Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol.94, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0268-2575 (Print) 

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999 - 1007 Starmerella bombicola: recent advances on sophorolipid production and prospects of waste stream utilization
Wang HM, Roelants SLKW, To MH, Patria RD, Kaur G, Lau NS, Lau CY, Van Bogaert INA, Soetaert W, Lin CSK
1008 - 1016 Cell therapy products: focus on issues with manufacturing and quality control of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies
Eyles JE, Vessillier S, Jones A, Stacey G, Schneider CK, Price J
1017 - 1031 A review on computational fluid dynamic simulation for rotating packed beds
Yang YC, Ouyang Y, Zhang N, Yu QJ, Arowo M
1032 - 1040 Effects of salinity, pH and growth phase on the protein productivity by Dunaliella salina
Sui YX, Vlaeminck SE
1041 - 1056 Development and optimization of a novel process of double-effect distillation with vapor recompression for bioethanol recovery and vapor permeation for bioethanol dehydration
Singh A, Rangaiah GP
1057 - 1063 Application of a novel microalgae-film based air purifier to improve air quality through oxygen production and fine particulates removal
Lu Q, Ji CC, Yan YP, Xiao Y, Li J, Leng LJ, Zhou WG
1064 - 1072 Production of mannosylerythritol lipids from lignocellulose hydrolysates: tolerance thresholds of Moesziomyces antarcticus to inhibitors
Santos MV, Faria NT, Fonseca C, Ferreira FC
1073 - 1081 Interval type-2 fuzzy logic with Karmen-Mendel algorithm for sequential ionic liquid dissolution-solid acid saccharification
Lee KM, Zanil MF
1082 - 1090 Water-soluble glutathione-CdS QDs with exceptional antimicrobial properties synthesized via green route for fluorescence sensing of fluoroquinolones
Malik R, Pinnaka AK, Kaur M, Kumar V, Tikoo K, Singh S, Kaushik A, Singhal S
1091 - 1099 Potential of coagulation/GAC adsorption combined with UV/H2O2 and ozonation for removing dissolved organic matter from secondary RO concentrate
Zhang X, Lin JY, Ye WY, Zhou W, Jia XX, Zhao SF, Ye CS
1100 - 1113 Effects of sound elements on growth, viability and protein production yield in Escherichia coli
Acuna-Gonzalez E, Ibarra D, Benavides J
1114 - 1122 Biodegradation characteristics and genomic functional analysis of indole-degrading bacterial strain Acinetobacter sp. JW
Zhang XW, Jing JW, Zhang LZ, Song ZJ, Zhou H, Wu MH, Qu YY, Liu LF
1123 - 1133 Methane potential and metagenomics of wastewater sludge and a methane-producing landfill solid sample as microbial inocula for anaerobic digestion of food waste
Sillas-Moreno MV, Senes-Guerrero C, Pacheco A, Montesinos-Castellanos A
1134 - 1143 New insights into the antimicrobial treatment of water on Ag-supported solids
Theofilou SP, Constantinou BK, Chatziiona VK, Pantelidou N, Plyastsov S, Kapnisis K, Savva PG, Meshkovsky I, Anayiotos A, Costa CN
1144 - 1155 Effect of manufacturing temperature and storage duration on stability of chemically defined media measured with LC-MS/MS
Krattenmacher F, Heermann T, Calvet A, Krawczyk B, Noll T
1156 - 1164 Non-traditional atrazine degradation induced by zero-valent-copper: process optimization by the Doehlert experimental design, intermediates detection and toxicity assessment
Hollanda LR, Graca CAL, Andrade LM, Mendes MA, Chiavone O, Teixeira ACSC
1165 - 1175 Nitrogen removal by a metal-resistant bacterium, Pseudomonas putida ZN1, capable of heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification
