Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.302, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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379 - 388 Removal of copper on composite sewage sludge/industrial sludge-based adsorbents: The role of surface chemistry
Seredych M, Bandosz TJ
389 - 395 Determination of the parameters for the 1-pK triple-layer model of ion adsorption onto oxides from known parameter values for the 2-pK TLM
Piasecki W
396 - 407 Use of statistical design of experiments to evaluate the sorption capacity of 7-amine-4-azaheptylsilica and 10-amine-4-azadecylsilica for Cu(II), Pb(II), and Fe(III) adsorption
Passos CG, Ribaski FS, Simon NM, dos Santos AA, Vaghetti JCP, Benvenutti EV, Lima EC
408 - 416 Sorption of atrazine on conventional and surface modified activated carbons
Chingombe P, Saha B, Wakeman RJ
417 - 423 Adsorption behavior and activity of hexokinase
Pancera SM, Gliemann H, Schimmel T, Petri DFS
424 - 431 Sorption of As-V on alumino silicates treated with Fe-II nanoparticles
Dousova B, Grygar T, Martaus A, Fuitova L, Kolousek D, Machovic V
432 - 441 Use of laterite for the removal of fluoride from contaminated drinking water
Sarkar M, Banerjee A, Pramanick PP, Sarkar AR
442 - 457 Ligand and Charge Distribution (LCD) model for the description of fulvic acid adsorption to goethite
Weng LP, Van Riemsdijk WH, Koopal LK, Hiemstra T
458 - 466 Adsorptive removal of arsenites by a nanocrystalline hybrid surfactant-akaganeite sorbent
Deliyanni EA, Nalbandian L, Matis KA
467 - 474 Importance of bound water in hydration-dehydration behavior of hydroxylated poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)
Maeda T, Yamamoto K, Aoyagi T
475 - 484 Influence of collagen denaturation on the nanoscale organization of adsorbed layers
Gurdak E, Booth J, Roberts CJ, Rouxhet PG, Dupont-Gillain CC
485 - 491 Hydroxyapatite organofunctionalized with silylating agents to heavy cation removal
da Silva OG, da Silva EC, da Fonseca MG, Arakaki LNH, Airoldi C
492 - 500 Iron-oxide-modified nanosized diamond: Preparation, characterization, and catalytic properties in methanol decomposition
Tsoncheva T, Ivanova L, Paneva D, Dimitrov M, Mitov I, Stavrev S, Minchev C
501 - 508 Characterization of nano-cerias synthesized in microemulsions by N-2 sorptiometry and electron microscopy
Bumajdad A, Zaki MI, Eastoe J, Pasupulety L
509 - 515 Synthesis and characterization of ultrafine CeF3 nanoparticles modified by catanionic surfactant via a reverse micelles route
Zhang H, Li HF, Li DQ, Meng SL
516 - 521 Scavenging DPPH radicals catalyzed by binary noble metal-dendrimer nanocomposites
Endo T, Fukunaga T, Yoshimura T, Esumi K
522 - 529 Colloidal stability of Pluronic F68-coated PLGA nanoparticles: A variety of stabilisation mechanisms
Santander-Ortega MJ, Jodar-Reyes AB, Csaba N, Bastos-Gonzalez D, Ortega-Vinuesa JL
530 - 536 Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of anatase TiO2 nanocrystals with ultrahigh surface area
Wahi RK, Liu YP, Falkner JC, Colvin VL
537 - 546 Soft water-soluble microgel dispersions: Structure and rheology
Omari A, Tabary R, Rousseau D, Calderon FL, Monteil J, Chauveteau G
547 - 559 Theoretical study of the acid-base properties of the montmorillonite/electrolyte interface: Influence of the surface heterogeneity and ionic strength on the potentiometric titration curves
Zarzycki P, Thomas F
560 - 567 Buffer salt effect on pH in the interior of an anion exchange resin
Hardin AM, Ivory CF
568 - 575 Heterogeneous Suzuki cross-coupling reactions over palladium/hydrotalcite catalysts
Mora M, Jimenez-Sanchidrian C, Ruiz JR
576 - 588 Ni/SiO2 promoted growth of carbon nanofibers from chlorobenzene: Characterization of the active metal sites
Keane MA, Jacobs G, Patterson PM
589 - 596 Transport properties of some cationic polysaccharides 2. Charge density effect
Ghimici L, Nichifor M
597 - 604 Electrical conductance study of theta-liquid bridges
Evgenidis SP, Kostoglou M, Karapantsios TD
605 - 612 Modeling of the moving deformed triple contact line: Influence of the fluid inertia
Nikolayev VS, Gavrilyuk SL, Gouin H
613 - 619 Surface modification and characterization of indium-tin oxide for organic light-emitting devices
Zhong ZY, Jiang YD
620 - 624 A novel pH-controlled transfer process of 5,10,15-tri(4-hydroxyphenyl)-20-(4-hexadecyloxyphenyl) porphyrin in CTAB micelles
Guo L
625 - 632 Interaction between flavonoid, quercetin and surfactant aggregates with different charges
Liu WY, Guo R
633 - 642 Structural variations in a family of orthodialkoxyarenes organogelators
Terech P, Clavier G, Bouas-Laurent H, Desvergne JP, Deme B, Pozzo JL
643 - 650 Mixed fluorinated-hydrogenated surfactant-based system: Preparation of ordered mesoporous materials
Blin JL, Henzel N, Stebe MJ
651 - 657 The microwave absorption of emulsions containing aqueous micro- and nanodroplets: A means to optimize microwave heating
Holtze C, Sivaramakrishnan R, Antonietti M, Tsuwi J, Kremer F, Kramer KD
658 - 661 Room-temperature decomposition of 2,2'-azobis(isobutyronitrile) in emulsion gels with and without silica
Xu G, Nambiar RR, Blum FD
662 - 668 Structural changes in poly(ethyleneimine) modified microemulsion
Note C, Koetz J, Kosmella S
669 - 672 The accurate QSPR models for the prediction of nonionic surfactant cloud point
Ren YY, Liu HX, Yao XJ, Liu MC, Hu ZD, Fan BT
673 - 681 A promising system of mixed single- and double-short-tailed PEO ether phosphate esters: Phase behavior and vesicle formation
Yuan ZW, Hao JC, Hoffmann H
682 - 694 Chemico-electromechanical coupling in microporous media
Revil A, Linde N
695 - 697 Adsorption behavior of propylamine on activated carbon fiber surfaces as induced by oxygen functional complexes
Kim BK, Ryu SK, Kim BJ, Park SJ
698 - 701 Metabolic mimics: Thiol responsive drug release
Solsona IA, Smith RB, Livingstone C, Davis J
702 - 703 The'Einstein correction' to the bulk viscosity in n dimensions
Khair AS
704 - 704 On the solidification of a supercooled liquid droplet lying on a surface (vol 272, pg 225, 2004)
Tabakova S, Feulllebois F
705 - 705 Synthesis of flexible silica aerogels using methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) precursor (vol 300, pg 279, 2006)
Rao AV, Bhagat SD, Hirashima H, Pajonk GM