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1 - 9 Effects of emulsifier hydrophile-lipophile balance and emulsifier concentration on the distributions of gallic acid, propyl gallate, and alpha-tocopherol in corn oil emulsions
Losada-Barreiro S, Sanchez-Paz V, Bravo-Diaz C
10 - 15 Synthesis of mesoporous magnetic Co-NPs/carbon nanocomposites and their adsorption property for methyl orange from aqueous solution
Zhang P, An Q, Guo J, Wang CC
16 - 22 One-pot synthesis of ultra-small cerium oxide nanodots exhibiting multi-colored fluorescence
Krishnan A, Sreeremya TS, Murray E, Ghosh S
23 - 30 Synthesis of nanoparticle/ligand composite thin films by sequential ligand self assembly and surface complex reduction
Muench F, Fuchs A, Mankel E, Rauber M, Lauterbach S, Kleebe HJ, Ensinger W
31 - 41 Characterization of Silver/Bovine Serum Albumin (Ag/BSA) nanoparticles structure: Morphological, compositional, and interaction studies
Gebregeorgis A, Bhan C, Wilson O, Raghavan D
42 - 45 Selective nanodecoration of modified cyclodextrin crystals with gold nanorods
Herrera B, Adura C, Yutronic N, Kogan MJ, Jara P
46 - 52 A reusable naphthalimide-functionalized magnetic fluorescent nanosensor for the simultaneous determination and removal of trace Hg2+ in aqueous solution
Zhao J, Zhu BC, Yu HQ, Yan LG, Wei Q, Du B
53 - 60 Solvothermal synthesis of well-dispersed ZnSe microspheres
Ren XL, Li QY, Xue YN, Zhai XF, Yu M
61 - 70 Adhesion of quantum dots-induced membrane damage of Escherichia coli
Lai L, Lin C, Xiao CQ, Xu ZQ, Han XL, Fu L, Li DW, Mei P, Jiang FL, Guo QL, Liu Y
71 - 76 Influence of iodide ions on morphology of silver growth on gold hexagonal nanoplates
Kim J, Hong S, Jang HJ, Choi Y, Park S
77 - 84 Self-assembly of colloidal spheres and application as solvent responding polymer film
Shen ZH, Yang YY, Lu FZ, Bao BF, You B, Shi L
85 - 90 Synthesis of noble metal/graphene nanocomposites without surfactants by one-step reduction of metal salt and graphene oxide
Kim SH, Jeong GH, Choi D, Yoon S, Jeon HB, Lee SM, Kim SW
91 - 98 Comparative investigation of zirconium oxide (ZrO2) nano and microstructures for structural, optical and photocatalytic properties
Selvam NCS, Manikandan A, Kennedy LJ, Vijaya JJ
99 - 105 Controllable low dielectric porous polyimide films templated by silica microspheres: Microstructure, formation mechanism, and properties
Wang QH, Wang C, Wang TM
106 - 114 Controlling the reversible thermochromism of polydiacetylene/zinc oxide nanocomposites by varying alkyl chain length
Chanakul A, Traiphol N, Traiphol R
115 - 120 Mesoporous silica containing Si(CH2)(3)NHC(S)NHC2H5 functional groups in the surface layer
Nazarchuk GI, Melnyk IV, Zub YL, Makridina OI, Vezentsev AI
121 - 125 A facile approach to the synthesis of non-porous and microporous sub-micron spherical zirconia and alumina-zirconia solid solution
Ghotbi MY, Nasiri V, Rafiee M
126 - 133 Photoreactive, core-shell cross-linked/hollow microspheres prepared by delayed addition of cross-linker in dispersion polymerization for antifouling and immobilization of protein
Wang SL, Yue K, Liu LY, Yang WT
134 - 146 Mesopore-free silica shell with nanometer-scale thickness-controllable on cationic polystyrene core
Nandiyanto ABD, Iwaki T, Ogi T, Okuyama K
147 - 156 Microfluidic preparation and self diffusion PFG-NMR analysis of monodisperse water-in-oil-in-water double emulsions
