Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

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1 - 12 Causes of weakness of technology transfer from R&D centres to economy practice and ideas how to make this system more efficient
Kozlowski R, Helwig M, Zagner G, Budny E, Soja S
13 - 22 Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) from academia to industry in central European countries: The case of Poland
Marciniec B, Gulinski J
23 - 28 Innovation Relay Centres (IRC) Network in central and eastern Europe
Gulinski J, Marciniec BM, Wolniewicz A
29 - 38 Some Simulations on filler reinforcement in elastomers
Mark JE
39 - 44 Thermal annealing effects on synthetic melanin
Goncalves PJ, Brunello CA, Graeff CFO
45 - 52 Surface modification of EPDM rubber by reactive argon-oxygen plasma process
Dutra JCN, Massi M, Otani C, Dutra RDL, Diniz MF, Urruchi WI, Maciel HS, Bittencourt E
53 - 58 Spectroscopic characterization of the inclusion compound formed by polyaniline and beta-cyclodextrin
Do Nascimento GM, Da Silva JEP, De Torresi SIC, Santos PS, Temperini MLA
59 - 66 Nanophotonics: Nanoscale optical interactions
Chung SJ, Kim KS, Lin TC, Shen YZ, Markowicz P, He GS, Prasad PN
67 - 76 Surface relief gratings on azobenzene-containing films. Mechanism and recent developments
Oliveira ON, Yang S, Zucolotto V, He JA, Constantino CJL, Cholli AL, Li L, Aroca RF, Kumar J, Tripathy SK
77 - 84 Photoinduced surface relief grating formation in polymers doped with bis-azodyes
Sertova N, Petkov I, Fiorini C, Raimond P, Nunzi JM
85 - 90 Liquid crystal panel with dye doped PVK layer for real time holography processes
Bartkiewicz S, Matczyszyn K, Mysliwiec J, Miniewicz A, Sahraoui B, Martineau C, Blanchard P, Frere P, Roncali J, Kajzar F
91 - 100 Conducting, antistatic and antistatic-antiglare coatings made with hybrid sols
Al-Dahoudi N, Aegerter MA
xv - xvii The nobel lectures at the VIICFPAM
Gomes ASL
101 - 106 Sol-gel coatings of Nb2O5 and Nb2O5 : Li+: Electrochemical and structural characterization
Melo L, Avellaneda CO, Pawlicka A
107 - 112 Preparation and electrochemical characterization of poly(pyrrole) films modified by cobalt particles
Bello ME, Pereira EC
113 - 118 All sol-gel electrochromic smart windows: CeO2-TiO2/Ormolyte/WO3
Avellaneda CO, Dahmouche K, Bulhoes LOS
119 - 124 Evidence of room temperature charge-density wave behavior and glass-like states in pressed pellets of lightly doped poly (3-methyl thiophene)
Souza VM, Walmsley L, Correa AA, Pereira EC, Gobbi AL
125 - 130 Study of the surface and interfacial tensions in systems containing a low molar mass liquid crystal
Shimizu RN, Demarquette NR
131 - 134 Magnetic properties of organic acid-doped polyaniline
De Araujo AEP, Falcao EHL, Machado FLA, Rodrigues AR, De Azevedo WM
135 - 140 ESR and EDMR applied to PPV related compounds
Da Silva GB, Santos LF, Bianchi R, Faria RM, Graeff CFD
141 - 146 NMR study of the polymer electrolyte formed by ethylene glycol, citric acid and LiClO4
Tambelli CE, Donoso JP, Magon CJ, Schneider J, Pereira EC, Rosario AV
147 - 152 NMR study of lithium dybutilamine molybdenum disulfide nanocomposite
Bloise AC, Donoso JP, Magon CJ, Schneider J, Panepucci H, Benavente E, Sanchez V, Santa Ana MA, Gonzalez G
153 - 158 Fabrication of microlenses with a Novolak-type polymer
Cirino GA, Mousinho AP, Mansano RD, Verdonck P, Neto LG, Seabra AC
