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1575 - 1576 Recent Advances in Bioremediation
Kalogerakis N, Venieri D
1577 - 1584 Ex situ bioremediation of chlorophenol contaminated soil: comparison of slurry and solid-phase bioreactors with the two-step polymer extraction-bioregeneration process
Angelucci DM, Tomei MC
1585 - 1595 Valorisation of heavy metals enriched tobacco biomass through slow pyrolysis and steam activation
Gonsalvesh L, Yperman J, Carleer R, Mench M, Herzig R, Vangronsveld J
1596 - 1606 Red mud as acidic sandy soil ameliorant: a microcosm incubation study
Ujaczki E, Feigl V, Farkas E, Vaszita E, Gruiz K, Molnar M
1607 - 1614 Metal distribution in the process of lignocellulosic ethanol production from heavy metal contaminated sorghum biomass
Vintila T, Negrea A, Barbu H, Sumalan R, Kovacs K
1615 - 1622 Urban wastewater treatment plant provided with tertiary finishing lagoons: management and reclamation for irrigation reuse
Fiorentino C, Mancini M, Luccarini L
1623 - 1628 Valorization of polyethylene degradation products by blending with PHB biopolyester
Kwiecien M, Musiol M, Sobota M, Marek AA, Zawadiak J, Adamus G
1629 - 1637 Transformation of raw feather waste into digestible peptides and amino acids
Stiborova H, Branska B, Vesela T, Lovecka P, Stranska M, Hajslova J, Jiru M, Patakova P, Demnerova K
1638 - 1645 Anaerobic biodegradation of MTBE in a field site above the Israeli Coastal Aquifer: evidence from delta C-13 compound-specific isotope analysis
Gafni A, Rosenzweig R, Gelman F, Ronen Z
1646 - 1653 Screening of soil bacteria as potential agents for drugs biodegradation: a case study with clofibric acid
Ungureanu CP, Favier L, Bahrim G
1654 - 1664 Pleurotus ostreatus spent mushroom substrate for the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: the case study of a pilot dynamic biopile for the decontamination of a historically contaminated soil
Di Gregorio S, Becarelli S, Siracusa G, Castiglione MR, Petroni G, Masini G, Gentini A, Silvaa MRDE, Lorenzi R
1665 - 1674 The role of halophyte Juncus acutus L. in the remediation of mixed contamination in a hydroponic greenhouse experiment
Christofilopoulos S, Syranidou E, Gkavrou G, Manousaki E, Kalogerakis N
1675 - 1680 Sheep wool protein hydrolysate: a new peptone source for microorganisms
Taskin M, Unver Y, Firat A, Ortucu S, Yildiz M
1681 - 1687 Biological treatment of groundwater with a high hexavalent chromium content under anaerobic and anoxic conditions
Panousi E, Mamais D, Noutsopoulos C, Antoniou K, Koutoula K, Mastrantoni S, Koutsogiannis C, Gkioni A
1688 - 1696 Comparison of a conventional two-column demethanizer/deethanizer configuration requiring refrigerated condensers with a nonconventional column/rectifier configuration
Luyben WL
1697 - 1708 Morphology and performance of PVDF TIPS microfiltration hollow fiber membranes prepared from PVDF/DBP/DOP systems for industrial application
Zhou QH, Wang Z, Shen HJ, Zhu ZY, Liu LP, Yang LB, Cheng LN
1709 - 1719 Development and characterization of a new adsorbent for biomolecule separation: intercalation and adsorption of clavulanic acid in layered double hydroxides
Forte MBS, Taviot-Gueho C, Leroux F, Rodrigues MI, Maugeri F
1720 - 1727 Multiparametric control for enhanced biofilm selection in microbial fuel cells
Molognoni D, Puig S, Balaguer MD, Capodaglio AG, Callegari A, Colprim J
1728 - 1736 ANFIS modeling for bacteria detection based on GNR biosensor
Akbari E, Buntat Z, Shahraki E, Zeinalinezhad A, Nilashi M
1737 - 1746 Modification of a natural zeolite with Fe(III) for simultaneous phosphate and ammonium removal from aqueous solutions
Guaya D, Valderrama C, Farran A, Cortina JL
