Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.350, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 4 On the applicability of the Brinkman equation in soft surface electrokinetics
Dukhin SS, Zimmermann R, Duval JFL, Werner C
5 - 9 Fabrication, spectroscopy, and dynamics of highly luminescent core-shell InP@ZnSe quantum dots
Kim MR, Chung JH, Lee M, Lee S, Fang DJ
10 - 15 Cholesterol induced CTAB micelle-to-vesicle phase transitions
Cano-Sarabia M, Angelova A, Ventosa N, Lesieur S, Veciana J
16 - 21 Chemical and morphological characterizations of CoNi alloy nanoparticles formed by co-evaporation onto highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Zhang GX, Sun SH, Bostetter M, Poulin S, Sacher E
22 - 29 Dual responsive copolymer micelles for drug controlled release
Yang LR, Guo C, Jia LW, Liang XF, Liu CZ, Liu HZ
30 - 38 Shape-controlled synthesis of F-substituted hydroxyapatite microcrystals in the presence of Na(2)EDTA and citric acid
Jiang DL, Li D, Xie JM, Zhu JJ, Chen M, Lu XM, Dang SC
39 - 43 Synthesis and characterization of porous shell-like nano hydroxyapatite using Cetrimide as template
Shanthi PMSL, Mangalaraja RV, Uthirakumar AP, Velmathi S, Balasubramanian T, Ashok M
44 - 50 Synthesis and grafting of folate-PEG-PAMAM conjugates onto quantum dots for selective targeting of folate-receptor-positive tumor cells
Zhao YL, Liu S, Li YP, Jiang W, Chang YL, Pan S, Fang XX, Wang YA, Wang JY
51 - 57 Study of ferrofluids in confined geometry
Rawat S, Fink D, Chandra A
58 - 62 Preparation of metal@silica core-shell particle films by interfacial self-assembly
Liu T, Li DS, Zou Y, Yang DR, Li HL, Wu YM, Jiang MH
63 - 68 Schizophrenic micellization of poly(ethylene oxide-b-methacrylic acid) induced by phosphate and calcium ions
Guragain S, Bastakoti BP, Nakashima K
69 - 74 Adsorption phase synthesis: Preparation of nanoparticles and the effects of reactant distribution
Wang T, Jiang X, Wang J
75 - 82 Rhodamine B-anchored silica nanoparticles displaying white-light photoluminescence and their uses in preparations of photoluminescent polymeric films and nanofibers
Hsu CY, Liu YL
83 - 89 Rapid synthesis of a versatile organic/inorganic hybrid material based on pyrogenic silica
Becuwe M, Cazier F, Woisel P, Landy D, Delattre F
90 - 98 Synthesis of magnetic and fluorescent multifunctional hollow silica nanocomposites for live cell imaging
Sun L, Zang Y, Sun MD, Wang HG, Zhu XJ, Xu SF, Yang QB, Li YX, Shan YM
99 - 109 The effects of (macro)molecular structure on hydrophilic surface modification of polypropylene membranes via entrapment
Guo HF, Ulbricht M
110 - 116 Self-assembled monolayers of silver nanoparticles firmly grafted on glass surfaces: Low Ag+ release for an efficient antibacterial activity
Pallavicini P, Taglietti A, Dacarro G, Diaz-Fernandez YA, Galli M, Grisoli P, Patrini M, De Magistris GS, Zanoni R
117 - 125 Multifunctional pluronic/poly(ethylenimine) nanoparticles for anticancer drug
Li N, Yang XG, Zhai GX, Li LB
126 - 131 Directing oxidation of cobalt nanoparticles with the capping ligand
Doan N, Kontturi K, Johans C
132 - 139 Cesium salts of heteropoly acid immobilized mesoporous silica: An efficient catalyst for acylation of anisole
Parida KM, Rana S, Mallick S, Rath D
140 - 147 Synthesis and characterization of polyion complex micelles and their controlled release of folic acid
Luo YL, Yuan JF, Shi JH, Gao QY
148 - 154 Porphyrin-phospholipid interaction and ring metallation depending on the phospholipid polar head type
Ramos AP, Pavani C, Iamamoto Y, Zaniquelli MED
155 - 160 Effect of organic additives on the formation of alkylsiloxane mesophases
Shimojima A, Sakurai M, Kuroda K, Okubo T
161 - 167 Gold nanoparticles conjugated to benzoylmercaptoacetyltriglycine and L-cysteine methylester
Estevez-Hernandez O, Molina-Trinidad EM, Santiago-Jacinto P, Rendon L, Reguera E
168 - 177 Resonance elastic light scattering (RELS) spectroscopy of fast non-Langmuirian ligand-exchange in glutathione-induced gold nanoparticle assembly
Stobiecka M, Coopersmith K, Hepel M
178 - 185 W-1/O/W-2 double emulsions stabilised by fat crystals - Formulation, stability and salt release
Frasch-Melnik S, Spyropoulos F, Norton IT
