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ISSN: 0268-2575 (Print) 

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7 - 7 TheWriting of an Article: Fear, Passion and Fantasy
Mantzavinos D
20 - 26 Potential toxicity and implication of halogenated byproducts generated in MBR online-cleaning with hypochlorite
Zhang XY, Liu Y
27 - 39 Mass transfer performance and correlations for CO2 absorption into aqueous blended PG/MEA in PTFE membrane contactor
Gao G, Gao HX, Liang ZW
40 - 51 Sorption-assisted thermopervaporation method for organics recovery from ABE fermentation broth
Volkov V, Borisov I, Golubev G, Vasilevsky V, Matveev D, Bondarenko G, Volkov A
52 - 62 Monitoring of the degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons by bioaugmented activated sludge
Vural C, Vural C, Ozdemir G
63 - 72 Efficient sustainable bioremediation of long-chain crude oil in soils using instant Fenton pre-oxidation
Xu JL, Li L, Du J, Wang HF
73 - 77 Continuous natamycin production by using immobilized Streptomyces gilvosporeus Z8 via repeated batch culture
Zeng X, Zeng HW, Meng Y, Xu DY, Zhang B, Xin BY, Liu S, Zhai B, Yu FY, Zhu MZ, Li F
78 - 85 Sodium polyacrylate inhibits fermentative hydrogen production from waste diaper-like material
Sotelo-Navarro PX, Poggi-Varaldo HM, Turpin-Marion SJ, Seijas NFR
86 - 93 How Candida antarctica lipase B can be activated in natural deep eutectic solvents: experimental and molecular dynamics studies
Nian BB, Cao C, Liu YF
94 - 101 Biodrying of dewatered secondary sludge: behavior of dynamic respiration index (DRI) and energy release under different operating conditions
Huilinir C, Leiva E, Stegmaier F, Castillo A, Cottet L, Montalvo S
102 - 110 Decarboxylation of stearic acid over Ni/MOR catalysts
Crawford JM, Zaccarine SF, Kovach NC, Smoljan CS, Lucero J, Trewyn BG, Pylypenko S, Carreon MA
111 - 122 Biological nutrient removal from slaughterhouse wastewater via nitritation/denitritation using granular sludge: an onsite pilot demonstration
Dobbeleers T, Caluwe M, Dockx L, Daens D, D'aes J, Dries J
123 - 131 Characterization and optimization of immunoaffinity aqueous two-phase systems with PEGylated CD133/2-biotin antibody in route to stem cell separation
Ornelas-Gonzalez A, Reisenauer SU, Gonzalez-Gonzalez M, Rito-Palomares M
132 - 141 Chromatography process development aided by a dye-based assay
Jasulaityte G, Johansson HJ, Bracewell DG
142 - 150 Color and pumice stone problems in denim processing effluents: removal potential by integrated physical-chemical treatment
Hooshmand M, Sozen S, Sensoy HA, Orday N, Yagci N, Orhon D
151 - 162 Metagenomic insights into the microbial community and biogas production pattern during anaerobic digestion of cow dung and mixed food waste
Mukhuba M, Roopnarain A, Moeletsi ME, Adeleke R
163 - 172 Cauliflower-like polypyrrole@MnO2 modified carbon cloth as a capacitive anode for high-performance microbial fuel cells
Zhao XH, Tian T, Guo M, Liu X, Liu X
173 - 182 Nitrification in the presence of sulfide and organic matter in a sequencing moving bed biofilm reactor (SMBBR) with zeolite as biomass carrier
Huilinir C, Fuentes V, Esposito G, Montalvo S, Guerrero L
183 - 195 Upcycling brewer's spent grain waste into activated carbon and carbon nanotubes for energy and other applications via two-stage activation
Osman AI, O'Connor E, McSpadden G, Abu-Dahrieh JK, Farrell C, Al-Muhtaseb AH, Harrison J, Rooney DW
196 - 204 Effective removal of aqueous glyphosate using CuFe2O4@biochar derived from phragmites
Jia DM, Liu M, Xia JB, Li CH
205 - 212 A successful strategy for start-upof a laboratory-scale UASB reactor treating sulfate-rich sugar cane vinasse
Barrera EL, Spanjers H, Romero O, Rosa E, Dewulf J
213 - 222 Novel red mud/polyacrylic composites synthesized from red mud and its performance on cadmium removal fromaqueous solution
Liu J, Xie Y, Li C, Fang GT, Chen QL, Ao XQ
223 - 231 Effect of emulsification and hydrolysis pretreatments of waste frying oil on surfactin production
Valenzuela-Avila L, Miliar Y, Moya-Ramirez I, Chyhyrynets O, Garcia-Roman M, Altmajer-Vaz D
232 - 245 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 over iron-cerium mixed oxide catalyst prepared by different methods
Ma YL, Tang XL, Gao FY, Yi HH, Zhao SZ, Shi YR, Wang CZ
246 - 254 Integrated purification of a nanobody using ammonium sulfate precipitation and Capto MMC
Fan XY, Liang YL, Li F, Yu JL, Song HP, Feng DX, Xian M, Liu WS, Nian R
255 - 263 Enhanced butanol production by Clostridium acetobutylicum fermentation using thermo-responsive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-grafted PDMS sponge as adsorbent material
Shu CH, Zou WL, Nirwana WOC
264 - 273 Cultivation of Chlorella sorokiniana using wastewaters from different processing units of the silk industry for enhancing biomass production and nutrient removal
Deng XY, Li D, Xue CY, Chen B, Dong JW, Tetteh PA, Gao K
274 - 280 Bioaugmentation of p-chloronitrobenzene in bioelectrochemical systems with Pseudomonas fluorescens
Song TS, Zhou BY, Wang HQ, Huang Q, Xie JJ
281 - 288 Effect of NaCl removal from biodiesel-derived crude glycerol by ion exchange to enhance dihydroxyacetone production by Gluconobacter thailandicus in minimal medium
Jittjang S, Jiratthiticheep I, Kajonpradabkul P, Tiatongjitman T, Siriwatwechakul W, Boonyarattanakalin S
289 - 296 Microalgal-bacterial aggregates with flue gas supply as a platform for the treatment of anaerobic digestion centrate
Vital-Jacome M, Diaz-Zamorano AL, Cuautle-Marin M, Moreno G, Buitron G, Munoz R, Quijano G
297 - 307 V2O5/RGO/Pt nanocomposite on oxytetracycline degradation and pharmaceutical effluent detoxification
Mohan H, Lim JM, Lee SW, Cho M, Park YJ, Seralathan KK, Oh BT