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1 - 14 Effect and Mechanism of Mitomycin C Combined with Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Type II against Glioma
Ma H, Zhang YJ, Wang HL, Han CH, Lei RH, Zhang L, Yang ZY, Rao L, Qing H, Xiang J, Deng YL
15 - 28 Heat-killed VSL#3 Ameliorates Dextran Sulfate Sodium (DSS)-Induced Acute Experimental Colitis in Rats
Sang LX, Chang B, Dai C, Gao N, Liu WX, Jiang M
29 - 43 The C-Terminal Region of G72 Increases d-Amino Acid Oxidase Activity
Chang SLY, Hsieh CH, Chen YJ, Wang CM, Shih CS, Huang PW, Mir A, Lane HY, Tsai GE, Chang HT
44 - 57 Efficacy and Feasibility of the Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCAM) Immunomagnetic Cell Sorter for Studies of DNA Methylation in Colorectal Cancer
Failli A, Legitimo A, Migheli F, Coppede F, Mathers JC, Spisni R, Miccoli P, Migliore L, Consolini R
58 - 74 Chimeric Mice with Humanized Livers: A Unique Tool for in Vivo and in Vitro Enzyme Induction Studies
Kakuni M, Yamasaki C, Tachibana A, Yoshizane Y, Ishida Y, Tateno C
75 - 99 Interaction of Classical Platinum Agents with the Monomeric and Dimeric Atox1 Proteins: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Wang XL, Li CQ, Wang Y, Chen GJ
100 - 119 Synthesis and Characterization of beta-Cyclodextrin Functionalized Ionic Liquid Polymer as a Macroporous Material for the Removal of Phenols and As(V)
Raoov M, Mohamad S, Abas MR
120 - 140 Genome-Wide Analysis of the Cyclin Gene Family in Tomato
Zhang TY, Wang X, Lu YG, Cai XF, Ye ZB, Zhang JH
141 - 158 A Human XPC Protein Interactome-A Resource
Lubin A, Zhang L, Chen H, White VM, Gong F
159 - 170 Advanced Glycation End Product-Induced Astrocytic Differentiation of Cultured Neurospheres through Inhibition of Notch-Hes1 Pathway-Mediated Neurogenesis
Guo YJ, Wang P, Sun HX, Cai RR, Xia WQ, Wang SH
171 - 185 A Novel Thylakoid Ascorbate Peroxidase from Jatrophacurcas Enhances Salt Tolerance in Transgenic Tobacco
Liu ZB, Bao H, Cai J, Han J, Zhou LR
186 - 202 The Effect of 5'-Adenylic Acid on Hepatic Proteome of Mice Radiated by Co-60 gamma-ray
Cheng CL, Zhao HT, Wang ZY, Lu WH, Wang L, Wang RC, Yao L
203 - 217 High-Level Expression of Pro-Form Lipase from Rhizopus oryzae in Pichia pastoris and Its Purification and Characterization
Wang JR, Li YY, Xu SD, Li P, Liu JS, Liu DN
218 - 249 Chloride Channelopathies of ClC-2
Bi MM, Hong S, Zhou HY, Wang HW, Wang LN, Zheng YJ
250 - 260 DNA Repair Gene XRCC4 Codon 247 Polymorphism Modified Diffusely Infiltrating Astrocytoma Risk and Prognosis
Lin ZH, Chen JC, Wang YS, Huang TJ, Wang J, Long XD
261 - 276 Development and Experimental Testing of an Optical Micro-Spectroscopic Technique Incorporating True Line-Scan Excitation
Biener G, Stoneman MR, Acbas G, Holz JD, Orlova M, Komarova L, Kuchin S, Raicu V
277 - 295 Phenological, Nutritional and Molecular Diversity Assessment among 35 Introduced Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) Genotypes Grown in Saudi Arabia
Alghamdi SS, Khan AM, Ammar MH, El-Harty EH, Migdadi HM, Abd El-Khalik SM, Al-Shameri AM, Javed MM, Al-Faifi SA
