Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.647, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1542-1406 (Print) 

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1 - 27 Mathematics and liquid crystals
Ball JM
28 - 36 Highly conductive PEDOT:PSS film by incorporating secondary doping and post-treatment for ITO-free polymer dispersed liquid crystal display
Chou TR, Chen SH, Chiang YT, Chang TT, Lin CW, Chao CY
37 - 43 Liquid crystal and crystal structures of a phenyl-benzothienobenzothiophene derivative
Iino H, Hanna J
44 - 50 Optically isotropic microlens arrays using nanoencapsulated liquid crystals
Lee DM, Lee YJ, Park HB, Yu CJ, Kim JH
51 - 55 A theoretical model of induced high pretilt angle by mixture of vertical and horizontal alignment materials
Kudoh Y, Takahashi T
56 - 65 Simulation studies of the Fringe-field switching mode's electrical properties
Hirano Y
66 - 91 Dynamic analysis of chevron structures in liquid crystal cells
Mrad L, Phillips D
92 - 99 Structural transformation of smectic liquid crystals under surface tension
Aoki KM
100 - 106 Dynamics of orientational nonlinear optical response in azobenzene-dye-doped liquid-crystalline polymers
Budagovsky IA, Ochkin VN, Shvetsov SA, Zolot'ko AS, Bobrovsky AY, Boiko NI, Shibaev VP
107 - 118 Linear dichroism and order parameters of nematics doped with azo dyes
Ranjkesh A, Choi JC, Joo KI, Park HW, Zakerhamidi MS, Kim HR
119 - 126 Charge transport property of asymmetric Alkyl-BTBT LC semiconductor possessing a fluorophenyl group
Monobe H, An LL, Hu P, Wang BQ, Zhao KQ, Shimizu Y
127 - 150 Dynamic properties of bio-motile systems with a liquid-crystalline structure
Ishiwata S, Miyazaki M, Sato K, Nakagome K, Shintani SA, Kobirumaki-Shimozawa F, Fukuda N, Suzuki K, Takagi J, Shimamoto Y, Itabashi T
151 - 161 An experimental study of single-film wide gamut multi-twist retarders
Hornburg K, Brickson L, Escuti M
162 - 168 Alignment and electro-optical properties of SmC* with direct transition to N-* phases
Solodkov NV, Hird M, Jones JC
169 - 178 Analysis of the shape of x-ray diffraction peaks originating from the hexatic phase of liquid crystal films
Zaluzhnyy IA, Kurta RP, Menushenkov AP, Ostrovskii BI, Vartanyants IA
179 - 185 Enhancement of the helical twisting power of a ruthenium complex by the introduction of an achiral bulky unit
Yoshida J, Kuwahara K, Tamura S, Yuge H, Watanabe G
186 - 195 Oxazole-based liquid crystals with low temperature nematic phases
Packard M, Gulliford K, Scharrer E
196 - 200 Interferometric studies of nematic liquid crystals in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
Guo TY, Palffy-Muhoray P
201 - 206 Textural and optical studies of magneto-mesogen material for display applications
Khushboo, Malik P, Jayoti D, Sharma P, Raina KK
207 - 215 A finite volume method for computing flow induced orientation of nematic liquid crystals
Ryan SD, Richards G, Zheng XY, Palffy-Muhoray P
216 - 222 Accurate control of laser emission from cholesteric liquid crystal elastomers
Varanytsia A, Nagai H, Urayama K, Palffy-Muhoray P
223 - 227 Liquid-crystalline behavior of reactive main-chain polyurethanes
Ujiie S, Watanabe T, Shimada G, Tomitaka S, Nata M
228 - 234 Studies of photo-thermal deformations of liquid crystal elastomers under local illumination
Pevnyi M, Moreira-Fontana M, Richards G, Zheng XY, Palffy-Muhoray P
235 - 243 Improvement of molecular dynamics simulation method applied to nematics doped with racemic metal complexes
Watanabe G, Yamazaki A, Yoshida J
244 - 252 Optical characterization of inorganic nanoparticles doped in polymer dispersed liquid crystal
Mishra KK, Dubey SK, Mani SA
253 - 268 Liquid crystal displays, LC-materials and LPP photo-alignment
Schadt M
269 - 278 Synthesis of vinyl-functionalized azobenzene mesogens and study of their liquid-crystalline behavior
Tellez MD, Navarro-Rodriguez D, Larios-Lopez L
279 - 289 Preparation and magnetic properties of nitroxide radical liquid crystalline physical gels
Takemoto Y, Uchida Y, Shimono S, Yamauchi J, Tamura R
290 - 298 [1,2,3]-triazole derivatives: Mesomorphic property dependence on the molecular shape
Benallou S, Saidi-Besbes S, Grelet E, Bentaleb A
299 - 306 Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of 2-alkoxy-6-[4-(2-perfluorohexyl)ethylthiophenyl]naphthalene
Yoshida T, Ohashi A, Morita Y, Okamoto H
307 - 319 Morphological anisotropy of nano-dimensional arsenic trisulfide glass films and liquid crystal photoalignment
Sharpnack L, Kirzhner MG, Agra-Kooijman DM, Chaudhary A, Kumar TA, Klebanov M, Sheremet N, Reznikov Y, Abdulhalim I, Kumar S
320 - 328 Electro-optical effect in a planar nematic cell with electric field sensitive boundary conditions
Lesiuk AI, Ledney MF, Tarnavskyy OS, Reshetnyak VY, Pinkevych IP, Evans DR
329 - 340 Interactive and immersive devices with perceptual computing technologies
Bhowmik AK
341 - 350 Basic performance of a liquid crystal millimeter wave Fresnel lens fabricated using machinable porous polymethylmethacrylate materials
Nose T, Ohno S, Masaka M, Ito K, Ito R, Honma M
351 - 372 Prehistory of International Liquid Crystal Society, 1978-1990: A personal account
Lam L
373 - 384 Transportation of liquid crystal and CaCO3 vaterite crystal in chicken embryo and early postnatal development
Ling G, Wang LY, Rui F, Li ZG, Wang J, Ren KX, Zhou X, Ghartey-Kwansah G, Xu MM, Jones O, Yan GF, Pan YX, Bryant J, Anthony D, Ma JJ, Isaacs W, Xu XH
385 - 394 Impact of dye on the switching responses of polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal
Kumar P, Sharma V, Chinky, Jayoti D, Raina KK, Malik P
395 - 404 Smectic liquid crystals comprising triazole banana shaped achiral molecules: Synthesis and characterization
Li XL, Zhang ZY, Liuya
405 - 414 Induced orientational order of anisotropic nanoparticles in the lamellae phase of diblock copolymers
Osipov MA, Gorkunov MV, Kudryavtsev YV
415 - 421 Electro-optical properties of normally transparent polymer dispersed liquid crystal cells with polymer wall and network structure
Shin YH, Oh NS, Kwon SB
422 - 429 Phase transitions and birefringence of bistolane-based nematic molecules with an alkyl, alkoxy and alkylthio group
Arakawa Y, Tsuji H
430 - 438 The heliconical nematic twist-bend phase from "classic" bent-core benzylideneanilines with oligomethylene cores
Scarbrough AN, Tuchband MR, Korblova ED, Shao RF, Shen YQ, Maclennan JE, Glaser MA, Clark NA, Walba DM