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5177 - 5193 Infrared Photofragmentation Spectra of Size-Selected SF6-Center-Dot-Ar-N(+) Cluster Ions
Winkel JF, Woodward CA, Jones AB, Stace AJ
5194 - 5207 Random-Matrix Treatment of Intramolecular Vibrational Redistribution .2. Coriolis Interactions in 1-Butyne and Ethanol
Go J, Perry DS
5208 - 5223 Diffusion-Controlled Electron-Transfer Reactions - Subpicosecond Fluorescence Measurements of Coumarin-1 Quenched by Aniline and N,N-Dimethylaniline
Shannon CF, Eads DD
5224 - 5235 Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular-Ions - The (A)over-Tilde-(X)over-Tilde Transition of the Acetylene Radical-Cation
Cha C, Weinkauf R, Boesl U
5236 - 5245 Stark Spectroscopy of CdSe Nanocrystallites - The Significance of Transition Linewidths
Sacra A, Norris DJ, Murray CB, Bawendi MG
5246 - 5259 Dielectric Response and a Phenomenon of a Narrow-Band Absorption for a Classical Rotor in a Double-Well Potential
Gaiduk VI, Gaiduk VV, Novskova TA, Tseitlin BM, Mcconnell J
5260 - 5268 Structure in the Lowest Absorption Feature of CdSe Quantum Dots
Norris DJ, Bawendi MG
5269 - 5274 Measurement of the Beam Intensity in a Laser-Desorption Jet-Cooling Mass-Spectrometer
Boogaarts MG, Meijer G
5275 - 5278 ESR Observation of the H-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-H, H-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-D, and D-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-Center-Dot-D Spin-Pair Radicals in Rare-Gas Matrices
Knight LB, Rice WE, Moore L, Davidson ER
5279 - 5289 Dispersed Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Excited Rovibrational States in S-0 Formaldehyde
Emery CD, Overway KS, Bouwens RJ, Polik WF
5290 - 5307 Excited-State Enol-Keto Tautomerization in Salicylic-Acid - A Supersonic Free Jet Study
Bisht PB, Petek H, Yoshihara K, Nagashima U
5308 - 5314 Matrix-Isolation Study of the Interaction of Excited Neon Atoms with Sif4 - Infrared-Spectra of Sif3+ and Sif3-
Jacox ME, Irikura KK, Thompson WE
5315 - 5325 Site-Selective Electron-Paramagnetic-Resonance Study of Photoexcited Chromium-Doped Forsterite
Regev A, Freed JH
5326 - 5334 An Instanton Approach to Intramolecular Hydrogen-Exchange - Tunneling Splittings in Malonaldehyde and the Hydrogenoxalate Anion
Smedarchina Z, Siebrand W, Zgierski MZ
5335 - 5342 The Structure of Nb3O and Nb3O+ Determined by Pulsed-Field Ionization-Zero Electron Kinetic-Energy Photoelectron-Spectroscopy and Density-Functional Theory
Yang DS, Zgierski MZ, Rayner DM, Hackett PA, Martinez A, Salahub DR, Roy PN, Carrington T
5343 - 5356 Computerized Simulation and Fitting of Singlet-Triplet Spectra of Orthorhombic Asymmetric Tops - Theory and Extensions to Molecules with Large Multiplet Splittings
Judge RH, Korale AA, York JJ, Joo DL, Clouthier DJ, Moule DC
5357 - 5361 Dynamic Studies of Degenerate 4-Wave-Mixing in an Azobenzene-Doped Polymer Film with an Optical Pump
Wang YG, Zhao JA, Si JH, Ye PX, Fu XF, Qiu L, Shen YQ
5362 - 5365 Alignment of Gas-Phase Molecules by Dynamic Stark-Effect with Coherent Narrow-Band Ultraviolet-Laser Pulses
Neuhauser R, Neusser HJ
5366 - 5377 Vibrational Spectroscopy of Small (HF)(N) Clusters (N=4-8) in Size-Selected Molecular-Beams
Huisken F, Kaloudis M, Kulcke A, Laush C, Lisy JM
5378 - 5386 Femtosecond Study of the Size-Dependent Charge-Carrier Dynamics in ZnO Nanocluster Solutions
Cavaleri JJ, Skinner DE, Colombo DP, Bowman RM