159 - 166 Particle and polymer microchemistry and electric domain mapping
Galembeck F, Da Silva MDVM, Leite CAP, Costa CAR, Galembeck A
167 - 172 Development of sub-half micrometric structures with high aspect ratio using a multi-layer lithography e-beam process and plasma dry etching
Mousinho AP, Mansano RD, Seabra AC
173 - 178 Polyaniline-poly(vinyl alcohol) composite: Spectroscopic characterization and diffraction grating recording
Falcao EHL, Petrov DV, De Azevedo WM
179 - 184 Mesoscopic patterns in POMA spin-coated films: a systematic study
Mello RL, Simao RA, Coelho LF, Ferreira M
185 - 190 Magnetism of ferrimagnetic polymer chains
Vitoriano C, De Brito FB, Raposo EP, Coutinho-Filho MD
191 - 200 Analysis of polyaniline films using atomic force microscopy
Pereira-Da-Silva MA, Balogh DT, Eiras C, Kleinke MU, Faria RM
201 - 206 High-pressure entrapment of rhodamine 6G into a silica matrix
Costa TMH, Stefani V, Balzaretti NM, Gallas MR, Da Jornada JAH
207 - 210 Nitrogen rich carbon nitride thin films deposited by hybrid PLD technique
Jelinek M, Kulisch W, Lancok J, Popov C, Bulir J, Delplancke-Ogletree MP
211 - 216 Microstructure and superconducting properties of LaBaCaCu3O7-delta-Ba2HoNbO6 ceramic composite
Aguiar JA, Ferreira NO, Ferreira JM, Montarroyos E, Yadava YP, Ferreira RAS, Guzmann J, Chavira E
217 - 222 A new concept concerning phase transformation to establish a good compromise between formability and mechanical strength in aluminium alloys
Ferreira RAS, Yadava YP, Alves TT, Lima EPR
223 - 227 Inclusion of a protonated amine in thiourea-chloride and -bromide matrix. Expected ionic conducting materials
Yutronic N, Merchan J, Manriquez V, Gonzalez G, Jara P, Wittke O, Garland MT
229 - 234 Structure-property relationships in molybdenum disulfide intercalates
Gonzalez G, Ana MAS, Benavente E, Sanchez V, Mirabal N
235 - 240 Langmuir monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films of mixtures of polyaniline and a ruthenium complex, mer-[RuCl3(dppb)(py)]
Ferreira M, Wohnrath K, Torressi RM, Oliveira ON, Giacometti JA
241 - 244 Syntheses of mesoporous silicas containing titania (Ti-SBA-15) by block copolymer templating
Jung YC, Yoo GH, Cho WJ, Ha CS
245 - 248 Gelation behavior of three-functional silanes for preparation of mesoporous silicas (I)
Park BG, Kang TK, Cho WJ, Ha CS
249 - 254 Ultralow field overhauser images of calcium alginate gel formation
De Souza RE, Engelsberg M, Barros W, Carvalho LB
255 - 260 Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of a novel coordination polymer of palladium(II) with pyrazole and azido ligands
Netto AVD, Frem RCG, Mauro AE
261 - 266 A simple way to obtain glassy polymeric carbon and its use as electrode for analytical purposes
Santos AL, Takeuchi RM, Rodrigues MG, Zimmerman RL, Oliveira HP
267 - 274 Lanthanide cryptates entrapment in aluminum polyphosphate gels
Galembeck A, Amorim MS, Bazin H, Mathis G, Donega CD, De Sa GF, Alves S
275 - 280 A study on the formation of a porous morphology in Cd2SnO4 thin films prepared by MOD process
Ronconi C, Alves OL
281 - 284 Nitrogen rich carbon nitride thin films deposited by hybrid PLD technique
Jelinek M, Kulisch W, Lancok J, Popov C, Bulir J, Delplancke-Ogletree MP
285 - 288 SnO2 and SnAcAc thin film sensors created by laser
Myslik V, Vyslouzil F, Vrnata M, Jelinek M, Lancok J
289 - 302 Control of magnetic order by light in molecule-based magnets
