): Zeta potential and surface charge density
Liu YJ, Naidu R, Ming H
458 - 466 Adsorption of milk proteins on to calcium phosphate particles
Tercinier L, Ye AQ, Anema S, Singh A, Singh H
467 - 474 Interfacial behavior of silicone oils interacting with nanosilica and silica gels
Gun'ko VM, Turov VV, Krupska TV, Ruban AN, Kazanets AI, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J
475 - 484 High surface area Au-SBA-15 and Au-MCM-41 materials synthesis: Tryptophan amino acid mediated confinement of gold nanostructures within the mesoporous silica pore walls
Selvakannan PR, Mantri K, Tardio J, Bhargava SK
485 - 489 A real time in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopic study of glyphosate desorption from goethite as induced by phosphate adsorption: Effect of surface coverage
Waiman CV, Avena MJ, Regazzoni AE, Zanini GP
490 - 497 Liquid-gas boundary catalysis by using gold/polystyrene-coated hollow titania
Ran NHM, Yuliati L, Lee SL, Mahlia TMI, Nur H
498 - 508 Surface kinetics for cooperative fungal cellulase digestion of cellulose from quartz crystal microgravimetry
Maurer SA, Brady NW, Fajardo NP, Radke CJ
509 - 514 Facile synthesis of alumina hollow microspheres via trisodium citrate-mediated hydrothermal process and their adsorption performances for p-nitrophenol from aqueous solutions
Zhou JB, Wang L, Zhang Z, Yu JG
515 - 521 Ceria supported on sulfated zirconia as a superacid catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Gao S, Chen XB, Wang HQ, Mo JS, Wu ZB, Liu Y, Weng XL
522 - 529 Spontaneous desorption and phase transitions of self-assembled alkanethiol and alicyclic thiol monolayers chemisorbed on Au(1 1 1) in ultrahigh vacuum at room temperature
Ito E, Kang H, Lee D, Park JB, Hara M, Noh J
530 - 538 Effect of reactive bed mineralogy on arsenic retention and permeability of synthetic arsenic-containing acid mine drainage
Liu J, Cheng HF, Zhao FH, Dong FQ, Frost RL
539 - 544 Development of anti-icing materials by chemical tailoring of hydrophobic textured metallic surfaces
Charpentier TVJ, Neville A, Millner P, Hewson RW, Morina A
545 - 553 Development of superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic polyester fabric by growing Zinc Oxide nanorods
Ashraf M, Campagne C, Perwuelz A, Champagne P, Leriche A, Courtois C
554 - 563 Cellular and molecular investigations of the adhesion and mechanics of Listeria monocytogenes lineages' I and II environmental and epidemic strains
Eskhan AO, Abu-Lail NI
564 - 572 Structural and spectroscopic study of tripeptide/layered double hydroxide hybrids
Wang YL, Wu PX, Li YW, Zhu NW, Dang Z
573 - 581 Nanocomplexation-assisted solubilization of pDNA in organic solvents for improved microencapsulation
Wang Y, Zhou JZ, Tang Y, Wei YL, Gong H, Li XH, Zhang JX
582 - 589 Influence of variable substrate geometry on wettability and cellular responses
Cortese B, Riehle MO, D'Amone S, Gigli G
590 - 597 Amino and carboxyl plasma functionalization of collagen films for tissue engineering applications
Taraballi F, Zanini S, Lupo C, Panseri S, Cunha C, Riccardi C, Marcacci M, Campione M, Cipolla L
598 - 603 Electrokinetic concentration, patterning, and sorting of colloids with thin film heaters
Velasco V, Williams SJ
604 - 610 A localized crystallization to hierarchical ZSM-5 microspheres aided by silane coupling agent
Xiao Q, Yao QS, Zhuang J, Liu G, Zhong YJ, Zhu WD
611 - 618 Interaction potentials between, two colloidal particles surrounded by an extremely bidisperse particle suspension
Ji SX, Walz JY
619 - 629 Modeling and simulation of dielectrophoretic particle-particle interactions and assembly
Hossan MR, Dillon R, Roy AK, Dutta P
630 - 638 Eu3+-induced aggregates of diblock copolymers and their photoluminescent property
Xu QS, Tang JG, Wang Y, Liu JX, Wang XZ, Huang Z, Huang LJ, Wang YX, Shen WF, Belfiore LA
639 - 642 Assembling Ag nanoparticles into morphology controlled secondary structures on loosely packed self-assembled monolayers
Jiang J, Chae B, Jeong SK, Min BK, Kim SH, Piao L, Yoon S
643 - 645 PEG polymer brushes via the Langmuir-Schaefer technique: The transfer ratio
Brouette N, Sferrazza M
646 - 651 Surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization of polyamine grafting from magnetic iron oxide submicroparticles for high adsorption capacity of cadmium in aqueous solution
Liu QY, Ji ZX, Bei YL