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ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Egon Matijevic, his personality and achievements
Kallay N
7 - 14 A new approach to the investigation of nanoparticles: Electron tomography with compressed sensing
Thomas JM, Leary R, Midgley PA, Holland DJ
15 - 26 Effect of boundary slip and surface charge on the pressure-driven flow
Jing DL, Bhushan B
27 - 33 Aggregation rate and fractal dimension of fullerene nanoparticles via simultaneous multiangle static and dynamic light scattering measurement
Meng ZY, Hashmi SM, Elimelech M
34 - 41 Charging and aggregation of negatively charged colloidal latex particles in the presence of multivalent oligoamine cations
Szilagyi I, Polomska A, Citherlet D, Sadeghpour A, Borkovec M
42 - 49 Hydroxide nanoparticles for cultural heritage: Consolidation and protection of wall paintings and carbonate materials
Chelazzi D, Poggi G, Jaidar Y, Toccafondi N, Giorgi R, Baglioni P
50 - 56 Oxidation of ferrous hydroxides with nitrate: A versatile method for the preparation of magnetic colloidal particles
Vereda F, de Vicente J, Hidalgo-Alvarez R
57 - 64 Post-synthesis surface-modified silicas as adsorbents for heavy metal ion contaminants Cd(II), Cu(II), Cr(III), and Sr(II) in aqueous solutions
Kothalawala N, Blitz JP, Gun'ko VM, Jaroniec M, Grabicka B, Semeniuc RF
65 - 74 Interaction between oxalic acid and titania in aqueous ethanol dispersions
Dahlsten P, Rosenholm JB
75 - 82 Effect of surface properties on the electrorheological response of hematite/silicone oil dispersions
Erol O, Ramos-Tejada MD, Unal HI, Delgado AV
83 - 89 Surfactant mediated charging of polymer particles in a nonpolar liquid
Guo Q, Lee J, Singh V, Behrens SH
90 - 95 Core-shell gold/silver nanoparticles: Synthesis and optical properties
Lu L, Burkey G, Halaciuga I, Goia DV
96 - 101 Temperature response of luminescent tris(bipyridine)ruthenium(II)-doped silica nanoparticles
Mirenda M, Levi V, Bossi ML, Bruno L, Bordoni AV, Regazzoni AE, Wolosiuk A
102 - 104 Coagulation by multivalent counterions and the Schulze-Hardy rule
Lyklema J
105 - 116 AFM characterization of nanobubble formation and slip condition in oxygenated and electrokinetically altered fluids
Bhushan B, Pan YL, Daniels S
117 - 121 Role of surface charge on boundary slip in fluid flow
Pan YL, Bhushan B
122 - 128 Preparation of mesoporous oxides and their support effects on Pt nanoparticle catalysts in catalytic hydrogenation of furfural
An K, Musselwhite N, Kennedy G, Pushkarev VV, Baker LR, Somorjai GA
129 - 136 Preparation and characterization of uniform particles of uric acid and its salts
Mohamed AA, Matijevic E
137 - 140 Synthesis of praseodymium hydroxide (Pr(OH)(3)) and praseodymium oxide (Pr6O11) nanorods via room temperature aging
Dodd A
141 - 150 Synthesis, self-assembly, and pH-responsive behavior of (photo-crosslinked) star amphiphilic triblock copolymer
Bian QQ, Xiao Y, Zhou C, Lang MD
151 - 157 Controllable synthesis of Cu2O petalody octahedral microcrystals and multi-patterned evolution
Ding YB, Ge DT, Yang LL, Li ZY, Xin WH, Li Y, Wu XH, Zhao JP
158 - 166 Covalent molecular assembly: Construction of ultrathin multilayer films by a two-dimensional fabrication method
Zhou RT, Srinivasan MP
167 - 171 AC electrophoretic deposition of organic-inorganic composite coatings
Yoshioka T, Chavez-Valdez A, Roether JA, Schubert DW, Boccaccini AR
172 - 182 Tuning the size of aluminum oxide nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation in water using physical and chemical approaches
Al-Mamun SA, Nakajima R, Ishigaki T
183 - 193 Effects of freezing and thawing on the microstructure of latex paints
Mittal M, Roper JA, Jackson CL, Monaghan GG, Francis LF
194 - 200 Highly monodisperse polysilsesquioxane spheres: Synthesis and application in cotton fabrics
Ma WS, Zhang DQ, Duan Y, Wang H
201 - 205 Organophilic worm-like ruthenium nanoparticles catalysts by the modification of CTAB on montmorillonite supports
Zhou LM, Qi XL, Jiang XH, Zhou YF, Fu HY, Chen H
206 - 212 Hydrothermal synthesis and upconversion luminescence properties of beta-NaGdF4:Yb3+/Tm3+ and beta-NaGdF4:Yb3+/Ho3+ submicron crystals with regular morphologies
Li J, Hao ZD, Zhang X, Luo YS, Zhao JH, Lu SZ, Cao J, Zhang JH
213 - 218 SAXS characterization of genetically engineered tobacco mosaic virus nanorods coated with palladium in the absence of external reducing agents
Freer AS, Guarnaccio L, Watford K, Smith J, Steilberg J, Culver JN, Harris MT
219 - 225 Colloidal lithography using silica particles: Improved particle distribution and tunable wetting properties
Degand S, Lamblin G, Dupont-Gillain CC
226 - 236 Quantitative analysis of exfoliation and aspect ratio of calcium niobate platelets