296 - 308 MiRNA-199a-3p Regulates C2C12 Myoblast Differentiation through IGF-1/ AKT/ mTOR Signal PathwayMyoblast Differentiation
Jia L, Li YF, Wu GF, Song ZY, Lu HZ, Song CC, Zhang QL, Zhu JY, Yang GS, Shi XE
309 - 341 Traumatic Brain Injury Pathophysiology and Treatments: Early, Intermediate, and Late Phases Post-Injury
Algattas H, Huang JH
342 - 360 Evaluation of Epirubicin in Thermogelling and Bioadhesive Liquid and Solid Suppository Formulations for Rectal Administration
Lo YL, Lin YJ, Lin HR
361 - 376 Chemokine Receptors in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Muralidhar GG, Barbolina MV
377 - 400 Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Siberian apricot (Prunus sibirica L.) in China
Li M, Zhao Z, Miao XJ, Zhou JJ
401 - 422 Multi-Scale Computational Enzymology: Enhancing Our Understanding of Enzymatic Catalysis
Gherib R, Dokainish HM, Gauld JW
423 - 437 miR-126 Functions as a Tumor Suppressor in Osteosarcoma by Targeting Sox2
Yang CL, Hou CY, Zhang HP, Wang DW, Ma Y, Zhang YQ, Xu XY, Bi ZG, Geng S
438 - 455 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Crystallizable Fragment of IgG1-Insights for the Design of Fcabs
Lai B, Hasenhindl C, Obinger C, Oostenbrink C
456 - 467 Pharmacokinetic Comparison of Berberine in Rat Plasma after Oral Administration of Berberine Hydrochloride in Normal and Post Inflammation Irritable Bowel Syndrome Rats
Gong ZP, Chen Y, Zhang RJ, Wang YH, Guo Y, Yang Q, Zhang HX, Dong Y, Weng XG, Gao SR, Zhu XX
468 - 483 1-(2,6-Dihydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl) Ethanone-Induced Cell Cycle Arrest in G(1)/G(0) in HT-29 Cells Human Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells
Lay MM, Karsani SA, Abd Malek SN
484 - 503 The Inhibitory Effect of Quercetin on Asymmetric Dimethylarginine-Induced Apoptosis Is Mediated by the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Pathway in Glomerular Endothelial Cells
Guo WK, Ding JX, Zhang AH, Dai WD, Liu S, Diao ZL, Wang LY, Han X, Liu WH
504 - 524 Molecular Cloning, Bioinformatics Analysis and Expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2 from Tianzhu White Yak, Bos grunniens
Zhang QW, Gong JS, Wang XY, Wu XH, Li YL, Ma YJ, Zhang Y, Zhao XX
525 - 544 Enhanced Antitumor Effects of Adenoviral-Mediated siRNA against GRP78 Gene on Adenosine-Induced Apoptosis in Human Hepatoma HepG2 Cells
Wu LF, Guo YT, Zhang QH, Xiang MQ, Deng W, Ye YQ, Pu ZJ, Feng JL, Huang GY
545 - 559 Syk/JNK/AP-1 Signaling Pathway Mediates Interleukin-6-Promoted Cell Migration in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Chuang JY, Huang YL, Yen WL, Chiang IP, Tsai MH, Tang CH
560 - 573 Combined MicroRNA-340 and ROCK1 mRNA Profiling Predicts Tumor Progression and Prognosis in Pediatric Osteosarcoma
Cai HQ, Lin LJ, Cai HK, Tang MJ, Wang ZG
574 - 587 Atrazine Molecular Imprinted Polymers: Comparative Analysis by Far-Infrared and Ultraviolet Induced Polymerization
Chen J, Bai LY, Liu KF, Liu RQ, Zhang YP
588 - 604 Effects of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation Exposures on Stress-Responsive Gene Expression in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Sokolov M, Neumann R
