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Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol.94, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0268-2575 (Print) 

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3039 - 3048 Microalgae biotechnology as an attempt for bioregenerative life support systems: problems and prospects
Yang LM, Li HK, Liu TG, Zhong YQ, Ji CC, Lu Q, Fan LL, Li J, Leng LJ, Li K, Zhou WG
3049 - 3063 Comprehensive review and future perspectives on the photocatalytic hydrogen production
Corredor J, Rivero MJ, Rangel CM, Gloaguen F, Ortiz I
3064 - 3072 Making light work of heavy metal contamination: the potential for coupling bioremediation with bioenergy production
Raikova S, Piccini M, Surman MK, Allen MJ, Chuck CJ
3073 - 3083 Hyper-cross-linked polymer based carbonaceous materials as efficient catalysts for ethyl levulinate production from carbohydrates
Gu J, Zhang J, Li DN, Yuan HR, Chen Y
3084 - 3092 Photoautotrophic cultivation of Chlorococcum humicola in stirred tank and airlift photobioreactors under different light settings and light supplying strategies for biomass and carotenoid production
Powtongsook S, Nootong K
3093 - 3101 Design of graphene oxide by a one-pot synthetic route for catalytic conversion of furfural alcohol to ethyl levulinate
Wu JM, Shao YW, Jing GJ, Zhang ZM, Ye ZM, Hu X
3102 - 3110 Evaluation of microalgae growth in a mixed-type photobioreactor system for the phycoremediation of wastewater
Pacheco MM, Hoeltz M, Bjerk TR, de Souza MP, da Silva LFF, Gressler PD, Moraes MSA, Lobo EA, Schneider RCS
3111 - 3123 Control of specific growth rate for the enhanced production of human interferon alpha 2b in glycoengineered Pichia pastoris: process analytical technology guided approach
Katla S, Mohan N, Pavan SS, Pal U, Sivaprakasam S
3124 - 3133 Preparation, characterization and environmental application of the composite electrode TiO2-NTs/SnO2-Sb with carbon aerogels
Yin X, Liu QW, Chen Y, Xu AL, Wang Y, Tu Y, Han WQ
3134 - 3146 Magnetite nanoparticles enhance the bioelectrochemical treatment of municipal sewage by facilitating the syntrophic oxidation of volatile fatty acids
Viggi CC, Casale S, Chouchane H, Askri R, Fazi S, Cherif A, Zeppilli M, Aulenta F
3147 - 3157 Acetaminophen adsorption using a low-cost adsorbent prepared from modified residues of Moringa oleifera Lam. seed husks
Quesada HB, Cusioli LF, Bezerra CD, Baptista ATA, Nishi L, Gomesb RG, Bergamasco R
3158 - 3171 Optimization of the 3D electro-Fenton process in removal of acid orange 10 from aqueous solutions by response surface methodology
Mohammadi H, Alinejad A, Khajeh M, Darvishmotevalli M, Moradnia M, Tehrani AM, Hosseindost G, Zare MR, Mengelizadeh N
3172 - 3179 Assessment of niobium phosphate as heterogeneous catalyst in esterification with methyl acetate
Alves MAL, Pinheiro NSC, Brondani LN, Celante D, Ketzer F, Castilhos F
3180 - 3189 Non-thermal plasma-assisted catalytic oxidation of NO in a dielectric barrier discharge reactor packed with MOx/Al2O3 (M = Mn or Co) as catalysts
Wang JG, Yi HH, Tang XL
3190 - 3200 Chemically modified electrospun nanofiber for high adsorption and effective photocatalytic decontamination of organophosphorus compounds
Lakshmi K, Kadirvelu K, Mohan PS
3201 - 3207 Impact of nanoscale zerovalent iron on volatile fatty acid production from food waste: key enzymes and microbial community
Jin Y, Gao M, Li OG, Lin YJ, Wang QH, Tu MB, Ma HZ
3208 - 3216 Removal of sulfanilic acid from wastewater by thermally activated persulfate process: oxidation performance and kinetic modeling
Zhou R, Li TT, Su Y, Li CG, Jin X, Ren HJ
3217 - 3226 New insights into the metagenomic link between pre-treatment method, addition of an inoculum and biomethane yield during anaerobic digestion of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
