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2195 - 2195 In Focus: Catalytic Transformation of Biomass to Chemicals
Keane MA, Cardenas-Lizana F
2196 - 2205 Sol-immobilized vs deposited-precipitated Au nanoparticles supported on CeO2 for furfural oxidative esterification
Menegazzo F, Signoretto M, Fantinel T, Manzoli M
2206 - 2220 Kinetics and modelling of furfural oxidation with hydrogen peroxide over a fibrous heterogeneous catalyst: effect of reaction parameters on yields of succinic acid
Saleem F, Muller P, Eranen K, Warna J, Murzin DY, Salmi T
2221 - 2228 Continuous gas phase catalytic transformation of levulinic acid to gamma-valerolactone over supported Au catalysts
Mustafin K, Cardenas-Lizana F, Keane MA
2229 - 2235 Pd@ionosilica as heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst for continuous flow reductive upgrade of cinnamaldehyde
Braun M, Thach UD, Prelot B, Hesemann P, Esposito D
2236 - 2245 Hydrodeoxygenation of glycerol with in situ H-2 formation over Pt catalysts supported on Fe modified Al2O3: effect of Fe loading
Yfanti VL, Vasiliadou ES, Sklari S, Lemonidou AA
2246 - 2253 An investigation into bimetallic catalysts for base free oxidation of cellobiose and glucose
Cao YL, Iqbal S, Miedziak PJ, Jones DR, Morgan DJ, Liu X, Wang JW, Hutchings GJ
2254 - 2266 Direct valorisation of waste cocoa butter triglycerides via catalytic epoxidation, ring-opening and polymerisation
Plaza DD, Strobel V, Heer PKKS, Sellars AB, Hoong SS, Clark AJ, Lapkin AA
2267 - 2275 Kinetic modelling of the glycerol oxidation in the liquid phase: comparison of Pt, Au and Ag AS active phases
Diaz JA, Skrzynska E, Zaid S, Girardon JS, Capron M, Dumeignil F, Fongarland P
2276 - 2286 Removal of toluene from industrial gas over 13X zeolite supported catalysts by adsorption-plasma catalytic process
Yi HH, Yang X, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Wang JG, Cui XX, Feng TC, Ma YQ
2287 - 2299 Good's buffer ionic liquids as relevant phase-forming components of self-buffered aqueous biphasic systems
Taha M, Quental MV, Silva FAE, Capela EV, Freire MG, Ventura SPM, Coutinho JAP
2300 - 2308 Effect of particle size, iron ligands and anions on ciprofloxacin degradation in zero-valent iron process: application to sewage treatment plant effluent
Perini JAD, Nogueira RFP
2309 - 2316 A kinetics study on anammox bacteria with a disproportionate substrate concentration
Qiao L, Ning XF, Li Y, Zhang YQ
2317 - 2324 Influence of key physicochemical and hydrodynamic specifications of three packing materials on both performance and bacterial community structure of gas-biofilters
Malhautier L, Gadal-Mawart A, Rocher J, Renner C, Fanlo JL
2325 - 2333 Enhancing the removal of hazardous pollutants from coke-making wastewater by dosing activated carbon to a pilot-scale activated sludge process
Raper E, Soares A, Chen J, Sutcliffe A, Aries E, Anderson D, Stephenson T
2334 - 2341 Disinfection of secondary treated sewage using chitosan beads coated with ZnO-Ag nanoparticles to facilitate reuse of treated water
Chatterjee P, Ghangrekar MM, Rao S
2342 - 2350 Reducing fine particle emissions by heterogeneous vapor condensation after wet desulfurization process
Wu H, Pan DP, Zhang R, Yang LJ, Peng ZM, Yang B
2351 - 2359 Optimal conditions of acid-catalysed steam explosion pretreatment of banana lignocellulosic biomass for fermentable sugar production
Guerrero AB, Ballesteros I, Ballesteros M
2360 - 2368 Performance enhancement and optimization of photocatalytic cyanide degradation in aqueous solution using Zn (II) and Fe (III) oxides as nanostructure supported on activated carbon
Eskandari P, Farhadian M, SolaimanyNazar AR
2369 - 2375 PID control system for biogas desulfurization under anoxic conditions
Brito J, Almenglo F, Ramirez M, Gomez JM, Cantero D
2376 - 2382 Heavy gas oil biodesulfurization by Rhodococcus erythropolis ATCC 4277: optimized culture medium composition and evaluation of low-cost alternative media
Porto B, Maass D, Oliveira JV, de Oliveira D, Yamamoto CI, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMAGU
2383 - 2391 Efficient agmatine production using an arginine decarboxylase with substrate-specific activity
Sun AR, Song W, Qiao WH, Chen XL, Liu J, Luo QL, Liu LM
2392 - 2399 Effect of salinity on the microbial community and performance on anaerobic digestion of marine macroalgae
Zhang Y, Alam MA, Kong XY, Wang ZM, Li LH, Sun YM, Yuan ZH
2400 - 2409 Simultaneous recovery of ammonium and phosphate from simulated treated wastewater effluents by activated calcium and magnesium zeolites
You XL, Valderrama C, Cortina JL
2410 - 2416 Facile generation of rod-like PbCl2 crystals from Pb(II) aqueous solutions induced by Aliquat 336 at room temperature
Li JF, Li EZ, Du ZP, Shen J, Cheng FQ
2417 - 2424 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of 4-nitrophenol over graphene modified TiO2
Liu X, Zhao LH, Lai H, Li S, Yi ZJ
2425 - 2432 Towards an extractive bioconversion of 3-hydroxypropionic acid: study of inhibition phenomena
Burge G, Moussa M, Saulou-Berion C, Chemarin F, Kniest M, Allais F, Spinnler HE, Athes V
2433 - 2444 Optimization of the composition of mixed entrainer for economic extractive distillation process in view of the separation of tetrahydrofuran/ethanol/water ternary azeotrope
Zhao YT, Zhao TR, Jia H, Li X, Zhu ZY, Wang YL
2445 - 2452 Purification of adenoviral vector serotype 5 for gene therapy against alcoholism using anion exchange chromatography
Lucero AT, Mercado SA, Sanchez AC, Contador CA, Andrews BA, Asenjo JA
2453 - 2459 Effects of shear rate, photoautotrophy and photoheterotrophy on production of biomass and pigments by Chlorella vulgaris
Benavente-Valdes JR, Mendez-Zavala A, Morales-Oyervides L, Chisti Y, Montanez J
2460 - 2467 Electrocatalysis enhancement of a screen-printed carbon electrode by modification with trisoctahedral gold nanocrystals for H2O2 and NADH sensing application
Liu YC, Su YM, Chen KJ, Huang WC, Kuo YL, Lin SD
2468 - 2476 Effect of water of crystallization on the dissolution efficiency of molten zinc chloride hydrate salts during the pre-treatment of corncob biomass
Awosusi AA, Ayeni A, Adeleke R, Daramola MO
2477 - 2487 Optimized whole cell biocatalyst fromacetoin to 2,3-butanediol through coexpression of acetoin reductase with NADH regeneration systems in engineered Bacillus subtilis
Samuel N, Bao T, Zhang X, Yang TW, Xu MJ, Li X, Komera I, Philibert T, Rao ZM
2488 - 2488 Cover Image (vol 92, pg 1, 2017)
Rajendran A, Fox T, Hu B