605 - 628 Hypoxic Conditioned Medium from Human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Accelerates Skin Wound Healing through TGF-beta/SMAD2 and PI3K/Akt Pathways
Jun EK, Zhang Q, Yoon BS, Moon JH, Lee G, Park G, Kang PJ, Lee JH, Kim A, You S
629 - 653 Characterization of an Invertebrate-Type Dopamine Receptor of the American Cockroach, Periplaneta americana
Troppmann B, Balfanz S, Krach C, Baumann A, Blenau W
654 - 669 Acyl-Homoserine Lactone Quorum Sensing in the Roseobacter Clade
Zan JD, Liu Y, Fuqua C, Hill RT
670 - 683 Association of Polymorphisms of Exon 2 of the Growth Hormone Gene with Production Performance in Huoyan Goose
Zhang Y, Zhu Z, Xu Q, Chen GH
684 - 711 Meta-Omic Platforms to Assist in the Understanding of NAFLD Gut Microbiota Alterations: Tools and Applications
Del Chierico F, Gnani D, Vernocchi P, Petrucca A, Alisi A, Dallapiccola B, Nobili V, Lorenza P
712 - 724 Analysis of the rs10046 Polymorphism of Aromatase (CYP19) in Premenopausal Onset of Human Breast Cancer
Zins K, Mogg M, Schneeberger C, Abraham D, Schreiber M
725 - 742 An Improved MLVF Method and Its Comparison with Traditional MLVF, spa Typing, MLST/SCCmec and PFGE for the Typing of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Du XF, Xiao M, Liang HY, Sun Z, Jiang YH, Chen GY, Meng XY, Zou GL, Zhang L, Liu YL, Zhang H, Sun HL, Jiang XF, Xu YC
743 - 757 Modulation of Cyclins, p53 and Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Signaling in Breast Cancer Cell Lines by 4-(3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenoxy)benzoic Acid
Lee KH, Ho WY, Wu SJ, Omar HA, Huang PJ, Wang CCC, Hung JH
758 - 773 Increased Exosomal MicroRNA-21 and MicroRNA-146a Levels in the Cervicovaginal Lavage Specimens of Patients with Cervical Cancer
Liu J, Sun H, Wang XL, Yu Q, Li SH, Yu XY, Gong WW
774 - 786 Dual Drug Release Electrospun Core-Shell Nanofibers with Tunable Dose in the Second Phase
Qian W, Yu DG, Li Y, Liao YZ, Wang X, Wang L
787 - 797 Structural Characterization of a Water-Soluble Polysaccharide from the Fruiting Bodies of Agaricus bisporus
He JZ, Zhang AQ, Ru QM, Dong DD, Sun PL
798 - 816 Towards Automated Binding Affinity Prediction Using an Iterative Linear Interaction Energy Approach
Vosmeer CR, Pool R, van Stee MF, Peric-Hassler L, Vermeulen NPE, Geerke DP
817 - 829 Increased Preventive Effect on Colon Carcinogenesis by Use of Resistant Starch (RS3) as the Carrier for Polysaccharide of Larimichthys Crocea Swimming Bladder
Chen LH, Song JL, Qian Y, Zhao X, Suo HY, Li J
830 - 838 Cellulase Activity Screening Using Pure Carboxymethylcellulose: Application to Soluble Cellulolytic Samples and to Plant Tissue Prints
Johnsen HR, Krause K
839 - 849 Conserved miRNAs and Their Response to Salt Stress in Wild Eggplant Solanum linnaeanum Roots
Zhuang Y, Zhou XH, Liu J
850 - 877 Changing Microspatial Patterns of SulfateReducing Microorganisms (SRM) during Cycling of Marine Stromatolite Mats
Petrisor AI, Szyjka S, Kawaguchi T, Visscher PT, Norman RS, Decho AW
878 - 894 Effect of Nanoparticles Exposure on Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FENO) in Workers Exposed to Nanomaterials