1747 - 1754 Performance evaluation of magnetic anion exchange resin removing fluoride
Li Q, Wang BJ, Li WT, Wang C, Zhou Q, Shuang CD, Li AM
1755 - 1762 Real-time and on-line monitoring of morphological cell parameters using electrical impedance spectroscopy measurements
Sarro E, Lecina M, Fontova A, Godia F, Bragos R, Cairo JJ
1763 - 1772 Optimization of the application of the Fenton chemistry for the remediation of a contaminated soil with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Pardo F, Peluffo M, Santos A, Romero A
1773 - 1781 TiO2 photocatalytic degradation of UV filter para-aminobenzoic acid under artificial and solar illumination
Tsoumachidou S, Velegraki T, Poulios I
1782 - 1793 Modeling and control strategies for anoxic biotrickling filtration in biogas purification
Almenglo F, Ramirez M, Gomez JM, Cantero D, Gamisans X, Dorado AD
1794 - 1801 Spherical activated carbon modified by polymerized ionic liquid for the removal of ibuprofen from water
Xu X, An XN
1802 - 1808 Energy recovery from winery wastewater using a dual chamber microbial fuel cell
Penteado ED, Fernandez-Marchante CM, Zaiat M, Canizares P, Gonzalez ER, Rodrigo MAR
1809 - 1815 Bromination of guaiacol and syringol using ionic liquids to obtain bromides
Sequeiros A, Serrano L, Labidi J
1816 - 1825 Exploring laccase and mediators behavior during saccharification and fermentation of steam-exploded wheat straw for bioethanol production
Moreno AD, Ibarra D, Alvira P, Tomas-Pejo E, Ballesteros M
1826 - 1834 Scale-up of abatement of fermentation inhibitors from acid hydrolysates for efficient conversion to ethanol as biofuel
Gupta R, Mehta G, Kuhad RC
1835 - 1843 Oil, chitosan, and ethanol production by dimorphic fungus Mucor indicus from different lignocelluloses
Satari B, Karimi K, Zamani A
1844 - 1852 Effect of enzymatic high temperature prehydrolysis on the subsequent cellulose hydrolysis of steam-pretreated spruce in high solids concentration
Hamalainen J, Granstrom T, Mollerup F, Wang YW, Xiong HR, Turunen O
1853 - 1859 Using cell recycling batch fermentations to validate a setup for cellulosic ethanol production
Silva VFN, Nakanishi SC, Dionisio SR, Rossell CEV, Ienczak JL, Goncalves AR, Rocha GJM
1860 - 1867 Salting-out effect of potassium pyrophosphate (K4P2O7) on the separation of biobutanol from an aqueous solution
Xie SQ, Yi CH, Qiu XQ
1868 - 1876 Electricity generation, ethanol fermentation and enhanced glucose degradation in a bio-electro-Fenton system driven by a microbial fuel cell
Birjandi N, Younesi H, Ghoreyshi AA, Rahimnejad M
1877 - 1888 Remediation of diesel-contaminated soil using in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and the effects of common oxidants on the indigenous microbial community: a comparison study
Chen KF, Chang YC, Chiou WT
1889 - 1895 Surface-engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells displaying redesigned CadR for enhancement of adsorption of cadmium (II)
Tao HC, Li PS, Liu QS, Su J, Qiu GY, Li ZG
1896 - 1904 Combination of column adsorption and supercritical fluid extraction for recovery of dissolved essential oil from distillation waste water of Yulania liliiflora
Lei GM, Mao PZ, He MQ, Wang LH, Liu XS, Zhang AY
1905 - 1913 Magnetic mesoporous enzyme-silica composites with high activity and enhanced stability
Cui JD, Feng YX, Yue S, Zhao YM, Li LB, Liu RL, Lin T
1914 - 1922 Monitoring the laccase reaction of vanillin and poplar hydrolysate
Soti V, Jacquet N, Apers S, Richel A, Lenaerts S, Cornet I
1923 - 1927 Characterization and selection of PDMS solvents for the absorption and biodegradation of hydrophobic VOCs
Guillerm M, Couvert A, Amrane A, Dumont E, Norrant E, Lesage N, Juery C