Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.362, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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243 - 252 Spectral and electrochemical studies of bis(diimine)copper(II) complexes in anionic, cationic and nonionic micelles
Anitha N, Balamurugan R, Palaniandavar M
253 - 260 Silicon dioxide hollow microspheres with porous composite structure: Synthesis and characterization
Yan XL, Lei ZL
261 - 266 Tailoring the carbon nanostructures grown on the surface of Ni-Al bimetallic nanoparticles in the gas phase
Kim WD, Ahn JY, Lee DG, Lee HW, Hong SW, Park HS, Kim SH
267 - 273 Mechanistic studies on the formation of silver nanowires by a hydrothermal method
Tetsumoto T, Gotoh Y, Ishiwatari T
274 - 284 UV-curable low surface energy fluorinated polycarbonate-based polyurethane dispersion
Hwang HD, Kim HJ
285 - 291 Spreading of triple line and dynamics of bubble growth inside nanoparticle dispersions on top of a substrate plate
Vafaei S, Wen DS
292 - 299 Synthesis of zinc tin oxide (ZTO) nanocrystallites at room temperature through association with peptide-containing bolaamphiphile molecules
Ahn S, Kwon TG, Lee SY
300 - 310 Elaboration of nano-structured grafted polymeric surface
Vrlinic T, Debarnot D, Mozetic M, Vesel A, Kovac J, Coudreuse A, Legeay G, Poncin-Epaillard F
311 - 316 Defect induced photoluminescence and ferromagnetic properties of bio-compatible SWCNT/Ni hybrid bundles
Gupta V, Gupta BK, Kotnala RK, Narayanan TN, Grover V, Shah J, Agrawal V, Chand S, Shanker V
317 - 324 Bio-dissolution of colloidal-size clay minerals entrapped in microporous silica gels
Grybos M, Billard P, Desobry-Banon S, Michot LJ, Lenain JF, Mustin C
325 - 329 Dense aqueous colloidal gold nanoparticles prepared from highly concentrated precursor solution
Soejima T, Oshiro S, Nakatsuji Y, Ito S
330 - 336 Submicrometer intermediates in the citrate synthesis of gold nanoparticles: New insights into the nucleation and crystal growth mechanisms
Mikhlin Y, Karacharov A, Likhatski M, Podlipskaya T, Zubavichus Y, Veligzhanin A, Zaikovski V
337 - 344 Functionalization of tungsten oxide into MWCNT and its application for sunlight-induced degradation of rhodamine B
Saleh TA, Gupta VK
345 - 353 Reaction-induced phase separation of bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane upon sot-gel polymerization in acidic conditions
Ambati J, Rankin SE
354 - 366 Mesoporous silica SBA-15 sheet with perpendicular nanochannels
Yeh YQ, Lin HP, Tang CY, Mou CY
367 - 374 Electrophoretic deposition of polyacrylic acid and composite films containing nanotubes and oxide particles
Wang Y, Deen I, Zhitomirsky I
375 - 381 Creation of coating surfaces possessing superhydrophobic and superoleophobic characteristics with fluoroalkyl end-capped vinyltrimethoxysilane oligomeric nanocomposites having biphenylene segments
Goto Y, Takashima H, Takishita K, Sawada H
382 - 388 Solvation forces between molecularly rough surfaces
Yang K, Lin YZ, Lu XC, Neimark AV
389 - 396 Controllable synthesis and up-conversion properties of tetragonal BaYF5:Yb/Ln (Ln = Er, Tm, and Ho) nanocrystals
Niu N, Yang PAP, Liu YC, Li CX, Wang D, Gai SL, He F
397 - 405 Adsorption of multilamellar tubes with a temperature tunable diameter at the air/water interface
Fameau AL, Douliez JP, Boue F, Ott F, Cousin F
406 - 414 Synthesis, aggregation behavior and interfacial activity of branched alkylbenzenesulfonate gemini surfactants
Zhang Q, Tian MZ, Han YC, Wu CX, Li ZB, Wang YL
415 - 422 Influence of the Hofmeister anions on self-organization of 1-decyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride in aqueous solutions
Luczak J, Markiewicz M, Thoming J, Hupka J, Jungnickel C
423 - 429 Influence of surfactant amphiphilicity on the phase behavior of IL-based microemulsions
Harrar A, Zech O, Klaus A, Bauduin P, Kunz W
430 - 438 Light and host-guest inclusion mediated salmon sperm DNA/surfactant interactions
Lin YY, Zhang YD, Qiao Y, Huang JB, Xu BC
439 - 449 Interrelations between charging, structure and electrokinetics of nanometric polyelectrolyte films
Duval JFL, Kuttner D, Nitschke M, Werner C, Zimmermann R
450 - 456 Preparation, characterization and application in deep catalytic ODS of the mesoporous silica pillared clay incorporated with phosphotungstic acid