Wu WT, Liao HY, Chung YT, Li WF, Tsou TC, Li LA, Lin MH, Ho JJ, Wu TN, Liou SH
895 - 904 Luteolin Reduces Alzheimer's Disease Pathologies Induced by Traumatic Brain Injury
Sawmiller D, Li S, Shahaduzzaman M, Smith AJ, Obregon D, Giunta B, Borlongan CV, Sanberg PR, Tan J
905 - 926 Genomic and Phenotypic Alterations of the Neuronal-Like Cells Derived from Human Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cells (NT2) Caused by Exposure to Organophosphorus Compounds Paraoxon and Mipafox
Pamies D, Sogorb MA, Fabbri M, Gribaldo L, Collotta A, Scelfo B, Vilanova E, Harris G, Bal-Price A
927 - 943 The Effect of Radiation on the Immune Response to Cancers
Park B, Yee C, Lee KM
944 - 957 Purification and Characterization of Iso-Ribonucleases from a Novel Thermophilic Fungus
Landry KS, Levin RE
958 - 976 Genistein Induces Increase in Fluid pH, Na+ and HCO3- Concentration, SLC26A6 and SLC4A4 (NBCe1)-B Expression in the Uteri of Ovariectomized Rats
Chinigarzadeh A, Kasim NF, Muniandy S, Kassim NM, Salleh N
977 - 993 Serum Starvation-Induced Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Kv7.5 Expression and Its Regulation by Sp1 in Canine Osteosarcoma Cells
Lee BH, Ryu PD, Lee SY
994 - 1002 Development of Microsatellite Markers in the Branched Broomrape Phelipanche ramosa L. (Pomel) and Evidence for Host-Associated Genetic Divergence
Le Corre V, Reibel C, Gibot-Leclerc S
1003 - 1013 Lactoferrin Directly Scavenges Hydroxyl Radicals and Undergoes Oxidative Self-Degradation: A Possible Role in Protection against Oxidative DNA Damage
Ogasawara Y, Imase M, Oda H, Wakabayashi H, Ishii K
1014 - 1025 Structural Characterization of the Degradation Products of a Minor Natural Sweet Diterpene Glycoside Rebaudioside M under Acidic Conditions
Prakash I, Chaturvedula VSP, Markosyan A
1026 - 1039 Evaluation of Hepatic Tissue Blood Flow Using Xenon Computed Tomography with Fibrosis Progression in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Comparison with Chronic Hepatitis C
Shigefuku R, Takahashi H, Kato M, Yoshida Y, Suetani K, Noguchi Y, Hatsugai M, Nakahara K, Ikeda H, Kobayashi M, Matsunaga K, Matsumoto N, Okuse C, Itoh F, Maeyama S, Sase S, Suzuki M
1040 - 1067 In Vitro Phosphorylation Does not Influence the Aggregation Kinetics of WT alpha-Synuclein in Contrast to Its Phosphorylation Mutants
Schreurs S, Gerard M, Derua R, Waelkens E, Taymans JM, Baekelandt V, Engelborghs Y
1068 - 1079 Identification of the High Molecular Weight Isoform of Phostensin
Lin YS, Huang HL, Liu WT, Lin TH, Huang HB
1080 - 1095 The Function and Catalysis of 2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Oxygenases Involved in Plant Flavonoid Biosynthesis
Cheng AX, Han XJ, Wu YF, Lou HX
1096 - 1111 Mesoscale Characterization of Supramolecular Transient Networks Using SAXS and Rheology
Pape ACH, Bastings MMC, Kieltyka RE, Wyss HM, Voets IK, Meijer EW, Dankers PYW
1112 - 1142 G Protein-Coupled Receptors: What a Difference a'Partner' Makes
Roux BT, Cottrell GS
1143 - 1161 Artesunate Reduces Serum Lipopolysaccharide in Cecal Ligation/Puncture Mice via Enhanced LPS Internalization by Macrophages through Increased mRNA Expression of Scavenger Receptors
