Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.345, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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131 - 137 Monodisperse, high refractive index, highly charged ZnS colloids self assemble into crystalline colloidal arrays
Luo J, Qu D, Tikhonov A, Bohn J, Asher SA
138 - 142 Dispersion and diameter separation of multi-wall carbon nanotubes in aqueous solutions
Bystrzejewski M, Huczko A, Lange H, Gemming T, Buchner B, Rummeli MH
143 - 148 Chemical and physical characterizations of spinel ferrite nanoparticles containing Nd and B elements
Iwamoto T, Komorida Y, Mito M, Takahara A
149 - 153 Alteration of magnetic and optical properties of ultrafine dilute magnetic semiconductor ZnO:Co2+ nanoparticles
Sharma PK, Dutta RK, Pandey AC
154 - 159 Adsorption and desorption of antimony acetate on sodium montmorillonite
Zhao ZL, Wang XQ, Zhao CA, Zhu XG, Du SY
160 - 167 Chain length dependence of antimicrobial peptide-fatty acid conjugate activity
Chu-Kung AF, Nguyen R, Bozzelli KN, Tirrell M
168 - 173 Preparation and characterization of coverage-controlled CaCO3 nanoparticles
Li Y, Zhao ZF, Lau YTR, Lin Y, Chan CM
174 - 180 Amperometric immunosensor for the determination of alpha-1-fetoprotein based on multiwalled carbon nanotube-silver nanoparticle composite
Che X, Yuan R, Chai YQ, Li JJ, Song ZJ, Wang JF
181 - 186 Low-temperature and one-step synthesis of rutile TiO2 aqueous sol by heterogeneous nucleation method
Qi B, Wu LZ, Zhang Y, Zeng QH, Zhi JF
187 - 193 Silver nanoparticle monolayers on poly(ethylene imine) covered mica produced by colloidal self-assembly
Michna A, Adamczyk Z, Siwek B, Ocwieja M
194 - 199 Electrophoretic mobility of concentrated carbon black dispersions in a low-permittivity solvent by optical coherence tomography
Patel MN, Smith PG, Kim J, Milner TE, Johnston KP
200 - 205 Direct synthesis and fluorescent imaging of bifunctionalized mesoporous iodopropyl-silica
Ramm JH, Gartmann N, Bruhwiler D
206 - 213 Dynamic structure of humic substances: Rare earth elements as a fingerprint
Pedrot M, Dia A, Davranche M
214 - 221 Surface characterization of functionalized latexes with different surface functionalities using rheometry and dynamic light scattering
Vesaratchanon JS, Takamura K, Willenbacher N
222 - 227 Highly luminescent quantum dots functionalized and their conjugation with IgG
Yang P, Zhang AY, Sun HS, Liu FT, Jiang QH, Cheng X
228 - 233 Preparation and capacitance property of MnO2-pillared Ni2+-Fe3+ layered double hydroxides nanocomposite
Li HJ, Zhu G, Yang ZP, Wang ZL, Liu ZH
234 - 240 Silica coated magnetite particles for magnetic removal of Hg2+ from water
Girginova PI, Daniel-Da-Silva AL, Lopes CB, Figueira P, Otero M, Amaral VS, Pereira E, Trindade T
241 - 247 Layer by layer chitosan/alginate coatings on poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles for antifouling protection and Folic acid binding to achieve selective cell targeting
Zhou J, Romero G, Rojas E, Ma L, Moya S, Gao CY
248 - 256 Impact of the antimicrobial peptide Novicidin on membrane structure and integrity
Nielsen SB, Otzen DE
257 - 261 Phase separation of organic/inorganic hybrids induced by calcination: A novel route for synthesizing mesoporous silica and carbon materials
Liu S, Zhang Z, Zhang HY, Zhang YL, Wei S, Ren LM, Wang CY, He YY, Li F, Xiao FS
