Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

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1 - 6 Two-dimensional metallic ClO4 salt of a novel dihydrothiophene-extended donar, BO-HBDTT, with relatively narrow band width
Shirahata T, Takahashi K
7 - 12 Creations of solitons and polarons in MX-chain compounds, {[Pt(en)(2)][PtX2(en)(2)]}(3)(CuX4)(4)(X = Cl and Br)
Aso H, Manabe T, Kawashima T, Ishii T, Miyasaka H, Matasuzaka H, Hassanuddin MY, Kuroda N, Shiro M
13 - 18 Syntheses and physical properties of complexes of fullerene with magnetic metal porphyrins
Aizawa N, Hara H, Ishii T, Yamashita M, Miyasaka H, Matsuzaka H, Kodama T, Kikuchi K, Ikemoto I
19 - 24 Synthesis and properties of pi-extended TTF analogues and their cation radical and dication salts
Yamashita Y, Tomura M, Uruichi M, Yakushi K
25 - 32 Conducting materials containing paramagnetic hexacyanometallate [Cr(CN)(6)](3-) and iodine substituted organic donor [DIETS]
Thoyon D, Okabe K, Imakubo T, Golhen S, Miyazaki A, Enoki T, Ouahab L
33 - 38 Synthesis and crystal structures of polymeric nitridomanganese(V) and nitridochromium(V) complexes with a tetradentate Schiff base ligand
Tsuchimoto M, Iwamoto H, Kojima M, Ohba S
39 - 46 Crystal structure and magnestism of [Ni(dmit)(2)](-) salts with supramolecular cations of M+ (15-crown-5)
Akutagawa T, Takamatsu N, Hasegawa T, Nakamura T, Inabe T
47 - 52 Structures and properties of radical cation salts of novel tetraselenafulvalene derivatives (BPT-TSF, EDT-PT-TSF, and BEST-TSF) with MX4(M = Fe, Ga, X = Cl, Br)-type anions
Kodani M, Murakami S, Jigami T, Takimiya K, Aso Y, Otsubo T
53 - 58 Intra- and inter-chain excitations near a quantum phase transition in quasi-one-dimensional conductors
Yonemitsu K
59 - 64 Effect of intersheet interaction upon magnetic ordering in two-dimensional bimetallic assemblies [Ni(dmen)(2)](2)[Fe(CN)(6)]X center dot nH(2)O
Usuki N, Ohba M, Okawa H
65 - 70 One-dimensional manganese assembled compounds of bromanilic acid and nitranilic acid
Kabir MK, Kawahara M, Adachi K, Kawata S, Ishii T, Kitagawa S
71 - 76 Synthesis and crystal structure of one-dimensional copper(II) coordination polymer bridged by pyrazine derivative
Adachi K, Sugiyama Y, Kumagai H, Inoue K, Kitagawa S, Kawata S
77 - 82 Crystal structure and optical properties of C10H10N2PbBr4 and C10H22N2PbBr4
Kawahara M, Teshima K, Rikukawa M, Sanui K
83 - 88 Synthesis of novel organic-inorganic self-organized compounds containing quaternary ammonium ions and its structural characterization
Kano S, Teshima K, Rikukawa M, Sanui K
89 - 94 Novel organic-inorganic hybrid compounds containing alkyldiammonium salts
Matsui T, Kawahara M, Teshima K, Rikukawa M, Sanui K
95 - 100 Magnetic properties of organic spin-ladder systems, (BDTFP)(2)X(PhCl)(0.5)
Nakamura T, Takahashi K, Ise TH, Shirahata T, Uruichi M, Yakushi K, Mori T
101 - 106 Preparation of core/shell microspheres of polymethylmethacrylate/alumina by mechanofusion as a precursor of hollow alumina microsphres
Kato T, Ushijima H, Katsumata M, Hyodo T, Shimizu Y, Egashira M
107 - 112 New TTP donors containing chalcogenopyran-4-ylidene: Preparation, structures, and electrical properties
Takahashi K, Nakayashi T, Misaki Y, Tanaka K
113 - 120 Bedo-TTF complexes with magnetic counter ions
Yamochi H, Kawasaki T, Nagata Y, Maesato M, Saito G
121 - 126 A magnetic manganese phosphonate Langmuir-Blodgett film containing a tetrathiafulvalene amphiphile
Petruska MA, Watson BC, Meisel MW, Talham DR
127 - 134 Lyotropic phase from hybrid organic-inorganic layered copper hydroxides
Backov R, Morgan AN, Lane S, Perez-Cordero EE, Williams K, Meisel MW, Sanchez C, Talham DR