Hughes E, Maan AA, Acquistapace S, Burbidge A, Johns ML, Gunes DZ, Clausen P, Syrbe A, Hugo J, Schroen K, Miralles V, Atkins T, Gray R, Homewood P, Zick K
157 - 163 Aggregation of new bipolar glucosyled and cationic fluoroamphiphiles in aqueous media
Thi HVN, Damas C, Naejus R, Coudert R
164 - 174 Micellization of dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide in water-dimethylsulfoxide mixtures: A multi-length scale approach in a model system
Peyre V, Bouguerra S, Testard F
175 - 181 Interactions of bovine serum albumin with cationic imidazolium and quaternary ammonium gemini surfactants: Effects of surfactant architecture
Zhou T, Ao MQ, Xu GY, Liu T, Zhang J
182 - 187 A visualized observation of calcium-dependent gelsolin activity upon the surface coverage of fluorescent-tagged actin filaments
Lee Y, Wei MY, Famouri P
188 - 198 New models and predictions for Brownian coagulation of non-interacting spheres
Kelkar AV, Dong JN, Franses EI, Corti DS
199 - 205 Lyotropic liquid crystalline phases with a series of N-alkyl-N-methylpiperidinium bromides and water
Zhao YR, Yue X, Wang XD, Chen X
206 - 212 Selective deposition of organic molecules onto DPPC templates - A molecular dynamics study
Hirtz M, Kumar N, Franke JH, Hao JY, Lu N, Fuchs H, Chi LF
213 - 219 The Langmuir monolayer adsorption model of organic matter into effective pores in activated carbon
Song XL, Zhang Y, Yan CY, Jiang WJ, Chang CM
220 - 229 Evolutionary screening and adsorption behavior of engineered M13 bacteriophage and derived dodecapeptide for selective decoration of gold interfaces
Causa F, Della Moglie R, Iaccino E, Mimmi S, Marasco D, Scognamiglio PL, Battista E, Palmieri C, Cosenza C, Sanguigno L, Quinto I, Scala G, Netti PA
230 - 235 Determination of the optimal pore size for improved CO2 adsorption in activated carbon fibers
Lee SY, Park SJ
236 - 243 Kinetics of lead(IV) oxide (PbO2) reductive dissolution: Role of lead(II) adsorption and surface speciation
Wang Y, Wu JW, Wang ZM, Terenyi A, Giammar DE
244 - 251 Nanostructured copper, chromium, and tin oxide multicomponent materials as catalysts for methanol decomposition: C-11-radiolabeling study
Tsoncheva T, Sarkadi-Priboczki E, Dimitrova M, Genova I
252 - 259 Reduction of gold(III) chloride to gold(0) on silicate surfaces
Mohammadnejad S, Provis JL, van Deventer JSJ
260 - 267 Synthesis and characterization of Cu, Ag and Au dendrimer-encapsulated nanoparticles and their application in the reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol
Nemanashi M, Meijboom R
268 - 272 Dynamics of liquid rise in a vertical capillary tube
Masoodi R, Languri E, Ostadhossein A
273 - 283 Influence of azo dye-TiO2 interactions on the filtration performance in a hybrid photocatalysis/ultrafiltration process
Zhang JW, Wang L, Zhang GL, Wang ZY, Xu LS, Fan Z
284 - 291 Wettability of bare and fluorinated silanes: A combined approach based on surface free energy evaluations and dipole moment calculations
Cappelletti G, Ardizzone S, Meroni D, Soliveri G, Ceotto M, Biaggi C, Benaglia M, Raimondi L
292 - 297 Core-shell nanoparticles as prodrugs: Possible cytotoxicological and biomedical impacts of batch-to-batch inconsistencies
Franca R, Zhang XF, Veres T, Yahia L, Sacher E
298 - 305 An apparatus to measure electrical charge of bubble swarms
Uddin S, Jin L, Mirnezami M, Finch JA