262 - 268 Preparation and characterization of upconversion luminescent NaYF4:Yb, Er (Tm)/PS bulk transparent nanocomposites through in situ polymerization
Chai RT, Lian HZ, Cheng ZY, Zhang CM, Hou ZY, Xu ZH, Lin J
269 - 277 Regulation role of ibuprofen toward the morphology of porous silica nanospheres during its in situ encapsulation
Du X, He JH
278 - 285 On the kinetics of acid sodium caseinate gelation using particle tracking to probe the microrheology
Moschakis T, Murray BS, Dickinson E
286 - 292 Dual-action hygienic coatings: Benefits of hydrophobicity and silver ion release for protection of environmental and clinical surfaces
Stobie N, Duffy B, Colreavy J, McHale P, Hinder SJ, McCormack DE
293 - 301 Structure of the SDS/1-dodecanol surfactant mixture on a graphite surface: A computer simulation study
Dominguez H
302 - 306 Rearrangement of layered double hydroxide nanoplatelets during hollow colloidosome preparation
Liu GP, Liu SY, Dong XQ, Yang F, Sun DJ
307 - 315 Tribology of steel/steel interaction in oil-in-water emulsion; a rationale for lubricity
Kumar D, Daniel J, Biswas SK
316 - 324 Foaming properties of protein/pectin electrostatic complexes and foam structure at nanoscale
Schmidt I, Novales B, Boue F, Axelos MAV
325 - 331 Temperature-responsive polymer-brush constructed on a glass substrate by atom transfer radical polymerization
Kitano H, Kondo T, Suzuki H, Ohno K
332 - 337 Mechanism of PEO-PPO-PEO micellization in aqueous solutions studied by two-dimensional correlation FTIR spectroscopy
Jia LW, Guo C, Yang LR, Xiang JF, Tang YL, Liu CZ, Liu HZ
338 - 345 Proton magnetic relaxation and the aggregation of n-octylammonium n-octadecanoate surfactant in deuterochloroform solution
Desando MA, Lahajnar G, Sepe A
346 - 350 The clouding behaviour of PEO-PPO based triblock copolymers in aqueous ionic surfactant solutions: A new approach for cloud point measurements
Patel T, Bahadur P, Mata J
351 - 359 Effect of monomeric and polymeric co-solutes on cetyltrimethylammonium bromide wormlike micelles: Rheology, Cryo-TEM and Small-angle neutron scattering
Francisco KR, da Silva MA, Sabadini E, Karlsson G, Dreiss CA
360 - 368 A novel multi-responsive polyampholyte composite hydrogel with excellent mechanical strength and rapid shrinking rate
Xu K, Tan Y, Chen Q, An HY, Li WB, Dong LS, Wang PX
369 - 376 Exchange-dynamics of a neutral hydrophobic dye in micellar solutions studied by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Bordello J, Novo M, Al-Soufi W
377 - 383 Spontaneous growth of self-relief wrinkles in freely floating lipid-based nanomembranes, formed on a reactive bath of polyoxometalate aqueous solution
Mougin K, Vonna L, Vidal L, Haidara H
384 - 391 pH-dependent polyampholyte SDS interactions
Fechner M, Kosmella S, Koetz J
392 - 401 Organization of amphiphiles. Part XI: Physico-chemical aspects of mixed micellization involving normal conventional surfactant and a non-ionic gemini surfactant
Misra PK, Panigrahi S, Dash U, Mandal AB
402 - 409 Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of CO2, CH4, N2O, and NH3 on ordered mesoporous carbon
Saha D, Deng SG
410 - 416 On an isotherm thermodynamically consistent in Henry's region for describing gas adsorption in microporous materials
Pera-Titus M
417 - 426 Adsorption of modified dextrins to a hydrophobic surface: QCM-D studies, AFM imaging, and dynamic contact angle measurements
Sedeva IG, Fetzer R, Fornasiero D, Ralston J, Beattie DA
427 - 432 Hydroxylapatite nanorods: An efficient and promising carrier for gene transfection
