Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.325, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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301 - 308 Complexity of ammonia interactions on activated carbons modified with V2O5
Petit C, Bandosz TJ
309 - 315 Reduction of protein adsorption to a solid surface by a coating composed of polymeric micelles with a glass-like core
Hofs B, Brzozowska A, de Keizer A, Norde W, Stuart MAC
316 - 323 Regular and irregular deswelling of polyacrylate and hyaluronate gels induced by oppositely charged surfactants
Nilsson P, Hansson P
324 - 330 Association (micellization) and partitioning of aglycon triterpenoids
Rafat M, Fong KW, Goldsipe A, Stephenson BC, Coradetti ST, Sambandan G, Sinskey AJ, Rha C
331 - 336 Structure transition from aragonite to vaterite and calcite by the assistance of SDBS
Nan ZD, Chen XN, Yang QQ, Wang XZ, Shi ZY, Hou WG
337 - 345 Protein interaction with a Pluronic-modified poly(lactic acid) Langmuir monolayer
Kiss E, Dravetzky K, Hill K, Kutnyanszky E, Varga A
346 - 350 Interactions between chitosan-modified particles and mucin-coated surfaces
Svensson O, Thuresson K, Arnebrant T
351 - 355 Syringe pump-assisted synthesis of water-soluble cubic structure Ag2Se nanocrystals by a cation-exchange reaction
Wang SB, Hu B, Liu CC, Yu SH
356 - 362 Preparation and characterization of the biomineralized zinc oxide particles in spider silk peptides
Huang ZB, Yan DH, Yang M, Liao XM, Kang YQ, Yin GF, Yao YD, Hao BQ
363 - 370 Comparison between batch and column experiments to determine the surface charge properties of rutile TiO2 powder
Svecova L, Cremel S, Sirguey C, Simonnot MO, Sardin M, Dossot M, Mercier-Bion F
371 - 376 Facile preparation and characterization of highly antimicrobial colloid Ag or Au nanoparticles
Zhang YW, Peng HS, Huang W, Zhou YF, Yan DY
377 - 385 Colloidal dynamics: Influence of diffusion, inertia and colloidal forces on cluster formation
Kovalchuk N, Starov V, Langston P, Hilal N, Zhdanov V
386 - 390 Effect of sonication on the particle size of montmorillonite clays
Poli AL, Batista T, Schmitt CC, Gessner F, Neumann MG
391 - 397 Controllable synthesis of CuS-P(AM-co-MAA) composite microspheres with patterned surface structures
Zhang Y, Liu HJ, Zhao Y, Fang Y
398 - 403 Adsorption and self-assembly of octyl hydroxamic acid at a fluorite surface as revealed by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy
Wang XM, Liu J, Miller JD
404 - 413 Nucleation and crystal growth in supersaturated solutions of a model drug
Lindfors L, Forssen S, Westergren J, Olsson U
414 - 418 Preparation and characterization of composite polyaniline materials for catalytic purposes
Bavio MA, Kessler T, Luna AMC
419 - 424 Solution decomposition of the layered double hydroxide of Co with Fe: Phase segregation of normal and inverse spinels
Britto S, Kamath PV, Ravishankar N
425 - 431 Urea-based hydrothermal growth, optical and photocatalytic properties of single-crystal line In(OH)(3) nanocubes
Yan TJ, Wang XX, Long JL, Liu P, Fu XL, Zhang GY, Fu XZ
432 - 439 Behavior of two different constituents of natural organic matter in the removal of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate by O-3 and O-3-based advanced oxidation processes
Rivera-Utrilla J, Sanchez-Polo M, Mendez-Diaz JD, Ferro-Garcia MA, Bautista-Toledo MI
440 - 446 Sessile droplet spread into porous substrates - Determination of capillary pressure using a continuum approach
Navaz HK, Markicevic B, Zand AR, Sikorski Y, Chan E, Sanders M, D'Onofrio TG
447 - 452 Synthesis of Pd particle-deposited microporous silica membranes via a vacuum-impregnation method and their gas permeation behavior
Lee DW, Yu CY, Lee KH
453 - 458 Formation of porous epoxy monolith via concentrated emulsion polymerization
Wang JL, Zhang C, Du ZJ, Xiang AM, Li HQ
459 - 463 In situ forced hydrolysis-assisted fabrication and photo-induced electrical property in sensor of ZnO nanoarrays
Hu XL, Masuda Y, Ohji T, Kato K
464 - 471 Study of the collapse mechanism of selected fluorinated surfactants
Broniatowski M, Romeu NV, Latka PD
472 - 477 Theoretical model for the wetting of a rough surface
Hay KM, Dragila MI, Liburdy J
478 - 484 The association of Na,K-ATPase subunits studied by circular dichroism, surface tension and dilatational elasticity
Rigos CF, Nobre TM, Zaniquelli MED, Ward RJ, Ciancaglini P
485 - 493 Dynamic and structural aspects of PEGylated liposomes monitored by NMR
Leal C, Rognvaldsson S, Fossheim S, Nilssen EA, Topgaard D
494 - 499 Mechanism of nitromethane liquid membrane oscillator containing sodium oleate
Szpakowska M, Magnuszewska A, Nagy OB
500 - 507 Dielectric behavior of double emulsions with "core-shell droplet" morphology
Pal R
508 - 515 Solubilisation of triolein by microemulsions containing C12E4/hexadecane/water: Equilibrium and dynamics
Garrett PR, Carr D, Giles D, Pierre-Louis G, Staples E, Miller CA, Chen BH
516 - 525 Electrophoresis of a charge-regulated sphere at an arbitrary position in a charged spherical cavity
Hsu JP, Chen CY, Lee DJ, Tseng S, Su A
526 - 538 Electrokinetics in nanochannels - Part I. Electric double layer overlap and channel-to-well equilibrium
Baldessari F
539 - 546 Electrokinetics in nanochannels - Part II. Mobility dependence on ion density and ionic current measurements
Baldessari F
547 - 557 Synthesis and morphological studies of nanocrystalline MOR type zeolite material
Sharma P, Rajaram P, Tomar R
558 - 566 Luminescent nanocrystals in phospholipid micelles for bioconjugation: An optical and structural investigation
Depalo N, Mallardi A, Comparelli R, Striccoli M, Agostiano A, Curri ML
567 - 572 Polystyrene@TiO2 core-shell microsphere colloidal crystals and nonspherical macro-porous materials
Li YF, Sun ZQ, Zhang JH, Zhang K, Wang YF, Wang ZH, Chen XL, Zhu SJ, Yang B
573 - 579 Adhesion forces in liquid media: Effect of surface topography and wettability
Serro AP, Colaco R, Saramago B
580 - 587 Effect of rubbing load on nanoscale charging characteristics of human hair characterized by AFM based Kelvin probe
Seshadri IP, Bhushan B
588 - 593 Preparation and physical properties of superhydrophobic papers
Yang H, Deng Y
594 - 601 Direct AFM measurements of adhesion forces between calcium oxalate monohydrate and kidney epithelial cells in the presence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions
Rabinovich YI, Daosukho S, Byer KJ, El-Shall HE, Khan SR