Li B, Yu MC, Pan XC, Ren CL, Peng W, Li XL, Jiang WW, Zheng J, Zhou H
1162 - 1175 Optimization and Evaluation of Magnetic Bead Separation Combined with Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy (MALDI-TOF MS) for Proteins Profiling of Peritoneal Dialysis Effluent
Guo N, Wen Q, Li ZJ, Xu RC, Peng FF, Yu XQ
1176 - 1188 Leptin Activates RhoA/ROCK Pathway to Induce Cytoskeleton Remodeling in Nucleus Pulposus Cells
Li Z, Liang JQ, Wu WKK, Yu X, Yu J, Weng XS, Shen JX
1189 - 1200 Clinical Evaluation of Extracellular ADMA Concentrations in Human Blood and Adipose Tissue
May M, Batkai S, Zorner AA, Tsikas D, Jordan J, Engeli S
1201 - 1215 Hispolon Decreases Melanin Production and Induces Apoptosis in Melanoma Cells through the Downregulation of Tyrosinase and Microphthalmia-Associated Transcription Factor (MITF) Expressions and the Activation of Caspase-3,-8 and-9
Chen YS, Lee SM, Lin CC, Liu CY
1216 - 1236 Neuroprotective Strategies for Traumatic Brain Injury: Improving Clinical Translation
Kabadi SV, Faden AI
1237 - 1254 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Novel Thiazole, Pyridone, Pyrazole, Chromene, Hydrazone Derivatives Bearing a Biologically Active Sulfonamide Moiety
Darwish ES, Fattah AMA, Attaby FA, Al-Shayea ON
1255 - 1270 The Bioconcentration and Degradation of Nonylphenol and Nonylphenol Polyethoxylates by Chlorella vulgaris
Sun HW, Hu HW, Wang L, Yang Y, Huang GL
1271 - 1283 Re-Evaluation of Binding Properties of Recombinant Lymphocyte Receptors NKR-P1A and CD69 to Chemically Synthesized Glycans and Peptides
Rozbesky D, Krejzova J, Krenek K, Prchal J, Hrabal R, Kozisek M, Weignerova L, Fiore M, Dumy P, Renaudet O, Kren V
1284 - 1299 Rapid and Efficient Functionalized Ionic Liquid-Catalyzed Aldol Condensation Reactions Associated with Microwave Irradiation
Wang C, Liu J, Leng WG, Gao YN
1300 - 1314 Purification of an Inducible DNase from a Thermophilic Fungus
Landry KS, Vu A, Levin RE
1315 - 1337 Molecular Basis of Cardiac Myxomas
Singhal P, Luk A, Rao V, Butany J
1338 - 1357 Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer in Porous Film Format for Binding of Phenol and Alkylphenols from Water
Gryshchenko AO, Bottaro CS
1358 - 1373 In Silico Discovery of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Inhibitors
Zhao YX, Meng QQ, Bai LQ, Zhou HC
1374 - 1391 Beyond the Role of Dietary Protein and Amino Acids in the Prevention of Diet-Induced Obesity
Petzke KJ, Freudenberg A, Klaus S
1392 - 1401 Extracellular Disposal of Tumor-Suppressor miRs-145 and-34a via Microvesicles and 5-FU Resistance of Human Colon Cancer Cells
Akao Y, Khoo F, Kumazaki M, Shinohara H, Miki K, Yamada N
1402 - 1417 Phenoxybenzamine Is Neuroprotective in a Rat Model of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Rau TF, Kothiwal A, Rova A, Rhoderick JF, Poulsen DJ
1418 - 1432 Circulating MicroRNAs as Biomarkers of Acute Stroke
Sepramaniam S, Tan JR, Tan KS, DeSilva DA, Tavintharan S, Woon FP, Wang CW, Yong FL, Karolina DS, Kaur P, Liu FJ, Lim KY, Armugam A, Jeyaseelan K