135 - 140 Charge transfer degree of BO complexes
Drozdova O, Yamochi H, Yakushi K, Uruichi M, Saito G
141 - 146 Optical conductivity for possible ground states of dimerized two-band Pd(dmit)(2) salts
Mori M, Yonemitsu K
147 - 152 Crystal structure and physical properties of BEDT-TTF (bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene) salt coupled with a photo-sensitive transition metal complex
Ohkubo M, Komatsu T, Matsushita N, Kojima N, Saito G
153 - 158 Synthesis and properties of coil-shaped 2,3-thienylene-ethynylene oligomers
Aso Y, Obara Y, Okai T, Nishiguchi S, Otsubo T
159 - 164 Crystal and electronic structures of quasi-one-dimensional halogen-bridged binuclear platinum complexes, {(CnH2n+1)(2)NH2}(4)[Pt-2(pop)(4)I] (n=2-6)
Takizawa K, Ishii T, Miyasaka H, Matsuzaka H, Yamashita M, Kawashima T, Matsuzaki H, Kishida H, Okamoto H
165 - 170 Physical properties of quasi-one-dimensional mixed-metal and mixed-halogen complexese, Ni1-xPdx (chxn)(2)ClyBr1-yY2
Manabe T, Yokoyama K, Ishii T, Miyasaka H, Matsuzaka H, Yamashita M, Kawashima T, Matsuzaki H, Kishida H, Okamoto H, Marumoto K, Tanaka H, Itoh H, Kuroda SI
171 - 176 Electrical and magnetic properties of weak ferromagnetic organic conductor, tau-(EDO-S, S-DMEDT-TTF)(2)(AuBr2)(1+y), (y similar to 0.75) and its analogs
Yoshino H, Konoike T, Murata K, Papavassiliou GC, Sasaki T, Yamamoto T, Tajima H
177 - 182 Preparation and physical properties of conductive EDO-TTF complexes
Ota A, Yamochi H, Saito G
183 - 188 Structure and ionicity of intramolecular charge transfer zwitterions, D delta+-pi-A(delta-)
Chong CH, Makihara M, Saito G
189 - 194 Preparation of charge transfer complexes based on 1,2-dicyano C-60
Yoshida Y, Otsuka A, Saito G
195 - 200 Effects of uniaxial strain on alpha-(BED-TTTF)(2)MHg(SCN)(4) [M=K, NH4]
Maesato M, Kagoshima S, Kondo R, Shibata T, Hirai H
201 - 206 Physical properties and crystal structures of charge transfer complexes based on EDOEDT-TTF (EOET)
Aoki T, Saito G, Yamochi H, Maesato M
207 - 212 Cation radical salts with flexible polycyano anions having tetracyanoallyl skeleton
Sekizaki S, Konsha A, Yamochi H, Saito G
213 - 218 Complex formation of strong electron donor: 1,3,6,8-tetrakis(dimethylamino)pyrene
Nishimura K, Hirate S, Saito G
219 - 224 Photoreactions of 1,3-dipolar cycloadducts of mesoionic compounds with buckminsterfullerene
Kawamura Y, Akaishi K, Nishiuchi M, Tsukayama M
225 - 232 Controlled pi-pi stacking structure in phthalocyanine-based conductors
Inabe T
233 - 238 Novel Ni-dithiolene complexes toward lattice architecture
Kobayashi N, Naito T, Inabe T
239 - 244 Structures and electrical properties of the layered tin-iodide perovskite compounds with various organic cations
Nakano M, Tokita J, Naito T, Inabe T
245 - 250 Optical Second Harmonic Generation of zwitter ionic molecules aligned on clays
Ogata Y, Kawamata J, Chong CH, Makihara M, Yamagishi A, Saito G
251 - 256 Optical excitations in XMMX monomers and MMX chains
Kuwabara M, Yonemitsu K
257 - 262 Coordination polymers of ruthenium(II) acetate with pyrazine, 4,4'-bipyridine, and 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane
Handa M, Yoshioka D, Mikuriya M, Hiromitsu I, Kasuga K
263 - 268 Two-dimensional electronic system in conducting Langmuir-Blodgett film of BEDO-TTF and stearic acid
Ishizaki Y, Suzuki M, Ohnuki H, Imakubo T, Izumi M
269 - 274 Multifunctional nickel-bisdithiolate complexes with trans-4-[2-(1-ferrocenyl)vinyl]-1-methylpyridinium cation
Noh DY, Lee HJ, Kang HY, Kang W, Lee U