Pejakovic DA, Manson JL, Kitamura C, Miller JS, Epstein AJ
303 - 314 Development of thermally stable novel EO-polymers
Ushiwata T, Okamoto E, Kaino T
315 - 324 Nonlinear optical effects in nematic liquid-crystal films in the 1.55 mu m spectral region
Khoo IC, Kaczmarek M, Shih MY, Wood MV, Diaz A, Ding J, Zhang Y, Patel J
325 - 334 Raman and SERS studies of carbon nanotubes
Lefrant S, Baibarac M, Baltog I, Buisson JP, Chauvet O
335 - 342 Large two-photon absorption properties of polyphenyls and polyfluorenes
Anemian R, Baldeck PL, Andraud C
343 - 356 Light induced changes in NO2-substituted rotaxanes: Switching behavior in a mechanically interlocked architecture
Bermudez V, Chollet PA, Kajzar F, Lorin A, Bottari G, Gatti FG, Leigh DA
357 - 366 Nonlinear optical spectroscopy of porphyrins and mesoionic compounds
De Araujo CB, Gomes ASL, Borissevitch IE
367 - 372 Static Light Scattering from ESIPT copolymers of poly(methyl methacrylate) benzazole dyes
Rodembusch FS, Da Silveira NP, Samios D, Campo LF, Stefani V
373 - 378 Uv-visible, fluorescence spectroscopy data and thermogravimetric analysis of PMMA copolymers containing benzazolylvinylene chromophores
Campo LF, Correa DS, Stefani V
379 - 384 Photothermal spectroscopy of polyaniline films
De Albuquerque JE, Melo WLB, Faria RM
385 - 390 Room temperature ferromagnetic behavior in pressed pellets of doped poly (3-methylthiophene)
De Oliveira AJA, Pereira EC, Walmsley L, Correa AA, Ortiz WA, Bulhoes LOS
391 - 396 Polyaniline synthesized in phosphate buffered media applied to corrosion protection
Moraes SR, Huerta-Vilca D, Motheo AJ
397 - 402 The influence of thermal annealing in polymers employed in microelectronics
De Arruda ACS, Mousinho AP, Mansano RD, Ruas R, Hanamoto LS, Felisberti M
403 - 408 Optical properties of poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives with ion-coordinating side groups
De Carvalho LM, Santos LF, Guimaraes FEG, Gomes AD, Faria RM
409 - 414 Heat resistant underfill for flip-chip packaging
Kim W, Bae JW
415 - 420 Optical and structural properties of PEO-like plasma polymers
Mota RP, Bigansolli AR, Antunes EF, Rangel EC, Da Cruz NC, Honda RY, Algatti MA, Aramaki EA, Kayama ME
421 - 426 Optical properties of self-assembled poly(p-phenylene vinylene) converted at low temperatures
Castro FA, Marletta A, Faria RM, Guimaraes FEG
427 - 432 Temperature dependent vibronic structures in the emission spectra of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)
Borges CAM, Marletta A, Faria RM, Guimaraes FEG
433 - 438 Emission of circularly polarised light in highly oriented poly(p-phenylene vinylene) Langmuir-Blodgett films
Marletta A, Goncalves D, Faria RM, Guimaraes FEG
439 - 444 Polyaniline as transparent carrier injection electrode compatible with low temperature poly(p-pheniline vinylene) conversion process
Travain SA, Libardi LH, Marletta A, Giacometti JA, Guimaraes FEG, Faria RM
445 - 450 Spectral redistribution of waveguided emission in BEH-PPV films
Cury LA, Miranda PB
451 - 456 Photoconduction effect on PPV and MH-PPV structures
Olivati CD, Bianchi RF, Marconi FM, Balogh DT, Faria RM
457 - 462 Photo-oxidation phenomenon of MH-PPV films studied by ellipsometry and infrared spectroscopy
Bianchi RF, Balogh DT, Goncalves D, Faria RM, Irene EA
463 - 468 Conductive blends of polyaniline and poly(amide-imide)
Balogh DT, De Carvalho AJF