Wu GJ, Zhou LZ, Wang KW, Chen F, Sun Y, Duan YR, Zhu YJ, Gu HC
433 - 441 Characterization and photochemical and antibacterial properties of highly stable silver nanoparticles prepared on montmorillonite clay in n-hexanol
Miyoshi H, Ohno H, Sakai K, Okamura N, Kourai H
442 - 447 Binding of dicamba to soluble and bound extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from aerobic activated sludge: A fluorescence quenching study
Pan XL, Liu J, Zhang DY, Chen X, Song WJ, Wu FC
448 - 453 Effect of oxidation level of n(+)-type mesoporous silicon surface on the adsorption and the catalytic activity of Candida rugosa lipase
Salis A, Cugia F, Setzu S, Mula G, Monduzzi M
454 - 460 Functionalization of adsorbent with different aliphatic polyamines for heavy metal ion removal: Characteristics and performance
Liu CK, Bai RB, Hong L, Liu T
461 - 466 Adsorption mechanisms of metal cations from water on an oxidized carbon surface
Moreno-Castilla C, Alvarez-Merino MA, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Lopez-Ramon MV
467 - 473 Synthesis of nanometer-size Bi3TaO7 and its visible-light photocatalytic activity for the degradation of a 4BS dye
Zhang GK, Li M, Yu SJ, Zhang SM, Huang BB, Yu JG
474 - 480 Influences of properties of protein and adsorption surface on removal kinetics of protein adsorbed on metal surface by H2O2-electrolysis treatment
Imamura K, Oshita M, Iwai M, Kuroda T, Watanabe I, Sakiyama T, Nakanishi K
481 - 490 Kinetic study of the adsorption of nitroimidazole antibiotics on activated carbons in aqueous phase
Mendez-Diaz JD, Prados-Joya G, Rivera-Utrilla J, Leyva-Ramos R, Sanchez-Polo M, Ferro-Garcia MA, Medellin-Castillo NA
491 - 495 A novel multinozzle electrospinning process for preparing superhydrophobic PS films with controllable bead-on-string/microfiber morphology
Zhan NQ, Li YX, Zhang CQ, Song Y, Wang HG, Sun L, Yang QB, Hong X
496 - 504 Enhanced metal adsorption on solid suspensions by organic molecules
Elmanfe G, Stephan L, Olier R, Privat M
505 - 514 Interaction between like-charged particles at a liquid interface: Electrostatic repulsion vs. electrocapillary attraction
Danov KD, Kralchevsky PA
515 - 523 A spectroscopic and photochemical study of Ag+-, Cu2+-, Hg2+-, and Bi3+-doped CdxZn1-xS nanoparticles
Dzhagan VM, Stroyuk OL, Rayevska OE, Kuchmiy SY, Valakh MY, Azhniuk YM, von Borczyskowski C, Zahn DRT
524 - 527 Molecular orientation and film structure of gramicidin on highly oriented pyrolitic graphite
Hsieh S, Chao WJ, Hsieh CW
528 - 537 A new modified parachor model for predicting surface compositions of binary liquid mixtures. On the importance of surface volume representation
Tjahjono M, Garland M
538 - 546 Electroviscous effect of concentrated suspensions in salt-free media: Water dissociation and CO2 influence
Ruiz-Reina E, Carrique F
547 - 553 Seismoelectric effect: A non-isochoric streaming current. 1. Experiment
Dukhin AS, Goetz PJ, Thommes M
554 - 555 Comment on "Universal yield stress equation for transient response of zeolite based electrorheological fluid"
Park BJ, Choi HJ
556 - 560 The influence of dicarboxylic acid structure on the stability of colloidal hematite
Lenhart JJ, Heyler R, Walton EM, Mylon SE
561 - 565 Reactivity and fusion between cationic vesicles and fatty acid anionic vesicles
Caschera F, Stano P, Luisi PL
566 - 572 Analysis of creaming and formation of foam layer in aerated liquid
Narsimhan G