Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics

Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, Vol.93 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9614 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Heat capacities, standard entropies and Gibbs energies of Sr-, Rb- and Cs-substituted barium aluminotitanate hollandites
Wu LL, Schliesser J, Woodfield BF, Xu HW, Navrotsky A
8 - 18 Studies on molecular interactions of some neurotransmitters in water using volumetric and compressibility measurements at T = (278.15, 288.15 and 298.15) K
Moses JM, Dhondge SS, Paliwal LJ, Zodape SP, Shende PH
19 - 23 Thermodynamic properties of intermetallic PtTe determined by means of a solid electrolyte EMF method
Sukhomlinov D, Taskinen P
24 - 33 Volumetric behaviour of six ionic liquids from T = (278 to 398) K and up to 120 MPa
Gacino FM, Regueira T, Bolotov AV, Sharipov A, Lugo L, Comunas MJP, Fernandez J
34 - 44 Density, viscosity and excess properties in the trihexyltetradecyiphosphonium chloride ionic liquid/methanol cosolvent system
McAtee ZP, Heitz MP
45 - 51 Heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of brookite TiO2
Che XL, Li LP, Zheng J, Li GS, Shi Q
52 - 59 Does the variation of the alkyl chain length on N1 and N3 of imidazole ring affect physicochemical features of ionic liquids in the same way?
Dozic S, Zec N, Tot A, Papovic S, Pavlovic K, Gadzuric S, Vranes M
60 - 69 Effect of ionic liquid, 1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide on the volumetric, acoustic and viscometric behavior of aqueous sucrose solutions at different temperatures
Zafarani-Moattar MT, Shekaari H, Mazaher E
70 - 74 Isobaric heat capacities of ethyl heptanoate and ethyl cinnamate at pressures up to 16.3 MPa
Liu XY, Su C, Qi XT, He MG
75 - 85 Binary mixtures of ([C(4)mim][NTf2] + molecular organic solvents): Thermophysical, acoustic and transport properties at various compositions and temperatures
Malek NI, Ijardar SP
86 - 94 Isobaric heat capacity at high pressure, density, and viscosity of (diphenyl ether plus biphenyl) mixtures
Cabaleiro D, Segovia JJ, Martin MC, Lugo L
95 - 100 Thermodynamics of uranium in (Ga plus Sn) eutectic alloy
Maltsev DS, Volkovich VA, Yamshchikov LF, Chukin AV
101 - 114 Thermophysical properties of aqueous solutions of tetraalkylphosphonium based ionic liquids at different temperatures and atmospheric pressure
Warke IJ, Patil KJ, Terdale SS
115 - 122 (Cationic plus nonionic) mixed surfactant aggregates for solubilisation of curcumin
Kumar A, Kaur G, Kansal SK, Chaudhary GR, Mehta SK
123 - 126 High-temperature heat capacity of SPS-processed Y3Al5O12 (YAG) and Nd:YAG
Sagi S, Hayun S
127 - 131 Feasibility of bio-based lactate esters as extractant for biobutanol recovery: (Liquid plus liquid) equilibria
Zheng SH, Cheng HY, Chen LF, Qi ZW
132 - 142 Correlation and thermodynamic analysis of solubility of diphenhydramine hydrochloride in pure and binary solvents
Du SC, Wang Y, Li JY, Wu SG, Dun WQ, Song XP, Wang JK, Gong JB
143 - 150 Ultrasonic and P-31 NMR investigations of an acidic nuclear extractant with some monosubstituted benzenes
Dalai B, Dash SK, Singh SK, Swain N, Swain BB
151 - 156 Structure-property relationships in ionic liquids: Influence of branched and cyclic groups on vaporization enthalpies of imidazolium-based ILs
Zaitsau DH, Varfolomeev MA, Verevkin SP, Stanton AD, Hindman MS, Bara JE
157 - 163 Speed of sound measurements of liquid C1-C4 alkanols
Davila MJ, Gedanitz H, Span R
164 - 171 Structuring of water in the new generation ionic liquid - Comparative experimental and theoretical study
Vranes M, Armakovic S, Tot A, Papovic S, Zec N, Armakovic S, Banic N, Abramovic B, Gadzuric S
172 - 178 Volumetric and conductometric studies on the interactions of dipeptides with potassium perfluoroalkanesulfonate in aqueous solution at different temperatures
Yan ZN, Wen XL, Kang YX, Zhang SY, Wu SY
179 - 192 Volumetric and viscometric study of amino acids in aqueous sorbitol solution at different temperatures