Gao HS, Shori S, Chen XM, zur Loye HC, Ploehn HJ
237 - 246 Effect of cationic polyacrylamides on the aggregation and SERS performance of gold nanoparticles-treated paper
Ngo YH, Li D, Simon GP, Garnier G
247 - 255 Electrophoretic assembly of organic molecules and composites for electrochemical supercapacitors
Su Y, Zhitomirsky I
256 - 265 Formation and structure of Langmuir-Blodgett films of organo-modified aluminosilicate with high surface coverage
Fujimori A, Arai S, Kusaka J, Kubota M, Kurosaka K
266 - 273 Interaction of alpha-diimine-chromium(III) complexes with non-ionic surfactant Triton X-100
Bazan CM, Pagliero D, Suarez A, Arguello GA
274 - 280 Choline alkylsulfates - New promising green surfactants
Klein R, Kellermeier M, Touraud D, Muller E, Kunz W
281 - 287 Na-23 and Cl-35/37 as NMR probes of growth and shape of sodium taurodeoxycholate micellar aggregates in the presence of NaCl
Asaro F, Feruglio L, Galantini L, Nardelli A
288 - 296 Disposition and association of the steric stabilizer Pluronic (R) F127 in lyotropic liquid crystalline nanostructured particle dispersions
Tilley AJ, Drummond CJ, Boyd BJ
297 - 303 Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of pyrrolidinium based surfactants
Bartoloni A, Bombelli C, Borocci S, Bonicelli MG, Galantini L, Giansanti L, Ierino M, Mancini G, Muschietti A, Sperduto C
304 - 310 Cylinder to sphere transition in reverse microemulsions: The effect of hydrotropes
Hatzopoulos MH, Eastoe J, Dowding PJ, Grillo I
311 - 318 Removal of arsenite(As(III)) and arsenate(As(V)) by synthetic pyrite (FeS2): Synthesis, effect of contact time, and sorption/desorption envelopes
Han DS, Song JK, Batchelor B, Abdel-Wahab A
319 - 324 Influence of the addition of transition metals (Cr, Zr, Mo) on the properties of MnOx-FeOx catalysts for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NOx by Ammonia
Zhou CC, Zhang YP, Wang XL, Xu HT, Sun KQ, Shen K
325 - 330 Enhanced photoactivity on Ag/Ag3PO4 composites by plasmonic effect
Gondal MA, Chang XF, Sha WEI, Yamani ZH, Zhou Q
331 - 336 Adsorption study of CO2, CH4, N-2, and H2O on an interwoven copper carboxylate metal-organic framework (MOF-14)
Karra JR, Grabicka BE, Huang YG, Walton KS
337 - 342 Cadmium sulphide quantum dots sensitized hierarchical bismuth oxybromide microsphere with highly efficient photocatalytic activity
Liu ZS, Wu BT, Zhu YB, Wang F, Wang LG
343 - 348 Temperature-dependent phosphorus precipitation and chromium removal from struvite-saturated solutions
Rouff AA
349 - 358 Adsorption of trimethyl phosphate and triethyl phosphate on dry and water pre-covered hematite, maghemite, and goethite nanoparticles
Makie P, Persson P, Osterlund L
359 - 368 Synthesis, characterization and hydration analysis of a novel epoxy/superplasticizer oilwell cement slurry - Some mechanistic features by solution microcalorimetry
Cestari AR, Vieira EFS, Silva ECS, Alves FJ, Andrade MAS
369 - 375 Thermodynamics of hydrophobic interaction between silica surfaces coated with octadecyltrichlorosilane
Li ZL, Yoon RH
376 - 381 Micro-nano hierarchical superhydrophobic electrospray-synthesized silica layers
Kim JY, Kim EK, Kim SS
382 - 387 Solubility of gas in confined systems. Nonextensive thermodynamics approach
Letellier P, Turmine M
388 - 395 Numerical simulation of the drying of inkjet-printed droplets
Siregar DP, Kuerten JGM, van der Geld CWM
396 - 406 How pulse modes affect proton-barriers and anion-exchange membrane mineral fouling during consecutive electrodialysis treatments
Cifuentes-Araya N, Pourcelly G, Bazinet L
407 - 414 The effect of different soft segments on the formation and properties of binary core microencapsulated phase change materials with polyurea/polyurethane double shell
Ma YH, Chu XD, Tang GY, Yao YW
415 - 421 A survey of place-exchange reaction for the preparation of water-soluble gold nanoparticles
Brinas RP, Maetani M, Barchi JJ
422 - 430 Tuning drug release from smart microgel-hydrogel composites via cross-linking
Sivakumaran D, Maitland D, Oszustowicz T, Hoare T
431 - 445 Significance of cell "observer" and protein source in nanobiosciences
Laurent S, Burtea C, Thirifays C, Rezaee F, Mahmoudi M
446 - 462 Textural characteristics of model and natural bone tissues and interfacial behavior of bound water
Jablonski M, Gun'ko VM, Golovan AP, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Pluta R, Turov VV
463 - 464 Titanium dioxide nanospheres with wide spectral absorption prepared by low-voltage plasma electrolysis
Wu Z, Zhang ZK, Guo DZ
465 - 469 Measuring liquid meniscus velocity to determine size of nanopipette aperture
Salancon E, Tinland B
470 - 470 Bacteria attachment to surfaces - AFM force spectroscopy and physicochemical analyses (vol 364, pg 213, 2011)
Harimawan A, Rajasekar A, Ting YP