5387 - 5393 Statistical Effects in the Thermal Deazetization Reaction of 2,3-Diazabicyclo(2.2.1)Hept-2-Ene
Sorescu DC, Thompson DL, Raff LM
5394 - 5409 Fragment Size Distribution in Cluster-Impact - Shattering Versus Evaporation by a Statistical Approach
Raz T, Even U, Levine RD
5410 - 5416 The Largest Angle Generalization of the Rotating Bond Order Potential - The H+h-2 and N+n-2 Reactions
Garcia E, Lagana A
5417 - 5427 2-Photon Ionization and Dissociation of Ethyl Iodide
Knoblauch N, Strobel A, Fischer I, Bondybey VE
5428 - 5436 A General-Model for Pattern-Formation in Electrode-Reactions
Flatgen G, Krischer K
5437 - 5441 Direct Inversion in the Iterative Subspace-Induced Acceleration of the Ridge Method for Finding Transition-States
Ionova IV, Carter EA
5442 - 5450 Scattering Angular-Distributions in Collisionally Activated Dissociation of Some High-Mass Ions - Analysis of Mass-Analyzed Ion Kinetic-Energy Peak Shapes
Lee YJ, Kim MS
5451 - 5460 Classical Phase-Space Theory for Product State Distributions with Application to the V-J Vector Correlation
Klippenstein SJ, Cline JI
5461 - 5469 The Effect of a Laser Field on Electron-Transfer in Metal-Complexes - Quantum Degrees of Freedom
Dakhnovskii Y, Evans DG, Kim HJ, Coalson RD
5470 - 5475 Competing Predissociation and Preionization in the Photoabsorption of H-2 Above the Ionization Threshold
Stephens JA, Greene CH
5476 - 5487 State-Resolved Translational Energy-Distributions of Cl and HCl in the Ultraviolet Photodissociation of Chloroethylenes
Huang YB, Yang YA, He GX, Hashimoto S, Gordon RJ
5488 - 5498 Ultraviolet Elimination of H-2 from Chloroethylenes
He GX, Yang YG, Huang YB, Hashimoto S, Gordon RJ
5499 - 5511 Chaotic Scattering - An Invariant Fractal Tiling of Phase-Space
Tiyapan A, Jaffe C
5512 - 5521 Quantum Dynamics of the Mu+h-2(HD,D-2) and H+muh(Mud) Reactions
Tsuda K, Moribayashi K, Nakamura H
5522 - 5530 A Dual-Level Shepard Interpolation Method for Generating Potential-Energy Surfaces for Dynamics Calculations
Nguyen KA, Rossi I, Truhlar DG
5531 - 5538 Decomposition Reactions as General Poisson Processes - Theory and an Experimental Example
Ryden T, Wernersson M
5539 - 5547 Reaction of Molybdenum Clusters with Molecular Nitrogen
Mitchell SA, Lian L, Rayner DM, Hackett PA
5548 - 5553 High-Pressure Studies on the Excited-State Isomerization of 2-Vinylanthracene - Experimental Investigation of Kramers Turnover
Hara K, Kiyotani H, Kajimoto O
5554 - 5564 Perturbation-Theory for Electronic Excited-States - The Low-Lying Rydberg States of Water
Warken M
5565 - 5569 Can Alh5 Exist
Schreiner PR, Schaefer HF, Schleyer PV
5570 - 5589 Valence Shell Photoionization Dynamics Calculations for Oriented Pf3 Molecules
Powis I
5590 - 5599 The Graphical Spin Algebra Method Applied to U(2N) Generators
Lucht MW, Gould MD
5600 - 5612 An Evaluation of Methods Designed to Calculate Energy-Levels in a Selected Range and Application to a (One-Dimensional) Morse Oscillator and (3-Dimensional) HCN/HNC
Roy PN, Carrington T
5613 - 5629 A New Table-Direct Configuration-Interaction Method for the Evaluation of Hamiltonian Matrix-Elements in a Basis of Linear-Combinations of Spin-Adapted Functions
Krebs S, Buenker RJ
5630 - 5639 Calculation and Interpretation of Total Energies in Electron Propagator Theory
Ortiz JV
5640 - 5649 An Ab-Initio Molecular-Orbital Study of Potential-Energy Surface of the Nh2+no2 Reaction
Mebel AM, Hsu CC, Lin MC, Morokuma K
