Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol.94, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0268-2575 (Print) 

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323 - 342 A century of bacteriophage research and applications: impacts on biotechnology, health, ecology and the economy!
Vandamme EJ, Mortelmans K
343 - 365 Review: membrane materials for the removal of water from industrial solvents by pervaporation and vapor permeation
Vane LM
366 - 376 Strategies for directed and adapted evolution as part of microbial strain engineering
Zhou SH, Alper HS
377 - 388 Enhanced carbon and nitrogen removal performance of simultaneous anammox and denitrification (SAD) with mannitol addition treating saline wastewater
Yang ZL, Zhu WQ, Yu DS, Bo YT, Li J
389 - 397 Production and optimization of isopropyl palmitate via biocatalytic route using home-made enzymatic catalysts
Barse LQ, Graebin NG, Cipolatti EP, Robert JM, Pinto MCC, Pinto JCCS, Freire DMG, Rodrigues RC
398 - 408 Fabrication of a SGO/PVDF-g-PSSA composite proton-exchange membrane and its enhanced performance in microbial fuel cells
Li C, Wang L, Wang XD, Li CC, Xu QB, Li GY
409 - 417 Preliminary economic assessment: a valuable tool to establish biocatalytic process feasibility with an in-lab immobilized lipase
Serrano-Arnaldos M, Ortega-Requena S, Montiel MC, Maximo F, Bastida J, Murcia MD
418 - 425 High purity fructose from inulin with heterogeneous catalysis - from batch to continuous operation
Nebreda AP, Russo V, Di Serio M, Eranen K, Murzin DY, Salmi T, Grenman H
426 - 434 Aerated extraction columns for in situ separation of bio-based diamines from cell suspensions
Bednarz A, Jupke A, Spiess AC, Pfennig A
435 - 445 Pyroaurite-based Mg Symbol of the Klingon Empire Fe mixed oxides and their activity in aldol condensation of furfural with acetone: effect of oxide composition
Kocik J, Frolich K, Perkova I, Horacek J
446 - 454 Application of 2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone- graphene oxide (HNQ-GO) composite as recyclable catalyst to enhance Cr(VI) reduction by Shewanella xiamenensis
Li YX, Luo QL, Li H, Chen Z, Shen L, Peng YJ, Wang HT, He N, Li QB, Wang YP
455 - 467 Selective adsorption of uranium from salt lake-simulated solution by phenolic-functionalized hollow sponge-like adsorbent
He Y, Lin XY, Yan TS, Zhang XN, Zhou J, Chena Y, Luoa XG
468 - 474 Platinum(II) reduction to platinum nanoparticles in anaerobic sludge
Simon-Pascual A, Sierra-Alvarez R, Field JA
475 - 483 Low oxygen start-up of partial nitrification-anammox process: mechanical or gas agitation?
Jara-Munoz P, Guzman-Fierro V, Arriagada C, Campos V, Campos JL, Gallardo-Rodriguez JJ, Fernandez K, Roeckel M
484 - 493 Solid phosphoric acid catalysts based on mesoporous silica for levoglucosenone production via cellulose fast pyrolysis
Santander JA, Alvarez M, Gutierrez V, Volpe MA
494 - 504 Treatment of aniline contaminated water by a self-designed dielectric barrier discharge reactor coupling with micro-bubbles: optimization of the system and effects of water matrix
Liu YN, Shen X, Sun JH, Li P, Zhang A
505 - 515 Addition of biochar and trace elements in the form of industrial FeCl3 to stabilize anaerobic digestion of food waste: dosage optimization and long-term study
Capson-Tojo G, Girard C, Rouez M, Crest M, Steyer JP, Bernet N, Delgenes JP, Escudie R
516 - 526 Modelling concentration gradients in fed-batch cultivations of E-coli - towards the flexible design of scale-down experiments
Anane E, Sawatzki A, Neubauer P, Cruz-Bournazou MN
527 - 537 Hybrid reactive distillation using polyoctylmethylsiloxane membrane for isopentyl acetate production from mixed PVA by products
Wang C, Wang C, Guang C, Gao J, Zhang ZS
538 - 546 Cobalt nanoparticles mechanically deposited on alpha-Al2O3: a competitive catalyst for the production of hydrogen through ethanol steam reforming
Riani P, Garbarino G, Canepa F, Busca G
547 - 555 Optimization of continuous arsenic biosorption present in natural contaminated groundwater
Mora BEP, Bellu SE, Mangiameli MF, Garcia SI, Gonzalez JC
556 - 568 Which activated sludge configurations qualify for maximizing energy conservation - Why?
Orhon D, Alli B, Sozen S
569 - 581 Investigation of fluorapatite crystallization in a fluidized bed reactor for the removal of fluoride from groundwater
Deng LY, Zhang X, Huang TL, Zhou JQ
582 - 589 Potential control of cyanobacterial blooms by using a floating-mobile electrochemical system
Bakheet B, Beardall J, Zhang XW, McCarthy D
590 - 599 Amino-functionalized material from a bio-template for silver adsorption: process evaluation in batch and fixed bed
Romero-Cano LA, Garcia-Rosero H, del Olmo-Iruela M, Carrasco-Marin F, Gonzalez-Gutierrez LV
600 - 610 Carbon recovery and the impact of start-up conditions on the performance of an unsaturated Pseudomonas putida biofilm compared with soil under controlled environmental parameters in a differential biofilter
Bordoloi A, Gostomski PA
611 - 617 Dual role of chemically functionalized activated carbon fibres: investigation of parameters influencing the degradation of organophosphorus compounds and antibacterial behaviour
Gopinath A, Krishna K
618 - 627 Association of robust nitrogen removal with spatiotemporal nitrifying bacterial community dynamics in a new bioreactor for treatment of simulated livestock wastewater with high ammonia content
Zhang YM, Kong M, Hua M, Wang LM, Zhou MY, Peng FQ, Qiu HY, Han W, Gao YX, Chao JY, Xu B, Yang F, Zhu YM, Jiang H
628 - 633 beta-cyclodextrin modified g-C3N4 nanosheet: a fluorescent drug carrier with ultrahigh drug loading capacity and pH-responsive release
Liu SS, Dong W, Zeng XF, Guo ZL, Zong PX, Li BD, Meng XG, Zuo GF
634 - 640 Efficient processing of bioglycerol to a novel biobased polyunsaturated monomer
Gomez CL, Echeverri DA, Inciarte HC, Rios LA