Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, Vol.375 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1542-1406 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Telecommunications applications of LCOS devices
Crossland WA, Wilkinson TD, Manolis IG, Redmond MM, Davey AB
15 - 31 Light transport in opaque liquid crystal structures
Wiersma DS
33 - 44 Recent studies of optical limiting, image processing and near-infrared nonlinear optics with nematic liquid crystals
Khoo IC, Ding J, Diaz A, Zhang Y, Chen K
45 - 60 Refractive-index modulation by means of photosensitive liquid crystals
Ikeda T, Yoneyama S, Yamamoto T, Hasegawa M
61 - 72 Organic electroluminescent materials
Torgova S, Strigazzi A
73 - 79 Electrically controlled transparency of salted liquid crystal
Buchnev O, Glushchenko A, Puchkovskaya G, Reznikov Y, Tkachenko O, West J
81 - 87 Magnetically induced alignment of ferro-nematic suspension on PVCN-F layer
Buluy O, Ouskova E, Reznikov Y, Glushchenko A, West J, Reshetnyak V
89 - 95 Electrically induced bleaching of ion-dye doped nematic liquid crystal
Buluy O, Pogorelov V, Reznikov D, Tereschenko O
97 - 105 Light-induced anchoring and transient memory-effect in doped 5CB
Ouskova E, Reznikov Y, Snopok B, Tereshchenko A
xv - xvii Proceedings of the IX International Topical Meeting on Optics of Liquid Crystals - OLC 2001 - Hilton Sorrento Palace, Sorrento, Italy - October 1st-6th 2001 - Guest Editors' Preface
Abbate G, Marrucci L
107 - 119 Optical multimode interference router in sol-gel waveguide with a liquid crystal cladding
Sirleto L, Coppola G, Breglio G
121 - 127 Asymmetric electro-optic response in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Gayo JL, Oton JM, Quintana X, Urruchi V, Toscano C, Bennis N
129 - 142 Optical bit stability and relaxation processes in a liquid crystal polymer with a photosensitive azo dye molecule as side group
Andreozzi L, Camorani P, Faetti M, Palazzuoli D
143 - 154 Side chain polymer liquid crystals in high magnetic fields
Boamfa MI, Viertler K, Wewerka A, Stelzer F, Christianen PCM, Maan JC
155 - 164 Temperature dependence of azimuthal anchoring strength measured by dynamic light scattering
Vilfan M, Copic M
165 - 173 Orientation of nematic liquid crystals on random anchoring surface
Aryasova N, Iljin A, Reshetnyak V, Reznikov Y, Glushchenko A, West J
175 - 184 Photoinduced morphological changes and optical writing in a liquid crystalline polymer on the micron and sub-micron scale
Camorani P, Cristofolini L, Galli G, Fontana MP
185 - 194 Quantum limit for observation of self-switching effect of light in nonlinear spatially inhomogeneous optical system
Alodjants AP, Leksin AY, Prokhorov AV, Arakelian SM
195 - 204 Electrooptics of antiferroelectric PDLC
Klosowicz SJ, Czuprynski KL
205 - 213 PDLC systems in elliptical capillaries
Klosowicz SJ, Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki E
215 - 223 Self-induced array of micro-domains in a twisted nematic structure on a surface geometric grating
Yoon TY, Park JH, Lee WJ, Lee SD
225 - 232 Onset and end of transitions in PDMS/5CB blends as revealed by static light scattering
Gogibus N, Maschke U, Ewen B, Coqueret X, Benmouna M
233 - 241 Spectroscopic investigations of structural transformations in liquid crystals
Pogorelov VY, Lizengevich OI, Savransky LI, Bukalo VP
243 - 251 BPM analysis of an integrated optical switch using polymeric optical waveguides and SSFLC at 1.55 mu m
Asquini R, d'Alessandro A
253 - 268 Inverse piezoelectric and electrostrictive response in freely suspended FLC elastomer film as detected by interferometric measurements
Roy SS, Lehmann W, Gebhard E, Tolksdorf C, Zentel R, Kremer F
269 - 280 Effect of optical nonlinearity dynamical enhancement in dye doped liquid crystal under a electrical field
Agashkov AV, Kovalev AA, Serak SS, Parka J
281 - 289 Manipulation of solitary structures in a nonlinear optical single feedback experiment
Gutlich B, Kreuzer M, Neubecker R, Tschudi T
291 - 299 Three-dimensional modelling of liquid crystal display cells using finite elements
Fernandez FA, Day SE, Trwoga P, Deng HF, James R
301 - 311 Polarization ray tracing in twisted liquid crystal systems
Boer G, Scharf T
313 - 320 Light beam propagation in twisted nematics nonlinear waveguides
Karpierz MA, Sierakowski M, Wolinski TR
321 - 328 Polarized light scattering and off-state transmission of electron-beam cured polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Mechernene L, Leclercq L, Ewen B, Pakula T, Benmouna M, Coqueret X, Maschke U
329 - 339 The in-plane switching in the nematic cell
Reshetnyak V, Shevchuk O
341 - 352 Liquid crystal photoalignment using new photoisomerisable Langmuir-Blodgett films
Dumont D, Galstian TV, Senkow S, Ritcey AM
353 - 361 Novel application of a photothermal technique on polymer/liquid crystal mixtures
Delenclos S, Sahraoui H, Benmouna M, Buisine JM, Maschke U