5650 - 5661 Potential Symmetry-Breaking, Structure and Definite Vibrational Assignment for Azulene - Multiconfigurational and Density-Functional Results
Kozlowski PM, Rauhut G, Pulay P
5662 - 5673 Modeling Localized Electron-Pair Correlation Energies
Rauhut G, Boughton JW, Pulay P
5674 - 5678 A Density-Matrix Divide-and-Conquer Approach for Electronic-Structure Calculations of Large Molecules
Yang WT, Lee TS
5679 - 5683 Simulations of Quantum Crystals by Classical Dynamics
Sterling M, Li Z, Apkarian VA
5684 - 5692 Relaxation of Spatially Heterogeneous Dynamic Domains in Supercooled Ortho-Terphenyl
Cicerone MT, Ediger MD
5693 - 5711 Lattice Cluster Theory for Phase-Behavior of Rectangular Mesogens .2. Nearest-Neighbor Interactions, Phase-Diagrams, and Competitive Nematic Orderings
Li WS, Freed KF
5712 - 5719 On the Nature of the Intramicellar and Intermicellar Forces Governing the Liquid-Crystalline Phase-Behavior of Aqueous-Solutions of Disk-Like Micelles
Boden N, Harding R, Gelbart WM, Ohara P, Jolley KW, Heerdegen AP, Parbhu AN
5720 - 5724 Path-Integral Monte-Carlo Simulations - Study of the Efficiency of Energy Estimators
Fernandes PA, Carvalho AP, Ramalho JP
5725 - 5734 Dielectric and Viscoelastic Normal-Mode Relaxation in Entangled, Polydisperse Cis-Polyisoprene Melts
Fodor JS, Huljak JR, Hill DA
5735 - 5741 Correlated Reflection and Conductivity Measurements on (2,5-Dimethyl-Dicyanoquinonediimine)(2)Cu Crystals and Films
Karutz FO, Wachtel H
5742 - 5755 Statics and Dynamics of Adsorbed Polymer-Chains - A Monte-Carlo Simulation
Lai PY
5756 - 5761 Influence of the Solvent Size on the Behavior of Model-Polymers in Solution
Komorowski J, Bruns W
5762 - 5766 Solid-Solid Phase-Transitions in N-Alkanes C23H48 and C25H52 - X-Ray Power Diffraction Study on New Layer Stacking in Phase-V
Nozaki K, Higashitani N, Yamamoto T, Hara T
5767 - 5775 Theoretical-Study of Xe Monolayer Adsorbed on NaCl(100) - Structures and Phase-Diagrams
Ramseyer C, Girardet C
5776 - 5780 Conductivity Versus Spin-Lattice Relaxation - Contrasting Behavior in a Correlated Disordered Structure
Maass P, Meyer M
5781 - 5791 Precipitation of Highly-Charged Polyelectrolyte Solutions in the Presence of Multivalent Salts
Delacruz MO, Belloni L, Delsanti M, Dalbiez JP, Spalla O, Drifford M
5792 - 5801 Backbone Ordering in Amphiphile Monolayers
Schofield J, Rice SA
5802 - 5813 Statistical Thermodynamics of Double-Stranded Polymer-Molecules
Chen SJ, Dill KA
5814 - 5832 Correlation-Effects and Entropy-Driven Phase-Separation in Athermal Polymer Blends
Singh C, Schweizer KS
5833 - 5847 Quantification of the Selective Activation of C-H Bonds in Short-Chain Alkanes - The Reactivity of Ethane, Propane, Isobutane, N-Butane, and Neopentane on Ir(111)
Johnson DF, Weinberg WH
5848 - 5859 Core Electron Chemical-Shifts in Conjugated Molecules and Polymers
Gelmukhanov F, Agren H
5860 - 5863 External Vibrations of Hydrocarbons on Cu(100)
Witte G, Woll C
5864 - 5867 Determining Nuclear Hyperfine Populations in the Ground Electronic-State of Atomic-Hydrogen Produced by the 193 nm Photolysis of HBr
Cowen KA, Lorenz KT, Yen YF, Herman MF, Koplitz B
5868 - 5868 Improved Dynamic Hyperpolarizabilities and Field-Gradient Polarizabilities for Helium (Vol 91, Pg 3549, 1989)
Bishop DM, Pipin J
5868 - 5868 Molecular-Dynamics Modeling of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Shifts in Liquid Solution (Vol 102, Pg 9059, 1995)
Brown R