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1431 - 1450 Coupled Folding and Specific Binding: Fishing for Amphiphilicity
Jain VP, Tu RS
1451 - 1463 Overcoming the Recalcitrance for the Conversion of Kenaf Pulp to Glucose via Microwave-Assisted Pre-Treatment Processes
Ooi BG, Rambo AL, Hurtado MA
1464 - 1473 pH Dependent Molecular Self-Assembly of Octaphosphonate Porphyrin of Nanoscale Dimensions: Nanosphere and Nanorod Aggregates
Bhosale SV, Kalyankar MB, Nalage SV, Lalander CH, Bhosale SV, Langford SJ, Oliver RF
1474 - 1495 Integrated Lipidomics in the Secreted Phospholipase A(2) Biology
Murakami M, Sato H, Taketomi Y, Yamamoto K
1496 - 1504 Use of a Reflectance Spectroscopy Accessory for Optical Characterization of ZnO-Bi2O3-TiO2 Ceramics
Ghazali MSM, Zakaria A, Rizwan Z, Kamari HM, Hashim M, Zaid MHM, Zamiri R
1505 - 1518 IL8 and Cathepsin B as Melanoma Serum Biomarkers
Zhang HT, Fu T, McGettigan S, Kumar S, Liu SJ, Speicher D, Schuchter L, Xu XW
1519 - 1532 Zeranol Down-Regulates p53 Expression in Primary Cultured Human Breast Cancer Epithelial Cells through Epigenetic Modification
Ye WP, Xu PP, Jen R, Feng ER, Zhong SY, Li H, Lin SH, Liu JY, Lin YC
1533 - 1562 Mechanisms of Estrogens' Dose-Dependent Neuroprotective and Neurodamaging Effects in Experimental Models of Cerebral Ischemia
Strom JO, Theodorsson A, Theodorsson E
1563 - 1574 Distribution and Molecular Characterization of beta-Glucans from Hull-Less Barley Bran, Shorts and Flour
Zheng XL, Li LM, Wang Q
1575 - 1594 Light-Emitting Devices with Conjugated Polymers
Deng XY
1595 - 1604 Cancer Stem-Like Cells Enriched in Panc-1 Spheres Possess Increased Migration Ability and Resistance to Gemcitabine
Yin T, Wei HJ, Gou SM, Shi PF, Yang ZY, Zhao G, Wang CY
1605 - 1624 Combined 3D-QSAR Modeling and Molecular Docking Studies on Pyrrole-Indolin-2-ones as Aurora A Kinase Inhibitors
Ai Y, Wang ST, Sun PH, Song FJ
1625 - 1632 Photopyroelectric Spectroscopic Studies of ZnO-MnO2-Co3O4-V2O5 Ceramics
Rizwan Z, Zakaria A, Ghazali MSM
1633 - 1649 Non-Linear Electrohydrodynamics in Microfluidic Devices
Zeng J
1650 - 1659 The Composition and Organization of Cytoplasm in Prebiotic Cells
Trevors JT
1660 - 1671 The Role of Alpha-Dystrobrevin in Striated Muscle
Nakamori M, Takahashi MP
1672 - 1683 Preliminary Study of Conformation and Drug Release Mechanism of Doxorubicin-Conjugated Glycol Chitosan, via cis-Aconityl Linkage, by Molecular Modeling
Srinophakun T, Boonmee J
1684 - 1696 Docetaxel-Loaded Pluronic P123 Polymeric Micelles: in Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation
Liu ZH, Liu DH, Wang LL, Zhang JA, Zhang N
1697 - 1726 Remarks on Muscle Contraction Mechanism II. Isometric Tension Transient and Isotonic Velocity Transient
Mitsui T, Takai N, Ohshima H
1727 - 1734 Evaluation of Potential Reference Genes for Relative Quantification by RT-qPCR in Different Porcine Tissues Derived from Feeding Studies
Li QM, Domig KJ, Ettle T, Windisch W, Mair C, Schedle K
1735 - 1743 Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Amino Acid Derivates by Using Different Functional Monomers
Scorrano S, Mergola L, Del Sole R, Vasapollo G
1744 - 1755 Experimental Construction of BMP2 and VEGF Gene Modified Tissue Engineering Bone in Vitro
Jiang J, Fan CY, Zeng BF
1756 - 1766 The Effect of Zn-Al-Hydrotalcites Composited with Calcium Stearate and beta-Diketone on the Thermal Stability of PVC
Tong ML, Chen HY, Yang ZH, Wen RJ
1767 - 1786 Importance of the Long-Chain Fatty Acid Beta-Hydroxylating Cytochrome P450 Enzyme YbdT for Lipopeptide Biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis Strain OKB105
