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3301 - 3303 Density dependence of self-diffusion in liquid hydrogen fluoride
Karger N, Ludemann HD
3304 - 3307 Relaxation in random pores
Lee JC
3308 - 3312 Comparison of conjugate gradient density matrix search and Chebyshev expansion methods for avoiding diagonalization in large-scale electronic structure calculations
Bates KR, Daniels AD, Scuseria GE
3313 - 3320 Generalized gradient approximation to the angle- and system-averaged exchange hole
Ernzerhof M, Perdew JP
3321 - 3345 What is the best semiclassical method for photochemical dynamics of systems with conical intersections?
Topaler MS, Allison TC, Schwenke DW, Truhlar DG
3346 - 3351 A variational Monte Carlo study of the 2s-2p near degeneracy in beryllium, boron, and carbon atoms
Sarsa A, Galvez FJ, Buendia E
3352 - 3359 Gaussian-2 (G2) theory for third-row elements : A systematic study of the effect of the 3d orbitals
Duke BJ, Radom L
3360 - 3373 Second order Moller-Plesset perturbation theory without basis set superposition error
Mayer I, Valiron P
3374 - 3385 Formation of XeBr*, Xe*, and Br* by the Xe+(P-2(1/2))/Br-/He and Xe+(P-2(3/2))/Br-/He three-body ionic-recombination reactions in a helium flowing afterglow
Tsuji M, Ide M, Oda E, Nishimura Y
3386 - 3392 Radiative decay processes in the 6s and 7s Rydberg states of NO studied by three-color laser-induced amplified spontaneous emission spectroscopy
Sugita A, Ikeda M, Tsukiyama K
3393 - 3400 Doppler-free optical-optical double resonance polarization spectroscopy of the Cs-2(2)(3)Pi(0+u), (2)(3)Pi(1u), C-1 Pi(u), and 1(u)[(2)(3)Sigma(+)(u)+(2)(3)Pi(u)] states
Kasahara S, Otsuka K, Baba M, Kato H
3401 - 3408 Two-photon spectroscopy of the (n,3s) Rydberg transition in acetaldehyde : The torsional sequence
Kim Y, Fleniken J, Meyer H
3409 - 3417 The dipole moment and infrared transition strengths of nitric oxide
Rawlins WT, Person JC, Fraser ME, Miller SM, Blumberg WAM
3418 - 3424 Tight-binding simulations of argon cation clusters
Morales GA, Faulkner J, Hall RW
3425 - 3430 Cage substitution in metal-fullerene clusters
Branz W, Billas IML, Malinowski N, Tast F, Heinebrodt M, Martin TP
3431 - 3442 Near-infrared spectroscopy of CH2 by frequency modulated diode laser absorption
Marr AJ, Sears TJ, Chang BC
3443 - 3451 Nonequilibrium molecular velocity distribution in binary reactive gaseous mixture
Nowakowski B
3452 - 3460 Complete binary collision approximation for the gas transport coefficients via the time correlation formulation
Alavi S, Snider RF
3461 - 3473 Infrared spectroscopy and time-resolved dynamics of the ortho-H-2-OH entrance channel complex
Anderson DT, Schwartz RL, Todd MW, Lester MI
3474 - 3484 Intermolecular V-V energy transfer in the photodissociation of CO2-HF(v=1)
Oudejans L, Miller RE
3485 - 3496 Ion-pair formation in near-thermal energy collisions of sodium clusters with electron acceptors
Hampe O, Gerhardt P, Gilb S, Kappes MM
3497 - 3500 Calculated paramagnetic resonance parameters of a gallium arsenide cluster : Ga2As3
Arratia-Perez R, Hernandez-Acevedo L
3501 - 3507 Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of chromium monochloride (CrCl)
Oike T, Okabayashi T, Tanimoto M
3508 - 3517 Lifetime lengthening of molecular Rydberg states in the condensed phase
Vigliotti F, Zerza G, Chergui M, Rubayo-Soneira J
3518 - 3529 Relaxation of a system with a conical intersection coupled to a bath : A benchmark 24-dimensional wave packet study treating the environment explicitly
Worth GA, Meyer HD, Cederbaum LS
3530 - 3541 Accurate simulation of highly asymmetric electrolytes with charge asymmetry 20 : 1 and 20 : 2
Lobaskin V, Linse P
3542 - 3552 An influence functional theory of multiphonon processes in molecular vibrational energy relaxation
Shiga M, Okazaki S
3553 - 3558 Multicomponent nucleation and droplet growth in natural gas
Luijten CCM, van Hooy RGP, Janssen JWF, van Dongen MEH
3559 - 3567 Orientational order and rotational dynamics of the amide ions in potassium amide. II. Quasielastic neutron scattering
Muller M, Asmussen B, Press W, Senker J, Jacobs H, Buttner H, Schober H
3568 - 3572 A molecular dynamics study of the thermodynamic properties of liquid Ni using the Voter and Chen version of the embedded atom model
Alemany MMG, Rey C, Gallego LJ
3573 - 3579 Polarization effects in C-60 fullerene complexes of alkali ions
Ruiz A, Hernandez-Rojas J, Breton J, Llorente JMG
3580 - 3588 Vibrational corrections to static and dynamic hyperpolarizabilities of pure liquids : Calculations on methanol
Norman P, Luo Y, Agren H
3589 - 3595 A semiclassical approximation model for properties of molecules in solution
Luo Y, Norman P, Agren H
3596 - 3599 Orientational order-disorder phase transitions in plastic molecular clusters : Projection of three-dimensional distributions onto a two-dimensional surface
Radev RA, Proykova A, Li FY, Berry RS
3600 - 3606 Cluster variation study of the underpotential deposition of Cu on Au(111) in the presence of bisulfate
Huckaby DA, Legault MD, Blum L
3607 - 3618 A simple model to investigate the effects of non-Coulombic interactions on the structure of charged interfaces
Stafiej J, di Caprio D, Badiali JP
3619 - 3628 Nitrogen recombination dynamics at Cu(111) : Rotational energy release and product angular distributions
Murphy MJ, Skelly JF, Hodgson A
3629 - 3636 Electron-hole pair contributions to scattering, sticking, and surface diffusion : CO on Cu(100)
Kindt JT, Tully JC, Head-Gordon M, Gomez MA
3637 - 3650 How the structure of a confined fluid depends on the ensemble : Hard spheres in a spherical cavity
Gonzalez A, White JA, Roman FL, Evans R
3651 - 3660 Effect of gravity on contact angle : A theoretical investigation
Ward CA, Sasges MR
3661 - 3670 Effect of gravity on contact angle : An experimental investigation
Sasges MR, Ward CA
3671 - 3685 Ab initio and semiempirical studies of the adsorption and dissociation of water on pure, defective, and doped MgO (001) surfaces
Almeida AL, Martins JBL, Taft CA, Longo E, Lester WA
3686 - 3690 Structural transformation in the collapse transition of the single flexible homopolymer model
3691 - 3698 Shape distribution and correlation between size and shape of tetrahedral lattice chains in athermal and theta systems
Zifferer G
3699 - 3700 On the ground state of NiH2
Barysz M, Papadopoulos MG
3701 - 3702 Anomalous heat capacity of nematic liquid crystals
Mukherjee PK
3703 - 3703 Thermal and vibrational-state selected rates of the CH4+Cl <-> HCl+CH3 reaction (vol 103, pg 9642, 1995)
Duncan WT, Truong TN