1433 - 1440 Low Prostate Concentration of Lycopene Is Associated with Development of Prostate Cancer in Patients with High-Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Mariani S, Lionetto L, Cavallari M, Tubaro A, Rasio D, De Nunzio C, Hong GM, Borro M, Simmaco M
1441 - 1465 Secondary Plant Products Causing Photosensitization in Grazing Herbivores: Their Structure, Activity and Regulation
Quinn JC, Kessell A, Weston LA
1466 - 1480 Plant Dependence on Rhizobia for Nitrogen Influences Induced Plant Defenses and Herbivore Performance
Dean JM, Mescher MC, De Moraes CM
1481 - 1498 Dopamine D-4 Receptor Counteracts Morphine-Induced Changes in mu Opioid Receptor Signaling in the Striosomes of the Rat Caudate Putamen
Suarez-Boomgaard D, Gago B, Valderrama-Carvajal A, Roales-Bujan R, Van Craenenbroeck K, Duchou J, Borroto-Escuela DO, Medina-Luque J, de la Calle A, Fuxe K, Rivera A
1499 - 1510 Genetic Deletion of Rheb1 in the Brain Reduces Food Intake and Causes Hypoglycemia with Altered Peripheral Metabolism
Yang WC, Jiang WX, Luo LP, Bu JC, Pang DJ, Wei J, Du CYZ, Xia XQ, Cui YY, Liu S, Mao Q, Chen MN
1511 - 1524 Temperature-Responsive Poly(e-caprolactone) Cell Culture Platform with Dynamically Tunable Nano-Roughness and Elasticity for Control of Myoblast Morphology
Uto K, Ebara M, Aoyagi T
1525 - 1537 Role of Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium in Auricular Chondrocyte Proliferation and Engineered Cartilage Formation in Vitro
Liu X, Liu JC, Kang N, Yan L, Wang Q, Fu X, Zhang YY, Xiao R, Cao YL
1538 - 1553 Egr-1 Upregulates Siva-1 Expression and Induces Cardiac Fibroblast Apoptosis
Zins K, Pomyje J, Hofer E, Abraham D, Lucas T, Aharinejad S
1554 - 1573 Phosphorylation of Histone H2AX in the Mouse Brain from Development to Senescence
Barral S, Beltramo R, Salio C, Aimar P, Lossi L, Merighi A
1574 - 1589 Genetic Variants of GPER/GPR30, a Novel Estrogen-Related G Protein Receptor, Are Associated with Human Seminoma
Chevalier N, Paul-Bellon R, Camparo P, Michiels JF, Chevallier D, Fenichel P
1590 - 1605 Magnetic Nanoparticles as Intraocular Drug Delivery System to Target Retinal Pigmented Epithelium (RPE)
Giannaccini M, Giannini M, Calatayud MP, Goya GF, Cuschieri A, Dente L, Raffa V
1606 - 1624 Intravitreal Injection of Ranibizumab and CTGF shRNA Improves Retinal Gene Expression and Microvessel Ultrastructure in a Rodent Model of Diabetes
Hu BJ, Zhang Y, Zeng Q, Han Q, Zhang LJ, Liu MA, Li XR
1625 - 1646 Resveratrol Partially Prevents Rotenone-Induced Neurotoxicity in Dopaminergic SH-SY5Y Cells through Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 Dependent Autophagy
Lin TK, Chen SD, Chuang YC, Lin HY, Huang CR, Chuang JH, Wang PW, Huang ST, Tiao MM, Chen JB, Liou CW
1647 - 1670 Signaling Involved in Hair Follicle Morphogenesis and Development
Rishikaysh P, Dev K, Diaz D, Qureshi WMS, Filip S, Mokry J
1671 - 1682 The hOGG1 Ser326Cys Gene Polymorphism and the Risk of Coronary Ectasia in the Chinese Population
Hsu PC, Wang CL, Su HM, Juo SH, Lin TH, Voon WC, Shin SJ, Lai WT, Sheu SH
1683 - 1685 International Journal of Molecular Science Best Paper Award 2014
Bustin SA, Nicholls IA, Iba M