Youssef NH, Wofford N, McInerney MJ
1787 - 1806 Novel Application of Cyclolipopeptide Amphisin: Feasibility Study as Additive to Remediate Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Contaminated Sediments
Groboillot A, Portet-Koltalo F, Le Derf F, Feuilloley MJG, Orange N, Poc CD
1807 - 1835 Combined 3D-QSAR, Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Study on Derivatives of Peptide Epoxyketone and Tyropeptin-Boronic Acid as Inhibitors Against the beta 5 Subunit of Human 20S Proteasome
Liu JL, Zhang H, Xiao ZT, Wang FF, Wang X, Wang YH
1836 - 1853 Dietary Sources of Fiber Intake and Its Association with Socio-Economic Factors among Flemish Preschool Children
Lin Y, Bolca S, Vandevijvere S, De Keyzer W, Van Oyen H, Van Camp J, De Backer G, De Henauw S, Huybrechts I
1854 - 1861 Separation and Purification of Sulforaphane from Broccoli by Solid Phase Extraction
Han D, Row KH
1862 - 1875 Changes of Constituents and Activity to Apoptosis and Cell Cycle During Fermentation of Tea
Zhao H, Zhang M, Zhao L, Ge YK, Sheng J, Shi W
1876 - 1887 Chitin Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering
Jayakumar R, Chennazhi KP, Srinivasan S, Nair SV, Furuike T, Tamura H
1888 - 1907 Differential Responses to Blood Pressure and Oxidative Stress in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Wistar-Kyoto Rats and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats: Effects of Antioxidant (Honey) Treatment
Erejuwa OO, Sulaiman SA, Ab Wahab MS, Sirajudeen KNS, Salleh MSM, Gurtu S
1908 - 1920 Natural-Synthetic Hybrid Polymers Developed via Electrospinning: The Effect of PET in Chitosan/Starch System
Espindola-Gonzalez A, Martinez-Hernandez AL, Fernandez-Escobar F, Castano VM, Brostow W, Datashvili T, Velasco-Santos C
1921 - 1935 Detecting Molecular Features of Spectra Mainly Associated with Structural and Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Co-Products from BioEthanol Production Using DRIFT with Uni- and Multivariate Molecular Spectral Analyses
Yu PQ, Damiran D, Azarfar A, Niu ZY
1936 - 1963 Chitin-based Materials in Tissue Engineering: Applications in Soft Tissue and Epithelial Organ
Yang TL
1964 - 1978 Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Studies of Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) Complexes of N-Methyl-N-Phenyldithiocarbamate: The Single Crystal Structure of [(C6H5)(CH3)NCS2](4)Hg-2
Onwudiwe DC, Ajibade PA
1979 - 1990 Chaperoning Roles of Macromolecules Interacting with Proteins in Vivo
Choi SI, Lim KH, Seong BL
1991 - 2006 Effect of Ligusticum wallichii Aqueous Extract on Oxidative Injury and Immunity Activity in Myocardial Ischemic Reperfusion Rats
Qiao ZY, Ma JW, Liu HJ
2007 - 2018 Continuous Spatial Tuning of Laser Emissions in a Full Visible Spectral Range
Jeong MY, Wu JW
2019 - 2035 Amyloidogenic Properties of a D/N Mutated 12 Amino Acid Fragment of the C-Terminal Domain of the Cholesteryl-Ester Transfer Protein (CETP)
Garcia-Gonzalez V, Mas-Oliva J
2036 - 2054 Recent Advances in Conjugated Polymers for Light Emitting Devices
AlSalhi MS, Alam J, Dass LA, Raja M
2055 - 2063 Circulating MicroRNAs: Potential Biomarkers for Cancer
Yu DC, Li QG, Ding XW, Ding YT
2064 - 2076 Cloning, Soluble Expression and Purification of High Yield Recombinant hGMCSF in Escherichia coli
Das KMP, Banerjee S, Shekhar N, Damodaran K, Nair R, Somani S, Raiker VP, Jain S, Padmanabhan S
2077 - 2087 In Vitro Ability of Currently Available Oximes to Reactivate Organophosphate Pesticide-Inhibited Human Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase
Jun D, Musilova L, Musilek K, Kuca K