469 - 474 Reversible electrochromical response of thin MEH-PPV films
Santos LFW, Gaffo L, De Carvalho LM, Goncalves D, Faria RM
475 - 480 Solvent effects on the photodegration of a PPV derivative
Marconi FM, Bianchi RF, Faria RM, Balogh DT
481 - 486 First hyperpolarizability and multiphoton induced fluorescence in different forms of polyaniline
De Azevedo WM, Henrique E, Falcao L, Petrov DV
487 - 492 Nonlinear optical properties of polyaniline liquid solutions
Pilla V, Mendonca CR, Balogh D, Zilio SC
493 - 496 Electrosynthesis and optical properties of poly(p-phenylene) and poly(p-phenylene-pyrrole) films
Eiras C, Foschini M, Faria RM, Goncalves D
497 - 502 Improvement of photoluminescence efficiency in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) induced by laser irradiation
Gobato YG, Marletta A, De Souza JM, Pereira E, Faria RM, Guimaraes FEG
503 - 512 Novel diacetylene- and chromophore-containing polymers and their second order nonlinear optical properties
Hernandez S, Ogawa T, Watanabe T, Miyata S
513 - 520 Soft actuators based on poly(3-alkyl thiophene) films upon electrochemical oxidation and reduction
Fuchiwaki M, Takashima W, Kaneto K
521 - 526 Polypyrrole thin films as sensors of volatile organic compounds
De Souza JEG, Dos Santos MVB, Dos Santos FL, Neto BB, Dos Santos CG, De Melo CP
527 - 536 Temperature and frequency dependence of the electrical properties of thin organic films
De Oliveira HP, De Melo CP
537 - 542 Photoinduced enhancement of luminescence intensity in poly (vinyl alcohol)-poly(3-thiopheneacetic acid) (PVA-PTAA) blends
Souza JM, Gobato YG, Vercik A, Pereira EC
543 - 548 Ultrathin conducting polymer films as sensors of volatile compounds
De Melo CP, Dos Santos CG, Silva AMS, Dos Santos FL, De Souza JEG
549 - 554 Photoisomerization studies in Langmuir films of retinal derivatives
Tenorio AC, Silva AMS, De Melo CP
555 - 560 Semiempirical/CI of the excited states characterization of retinal molecules
Del Nero J, De Melo CP
561 - 568 Starch based solid polymeric electrolytes
Dragunski DC, Pawlicka A
569 - 576 Flexible polyaniline of metallic type conductivity obtained via protonation of emeraldine base with 2-ethylhexyl diester of 5-sulfo-i-phthalic acid
Zagorska M, Kulszewicz-Bajer I, Blet O, Zawirska P, Dufour B, Rannou P, Pron A
577 - 582 Surface modifications on Teflon FEP and Mylar C induced by a low energy electron beam: a Raman and FTIR spectroscopic study
Chinaglia DL, Constantino CJL, Aroca RF, Oliveira ON
583 - 588 Electrosynthesis of a double layered intrinsically conducting polymer composite on iron substrates
Meneguzzi A, Pham MC, Ferreira CA
589 - 598 Nanotechnology in biomedical applications
Holm BA, Bergey EJ, De T, Rodman DJ, Kapoor R, Levy L, Friend CS, Prasad PN
599 - 604 Dental implants coated with laser deposited hydroxyapatite films -Physical properties and in-vivo study
Jelinek M, Dostalova T, Himmlova L, Grivas C, Fotakis C
605 - 610 Study of enolase biofilms formation onto solid surfaces
Almeida AT, Petri DFS
611 - 616 Formation of enzymatic biofilms on polymer films and on silicon wafers
Pancera SM, Petri DFS
617 - 622 Assemblies of cationic lipids on polymeric films
Pereira EMA, Petri DFS, Carmona-Ribeiro AM
xiii - xiv Proceedings of the 6th international conference on frontiers of polymers and advanced materials - Recife, Brazil, 4-9 March, 2001 - Guest editor's foreword
Prasad PN, Kajzar F, Gomes ASL