Zhang N, Chen H, Lyu YK, Wang Y
1176 - 1186 Mechanism of adsorption of tetracycline-Cu multi-pollutants by graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO)
Zhao CQ, Hong PD, Li YJ, Song XM, Wang YG, Yang YS
1187 - 1194 Aflatoxin biotransformation by commercial peroxidase and its application in contaminated food
Sibaja KVM, Garcia SD, Feltrin ACP, Remedi RD, Cerqueira MBR, Badiale-Furlong E, Garda-Buffon J
1195 - 1201 Synergistic effect between H2O and SO2 on mercury removal by activated carbon in O-2/CO2 conditions
Wang H, Shen C, Duan YF, Ying ZF, Li YN
1202 - 1209 Glucose addition-induced changes in the growth and chemical compositions of a freshwater microalga Chlorella kessleri
Deng XY, Xue CY, Chen B, Amoah PK, Li D, Hu XL, Gao K
1210 - 1219 Self-floating Cu/N co-doped TiO2/diatomite granule composite with enhanced visible-light-responsive photoactivity and reusability
Chen Y, Wu Q, Wang J, Song YT
1220 - 1229 Strategies for achieving high-level and stable production of toxic Streptomyces phospholipase D in Escherichia coli
Xiong WD, Zeng XH, Ho SH, Ling XP, Shen L, Yao CY, Lu YH
1230 - 1239 Mesophilic microfiltration-anaerobic osmotic membrane bioreactor-membrane distillation hybrid system for phosphorus recovery
Chang HM, Chen SS, Lu MY, Duong CC, Nguyen NC, Chang WS, Ray SS
1240 - 1248 Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in sludge extract from resorcinol-rich wastewater: the removal and inhibitory effect of sludge toxicity
Chen XR, Zhou TJ, Wang XX, Xu P, Yang CC, Sun XL, Lu QL, Wang SS
1249 - 1258 Design and preparation of stable CPO/HRP@H-MOF(Zr) composites for efficient bio-catalytic degradation of organic toxicants in wastewater
Gao X, Zhai QG, Hu MC, Li S, Song J, Jiang YC
1259 - 1268 Efficient and selective adsorption of small polyols by boronic acid functionalized polystyrene adsorbent
Jia YX, Sun WZ, Yin C, Xu C, Yu ST, Mo X
1269 - 1281 Attapulgite-supported magnetic dual acid-base catalyst for the catalytic conversion of lignin to phenolic monomers
Wu Z, Zhang J, Zhao XX, Li X, Zhang Y, Wang F
1282 - 1293 Purification of motor fuels by means of extraction using deep eutectic solvent based on choline chloride and glycerol
Kucan KZ, Rogosic M
1294 - 1304 Effects of organic loading rates on microbial communities and biogas production from water hyacinth: a case of mono- and co-digestion
Nkuna R, Roopnarain A, Adeleke R
1305 - 1314 Catalytic performance of Ni supported on ZnO-Al2O3 composites with different Zn content in methane dry reforming
Nataj SMM, Alavi SM, Mazloom G
1315 - 1322 Enhanced nitrogen removal and in situ microbial community in a two-step feed oxic/anoxic/oxic-membrane bioreactor (O/A/O-MBR) process
Li N, Zeng W, Miao ZJ, Wang BG, Li ZX, Peng YZ
1323 - 1329 Hydrodynamics of split-rectangle-internal loop airlift bioreactor with variations in riser and downcomer cross-sectional areas based on the golden ratio
Rosa EAR, Bianchini LF, Ramos RCPD, Arantes AB, da Silva RF, Glassey J
1330 - 1340 Pollutant footprint analysis for wastewater management in textile dye houses processing different fabrics
Sozen S, Dulkadiroglu H, Yucel AB, Insel G, Orhon D
1341 - 1353 A novel antifouling ultrafiltration membranes prepared from percarboxylic acid functionalized SiO2 bound Fe3O4 nanoparticle (SCMNP-COOOH)/polyethersulfone nanocomposite for BSA separation and dye removal
Vatanpour V, Shahsavarifar S, Khorshidi S, Masteri-Farahani M