Roopnarain A, Nkuna R, Ndaba B, Adeleke R
3227 - 3235 Experimental study and parametric analysis of SO2 capture in limestone fixed bed reactor
Bontzolis CD, Petraki MK, Spartinos DMN
3236 - 3250 Effect of variable salinity wastewater on performance and kinetics of membrane-based bioreactors
Rodriguez-Sanchez A, Leyva-Diaz JC, Munoz-Palazon B, Gonzalez-Lopez J, Poyatos JM
3251 - 3262 Synthesis of Ag-modified TiO2 nanotube and its application in photocatalytic degradation of dyes and elemental mercury
Tsai CY, Liu CW, Hsi HC, Lin KS, Lin YW, Lai LC
3263 - 3268 Improved NO removal from flue gas by hydrazine and its mechanism analysis
Guan ZZ, Hong L, Guo RT, Pan WG, Li FQ, Wu J, Ren JX
3269 - 3275 Hydrothermal synthesis, characterization and seed germination effects of green-emitting graphene oxide-carbon dot composite using brown macroalgal bio-oil as precursor
Sankaranarayanan S, Vishnukumar P, Hariram M, Vivekanandhan S, Camus C, Buschmann AH, Navia R
3276 - 3291 Simultaneous removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds with methane production from concentrated latex wastewater in two bioreactor zones of micro-oxygen hybrid reactor
Su-ungkavatin P, Thongnueakhaeng W, Chaiprasert P
3292 - 3304 A combination of low-temperature reactive and extractive distillation for methoxy-2-propyl acetate synthesis and separation process: simulations and experiments
Wang BH, Cai XL, Lu L, Ma J
3305 - 3314 Enhanced ethanol production from lignocellulosic hydrolysates by inhibiting the hydrogen synthesis in Thermoanaerobacterium aotearoense SCUT27(Delta ldh)
Fu HX, Yang XT, Qu CY, Li Y, Wang JF
3315 - 3324 Moving from alcohol to methane biofilters: an experimental study on biofilter performance and carbon distribution
Ferdowsi M, Desrochers M, Jones JP, Heitz M
3325 - 3332 Highly efficient and reversible absorption of SO2 by hydroxyl ammonium ionic liquids at low partial pressure
Qi YF, Hu XD, Liu YZ, Sun DS, Li RH, Zhu HT
3333 - 3343 Preparation of magnetic conjugated microporous polymers for highly efficient removal of dye from water
Wang WL, Yu JF, Yang XX, Yu BL, Cai XL
3344 - 3355 A seamless and nonprotein A-based monoclonal antibody purification platform using void-exclusion anion exchange chromatography and electropositive multimodal chromatography enhanced by advance chromatin extraction
Liu WS, Chen Q, Fan XY, Liang YL, Sun Y, Yu JL, Bao ZX, Peng XY, Xian M, Nian R
3356 - 3366 Influence mechanism of different precursors on the adsorption behavior of NOx over Cu2+ ion-exchange ZSM-5
Tang XL, Zhang RC, Yi HH, Gao FY, Yu QJ, Zhao SZ, Yang K
3367 - 3374 Cold oxygen plasma induces changes on the surface of carbon materials enhancing methanogenesis and N2O reduction in anaerobic sludge incubations
De Velasco-Maldonado PS, Pat-Espadas AM, Chazaro-Ruiz LF, Cervantes FJ, Hernandez-Montoya V
3375 - 3383 Microbial synthesis of graphene-supported highly-dispersed Pd-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles and its catalytic activity
Han RS, Song X, Wang QH, Qi YS, Deng GZ, Zhang AY, Wang QN, Chang FY, Wu C, Cheng YY
3384 - 3392 A second life for low-grade wool through formation of all-keratin composites in cystine reducing calcium chloride-water-ethanol solution
Fitz-Binder C, Pham T, Bechtold T
3393 - 3402 Synthesis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from fructose and inulin catalyzed by magnetically-recoverable Fe3O4@SiO2@TiO2-HPW nanoparticles
Zhang L, Shah A, Michel FC
3403 - 3412 Preparation of WO3/CNT catalysts in presence of ionic liquid [C(16)mim]Cl and catalytic efficiency in oxidative desulfurization
Wang C, Li AR, Xu JF, Wen J, Zhang H, Zhang LH
3413 - 3419 Sequential treatment with bicarbonate and low-temperature to potentiate both biomass and lipid productivity in Nannochloropsis oceanica
Yuan WSQ, Ma YH, Wei W, Liu WJ, Ding Y, Balamurugan S