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3587 - 3589 Statistical entropy and density maximum anomaly in liquid water
Saija F, Saitta AM, Giaquinta PV
3590 - 3593 Equilibrium heat capacity of the glass-forming poly(alpha-methyl styrene) far below the Kauzmann temperature: The case of the missing glass transition
Huang DH, Simon SL, McKenna GB
3594 - 3598 The structure of silicon doped intermediate size carbon clusters
Noya EG, Menon M
3599 - 3605 Molecular fractionation with conjugate caps for full quantum mechanical calculation of protein-molecule interaction energy
Zhang DW, Zhang JZH
3606 - 3618 Classical Wigner phase space approximation to cumulative matrix elements in coherent control
McQuarrie BR, Abrashkevich DG, Brumer P
3619 - 3625 Quantum control design via adaptive tracking
Zhu WS, Rabitz H
3626 - 3630 Complex dynamics in a nonlinear chemical system switching between two stable stationary states
Wang JC
3631 - 3640 Photodetachment of hydrated oxalate dianions in the gas phase, C2O42-(H2O)(n) (n=3-40): From solvated clusters to nanodroplet
Wang XB, Yang X, Nicholas JB, Wang LS
3641 - 3649 Reaction dynamics of Al+O-2 -> AlO+O studied by the crossed-beam laser-induced fluorescence technique
Honma K
3650 - 3660 Dipole-bound anions of carbonyl, nitrile, and sulfoxide containing molecules
Hammer NI, Diri K, Jordan KD, Desfrancois C, Compton RN
3661 - 3669 One photon dissociation and multiphoton dissociative ionization of bromochlorodifluoromethane (CF2BrCl) at 267 nm region
Huang JH, Xu DD, Francisco JS, Jackson WM
3670 - 3680 2-methyl furan: An experimental study of the excited electronic levels by electron energy loss spectroscopy, vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption, and photoelectron spectroscopy
Giuliani A, Delwiche J, Hoffmann SV, Limao-Vieira P, Mason NJ, Hubin-Franskin MJ
3681 - 3690 Structure of neutral and charged FenCO clusters (n=1-6) and energetics of the FenCO+CO -> FenC+CO2 reaction
Gutsev GL, Bauschlicher CW, Andrews L
3691 - 3698 Doppler-free laser polarization and optical-optical double resonance polarization labeling spectroscopies of a large molecule: Naphthalene
Kabir MH, Kasahara S, Demtroder W, Tatamitani Y, Doi A, Kato H, Baba M
3699 - 3710 Electronic photodissociation spectroscopy of Au-4(+)center dot Ar-n, n=0-4: Experiment and theory
Schweizer A, Weber JM, Gilb S, Schneider H, Schooss D, Kappes MM
3711 - 3716 A computational study of hydrogen-bonded complexes of HKrCl : N-2 center dot center dot center dot HKrCl, OC center dot center dot center dot HKrCl, and HF center dot center dot center dot HKrCl
McDowell SAC
3717 - 3720 High level ab initio studies of the low-lying excited states in the H2O center dot O-2 complex
Robinson TW, Kjaergaard HG
3721 - 3728 Ab initio calculations on the ground and low-lying excited states of InCl
Zou WL, Lin MR, Yang XZ, Zhang BZ
3729 - 3736 Spectroscopy of Na+center dot Rg and transport coefficients of Na+ in Rg(Rg=He-Rn)
Viehland LA, Lozeille J, Soldan P, Lee EPF, Wright TG
3737 - 3744 One- and two-color photoelectron imaging of the CO molecule via the B-1 Sigma(+) state
Katayanagi H, Matsumoto Y, de Lange CA, Tsubouchi M, Suzuki T
3745 - 3750 Electronic structure of linear TiCH
Kalemos A, Dunning TH, Harrison JF, Mavridis A
3751 - 3762 (3+1)-resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization-photoelectron spectroscopy of the (3d-4s) supercomplex of acetylene: The geometry of the E state revisited through experiment and theory
Blanchet V, Boye S, Zamith S, Campos A, Girard B, Lievin J, Gauyacq D
3763 - 3773 The predissociation of highly excited states in acetylene by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
Zamith S, Blanchet V, Girard B, Andersson J, Sorensen SL, Hjelte I, Bjorneholm O, Gauyacq D, Norin J, Mauritsson J, L'Huillier A
3774 - 3784 Ammonia-chain clusters: Vibronic spectra of 7-hydroxyquinoline center dot(NH3)(2)
Coussan S, Manca C, Tanner C, Bach A, Leutwyler S
3785 - 3790 Quantum chemical analysis of the bond lengths in f(n) and f(n-1) d(1) states of Ce3+, Pr3+, Pa4+, and U4+ defects in chloride hosts
Barandiaran Z, Seijo L
3791 - 3799 Hydrophobic effect in a lattice model of aqueous solutions
Buzano C, Pretti M
3800 - 3809 A discrete solvent reaction field model for calculating molecular linear response properties in solution
Jensen L, van Duijnen PT, Snijders JG