275 - 282 X-ray crystal structures and two-dimensional pi ... pi stacking interaction of Cr-III(X(4)SQ)(3) center dot 4C(6)H(6) (X=Cl and Br)
Chang HC, Susumukitagawa
283 - 288 New one-dimensional chain compounds of [M (pdz) Cl-2](n)(M=Cu(II), Fe(II), Mn(II); pdz = pyridazine and their magnetic properties
Yi T, Chang HC, Kitagawa S
289 - 294 Weak ferromagnetic ground state in copper(II) linear chains
White CA, Derosa MC, Yap GPA, Raju NP, Greedan JE, Crutchley RJ
295 - 300 Structure and magnetic properties of a charge transfer salt of a ferrocene-based diradical, (1,3-diferrocenylbenzene)(F-4-TCNQ)(2)(chlorobenzene)(2)
Mochida T, Suzuki S, Moriyama H
301 - 313 Molecular nanomagnets
Hendrickson DN, Christou G, Ishimoto H, Yoo J, Brechin EK, Yamaguchi A, Rumberger EM, Aubin SMJ, Sun ZM, Aromi G
315 - 320 Spin correlations on a site diluted square lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet covering the percolation threshold
Takeda K, Fujita O, Mito M, Kawae T, Hitaka M, Deguchi H, Muraoka Y, Yamagata K
321 - 326 Direct numerical analysis of ESR line shape in low dimensional spin systems
Ogasahara A, Miyashita S
327 - 334 Quantum dynamics and response in nanoscale spin systems
Miyashita S, Nishino M, Saito K
335 - 340 Theoretical study on the magnetic interaction for manganese oxides
Onishi T, Takano Y, Kitagawa Y, Yoshioka Y, Yamaguchi K
341 - 346 Syntheses and magnetic property of the salts of positively-charged verdazyl radicals and TCNQF(4)(-) anion radical
Azuma N, Senba N, Okuda K, Ohara K, Hosokoshi Y, Inoue K, Mukai K
347 - 352 Theoretical studies on magnetic interactions of aligned tetrametal system by using hybrid density functional method
Kitagawa Y, Nishino M, Kawakami T, Yoshioka Y, Yamaguchi K
353 - 358 Magnetic properties of a random-bond ladder Cu-2(C5H12N2)(2)(Cl1-xBrx)(4) at low temperatures
Deguchi H, Watanabe H, Yamamoto S, Takagi S, Mito M, Kawae T, Takeda K, Nojiri H, Motokawa M
359 - 364 Syntheses and magnetic properties of tetranuclear copper(II) complexes consisting of two bis(mu-carboxylato)dicopper cores
Mishima N, Matsuo C, Koikawa M, Tokii T
365 - 370 Structures and magnetic properties of dinuclear oxovanadium(IV) complexes with tris(mu-diphenylphosphinato)-bridges
Kawasaki S, Koikawa M, Tokii T
371 - 376 ESR study and deuteration effect on the magnetic property of hydrogen-bonded benzimidazole nitronyl nitroxide
Nagashima H, Irisawa M, Yoshioka N, Inoue H
377 - 382 Anomalous pressure dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of a spin-Peierls substance: MEM-[TCNQ](2)
Takagi S, Matsushita Y, Yoshida Y, Deguchi H
383 - 388 Assembly of a two-dimensional cobalt-iron cyanide grid network at an air-water linterface
Culp JT, Morgan AN, Meisel MW, Talham DR
389 - 397 Polymetallic, self assembled grids and clusters - Structural and magnetic properties
Zhao L, Matthews CJ, Xu ZQ, Thompson LK, Miller DO
399 - 404 Spin-crossover phenomena of iron complexes in the NaTSM intercalation compounds
Nakano M, Nakahama A, Okuno S, Matsubayashi GE, Mori W, Katada M
405 - 410 Slow magnetization reversal in [Ni-4(OMe)(4)(sal(4)(MeOH)(4)]
Nakano M, Matsubayashi GE, Muramatsu T, Kobayashi TC, Amaya K, Yoo J, Christou G, Hendrickson DN
411 - 416 Theoretical studies on magnetic properties of TCNQ organic crystals with ab initio and DFT methods
Kawakami T, Matsuoka F, Yamashita Y, Kitagawa Y, Yamaguchi K
417 - 422 Ferromagnetic phase transition at around 20 K in neutral dichloro- and acetylacetonato-manganese complexes with two diethylthiotetrathiafulvalenyl-dithiolato groups
Ueda K, Kamata Y, Yoneda T, Matsumoto T, Sugimoto T
423 - 429 Theoretical study of the charge transfer absorption in cobalt-iron cyanide