186 - 193 Tailoring the wettability of polypropylene surfaces with halloysite nanotubes
Liu MX, Jia ZX, Liu F, Jia DM, Guo BC
194 - 199 Nisin adsorption to polyethylene oxide layers and its resistance to elution in the presence of fibrinogen
Ryder MP, Schilke KF, Auxier JA, McGuire J, Neff JA
200 - 204 Helix - Rod transition in a nanospring
Narayanan J, Manohar C
205 - 211 Fluorosurfactants for microdroplets: Interfacial tension analysis
Holt DJ, Payne RJ, Chow WY, Abell C
212 - 219 Influence of polymer-surfactant interactions on the reactivity of the Co-III-Fe-II redox couple
Majumdar T, Mandal HK, Kamila P, Mahapatra A
220 - 228 Interaction of anionic surfactant with polymeric nanoparticles of similar charge
Shrivastava S, Dey J
229 - 239 Influence of stabilizer systems on the properties and phase behavior of supercooled smectic nanoparticles
Kuntsche J, Koch MHJ, Steiniger F, Bunjes H
240 - 248 Effect of the sugar and polyol additives on the aggregation kinetics of BSA in the presence of N-cetyl-N,N,N-trimethyl ammonium bromide
Sharma A, Pasha JM, Deep S
249 - 252 Approximate expression for the potential energy of the double-layer interaction between two parallel ion-penetrable membranes at small separations in an electrolyte solution
Ohshima H
253 - 259 Fabrication of honeycomb-patterned polyalkylcyanoacrylate films from monomer solution by breath figures method
Li XF, Wang Y, Zhang LA, Tan SX, Yu XL, Zhao N, Chen GQ, Xu JA
260 - 267 Novel Au-Pd bimetallic core-shell nanocomplex and its catalytic activity modulation
Xiong DA, Li Z, An YL, Ma RJ, Shi LQ
268 - 274 Polymeric scaffolds for enhanced stability of melanin incorporated in liposomes
Moraes ML, Gomes PJ, Ribeiro PA, Vieira P, Freitas AA, Kohler R, Oliveira ON, Raposo M
275 - 281 Adsorption of delmopinol at the solid/liquid interface - The role of the acid-base equilibrium
Svensson O, Halthur T, Sjodin T, Arnebrant T
282 - 289 Extended study of DETA-functionalized PGMA adsorbent in the selective adsorption behaviors and mechanisms for heavy metal ions of Cu, Co, Ni, Zn, and Cd
Liu CK, Bai RB
290 - 294 Hierarchical structured ZSM-5 zeolite of oriented nanorods and its performance in the alkylation of phenol with isopropanol
Wang DJ, Li XL, Liu ZN, Zhang YH, Xie ZK, Tang Y
295 - 304 Synthesis and characterisation of novel organopalygorskites for removal of p-nitrophenol from aqueous solution: Isothermal studies
Sarkar B, Xi YF, Megharaj M, Krishnamurti GSR, Naidu R
305 - 314 Adsorption of copper on Pseudomonas aureofaciens: Protective role of surface exopolysaccharides
Gonzalez AG, Shirokova LS, Pokrovsky OS, Emnova EE, Martinez RE, Santana-Casiano JM, Gonzalez-Davila M, Pokrovski GS
315 - 319 Cooperative coadsorption of 4-nitrophenol and basic yellow 28 dye onto an iron organo-inorgano pillared montmorillonite clay
Zermane F, Bouras O, Baudu M, Basly JP
320 - 329 Surface coverage effects on the desorption kinetics of selenite from a hydroxyaluminum-montmorillonite complex
Saha UK, Huang PM
330 - 335 Adsorption of pyrantel pamoate on mercury from aqueous solutions: Studies by stripping voltammetry
Gupta VK, Jain R, Jadon N, Radhapyari K
336 - 343 Dynamics of the cavity and the surface film for impingements of single drops on liquid films of various thicknesses
van Hinsberg NP, Budakli M, Gohler S, Berberovic E, Roisman IV, Gambaryan-Roisman T, Tropea C, Stephan P
344 - 347 Biomimetic hierarchical ZnO structure with superhydrophobic and antireflective properties
Xiong J, Das SN, Shin B, Kar JP, Choi JH, Myoung JM
348 - 354 Assessing desorption resistance of PAHs in dissolved humic substances by membrane-based passive samplers
Chen S, Xu YP, Wang ZJ
355 - 360 Pervaporation and sorption behavior of zeolite-filled polyethylene glycol hybrid membranes for the removal of thiophene species
Lin LG, Zhang YH, Li H
361 - 367 Electrophoresis of surfactant-free bubbles
Harper JF
368 - 372 Emulsions-directed assembly of gold nanoparticles to molecularly-linked and size-controlled spherical aggregates
Hussain I, Zhang HF, Brust M, Barauskas J, Cooper AI
373 - 376 Impact of drops on the surface of immiscible liquids
Yakhshi-Tafti E, Cho HJ, Kumar R
377 - 379 Three-dimensional electrokinetic particle focusing in a rectangular microchannel
Liang LT, Qian S, Xuan XC