3810 - 3819 Generating functionals, consistency, and uniqueness in the integral equation theory of liquids
Fantoni R, Pastore G
3820 - 3825 System size dependence of the free energy surface in cluster simulation of nucleation
Kusaka I
3826 - 3835 Contact pair correlation functions of binary mixtures of additive hard spheres from the virial expansion
Barrio C, Solana JR
3836 - 3839 Thermal activation of two-level systems in a polymer glass as studied with single-molecule spectroscopy
Bauer M, Kador L, Naumov AV, Vainer YG
3840 - 3848 Vibrational spectroscopy of HOD in liquid D2O. VII. Temperature and frequency dependence of the OH stretch lifetime
Lawrence CP, Skinner JL
3849 - 3870 Response theory in the multipole reaction field model for equilibrium and nonequilibrium solvation: Exact theory and the second order polarization propagator approximation
Nielsen CB, Sauer SPA, Mikkelsen KV
3871 - 3882 Multicenter scattering theory of mediator effect in electron tunneling transitions
Bolgov DI, Kozhushner MA, Muryasov RR, Posvyanskii VS
3883 - 3890 Square-well chain fluids: The thermodynamic properties of hexamers, octamers, and hexadecamers
Porter JA, Fridrikh SV, Lipson JEG
3891 - 3895 Effects of guest hydrophobic molecule on stability of ordered meso structure of a surfactant/water system
Imai M, Teramoto T, Takahashi I, Nishiura Y
3896 - 3904 Pt and Pt-2 on MgO(100) and BaO(100): structure, bonding, and chemical properties
Gronbeck H, Broqvist P
3905 - 3919 Molecular dynamics investigation of water permeation through nanopores
Allen R, Hansen JP, Melchionna S
3920 - 3925 The anisotropic free energy of the Lennard-Jones crystal-melt interface
Morris JR, Song XY
3926 - 3934 Surface plasmon broadening for arbitrary shape nanoparticles: A geometrical probability approach
Coronado EA, Schatz GC
3935 - 3942 Watching molecules reorient in liquid crystal droplets with multiphoton-excited fluorescence microscopy
Higgins DA, Luther BJ
3943 - 3951 Channel-facilitated membrane transport: Average lifetimes in the channel
Berezhkovskii AM, Pustovoit MA, Bezrukov SM
3952 - 3957 Photoconduction in organic donor-acceptor systems
Im C, Tian W, Bassler H, Fechtenkotter A, Watson MD, Mullen K
3958 - 3962 Infrared second harmonic generation spectroscopy of Ge(111) interfaces
Bodlaki D, Freysz E, Borguet E
3963 - 3971 Translational and rotational dynamics of water in mesoporous silica materials: MCM-41-S and MCM-48-S
Faraone A, Liu L, Mou CY, Shih PC, Copley JRD, Chen SH
3972 - 3982 Magnetotransport properties of alkali metal doped La-Ca-Mn-O system under pulsed magnetic field: Decrease of small polaron coupling constant and melting of polarons in the high temperature phase
Bhattacharya S, Pal S, Banerjee A, Yang HD, Chaudhuri BK
3983 - 3987 Lithium ion insertion in nanoporous anatase TiO2 studied with RIXS
Augustsson A, Henningsson A, Butorin SM, Siegbahn H, Nordgren J, Guo JH
3988 - 3995 Dissipative dynamics of spin-dependent electron-hole capture in conjugated polymers
Karabunarliev S, Bittner ER
3996 - 4004 Statistical thermodynamics of polymer solutions
Li XY, Zhao DL
4005 - 4017 Efficiently explore the energy landscape of proteins in molecular dynamics simulations by amplifying collective motions
He JB, Zhang ZY, Shi YY, Liu HY
4018 - 4025 An integral-equation theory for a self-interacting polymer adsorbed at an interface
Cai J, Prausnitz JM
4026 - 4034 Conformations of attractive, repulsive, and amphiphilic polymer chains in a simple supercritical solvent: Molecular simulation study
Lisal M, Nezbeda I
4035 - 4042 Replica exchange molecular dynamics simulations of reversible folding
Rao F, Caflisch A
4043 - 4051 Comparison of the stability of blends of chemically identical and different homopolymers in the bulk and in a film
Kosmas MK, Vlahos CH
4052 - 4059 Dynamic properties of polyvinylmethylether near the glass transition
Casalini R, Roland CM
4060 - 4069 Transverse nuclear spin relaxation induced by director fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal polymer. Evaluation of the anisotropic elastic constants
Frezzato D, Moro GJ, Tittelbach M, Kothe G
4070 - 4084 The polymerization of actin: Thermodynamics near the polymerization line
Niranjan PS, Yim PB, Forbes JG, Greer SC, Dudowicz J, Freed KF, Douglas JF
4085 - 4098 Polyelectrolyte chain dimensions and concentration fluctuations near phase boundaries
Prabhu VM, Muthukumar M, Wignall GD, Melnichenko YB