Ren XF, Zhu CY, Ma YG
193 - 199 Measurement of Henry's Law constant and infinite dilution activity coefficient of isopropyl mercaptan and isobutyl mercaptan in (methyldiethanolamine (1) + water (2)) with w(1)=0.25 and 0.50 at temperature of (298 to 348) K using inert gas stripping method
Zin RM, Coquelet C, Valtz A, Mutalib MIA, Sabil KM
200 - 204 Enthalpic pairwise self-interactions of urea and its four derivatives in (dimethylformamide plus water) mixtures rich in water at T=298.15 K
Zhu LY, Hu XG, Wang HQ, Chen N
205 - 221 Development of a special single-sinker densimeter for cryogenic liquid mixtures and first results for a liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Richter M, Kleinrahm R, Lentner R, Span R
222 - 241 Volumetric properties of binary mixtures of (acetonitrile plus amines) at several temperatures with application of the ERAS model
Bittencourt SS, Torres RB
242 - 254 Thermodynamic modelling and in-situ neutron diffraction investigation of the (Ce plus Mg plus Zn) system
Zhu ZJ, Gharghouri MA, Medraj M, Lee SY, Pelton AD
255 - 260 (Solid plus liquid) phase equilibria of (Ca(H2PO2)(2) + CaCl2 + H2O) and (Ca(H2PO2)(2) + NaH2PO2 + H2O) ternary systems at T=323.15 K
Cao HY, Zhou H, Bai XQ, Ma RX, Tan LN, Wang JM
261 - 266 Thermodynamic study of the Ag-Sb-Te system with an advanced EMF method
Aspiala M, Taskinen P
267 - 271 Physical properties of phosponium ionic liquid and its mixtures with dodecane and water (vol 72, pg 54, 2014)
Blahusiak M, Schlosser S
273 - 273 Introduction to the Special Issue on carbon storage
Trusler JPM
274 - 293 EOS-CG: A Helmholtz energy mixture model for humid gases and CCS mixtures
Gernert J, Span R
294 - 304 A new equation of state for CCS pipeline transport: Calibration of mixing rules for binary mixtures of CO2 with N-2, O-2 and H-2
Demetriades TA, Graham RS
305 - 319 Modelling phase equilibria for acid gas mixtures using the CPA equation of state. Part VI. Multicomponent mixtures with glycols relevant to oil and gas and to liquid or supercritical CO2 transport applications
Tsivintzelis I, Kontogeorgis GM
320 - 336 SAFT-gamma force field for the simulation of molecular fluids 6: Binary and ternary mixtures comprising water, carbon dioxide, and n-alkanes
Lobanova O, Mejia A, Jackson G, Muller EA
337 - 346 The partial molar volumes for water dissolved in high-pressure carbon dioxide from T = (318.28 to 369.40) K and pressures to p=35 MPa
Deering CE, Cairns EC, McIsaac JD, Read AS, Marriott RA
347 - 359 Saturated phase densities of (CO2 + H2O) at temperatures from (293 to 450) K and pressures up to 64 MPa
Efika EC, Hoballah R, Li XS, May EF, Nania M, Sanchez-Vicente Y, Trusler JPM
360 - 373 High pressures phase equilibria of (carbon dioxide+1-undecanol) system and their potential role in carbon capture and storage
Secuianu C, Ionita S, Feroiu V, Geana D
374 - 385 The effect of the naphthenic ring on the VLE of (carbon dioxide plus alkane) mixtures
Sima S, Milanesio JM, Ramello JI, Cismondi M, Secuianu C, Feroiu V, Geana D
386 - 391 A synthetic-dynamic method for water solubility measurements in high pressure CO2 using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Comak G, Foltran S, Ke J, Perez E, Sanchez-Vicente Y, George MW, Poliakoff M
392 - 403 Interfacial tensions of the (CO2 + N-2 + H2O) system at temperatures of (298 to 448) K and pressures up to 40 MPa
Chow YTF, Maitland GC, Trusler JPM
404 - 415 Study of the impact of high temperatures and pressures on the equilibrium densities and interfacial tension of the carbon dioxide/water system
Pereira LMC, Chapoy A, Burgass R, Oliveira MB, Coutinho JAP, Tohidi B
416 - 423 Receding and advancing (CO2 + brine + quartz) contact angles as a function of pressure, temperature, surface roughness, salt type and salinity
Al-Yaseri AZ, Lebedev M, Barifcani A, Iglauer S
424 - 429 Self-diffusion coefficients of the binary (H2O + CO2) mixture at high temperatures and pressures
Moultos OA, Tsimpanogiannis IN, Panagiotopoulos AZ, Economou IG