Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.328, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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217 - 226 Charge density distribution at interfaces between polyelectrolyte layers and aqueous solutions-Experimental access and limitations of traditional electrokinetics
Dukhin SS, Zimmermann R, Werner C
227 - 232 Laterally nanostructured adsorbed layers of surfactant/surfmer mixtures before and after polymerisation
Schwering R, Blom A, Warr GG
233 - 242 Polyelectrolyte multilayers on wood fibers: Influence of molecular weight on layer properties and mechanical properties of papers from treated fibers
Lingstrom R, Wagberg L
243 - 247 Adsorption of methylene blue and orange II onto unmodified and surfactant-modified zeolite
Jin XY, Jiang MQ, Shan XQ, Pei ZG, Chen ZL
248 - 256 A multitechnique study of the interactions between H+, Na+, Ca2+ and Cu2+, and two types of softwood Kraft fibre materials
Sundman O, Persson P, Ohman LO
257 - 262 Direct removal of trace ionic iodide from acetic acid via porous carbon spheres
Qian QL, Shao SY, Yan F, Yuan GQ
263 - 269 Biocatalytic synthesis of polypyrrole powder, colloids, and films using horseradish peroxidase
Cruz-Silva R, Amaro E, Escamilla A, Nicho ME, Sepulveda-Guzman S, Arizmendi L, Romero-Garcia J, Castillon-Barraza FF, Farias MH
270 - 277 Influence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide on physicochemical properties and microstructures of chitosan-TPP nanoparticles in aqueous solutions
Bao HQ, Li L, Zhang HB
278 - 287 Mechanisms of micellization and rheology of PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymers with various architectures
Trong LCP, Djabourov M, Ponton A
288 - 298 Effect of mycolic acid on surface activity of binary surfactant lipid monolayers
Chimote G, Banerjee R
299 - 307 Comparison of different methods to measure contact angles of soil colloids
Shang J, Flury M, Harsh JB, Zollars RL
308 - 313 The in situ characterization and structuring of electrografted polyphenylene films on silicon surfaces. An AFM and XPS study
Ghorbal A, Grisotto F, Laude M, Chadier J, Palacin S
314 - 323 Pore tuned activated carbons as supports for an enantioselective molecular catalyst
Maia F, Silva R, Jarrais B, Silva AR, Freire C, Pereira MFR, Figueiredo JL
324 - 330 Study of the reaction between methyl 4-nitrobenzenesulfonate and bromide ions in mixed single-chain-gemini micellar solutions: Kinetic evidence for morphological transitions
Graciani MD, Rodriguez A, Moya ML
331 - 337 Chemical surface, diffusional, electrical and elastic characterizations of two different dense regenerated cellulose membranes
Vazquez MI, de Lara R, Benavente J
338 - 343 A "teardown" method to create large mesotunnels on the pore walls of ordered mesoporous silica
Gu D, Zhang FQ, Shi YF, Zhang F, Wu ZX, Deng YH, Zhang LJ, Tu B, Zhao DY
344 - 352 Dissolution of a surfactant-containing active porous material
Brielles N, Chantraine F, Viana M, Chulia D, Branlard P, Rubinstenn G, Lequeux F, Mondain-Monval O
353 - 366 Solute rejection by porous thin film composite nanofiltration membranes at high feed water recoveries
Sharma RR, Chellam S
367 - 373 Synthesis of ordered mesoporous crystalline carbon-anatase composites with high titania contents
Qian XF, Wan Y, Wen YL, Jia NQ, Li HX, Zhao DY
374 - 384 Templating multiple length scales by combining phase separation, self-assembly and photopatterning in porous films
Song LY, Wu QY, Vogt BD
385 - 390 Study of surface tension and surface properties of binary alcohol/n-alkyl acetate mixtures
Rafati AA, Ghasemian E
391 - 395 A small molecular size system giving unexpected surface effects: alpha-Cyclodextrin plus sodium dodecyl sulfate in water
Hernandez-Pascacio J, Banquy X, Perez-Casas S, Costas M, Amigo A, Pineiro A
396 - 401 Magnesium indium oxide (MgIn2O4) spinel thin films: Chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP) growth and materials characterizations
Raj AME, Selvan G, Ravidhas C, Jayachandran M, Sanjeeviraja C
402 - 411 Wetting phenomena on micro-grooved aluminum surfaces and modeling of the critical droplet size
Sommers AD, Jacobi AM
412 - 420 Polypropylene film chemical and physical modifications by dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure
Leroux F, Campagne C, Perwuelz A, Gengembre L
421 - 428 Comparative study of carbon nanotube dispersion using surfactants
Rastogi R, Kaushal R, Tripathi SK, Sharma AL, Kaur I, Bharadwaj LM
429 - 435 Studies of mixed micelle formation between cationic gemini and cationic conventional surfactants
Azum N, Naqvi AZ, Akram M, Kabir-ud-Din
436 - 446 The effect of electrolyte conductivity on electrophoretic deposition
Stappers L, Zhang L, Van der Biest O, Fransaer J
447 - 451 A simple route for the preparation of Eu, N-codoped TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced visible light-induced photocatalytic activity
Xu JJ, Ao YH, Fu DG, Yuan CW
452 - 457 1,10-Phenanthroline and 1,10-phenanthroline-terminated ruthenium(II) complex as efficient capping agents to stabilize gold nanoparticles: Application for reversible aqueous-organic phase transfer processes
Mayer CR, Dumas E, Secheresse F
458 - 462 Monte-Carlo simulation of mixed electrolytes next to a plane charged surface
Lamperski S, Outhwaite CW
464 - 469 Pore blocking mechanisms during early stages of membrane fouling by colloids
Wang FL, Tarabara VV