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Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol.95, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0268-2575 (Print) 

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1277 - 1289 Chitinous polymers: extraction from fungal sources, characterization and processing towards value-added applications
Araujo D, Ferreira IC, Torres CAV, Neves L, Freitas F
1308 - 1320 Fabrication and characterization of graphene oxide-polyethersulfone (GO-PES) composite flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes for oil-water separation
Junaidi NFD, Othman NH, Shahruddin MZ, Alias NH, Marpani F, Lau WJ, Ismail AF
1321 - 1328 Ribonuclease A modification with poly[N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide] copolymers: new route of synthesis and purification
S?nchez-Trasvi?a C, Mayolo-Deloisa K, Rito-Palomares M
1329 - 1336 Fenton and solar photo-Fenton processes in the depuration of wastewater resulting from production of grape juice. A factorial design
Poblete R, Cortes E, Maldonado MI
1337 - 1347 Sulfated TiO2 nanosheets catalyzing conversion of biomass derivatives: influences of the sulfation on distribution of Bronsted and Lewis acidic sites
Shao YW, Du WF, Gao ZR, Sun K, Zhang ZM, Li QY, Zhang LJ, Zhang S, Liu Q, Hu X
1348 - 1360 Coadsorption of gaseous xylene, ethyl acetate and water onto porous biomass carbon foam pellets derived from liquefied Vallisneria natans waste
Sun L, Yuan D, Liu RR, Wan SG, Lu XJ
1361 - 1371 Microbial community dynamics and functional responses that contribute to tolerance of high concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbon
Cui JQ, Liu MH, He QS, Chen H, Sun MB, Wen JP
1372 - 1379 Antarctic yeast Cryptococcus laurentii (AL(65)): biomass and exopolysaccharide production and biosorption of metals
Rusinova-Videva S, Nachkova S, Adamov A, Dimitrova-Dyulgerova I
1380 - 1391 Manganese oxides supported on ACF(N) by a one-step redox method for the low-temperature NOx reduction with NH3: effect of acid addition
Tang XL, Gu T, Yi HH, Zhao SZ, Gao FY, Zhang RC, Wang YH
1392 - 1399 Simultaneous removal of NO and SO2 from flue gas by Fe(II)EDTA/sodium dithionite solutions
He FQ, Zhu XY, Chen XC, Qian Y, Ding JH
1400 - 1411 Clay as support for copper catalysts for the hydrogenation of furfural and phenolics
Tian HL, Shao YW, Zhang LJ, Jia P, Zhang ZM, Liu QH, Zhang S, Liu Q, Wang Y, Hu X
1412 - 1420 Pyrite enhanced the reactivity of zero-valent iron for reductive removal of dyes
Chen K, Han LT, Li JF, Lu Y, Yao CX, Dong HP, Wang LJ, Li YM
1421 - 1430 Synthesis of mitomycin analogs catalyzed by coupling of laccase with lipase and the kinetic model
Zhang YY, Sun YJ, Ren WJ, Zhao QX, Lv KY, Tang H, Gao X, Yang FK, Wang FY, Liu JH
1431 - 1440 A novel semi-dry method for the simultaneous removal of Hg and SO2 using spray drying absorption method
Yi HH, Du CC, Ma YQ, Tang XL, Zhao SH, Gao FY, Yang ZY, Huang YH, Yang K, Xie XH
1441 - 1452 Molybdenum modified Montmonrillonite clay as an efficient catalyst for low temperature NH3-SCR
Chen DS, Feng JX, Sun JX, Cen CP, Tian SH, Yang J, Xiong Y
1453 - 1459 Microalgae as biocatalyst in simultaneous photodegradation of antibiotics and hormones
Diaz-Quiroz C, Ulloa-Mercado G, Hernandez-Chavez JF, Renteria-Mexia A, Serrano-Palacios D, Meza-Escalante E
1460 - 1466 Rapid detection of foodborne bacterial pathogens using visual high-throughput microfluidic chip
Jin ZJ, Ding GT, Li GY, Yang GX, Han YH, Hao N, Deng J, Zhang Y, Zhang W, Li WH
1467 - 1475 Efficient no-glycerol biodiesel production using a novel biotemplated hierarchical porous-structure CaO(O)
Tang Y, Yang Y, Liu H, Li ZY, Zhang J, Zhang ZF
1476 - 1486 Enhancement of visible-light photocatalytic degradation performance over nitrogen-deficient g-C3N4/KNbO3 heterojunction photocatalyst
Shi WL, Shu KK, Huang XL, Ren HJ, Li MY, Chen FY, Guo F
1487 - 1502 Control of extractive distillation processes with intermediate impurities removed as a side withdrawal from the extractive distillation column
He YC, Li Y, Jiang YN, Li WS, Xu CJ
1503 - 1510 Integrative process to extract chlorophyll and purify rosmarinic acid from rosemary leaves (Rosmarinus officialis)
Gomes PGC, Veloso AF, Maynard IFN, Marques MN, de Souza RL, Pereira MM, Soares CMF, Lima AS
1511 - 1518 Biosynthesis of Cu nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotubes and its catalytic performance under different test conditions
Li CX, Huang RT, Shi XY
1519 - 1532 Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) purification through dilute aqueous ammonia digestion at elevated temperatures
Burniol-Figols A, Skiadas IV, Daugaard AE, Gavala HN
1533 - 1541 Repeatability of low scan rate cyclic voltammetry in bioelectrochemical systems and effects on their performance
Ruiz Y, Baeza JA, Montpart N, Moral-Vico J, Baeza M, Guisasola A
1542 - 1549 Development of an integrated process for the production of high-purity cadaverine from lysine decarboxylase
Liu YX, Zheng YX, Wu H, Zhang W, Ren TY, You SP, Qi W, Su RX, He ZM
1550 - 1558 Use of fish scales as an adsorbent of organic matter present in the treatment of landfill leachate
Poblete R, Cortes E, Bakit J, Luna-Galiano Y
1559 - 1568 Increasing lithium extraction performance by adding sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) into block-copolymer ethylene vinyl alcohol membrane
Zhang CF, Song JF, Huang T, Zheng HX, He T
1569 - 1579 Potential microbial drivers of biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in crude oil sludge using a composting technique
Obi L, Atagana H, Adeleke R, Maila M, Bamuza-Pemu E
1580 - 1589 Establishment of electrochemical methods to examine the adsorption of flotation surfactants onto a mineral surface
Guo B, Lin XH, Fu W, Ku JG
1590 - 1603 Thermal coupled extractive distillation sequences with three entrainers for the separation of azeotrope isopropyl alcohol plus diisopropyl ether
Zhang Y, Li A, Gao J, Xu DM, Zhang LZ, Zhang ZS, Wang YL
1614 - 1614 Nitrification in the presence of sulfide and organic matter in a sequencing moving bed biofilm reactor (SMBBR) with zeolite as biomass carrier (vol 95, pg 173, 2019)
Huili?ir C, Fuentes V, Esposito G, Montalvo S, Guerrero L