363 - 372 Reorientation of director of nematic liquid crystals, doped with azodyes, under light and low-frequency fields
Barnik MI, Kharchenko SA, Kitaeva VF, Zolot'ko AS
373 - 386 T-matrix theory of light scattering by uniformly anisotropic spherical scatterers
Kiselev AD, Reshetnyak VY, Sluckin TJ
387 - 396 Coefficient of electronic polarizability in a lyotropic nematic phase
Santoro PA, Pereira JRD, Palangana AJ
397 - 409 Nano-size polymer dispersed liquid crystals for phase-only optical modulation
Lucchetta DE, Manni A, Karapinar R, Gobbi L, Simoni F
411 - 421 Thermal optical nonlinearity of suspension of absorbing particles in liquid crystal
Fedorenko D, Ilyina V, Reshetnyak V, Slussarenko S, Reznikov Y
423 - 431 Light scattering by large-scale director inhomogeneities in filled liquid crystals
Lednei M, Pinkevich I, Reshetnyak V, Sluckin T
433 - 440 Multi-domain liquid crystal display with self-aligned 4-domains on surface relief gratings of photopolymer
Park JH, Yoon TY, Lee WJ, Lee SD
441 - 454 Computer modelling of the light propagation through the complex anisotropy systems - the way of a determination of the optical parameters of the liquid crystal displays
Olifierczuk M, Zielioski J
455 - 465 Electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal transmission gratings
Jazbinsek M, Olenik ID, Zgonik M, Fontecchio AK, Crawford GP
467 - 480 Electro-optics of LC-Aerosil-Photopolymer composites
Zakrevska S, Zakrevskyy Y, Nych A, Yaroshchuk O, Maschke U
481 - 490 Phase singularity birth owing to Gaussian beam self-action in nematic liquid crystal
Subota S, Reshetnyak V, Soskin MS
491 - 500 Light propagation through alignment-patterned liquid crystal gratings
Scharf T, Bohley C
501 - 510 Extinction of light by PDLC film with oriented ellipsoidal nematic droplets: Theoretical study
Molochko VI, Gritsai OA, Loiko VA
511 - 523 Investigation of multiple scattering in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films on the base of radiative transfer equation
Loiko VA, Berdnik VV
525 - 534 Magnetic field induced orientational bistability in a ferronematic cell
Burylov SV, Zadorozhnii VI, Pinkevich IP, Reshetnyak VY, Sluckin TJ
535 - 541 Orientation of a liquid crystal on a soft photoaligning surface
Kurioz Y, Reshetniak V, Reznikov Y
543 - 551 Reflective SLMs based on antiferroelectric and V-shape liquid crystals
Urruchi V, Oton JM, Toscano C, Gayo JL, Quintana X, Sirleto L
553 - 562 Nematic film under electric field: Total internal reflection, surface tilt angle and anchoring energy
Warenghem M, Peralta S
563 - 575 Propagation of polarized light through azobenzene polyester films
Nedelchev L, Matharu A, Nikolova L, Hvilsted S, Ramanujam PS
577 - 591 Dynamics of a light driven molecular motor
Palffy-Muhoray P, Kosa T, Weinan E
593 - 606 Resonant optical torque in dichroic azo dye doped nematic liquid crystals
Galstian TV, Brasselet E, Dumont D
607 - 616 The role of the orbital angular momentum of light in the optical reorientation of liquid crystals
Santamato E, Piccirillo B, Vella A
617 - 629 Coherent and incoherent spatial solitons in bulk nematic liquid crystals
Assanto G, Peccianti M, Umeton C, De Luca A, Khoo IC
631 - 640 Tunable non-locality of thermal non-linearity in dye doped nematic liquid crystal
Henninot JF, Debailleul M, Warenghem M
641 - 650 SINE: Surface induced nonlinear effects
Lucchetti L, Lucchetta DE, Francescangeli O, Simoni F
651 - 658 Electro-optical properties of EB-cured PDLC systems
Benkhaled L, Mechernene L, Traisnel A, Benmouna M, Gloaguen JM, Coqueret X, Maschke U
659 - 677 Ionic interface-effects in electro-optical LC-cells
Sierakowski M
679 - 688 Phase-only spatial light modulation by the reverse phase contrast method
Gluckstad J, Mogensen PC, Eriksen RL
689 - 699 Structure and stability of molecular layers of a photosensitive azo-polyacrylate by X-rays reflectivity and GID
Cristofolini L, Berzina T, Fontana MP, Konovalov O
701 - 711 Control of the orientational nonlinearity through photoisomerization in dye doped nematics
Benkler E, Janossy I, Kreuzer M
713 - 721 Photoinduced three-dimensional structures in amorphous and LC polymers
Jung CC, Rutloh M, Stumpe J
723 - 733 Polarization properties of birefringent systems with liquid crystal-core optical fibers
Szymanska A, Wolinski TR
735 - 743 Fog droplets of highly absorbing fluids showing unexpected sign of acceleration in a laser beam
Eidenschink R
745 - 754 Theoretical investigation of optically induced director oscillations in nematics
Demeter G, Kramer L
755 - 767 Second harmonic generation studies of phase transitions in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Soria S, Marowsky G, Fokin YG, Murzina TV, Aktsipetrov OA
769 - 783 3D orientational order in the photoaligning polymer films and its correlation with LC alignment
Zakrevskyy Y, Yaroshchuk O, Kelly J, Chien LC, Lindau J
785 - 799 Enhancement of the thermo-optical properties in dye-doped PDLCs
Petti L, Abbate G, Blau WJ, Mancarella D, Mormile P