Li BS, Liu ZX, Liu JJ, Zhou ZY, Gao XH, Pang XM, Sheng HT
457 - 462 Adsorption process of methyl orange dye onto mesoporous carbon material-kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Mohammadi N, Khani H, Gupta VK, Amereh E, Agarwal S
463 - 469 Adsorption of several gases on flexible metal organic framework [Cu(dhbc)(2)(4,4'-bpy)]center dot H2O
Yamazaki T, Takahashi Y, Yoshida D
470 - 476 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by chemical vapor condensation method with different precursor concentration and residence time
Chin S, Park E, Kim M, Bae GN, Jurng J
477 - 485 Synthesis of 3D porous ferromagnetic NiFe2O4 and using as novel adsorbent to treat wastewater
Hou XY, Feng J, Liv XH, Ren YM, Fan ZJ, Wei T, Meng J, Zhang ML
486 - 492 Magnetic alginate beads for Pb(II) ions removal from wastewater
Bee A, Talbot D, Abramson S, Dupuis V
493 - 496 Near 100% selectivity in anion exchange reactions of layered zinc hydroxy nitrate
Thomas N, Rajamathi M
497 - 502 Kinetics and equilibrium studies on the treatment of nitric acid with Mg-Al oxide obtained by thermal decomposition of NO3--intercalated Mg-Al layered double hydroxide
Kameda T, Fubasami Y, Yoshioka T
503 - 509 Investigation into adsorption mechanisms of sulfonamides onto porous adsorbents
Yang WB, Zheng FF, Xue XX, Lu YP
510 - 516 A molecular dynamics study of the interaction of oleate and dodecylammonium chloride surfactants with complex aluminosilicate minerals
Rai B, Sathish P, Tanwar J, Pradip, Moon KS, Fuerstenau DW
517 - 523 Diagnosis of dengue infection using a modified gold electrode with hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposite and Bauhinia monandra lectin
Andrade CAS, Oliveira MDL, de Melo CP, Coelho LCBB, Correia MTS, Nogueira ML, Singh PR, Zeng XQ
524 - 531 Diffusion-controlled evaporation of sodium dodecyl sulfate solution drops placed on a hydrophobic substrate
Doganci MD, Sesli BU, Erbil HY
532 - 539 Modification of polystyrene surface in aqueous solutions
Mielczarski JA, Jeyachandran YL, Mielczarski E, Rai B
540 - 552 Study of the coalescence/splash threshold of droplet impact on liquid films and its relevance in assessing airborne particle release
Motzkus C, Gensdarmes F, Gehin E
553 - 559 Spontaneous periodic pulsation of contact line in oil/water system -Frequency control with divalent cations and applied voltage
Oomiya K, Mori D, Ban T, Shioi A
560 - 566 One-step electrophoretic deposition for the preparation of superhydrophobic silica particle/trimethylsiloxysilicate composite coatings
Ogihara H, Katayama T, Saji T
567 - 574 High-speed droplet actuation on single-plate electrode arrays
Banerjee AN, Qian SZ, Joo SW
575 - 583 Bioreducible insulin-loaded nanoparticles and their interaction with model lipid membranes
Frost R, Coue G, Engbersen JFJ, Zach M, Kasemo B, Svedhem S
584 - 593 A pH dependent thermo-sensitive copolymer drug carrier incorporating 4-amino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-1-oxyl (4-NH2-TEMPO) residues for electron spin resonance (ESR) labeling
Yu RH, Zhao HL, Zhao ZJ, Wan YY, Yuan HH, Lan MB, Lindoy LF, Wei G
594 - 599 Biomimetic gelatin-octacalcium phosphate core-shell microspheres
Boanini E, Bigi A
600 - 606 Interfacial properties of hydrophilized poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) layers with various thicknesses
Gyulai G, Penzes CB, Mohai M, Lohner T, Petrik P, Kurunczi S, Kiss E
607 - 614 Hydrophilicity/porous structure-tuned, SiO2/polyetherimide-coated polyimide nonwoven porous substrates for reinforced composite proton exchange membranes
Lee JR, Won JH, Kim NY, Lee MS, Lee SY
615 - 624 Optimization of CO2+ ions removal from water solutions via polymer enhanced ultrafiltration with application of PVA and sulfonated PVA as complexing agents
Uzal N, Jaworska A, Miskiewicz A, Zakrzewska-Trznadel G, Cojocaru C
625 - 628 Optimizing the matching between the acid and the base of cooperative catalysis to inhibit dehydration in the aldol condensation
Liu B, Wu SJ, Yu XF, Guan JQ, Kan QB
629 - 632 Study on the wettability of polyethylene film fabricated at lower temperature
Hou WX, Zhang LZ, Long Y
633 - 637 Bimodal colloidal mixtures: From fast to slow aggregation regions
Jia JJ, Jia ZH, Iwata S