Kawamoto T, Asai Y, Abe S
431 - 436 Theoretical study on the exchange interaction between metal ion and organic radical through pyridine, bipyridine and terpyridine ligands
Zhang JP, Suehiro M, Sakane A, Karasawa S, Akita T, Koga N
437 - 442 Hyperfine coupling and magnetic interaction of layer-structured compound Ni(OD)(2) studied by solid-state high-resolution deuterium NMR
Takeda S, Zennyoji Y, Maruta G
443 - 448 Magnetic interactions through short hydrogen bond in hydrogen-bonded basic copper(II) salt; Cu2Na(D3O2)(SO4)(2)
Takeda S, Watanabe A, Maruta G, Matsuo T
449 - 454 Structures and magnetic properties of the complexes made up by CU(HFAC)(2) and bisnitroxide radical derivatives
Iwahori F, Markosyan AS, Inoue K
455 - 462 Radical-copper macrocycles and related compounds
Omata J, Ishida T, Hashizume D, Iwasaki F, Nogami T
463 - 468 Magnetic phase transition of FEII, COII and NIII complexes bridged by pyrimidine and dicyanamide
Kusaka T, Ishida T, Hashizume D, Iwasaki F, Nogami T
469 - 476 Synthesis, structure and magnetic susceptibility of two 5-nitro-2-aminopyridinium cuprates: (5-NAP)(2)CuCl4 and the quantum magnetic ladder (5-NAP)(2)CuBr4 center dot H2O
Turnbull MM, Galeriu C, Giantsidis J, Landee CP
477 - 482 Structures and mixed-valence state in Ni(MDt)(2) salts of biferrocenes
Mochida T, Matsui H, Suzuki S, Moriyama H
483 - 488 Field-tuned tunneling in [Fe(C5Me5)(2)][Mn12O12(O2CC6F5)(16)(H2O)(4)] studied by AC magnetic susceptibility
Kuroda-Sowa T, Christou G, Hendrickson DN
489 - 494 Extremely pi-delocalized nature of dianthrylcarbene-based high spin systems as studied by CW and pulsed 2D electron spin transient nutation spectroscopy
Tanaka K, Nakazawa S, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Nozaki Y, Hirai K, Tomioka H
495 - 500 Organic molecule-based ferrimagnetism as studied by numerical calculations of a model Hamiltonian
Shiomi D, Nishizawa M, Sato K, Mito M, Takeda K, Takui T
501 - 506 Molecular and electronic spin structures of high-spin polyphenylene-based oligonitrenes with high symmetry; a semiempirical approach to fine-structure tensors
Oda N, Nakai T, Sato K, Shiomi D, Kozaki M, Okada K, Takui T
507 - 512 Magnetic properties of Cs+ and (CH3)(4)N+ salts of TCNQ
Inokuchi M, Suzuki K, Kinoshita M, Hosokoshi Y, Inoue K
513 - 518 Electronic and magnetic properties of pi-d interaction system: (EDTDM)(2)FeBr4
Okabe K, Enomoto K, Miyazaki A, Enoki T
519 - 524 Electron density distributions of pyrimidine-bridged Cu, Fe, and Co complexes showing magnetic properties
Yasui M, Takayama R, Akiyama N, Hashizume D, Iwasaki F
525 - 534 Aspects of high spin formation in organic pi-systems
Baumgarten M, Caparros D, Yoshimura K, Karabunarliev S
535 - 542 pi-d interaction-based molecular magnets in TTF-type salts
Miyazaki A, Enomoto M, Nishijo JI, Enomoto K, Enoki T, Ogura E, Takano T, Kuwatani Y, Iyoda M
543 - 548 Hydrogen-bonded open-shell molecules: Synthesis and physical properties of the oxophenalenoxyl-based radical with hydroxyl group
Maki S, Morita Y, Ohba T, Fukui K, Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Nakasuji K
549 - 554 Electronic and molecular structures of dendrimeric high-spin polycarbenes as studied by CW and pulsed ESR-based electron spin transient nutation spectroscopy
Sato K, Shiomi D, Takui T, Hattori M, Hirai K, Tomioka H
555 - 565 A novel class of layered molecular antiferromagnets
Kurmoo M, Kumagai H
567 - 574 Search on multi-functional properties of spin-crossover system
Kojima N, Toyazaki S, Itoi M, Ono Y, Aoki W, Kobayashi Y, Seto M, Yokoyama T
XIII - XV Guest editor's preface
Kitagawa S, Enoki T