Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.303, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Experimental (SERS) and theoretical (DFT) studies on the adsorption of p-, m-, and o-nitroaniline on gold nanoparticles
Ma WQ, Fang Y
9 - 17 Influence of phosphonation and phosphation on surface acid-base and morphological properties of CaO as investigated by in situ FTIR spectroscopy and electron microscopy
Zaki MI, Knozinger H, Tesche B, Mekhemer GAH
18 - 24 Synthesis, characterization and metal adsorption properties of the new ion exchanger polymer 3-n-propyl(4-methylpyridinium) silsesquioxane chloride
Magosso HA, Panteleimonov AV, Kholin YV, Gushikem Y
25 - 31 XPS and XAS studies of copper(II) sorbed onto a synthetic pyrite surface
Naveau A, Monteil-Rivera F, Guillon E, Dumonceau J
32 - 38 Immobilization of Keggin and Preyssler tungsten heteropolyacids on various functionalized silica
Tarlani A, Abedini M, Nemati A, Khabaz M, Amini MM
39 - 48 Adsorption of cyanuric acid on activated carbon from aqueous solution: Effect of carbon surface modification and thermodynamic characteristics
Pal S, Lee KH, Kim JU, Han SH, Song JM
49 - 55 Influence of kinetics on the determination of the surface reactivity of oxide suspensions by acid-base titration
Duc M, Adekola F, Lefevre G, Fedoroff M
56 - 68 Influence of electrolytes on the dynamic surface tension of ionic surfactant solutions: Expanding and immobile interfaces
Danov KD, Kralchevsky PA, Ananthapadmanabhan KP, Lips A
69 - 74 Isotherm sorption of Cd2+, Co2+, and Ni2+ onto high-yield kraft fibers
Duong TD, Nguyen KL, Hoang M
75 - 79 Simple expressions for diffusion coefficient determination of adsorption within spherical and cylindrical absorbents using direct simulation method
Rong ZM, Vadgama P
80 - 86 Adsorption of Safranin-T from wastewater using waste materials -activated carbon and activated rice husks
Gupta VK, Mittal A, Jain R, Mathur M, Sikarwar S
87 - 98 Nickel and lead sequestration in manganese oxide-coated montmorillonite
Boonfueng T, Axe L, Xu Y, Tyson TA
99 - 108 Diethylenetriamine-grafted poly(glycidyl methacrylate) adsorbent for effective copper ion adsorption
Liu C, Bai R, Hong L
109 - 116 Dimensionless plot analysis: A new way to analyze functionalized microgels
Hoare T, Pelton R
117 - 123 Friction and forces between cellulose model surfaces: A comparison
Stiernstedt J, Nordgren N, Wagberg L, Brumer H, Gray DG, Rutland MW
124 - 130 Nanoparticle assembly on patterned "plus/minus" surfaces from electrospray of colloidal dispersion
Lenggoro IW, Lee HM, Okuyama K
131 - 136 Co-Pt alloy nanoparticles produced using a template of nanoparticle array
Kim JH, Kim J, Kim CK, Yoon CS
137 - 141 Effect of cationic surfactant adsorption on the rheological and surface properties of bentonite dispersions
Gunister E, Isci S, Oztekin N, Erim FB, Ece OI, Gungor N
142 - 148 Influences of acids and salts on the crystalline phase and morphology of TiO2 prepared under ultrasound irradiation
Tian BZ, Chen F, Zhang JL, Anpo M
149 - 158 A method to determine the fractal dimension of diesel soot agglomerates
Lapuerta M, Ballesteros R, Martos FJ
159 - 163 Circular dichroism of crude oil and its derivatives. Role of permolecular structures
Potapov AV, Kolyakov SF, Krasheninnikov VN, Dumesh BS
164 - 170 Calcium sulfate precipitation in the presence of water-soluble polymers
Lioliou MG, Paraskeva CA, Koutsoukos PG, Payatakes AC
171 - 184 Interfacial interactions and colloid retention under steady flows in a capillary channel
Lazouskaya V, Jin Y, Or D
185 - 194 Gravity-induced flocculation of Brownian particles in quiescent media under weak gravity
Chang YI, Huang TY, Peng TH
195 - 204 EXAFS study of U(VI) uptake by calcium silicate hydrates
Harfouche M, Wieland E, Dahn R, Fujita T, Tits J, Kunz D, Tsukamoto M
205 - 213 Luminescence techniques and characterization of the morphology of polymer latices - 2. Fluorescence lifetime, phosphorescence and fluorescence anisotropy studies
Soutar I, Swanson L, Annable T, Padget JC, Satgurunathan R
214 - 223 Parsons-Zobel plots: An independent way to determine surface complexation parameters?
Lutzenkirchen J
224 - 228 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of single-walled carbon nanotubes on silver-coated and gold-coated filter paper
Niu ZQ, Fang Y
229 - 235 STM study of glycine on TiO2(110) single crystal surfaces
Qiu TZ, Barteau MA
236 - 242 Metallomicellar catalysis: Hydrolysis of phosphate monoester and phosphodiester by Cu(II), Zn(II) complexes of pyridyl ligands in CTAB micellar solution
Jiang FB, Huang LY, Meng XG, Du J, Yu XQ, Zhao YF, Zeng XC
243 - 249 EPS biofouling in membrane filtration: An analytic modeling study
Kim AS, Chen HQ, Yuan R
250 - 255 Deposition of thin mesoporous silica films on glass substrates from basic solution
Shimura N, Ogawa M
256 - 263 Arrangement of tris(phthalocyaninato) gadolinium triple-decker complexes with multi-octyloxy groups on water surface
Chen YL, Zhang Y, Zhu PH, Fan YJ, Bian YZ, Li XY, Jiang JZ
264 - 271 Are the mixtures of homologous surfactants ideal?
Schulz PC, Rodriguez JL, Minardi RM, Sierra MB, Morini MA
272 - 279 Numerical simulations of phase separation dynamics in a water-oil-surfactant system
Kim J
280 - 287 Tunable sustained release properties of "onion-like" phospholipids multilamellar vesicles
Douaihy CM, Koka V, Mingotaud C, Gauffre F
288 - 297 Boundary effects on the electrophoretic motion of cylindrical particles: Concentrically and eccentrically-positioned particles in a capillary
Davison SM, Sharp KV
298 - 305 Effects of system parameters on making aluminum alloy lotus
Guo ZG, Zhou F, Hao JC, Liu WM
306 - 314 Thinning of drying latex films due to surfactant
Gundabala VR, Routh AF
315 - 318 Stable oxide nanoparticle clusters obtained by complexation
Berret JF, Sehgal A, Morvan M, Sandre O, Vacher A, Airiau M
319 - 325 The wettability of polytetrafluoroethylene by aqueous solution of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and Triton X-100 mixtures
Szymczyk K, Janczuk B
326 - 331 The effect of the layer structure on the activity of immobilized enzymes in ultrathin films
Caseli L, dos Santos DS, Foschini M, Goncalves D, Oliveira ON